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Oh fucking great. Just fan-fucking-tastic. She was stupid as well as psychotic. Good, good, it was always falling on him to run into these people, like fate was just putting them in his path every so many days. She stepped about partway into the light. Like he thought, she hadn’t tried to move around and flank them, like it would have been as easy. She was a meathead, a dumb grinder who’s entire point was to be a shocktrooper while the generals in the back did the planning. Not that she was necessarily stupid, but she didn’t seem to put much thought into what she did beyond “punch” or “hit”.

“In all honesty,” he said never lowering his weapon. “Being afraid of you would be idiotic. Being cautious of a psychopath is far more useful. “Not to mention that your wings are pretty gaudy. Like you’re trying to be beautiful, only to fall so short at the end. Believe me, neither of us are going to venerate you, so drop your holier than thou bullshit.” He rolled his eyes as she, again, called them children. But he kept the weapon trained on her nonetheless. “Your little angelic theatrics are pretty depressing.”

Her wrist shot forward for a fraction of a second, and he could follow it to the point that the weapon she’d been holding slammed in between his legs. He sighed.

“I always think, ‘There’s no way anyone could be so dumb, right? There’s got to be at least a modicum of intelligence bashing around in the space that their skull houses.’ Yet somehow there are always people like you that give proof against such logic, always someone who believes that a small show of force is going to be enough to cause others to turn tail.” A bit of his energy formed in a piercing shadow and stabbed through the metal of the weapon at his feet. “That’s not how shit works. You’re big, got it. But this gore-y shit show has gone on long enough, don’t you think? If you are really hunting then finish it off, why don’t you?” There was a solitary second as his energy shifted, the rifle changing into a revolver. “Nice weapon, though. It’s almost like mine.”

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So the Quincy knew they were there. This one a bit on the crazy spectrum and didn’t mind harming anyone else sniffing on her business. The Quincy stepped out partly into the light giving her an eerie appearance and red eyes in their direction sent a shiver down Freyleif’s spine.

The young blonde held her breath to hold from making a bad move, even though she wanted to summon her weapon, and simply had faith in whatever higher gods would protect Raph from the other kin. The woman made threats for them to leave and fired a warning shot, Freyleif quickly noticed it was one of those seeles and watched for Raph’s next move - all in all letting him speak first.

There were many options flowing in her head: one, she could step before Raph and try to talk the Quincy - hitting pride with pride. The other she could try to look around to set up traps with the few tools she had on her person. Even if her tattoos could come in handy they were still a bit dangerous with casting gintoless. The runes flickered and ethereal like energy whirled into the air as she whispered under her breath and clenched her right hand. Even down to the fiber of her being, Freyleif had to hold off from ripping that Quincy’s flesh one by one in the most agonizing way she could.

Freyleif let her energy pour out of her; giving a dead give away both visually and spiritually. The priest-like Quincy dared to attack her friend, and her whole body shook and she gritted her teeth. A ticking time bomb was counting down in her head - wanting to just remove this Quincy from existence for attacking her own kind. Her earlier calm stature was fading quickly to a more feral beast. Her blonde locks danced in the invisible wind as her spiritual energy began to rise.

“How dare you threaten your own kind and play with your prey.” she hissed out.

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"I'd hardly say my wings are anything like your pathetic weapons, mortal." Avida rolled her eyes as his weapon shifted into a smaller firearm, his blonde friend beginning to pipe up behind him. "But if you really want me to finish the beast off, I can."

Her left wing extended in a flash and several feathers flew from it to pierce the hollow. They glowed an eerie blue in the shadows of the building's lack of light, giving off just enough light to tint the spreading pool of blood a deep purple. The beast's last breath left its body in a quaking, quivering gasp and the quincy's lips curled into a cruel smile as her prey was finally finished off.

"As for you, little Missy," her gaze turned back toward the girl. She was, no doubt, a quincy. It might not have been obvious before but with as much energy as she was giving off now there was no question. "you worry so much about me and what I do, but you turn around and make yourself into a beacon."

A long, slender finger positioned itself on her bottom lip as if in though. It stayed there not more than a few seconds before a chuckle escaped from her lips and Avida dropped her facade. If the girl wanted to bring attention to herself she was more than welcome to. That said, the Church wouldn't approve of the other quincy staying in the vicinity.

"I don't care in the slightest about who I might attack. If you're in my way, you can either move or I'll plow straight through you. I couldn't care less who or what you are. God has big plans for me." turning her gaze over her shoulder, the brunette saw she had a clear escape. "Having said that, I'm sure He'd like for me to leave now, before you draw too much more attention to me."

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The moment that she’d finished her speech about God, about her idiotic mission, he couldn’t help but roll his eyes. Another dumb bruiser, who’s entire thought process began at “I” and ended at “want”.

“Tell me, are there any thoughts in that empty head of yours that don’t revolve around your god? Anything that might pass for wisdom, or even intelligence? Just something that might make you think more about the small station to which you have tethered yourself? Or are you still small? Are you still holding onto the singular crutch of god so that you don’t have to think, so that you can have the church tell you what to do? I believe in a god, but this god would not force me to follow blindly. This god challenges me to be better than I was the day before.”

He paused for a moment, and a halo formed behind him as he floated into the air, folding his arms. “You can command the ethereal particles to different forms. I can control my energy to its utmost to do what you can and more. Honestly I’d say that your power is a rather poor imitation of mine.” Then he floated back down and it shattered, changing back to the gun it had originally been. “And, if I might, you won’t be able to simply bowl over every obstacle that god throws in your path with your brute force. Not to mention that your pride does you no credit. Kind of reminds me of an old Grecian tale of a guy that flew too close to the sun. Then his wings burned and he fell back to the Earth, to be devoured by the sea creatures below.” He didn’t make any further moves, opting instead to wait and see what she did. He had his own surprises up his sleeves.

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