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#1 朱龙 | Zhū Lóng on Mon May 07, 2018 9:10 am

Name: 朱龙
Translated Name: Zhū Lóng
Alias: The Crimson Dragon [lit. translation of her name]
Real Age: 350
Phys. Age: 22
Gender: Female
Personality: To call Zhū Lóng a tomboy would best describe her at a surface level. Despite the name she was birthed with, she holds no royalty or desires for such positions as well, instead finding solace in a humble, quiet life. Zhū Lóng speaks with a very quiet tone, just above a whisper that one could hear several feet away if they listened close enough, a trait that she has adopted from a life of listening to others while rarely speaking out of turn or against others who have a boisterous tone. In her own privacy, she remains a dedicated person, taking to reading books of various topics that interest her, be it fantasy novels of an older time, or more non-fictional books that detail the history of the human world and of the spiritual world.

She is a dedicated fighter, with an adept knowledge of martial arts, especially those that rely heavily on kicking or rapid movements. Incorporating an adequate knowledge of kidou and her own Zanpakutou with her martial arts, Zhū Lóng proves to be a threat in combat. Despite this, she prefers to diffuse a situation, finding senseless bloodshed and harming others to be a drag and often leading to nothing good.

When scorn or upset, Zhū Lóng remains silent, instead taking time to find something else to focus on than what enrages her. She practices patience and turning the other cheek, leading her to have a slight arrogance in the eyes of others who expect a retort or actions from her. She is at her happiest in a quiet room or around those who respect her introverted disposition.

Height: 5'10" | 177.8 cm
Weight: 132 lbs | 60 kg
Physical Traits: Zhū Lóng stands slightly above average height, with a lean build built more for speed than physical combat. However, with the training she undergoes alone, she has developed lean muscles in her legs that allow her to kick with vicious speed and strength. Her hair, for the most part, is straightened and reaches down to her knees, with the exception being her bangs, which are cut to the length of her jawline and then cut to the length of her brow, just out of the way of her eyes. She wears her hair with bows of white and red colour, with the apparent design of the bows matching the same charms that are sewn into her hakama overalls. Her eyes are red, much like her lower clothing, with a certain point to them that shows she prefers serious conversation in place of jovial conversations.

She wears a long-sleeved button-up blouse, with the cuffs buttoned and several buttons undone, typically to allow her chest to breathe and, unintentionally, reveal what slight cleavage she has. The colour of the blouse is an off-white one, as if the colour had been deteriorated by smoke and fire exposure, though it has no noticable burns or singe marks. This, much like her unique hakama, is a blouse that she has many of, with little difference between this blouse and the next. Her hakama is unique due to the suspenders that are sewn to it, allowing her to have a baggy hakama that requires no obi. Her hakama is crimson red, as are the suspenders, although there are several areas where she has sewn what looks to be charm paper tags, most likely to cover any burns or patches needing to be fixed in her own way. The hakama, unlike most standard shinigami hakama, does not reach down to her ankles or lower, and instead stops at her calves, where it is closed by a drawstring that can be opened or closed to allow her to have more air and freedom of flow. Zhū Lóng wears red shoes as well, with the shoes covering her ankles from sight.

Zhū Lóng's voice is relatively low for a female, usually kept to a hush even when in formal or informal conversation. She speaks clearly and ennunciates properly, taking to using a formal manner of speaking no matter the environment. She uses conjunctions in an informal setting, though discards the use of such words when in the presence of her superiors. When she walks, she walks with what could be described as a masculine walk, with little movement of her hips compared to women who sashay about. In addition to walking such a way, her hands are often in her hakama pockets casually, withdrawing them only when greeting another or requiring their use. Even when sitting, she finds herself stuffing her hands into her pockets or crossing her arms across her torso.

General Fighting Style:  While Zhū Lóng prefers to avoid combat, to say she is inexperienced is the first mistake one can make with the woman. Due to the way in which one can see Zhū Lóng, with her hands always shoved in her pockets and never really keeping her hands close to her zanpakutou, one can be led to believe she is unaware or unprepared for combat, with no hands at the ready should the need arise. However, this is the only way she truly feels prepared or safe. Zhū Lóng fights with her legs primarily, with fierce blows hiding behind the burnt hakama and incredible speed following with her lean build and powerful muscles.

