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#1 [Private] Play your Role [Raph | Frey l Avida] on Wed May 09, 2018 3:14 am

A fair, pointed nose turned up as Avida sniffed the air. The heavy scent of iron filled the immediate area surrounding the abandoned building. Well, it was almost abandoned. As of several moments ago the hollow she'd been hunting had taken up temporary residence inside of it. She could just barely make out the distant cries of guttural pain.

Her lips split in a wide smile as she advanced on the building, her dark maroon lipstick parting to show her brilliantly white teeth. The thrill of the hunt never got old. She'd let the beast escape to see what it'd do. It had made it all of a couple blocks before she grew board of waiting for results and followed the trail of blood to the building she was about to enter. Her palm paused an inch before the rusted door's surface.

She wasn't daft. It was probably waiting to attack the moment she set a single foot through the threshold. The hand that had been about to burst open the door doubled back to the space over her left shoulder and pulled a feather off of the angelic wing that manifest there. Satisfied that she now had a weapon in hand, the quincy burst the door open with a quick palm heel strike.

The echo of the heavy metal door skittering across the uneven concrete floor was quickly followed by the sickening sound of copious amounts of blood spilling on the same floor.

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Frey loved the hunt, Raph had found that out from working for, and with, her over the last several weeks but she wasn’t drunk with blood like some were. He respected her for that, she knew how to go on the hunt, knew how to chase them and lead them on, but didn’t carve them up for a lark. It was a reason that he was glad that, despite accepting the position from Avon, that he’d come to Karakura Town to work for the woman. His first real forays into the world that slumbered beneath his old one, had been fascinatingly scarce, a small skirmish with the masks back in Chicago, but Frey was vigorous in her hunts.

Still, her hunts weren’t like what he was feeling as he queued up a game of Staying Alive with a friend. Spirit energy slammed into him, as two entities clashed, one was one of the masks that he’d felt so often, and the other…felt a lot like Frey, a quincy. But as he sat there pondering over the events that had to be transpiring, he couldn’t help but start to get worried; action like this could attract worse things.

He’d closed the game, and had his coat on as quick as a flash leaving the room in seconds. And the moment that he opened the door he saw Freylief doing the exact same thing.

“You felt it too, didn’t you?” he asked. “That strange power? I’m going to go investigate, wanna come with?” Even as he said this he was halfway to the door and headed outside. Hoping to confer with her once they were on their way.

He came to a stop high atop a building, and formed a sniper rifle from his energy, and readied it, steadying the weapon to keep an eye on the situation. Whoever the hell had launched their attack, the creature was moving to escape, and he could’ve taken a shot at any time, but couldn’t trust that he wouldn’t make things worse.

It ran a few blocks and then into a nearby building, a woman followed behind it though at a much slower gait. She was following the trail of blood and it felt like she was enjoying herself a bit too much. The moment that she was inside there was a powerful boom and crashing of steel. Without a second thought he looked up suddenly at Frey.

“She’s inside,” he said, “But if that thing moves to attack her I’ll have a poor shot from here. I can barely see into the window from here.” He reached up and pulled the bolt on the weapon back. He was a sucker for old weaponry. “What do you wanna do?”

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She felt the same spiritual energies clashing soon as Raph, who was sitting next to her playing a game, also felt it. There was another Quincy in her territory, and before she dashed off in a hurry she gave a sour face. Of course, their time together had to be interrupted by the masks and a fellow bloodthirsty kin, or maybe this one was in danger? She was too far away to tell the vibrations in the air of the intent.

“I felt it too,” she replied back as they headed out. “Let’s go check this out and hope it goes smoothly.” she flashed him a smile and reached out to touch him on the shoulder as a ‘tag you’re it’ before speeding away again while riding on the wave of reishi.

They appeared on top of a building, and she then crouched down to form her gunblade in hand, then peered over at Raph as he formed his sniper rifle. She kept herself steady, finger on the trigger, and held her breath before releasing an exhale. The blonde was itchy to hunt down the creature and get it done with but at the same time, it would be considered a ‘kill steal’ and who knows how this other Quincy would react if she got in the way.

A loud crash and boom startled her, causing her to tense a moment and almost pull her trigger. She had followed the woman’s trailing the beast but didn’t expect much noise. She met Raph’s gaze and listened as he spoke.

They could make a surprise crash and pin the wounded monster down or take the sneaker approach. Frey opted for the least dramatic cause and kept her spiritual energy suppressed as much as she could.

“I think we should sneak inside and get a better advantage point. How good are you at keeping your energy sealed?” she asked raising a brow.

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The beast tried to bear its weight down on Avida and she couldn't help but giggle. It was trying so hard to prolong its pathetic life. She let her arms collapse under the weight, the feather staying in her right hand through the fall. While she'd enjoyed the hunt, the fight was even more thrilling. She brought the feather down in a slash from the beast's right shoulder to its left hip as it tried to rear up and attack her. There was no doubt that as blood sprayed from the new wound the hollow felt more of its life slip away.

