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#11 Re: [Private] How Can I Help You? {Akane} on Wed May 23, 2018 12:25 am

He nodded when she said that it could be potentially dangerous, after all if what she said was true then she was specifically equipped to handle the situation. Then, when she mentioned special equipment, he couldn’t help but let out a laugh. Not that he found what she thought to be particularly funny, but rather that he was a little screwed in such a way.

“Special equipment?” he inquired, before suppressing a chuckle. “I’m screwed on that regard then. And the worst part is that now I’m beginning to learn that when I’ve destroyed these things I’m causing damage to something.” He shrugged and put his hands back in his pockets. “That’s life, I guess.”

Once again, he nodded, pushing himself off of the wall and stretching his limbs out a bit. He didn’t wanna get stiff after all. She pulled our her weapon though it lacked a blade. Fascinating, that her weapon didn’t have a blade, but he still followed her outside and held out his hand. There was a moment of nothing and suddenly a flame seemed to erupt from his hand, before forming into a rather common longsword, with a basic crossguard.

“I can make it pretty much anything I want, so I’m never without a weapon.” And he gave her a rather friendly smile, though at her question he had to think quite a bit. He’d met other Shinigami, in a way, but had only communicated with one or two…

“I’ve seen many of your kind, but have only spoken with any of them once.” Thinking for a few minutes and scratching at his chin he finally said, “Really full of themselves… Got that whole air of superiority thing over humans going on. Not that the whole ‘we keep the world in balance’ thing is bad, but you might wanna add humility lessons to their curriculum.” He dispelled the blade, changing it into a scoped rifle. “Ok, I’m ready to go. Keep an eye out for it, right?”

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#12 Re: [Private] How Can I Help You? {Akane} on Wed May 23, 2018 7:43 pm

Akane would shrug, it was surprising that he hadn't been approached by the Committee at this stage, they were rather good at finding spiritually powerful humans to join their ranks, but it wasn't her job to enforce their rules. "In the grand scheme of things, one person won't be able to disrupt the soul cycle" Though she was technically an authority on the matter, the Captain Commander wasn't entirely sure how much the cycle could take before things started to go wrong... hopefully this warning would get him to find the help that he needed to fix the issue. It was always good to have another pair of hands that could stem the hollow threat after all.

The girl wouldn't seem particularly surprised by the ability he was showing off, she had seen something like it before after all. Though it could be considered just a little more flashy than Kaede's, with the flame and all. "Good, you should be able to hold your own then" she would smile and head onward into the city, or out of the city, as they were moving towards the outskirts, where it was a little less densely populated. It was a good thing really, there would be less chance for collateral damage that way.

"Oh? Well, I guess they could do with a little humility... I haven't had time to make any changes though, I've only just taken the position over really" In fact, she had essentially graduated the academy to get rushed off for some specialist training. Maybe he had been unlucky with the shinigami he had met, she couldn't really name anyone like that... "I'll see what I can do though" She would shrug as they came across what looked to be a park of some kind, it was a nice little spot really, and completely empty from the looks of things. "I think it's around here" Akane would look around carefully when she suddenly sprung to action. Stepping around Raph while slicing her blade through the air. The tip would draw a crescent from the arc of the swing made of a somewhat dazzling golden energy that would burst forth.

The reason why, it seemed, was the arrancar had tried to strike again, utilizing a cero beam that was promptly split in two as Akane's energy tore through it at startling speed. The dense red beam was split in two and crashed into the ground either side of them, having lost a lot of it's energy in the collision to mostly scorch the grass. While the creature itself had been taken by surprise, barely able to dodge in time. Losing a whole arm in the process but otherwise it was uninjured. "It's not running this time, be careful" she was torn really, rushing the creature seemed like the best idea, but without being able gauge it's abilities could leave her new ally in danger...

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#13 Re: [Private] How Can I Help You? {Akane} on Thu May 24, 2018 11:33 am

He shrugged when she said that one person wouldn’t disrupt the cycle, but in a way he was a little conflicted and confused. There was no need to explain his personal avoidance of powerful entities, the Committee coming to mind almost immediately. There were fewer individuals on the planet with as much power or nearly as much power as them, and they answered specifically to the UN. Governments in control of superpowered humans was never a good thing. He’d read so many comic books about situations like that and when his mother had come out and told him that they were real? Well, it was a little too much for him to bear. Her smile and confirmation made him grin and he began to follow her.