She prefers to diffuse situations, aiming to prevent bloodshed in most cases. However, in the chances that combat is unavoidable, Zhū Lóng prefers to disable her opponent's way of combat or desire for combat in one of two ways. Tiring them out, usually by dodging blows or retreating to a location more suitable for what combat she is skilled in. She calls this her 'flight' response. The second option for her combat is her 'fight' response, which usually is reserved for training or difficult opponents, such as those she finds herself trading blows with rather than dodging. In this style, she frees her pockets of her hands and typically combines kidou incantations with distracting and aggressive hakuda techniques.

She is well-versed enough in Kidou that she finds casting in the midst of combat as easy as attacking, capable of pulling incantations for various kidou from her mind even as she trades blows. In addition to kidou, she has a bond with her zanpakutou that resembles that of sisters rather than master and servant. Because of the many decades spent training inside of her inner world and with actual experience against opponents or willing partners, she has learned how to incorporate the personally harmless flames into her fighting style, with her pyrokinetic combat proving to be a hassle at nearly any range.
Strengths: Hakuda [primary strength], Kidou [secondary strength] [can cast up to Kidou #40 without incantatation and minimal loss of strength, Hohou [tertiary strength]
Weaknesses: Zanjutsu [primary weakness], Reiatsu Perception [secondary weakness], Distance in Combat [tertiary weakness]

Skill Name: 舞龍 | Dragon Dance
Description: Dragon Dance is a unique skill that Zhū Lóng has dedicated herself to learning, preventing her from relying too heavily on her zanpakutou's own pyrokinesis and black flames. By controlling her breathing and gathering reiatsu inside of her body, Zhū Lóng can manifest flames at the end of her limbs. This is usually manifested with the assistance of a kick or punch, which sends out a small burst of vermillion and crimson flames. These flames can be controlled by her with an intense precision and little effort, such as being able to control the direction of the flames despite the direction of her initial attack. The flames are able to react to the environment like normal flames, though she cannot mold them like she can with Kagutsuchi. Zhū Lóng can, at her current best, redirect flames from an opponent or the environment to serve a purpose. The ability lasts as long as Zhū Lóng has the strength to utilize it, or until she is unable to provide a source for the flames (if she is covered in water, unable to remain calm for her breathing, etc).

Sealed Appearance: An ordinary black wakizashi, with a standard length and lack of ornaments or designs to seperate it from any other blade one could find. The handle is singed, with fingerprints seeming to have melted away some of the metal and formed a type of grip that one can see if close enough.
Zanpakutou Name: カグツチ | Kagutsuchi
Call Out Command: Burn with your birth, Kagutsuchi

Appearance: Kagutsuchi has no true physical form, as the release of the zanpakutou doesn't seem to destroy or change her zanpakutou. Instead of a fancy display or fiercesome weapon, Kagutsuchi is as simplistic and deadly as it's weilder. When she begins to act, Kagutsuchi appears in the way of black flames surrounding Zhū Lóng's fingertips, ready and waiting to strike.
太陽の体 | Body of the Sun
Channelling her reiatsu through her body, the flames react and cling to the reiatsu flow and subsequently move around her body, until her arms, feet and torso are covered in black embers. The embers are roughly two inches apart from one another, though contact with an object, such as another person, or a wall, will cause the flames to expand and spiral, connecting to one another until her body is protected by a flame sillhouette of her body. This technique lasts 3 turns, with a 5 turn cooldown. These flames act as an armour capable of defending against steel, while still acting like flame and spreading to what contacts her (ie wood, fabric, etc).

太陽の道具 | Tools of the Sun
The most useful technique of her arsenal, TotS is the technique that shows off the pyrokinetic control of Kagutsuchi the best. By manipulating fire with her fingers and reiatsu, Zhū Lóng can create various tools made of the black flames of her zanpakutou. These vary, usually depending on the amount of flames, be them natural or created from her zanpakutou's abilities, though she tends to create gauntlets of fire, zanpakutou copies and even small barriers or walls of flames. The tools created from TotS act like normal fire, though they, like the other abilities, do not cause damage to Zhū Lóng. They spread to the environment and can even spread to other individuals, such as burning their clothes and leaving burn wounds on them in addition to any other wounds. Her constructs can be created immediately, though she's limited to creating 2 every turn. The constructs have the strength of Tungsten, and last until destroyed or until manipulated by her zanpakutou again.