It tried to hide again after its failed assault. The hulking, bleeding form scurrying off in shame to some corner of the building currently unoccupied by the Quincy. This time she actually barked a laugh after it. In a flash she materialized the wing over her right shoulder to send a hail of bony arrows after the creature.

She relished as one of her arrows hit home and a cry of agony filled the air. As the echo faded the clicking of her heels rang through the shell of a building as she stalked her prey.

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Raph watched the peculiar woman’s “hunt”, for lack of a better word, as she formed a wing out of the same material that Freylief had formed her gunlance of. He couldn’t help but be reminded of his brother’s abilities, the same quincy abilities that the man had. But, he also couldn’t help but be slightly put off by her brutality, her absolute cruelty… It wasn’t much different from the way that the hollows themselves often were. Strangely, about her neck he saw a rosary, clearly and he couldn’t help but blink.

The church…? Is she a cleric…or a nun? What the hell is she doing here?

He looked up at Frey as she asked how good he was at suppressing his power and he couldn’t help but smile. Raph didn’t like to tout about it too much but the reason he had good hunts was because he could suppress his energy so much was because he had so much control over his energy. In effect he could often make himself appear, to most average beings, like a human with more spirit energy than normal.

“Pretty well,” he replied, as he looked up at Frey. “One of the best parts bout controlling your own energy to make weapons is that you learn pretty quick how to control your energy output. Otherwise I’d run out all the time.” He raised his hand and gave a small wave, whereupon the entirety of the gun vanished in a blue flash. “But I agree, that we should get closer.” And he walked over to a nearby drain pole, and climbed down it slowly, praying it held.

Thankfully, as his feet touched cement below the building he sighed in relief. The last thing that he wanted to do was to fall and break his leg or an ankle or foot…or something. With every step that he took there was another bang as the woman chased her quarry further in. To make matters worse some passing strangers had started to gather. Using the best Japanese he could muster, he explained to them that they needed to evacuate the area, that a dangerous criminal was inside and that he and his partner had come to stop them.

A number of people quickly raced off, thanking him, or offering advice. He thanked these people for their cooperation and as place emptied of people he sighed and smiled at Frey, before waving her over and going around the back. There was a single door that led into a smaller annex room, where the crashing of the creature trying to escape was nearing deafening, along with its roar that made him close his eyes now and then. It was annoying to be honest, and were it not for the madwoman chasing it, he would simply kill the thing and be done with it. It had already interrupted game time.

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This Quincy was quite particular indeed, especially the way she hunted. She looked dressed as someone from the church and had the attire for such, even the way she used her wings of similar energy as hers. Whatever the reason for such a brutal hunt, Freyleif would still have to keep tabs on whom has been hunting on her grounds.

The smile Raph gave said it all; certainly, he could hold his own in staying stealthy and Freyleif couldn’t help but smile back. She gave him a thumbs up to his explanation and commented back, “That’s pretty awesome.” the blonde gave a nod then followed him down the drain pole keeping her energy suppressed inside. Thankfully the thing didn’t break after they descended.

Before she knew it, people were starting to gather, but she didn’t have to say a peep and let Raph handle speaking in Japanese as she wasn’t that well versed in the language, only knowing a few basics. Her muscles started to tense and bit her lower lip wondering if these people were going to listen. A sigh of relief escaped her lips as Raph managed to get the place emptied and nodded her head when he waved her over and followed him in the back.

Freyleif winced when the beast’s roars got louder, she had to block out the noise by sheer concentration. She half wondered if she should have taken her Quincy tools with her to set up a trap but it seemed too much of a burden, at least to her. Plus she was always wary of losing one and letting the mundane people getting a hold of her things and hurting themselves foolishly.

“I’ll let you find the right moment to attack,” Freyleif said in a whisper, moving close to Raph. “then I’ll attack from another side or support you.” with that said, the blonde Quincy’s tattoos started to glow through her sleeves in bioluminescent blue, it was kind of annoying not even cloth could hide it - something she would have to fix at a later date.

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She was dimly aware of people gathering outside but she didn't care. The hunt was her priority for the moment. Cleanup could and would come later, when it was needed. The scent of iron made her winkle her nose as she neared the beast. If it could've, she was sure it would have groveled at her feet. The sight of it wasn't anything all that impresive. Its body was broken and weak, one of the muscular arms torn to shreds from her selee, while the bony thorn that was her arrow stuck out of its midsection.

It was curious to her that people were afraid of these things. They were so easy to dispatch it was almost sad. Avida knew not everyone could see them though and for that reason she understood the fear of those unaware. They had few means with which to defend themselves. But those that could see had little reason to fear. Yet, more often than not, it was them who were afraid. It was a shame that God had gifted them with sight but let their hearts become weighed down with fear.