太陽フレア | Solar Flare
A simple technique, Zhū Lóng channels reiatsu into her fingers and violently expells a flare of black flames from her fingertip, usually done in a finger-gun mannerism. The flare travels at the speed of a Bala, with there being no cooldown between uses, though she can only create 8 flares total per turn (1 for every finger she can fire from, excluding her thumbs).
Boosts: 2x Boost to Agility, 2x Boost to Durability

New Name: Kagutsuchi the Calamity Flame
Appearance: Kagutsuchi takes the form of black flames once more, although her physical appearance seems to change more during this time. Her hair shortens to her shoulders, seeming to be burnt off by the very flames she controls. Her eyes are lined with a series of embers, as if her very eyes are on fire. In this form, Zhū Lóng's outfit changes to a black halter-top kosode, while her hakama seems to lose the overalls and instead replaces them with a shorter pair of hakama, allowing her better freedom. The black flames take the form of small rings around her ankles and wrists, with the flames being held back from violently surging forth only by Zhū Lóng's own reiatsu.
太陽の武器 | Armoury of the Sun
A stronger form of her Shikai ability, AotS follows the same general goal: Manipulating the flames of her shikai to serve her purposes. In this form of release, she has nearly no limit to how many constructs she can create, although the more she creates at once, the longer the cooldown between uses. Any below 5 constructs is a 1 turn cooldown, 6-10 is a 2 turn cooldown, 11-20 is a 3 turn cooldown. Like the weaker ability, the constructs will last until they are destroyed.

天照 | Heavenly Illumination
Perhaps the deadliest ability of Kagutsuchi's Bankai, this ability relies on Zhū Lóng's black flames. The embers lining her eyes fluctuate until they turn pitch black. By focusing reiatsu through her arms and rejecting the flames from her wrists, she can create a 5 foot x 5 foot area that effectively becomes engulfed by her black fires. The flame doesn't travel in a visible line, instead following the exact direction she is aiming with her hand, with the auditory warning of what can best be described as the sparking of flint and steel. The flame lasts until put out or manipulated by Kagutsuchi's pyrokinesis. She can use this ability once a turn with a 2 turn cooldown.

日没 | Sunset
By striking out with her Dragon Dance fighting style and focusing reiatsu into the flames, black and crimson flames form to engulf larger areas than her Dragon Dance style usually permits. This ability lasts roughly 6 turns, in addition to being able to be used whether her breathing is calm or otherwise, unlike during typical Dragon Dance usage, with a 3 turn cooldown.
Boosts: 3x Boost to Durability, 3x Boost to Agility


New Name: [What's your zanpakuto's new name?]
Appearance: [What does your bankai look like? Character appearance changes, weapon changes, etc.]
Abilities: [What abilities does your character gain]
Boosts: [In this release, you get a 4x boost; you can apply this to as many 'stats' as you want (strength, speed, durability, etc) but they're diminishing returns; the more you have, the less effective they actually are.]

History: Given up at birth by her father, unable to look at a daughter conceived by a cheating wife, Zhū Lóng was left on the curb of a simple home, without a name or anything more than the blanket she was wrapped in. She was taken in by the home, where an infertile wife and her desperate husband had seen the woman as a sign of faith from the ones above. She was given the name Zhū Lóng, a name with a description that would serve as an alias for her closest friends to refer to her as.

She grew up without conflict or abuse, living a simple and quiet life. She tended to the chores, learned her womanly duties from her mother and even bothered to consider asking her father to teach her how to hunt and survive without a man in the chance that, like her father had looked at her as, she was unable to find comfort with another.

When she was in her younger twenties, on a hunt, her father had gotten seperated, chasing the trail of a deer that he had spotted previously. Zhū Lóng was to stay put, as to not lose their position in the forest. However, in following her father's orders, she had fallen victim to a vicious bear that made its home near the clearing. Her presence was unwanted, and without a weapon to defend herself or her father to ward off the creature, Zhū Lóng fell to the powerful beast, her body being mauled and left behind as the bear surveyed the area for any other unwelcome visitors.

Waking up in the spiritual world some month later, Zhū Lóng had no recollection or memory of her past life, nor of her time as a spiritual being. She woke with a fear of solidarity, and what she could only deduce was amnesia, with her being unable to recall anything else but a name. The Crimson Dragon. In time, she would grow to adopt this name in Chinese, recreating what would become her name once more. However, with her name, she received no other memories, instead deciding to rebuild what life she could in her situation. She befriended those in the Rukongai, with the various faces and characters proving to have the same issues. A case of amnesia that started from their time in the new world. As she ventured from district to district, avoiding what she heard rumours of being the 'Zaraki' district, a location known for violence and bloodshed, Zhū Lóng would hear stories of the Shinigami. Warriors, Assassins, Scientists, Medics. Those who were once souls, just like the ones who occupied the Rukongai, but took the initiative to become more.