The toe of her heel dug into the beast's flesh as she moved a limp arm out of her way. She suspected it was dying of blood loss at this point. Some of the blood closer to where she entered had already begun to coagulate, probably. It would make sense that its body was trying to preserve any that remained for the vital organs like its heart and brain. In that, at least, she could see some of what remained of its humanity. She'd found out some time ago that this was exactly how the human body functioned as well.

It occurred to her as she positioned a heel over the hollow's throat that there were two presences relatively close to her that seemed more than normal. It could be problematic if they were this thing's companions, killing it would pose a problem. She'd only invoke the ire of its comrades and it'd undoubtedly be a two versus one. The quincy took a few quick steps backwards and rounded a corner, leaving the beast, to see what the presences would do next.

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The sounds of a creature choking on its own blood and a strong, pervasive smell of iron, were amongst the first things that struck Raphael. He screwed his eyes shut for a moment to, vainly, try to block out the stench. It was something that he hated about dealing with these creatures, the stronger smell of blood. He loathed it. There were minor sounds of horror, fears that he didn’t want to deal with. But he brushed all of that aside. Both he and Frey were now in an annex chamber, not far from where the battle was taking place.

He despised hunts like this and had only ever done only one other before with his brother. No matter how much he loved his brother, the man took hunting masks, or rather, hollows to an extreme and usually caused a lot of collateral. But to his brother, any risk was fine to kill these things; no amount of deaths were ever an issue for him, which always concerned Raphael. Which also reminded him of this woman; she seemed the type to whom the end justified the means. If a few people had to do to act as bait for this hollow, then who was she to complain? Her job was successful at that point

Suddenly however, he was aware of something entirely new. She’d moved. Her presence was no longer by the hollow’s presence. His energy formed into a shadow that floated along the ground and turned into a hand that forced the door open. The hollow was bleeding profusely, and was near death, despite its continuous attempts to get away still. She’d stepped away, he wasn’t entirely sure where, but not terribly far away.

“She’s moved away from the creature, but not terribly far. She’s probably feeling out the situation as well,” he whispered to Frey, not moving his gaze. Then he raised his voice and spoke up, while keep his finger on the energy rifle’s trigger, “Come on out. We know you’re there, we’re already seen and sensed you.” He couldn’t deny that part of him wanted to kill the hollow, then again he spoke at Frey. “Don’t attack it, don’t move from that spot. We’re at a stalemate here and don’t know how far she’s willing to go.”

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Freyleif ignored the sight and sounds of the Hollow gagging on its own blood, it was just another beast to her. A human that became a beast in their weak-willed soul. The stench was getting worse. Ironic how even souls have a smell and could bleed. She couldn’t help chuckle mentally at her mentor’s words: “If it can bleed, they can die.” the so-called Death Gods wouldn’t be a threat nor anything with the name ‘God’ in their titles.

This kind of hunt was kind of inhumane, even if the Hollow was easy picking. If it was anything of the salamander Hollow; she probably would let the thing suffer an agonizing death by picking off its limbs one by one. Just thinking of that beast made her muscles tense and clenched her hands.

Her attention was quickly set back on Raph as he whispered towards her and relaxed back into stance. The Quincy had moved away, probably to feel out the new arrivals, or got bored. She cursed under her breath on her inability to completely hide her spiritual energy - or maybe she was just overthinking things. Raph told her not to move from her spot and resisted the urge to roll her eyes, the hollow was far too weak to lash out and she just wanted to end its suffering.

“Okay, I’ll wait here then,” she whispered back calmly and slowly expanded out her senses to see if she could pick up a blip of the other Quincy. "You be careful too, please." she did still care for Raph's own well being, too, seeing their last hunt went pretty well.

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"You say that," the Quincy spoke just loud enough for her voice to carry across the space between herself and the newcomers. "yet you saw fit enough to encroach on myself and my prey."

Avida took a half step forward, the shadows she'd been hiding in sliding to cover only the right side of her body. A single blood red iris studied the pair. Neither were all that intriguing, nor were either of them someone she'd have been fearful of had she seen them coming. While her own frame was slim and lithe, it held power beyond most mortals. Both the male and female before her were too young to have trained their muscles to the degree hers had been. They'd have been easy pickings.

"Unlike that thing over there, I'm someone you should be afraid of." the brilliance of her wings manifest behind either shoulder, a simplistic display of power. A plush angelic feather falling from her left wing to settle between her fingers. The energy it held rebound from one finger to the feather and back in a tiny circuit, making the feather vibrate with power. "I highly suggest both of you leave here. Now. This is not a game for children such as yourselves."

With a flick of her wrist, she sent the selee flying. The tip impaled itself in the concrete between the male's feet. With any luck if the pair didn't understand her first warning, this would be enough to scare them off. After all, Avida doubted that the priests would condone how she'd otherwise handle the children.

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