Beginning what would become a trek that took roughly a year and a half to complete, Zhū Lóng reached the gates that shined a beautiful alabaster and crimson. The academy welcomed her, provided she was willing to train and learn. Learn the way of the Shinigami. In time, Zhū Lóng would learn the way of spellcasting, known as Kidou to the Shinigami, as well as seeming to favour the way of the fist, or Hakuda. Zanjutsu, the skill with a blade, fell to an area that she couldn't get to, as the idea of causing bloodshed with a blade seemed to be a skill tree she didn't feel like being involved in. Instead, she excelled in Bakudou and Hakuda the most, with Kidou coming naturally to her given the versatile nature of its various trees, and Hakuda proving far more useful than a sword to her. Her graduation period was roughly three years, with incredible scores in Hakuda and Kidou and a general moral compass that suggested she would best be suited for the Second Division.
Roleplay Sample:
The dull whack of flesh against wood echoed in the dojo, followed by several rapid hits and the cracking of the wood. Several pieces of what was once a helpless log hit the ground, following a light tap as Zhū Lóng's foot finally landed on the ground. The appendage was littered with red marks, her foot seeming to bleed slightly from the various planks around her having worn on her body. She hobbled to the other side of the room, a cold bottle of water and some rags, all stained with sweat and blood, resting for her to enjoy. She sat on the bench, beginning to drink from the water and wipe her foot clean of more blood, when a loud rolling noise permeated the air.

The dojo owner, a Miyamoto Shun, walked into the room with his arms crossed. Cold, steel grey eyes surveyed the pile of wood haphazardly scattered around the corner, then the bloodied footprints that led straight to Zhū Lóng.

"I see you're hard at work, Zhū Lóng. You know, you can take a break. The graduation's tomorrow, I'm sure they would prefer you not to be bloody in your shihakushou." He walked to the woman, a quiet incantation falling under his breath as he kneeled in front of her. Taking a hold of her foot, an azure light covered her foot, the wounds slowly pulling together and sealing. In their place, only patches of dried blood remained for Zhū Lóng to wipe away.

"I know, Miyamoto-san. I just can't help but worry about everything. What if I'm not placed in a Divison that I enjoy? I came all this way and I've studied all I can, but if all it culminates in is me joining a Squad that I'm not comfortable with serving in, what would be the point?" She looked into his eyes with her own red orbs, a certain worry in her eyes, yet one that Shun had seen for decades.

"You're being placed in the Second Division, I'm sure of it. I've looked at your scores, and you're absolutely excelling at Hakuda and Kidou. Frankly, you've got one of two choices from what I've seen of graduates in my years. You'll either end up in the Second Division for your combat scores, or end up in the Eighth Division for your... hmm. Gusto. Your general combat scores would put you in either there, or the Eleventh, but given your attitude, I don't believe the Eleventh would even accept you. If they did, I'm sure you wouldn't enjoy it much."

The alabaster-haired woman looked down to her feet, then back to the man. He had been here for quite a time, and throughout her training, he was there for her. A Day One friend, she supposed, and she was willing to trust his word and experience. "I think I'd prefer the Second. I've heard of the other students talking of Senba-Taichou. She sounds like a good woman."

Shun chuckled, shrugging his shoulders. "A little terrifying for me, but if she's someone you think you'd feel comfortable serving as a Shinigami to and alongside, then that's your decision."

Zhū Lóng stood up, applying weight to her once injured foot, noticing the difference in how it felt. She tapped it on the ground, smiling at the owner of the area she seemed to almost call home. "You'll still be around for me to visit, even if I get into the Second? What if I become a higher seat in the future? Will I still be able to visit you?"

Shun stood up, grabbing one of the rags and tossing it to the Chinese woman with a smirk. "C'mon. I train kids like you. I'll be around for quite a while, so it depends on you. But first, you've got some of your blood to clean off my floor. You know how much I hate a messy dojo." He began to head to the corner where she trained in silence previously, picking up the larger pieces of wood and leaving the rest to be swept up by the woman. As he walked out of the room, his steeled eyes went back to her, briefly watching her as she wiped the floor clean of the fruits of her labour. A small smile made its way to his lips. 'You'll do well tomorrow, Zhū. I'm sure of it.'

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#2 Re: 朱龙 | Zhū Lóng on Sun May 13, 2018 9:43 am

Looks good. Welcome to the forum, and welcome to Division 2.

Approved, tier 1-5.

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