They were heading towards the outskirts of the city; less populated, fewer civilians. Good place for a fight…or for an ambush. Not that he didn’t believe in the capabilities of his new friend, but he wasn’t exactly a fan of rushing headlong into a fight when he had no way of knowing what in the world he was going to do about it beforehand. He would just have to play it by ear, he reasoned and listened to her.

She’d just taken over? Hadn’t really had time to change things. He nodded, appreciative of what seemed like honesty.

The park that they entered was almost entirely empty, most people having gone home already, or not wanting to be caught out in the park right at that moment. They still probably had an hour before Frey got back, and he’d rather be done with this so that he could welcome her. He was so lost in his thoughts, that he almost didn’t feel the being make its second attack, launching a lancing beam of energy right at them.

His new acquaintance wasted no time, sidestepping around him, and swinging her weapon, after which a golden beam of energy flared to life, cleaving the attack in twain. The energy from the beam glanced off, lost its momentum and singed the grass to the left and right of them. He wouldn’t have been killed from such an attack, but it would have been rather nasty if he’d gotten hit. The assault had also been successful in causing damage, having cleaved the opponent’s arm from his body.

No doubt dazed, and slightly confused, their adversary was now off guard. He’d nearly put up a wall of energy, but her attack had stopped the beam in its tracks, something that he was thankful for. He knelt down and aimed through the scope and pulled the trigger, a sudden burst of energy flying forward, about the same strength as the beam that the creature had tried using against them, aimed at its leg. He had just needed a second to capitalize on lost balance, and this fight might hopefully be over quick.

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#14 Re: [Private] How Can I Help You? {Akane} on Sun May 27, 2018 8:46 pm

The creature was struck by the beam, it's leg would be torn off completely. Clearly it was surprised by the sudden counterattack, that maybe it had overestimated it's own abilities. However, it's wounds would heal over, two completely new limbs replaced those it had lost as it;s form changed. It's humanoid body morphing into something closer to the hollows that Raph would have been used to. The creature would be covered with some rather thick looking plates of white armour, the fragments of mask reforming to make it look quite a bit more imposing as it had grown a few feet at least. The blade it was carrying had grown to a rather unwieldy looking great-sword. That they would get a rather good look at as it burst forward.

The speed was unexpected from such a large creature, as it swung it's weapon to try and cleave through the young captain commander. Who brought up her own blade to stop it's progress. It seemed like it would be a futile, even if she had managed to barely react the difference in strength must have been enormous. However, Raph would notice that she didn't seem worried, having stopped the strike with a single hand on her sword. Twisting her body, she would promptly kick the creature in the chest. Doing so with enough force to send it tumbling backwards as it's armour shattered. "Hrmm... I think this one may have bitten off more than it could chew." the arrancar would lay crumpled on the ground as she walks over to it.

Having been disarmed by the strike, it lashed out with a clawed hand, managing to tear through a part of her uniform to leave a gash through her leg. Non-plussed, the captain commander would promptly split it's mask in two, sublimating the creatures soul to send it on it's way. She walked on back, sheathing her blade "I guess we were a little too careful... I honestly expected more" She would shrug "You did well" she offered a hand to help him up from his kneeling position. Seemingly not noticing the wound she had received, or the trail of crimson that she had left behind.

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#15 Re: [Private] How Can I Help You? {Akane} on Wed May 30, 2018 3:06 am

It’s leg torn clean off as his shot struck home, and for a moment he couldn’t help but smile. Suddenly, however, it began to change. It’s limbs regrew, and all over its body grew white bony plates all over its body; an armor and the limbs changed transforming into the more hollow-like aspects that Raphael was so used to. Then came the sword, where once it had been a normal almost katana like blade, it had been transmogrified into a frightening greatsword, though he still held it with one hand.

It was on them in seconds, this newly awakened monster, though Raphael refused to backdown even when it was right on top of them. He hadn’t expected the damn thing to move so fast, however, and Raphael’s weapon changed nigh instantaneously to a longsword. He was ready to fight this thing to the death, when his compatriot held up her own blade and stopped the monster’s strike. Giving it a kick in the chest, the creature collapsed to the ground, armor shattering like glass as it did. Injured, battered and broken the beast could do little more than groan in its discomfort. For a second, Raphael almost felt bad for it. But he knew that if it hadn’t been this thing, it would’ve been one of them, Raph more than likely.

It leapt up and lashed at her, cutting a small wound into her leg, but without batting an eye over the damage, the woman bifurcated the creature, most likely setting its soul free. When she said that she expected more from the creature, he almost wanted to laugh, but he accepted her hand to help him up.

He looked down at the wound she’d sustained and pointed his finger at her, a bandage forming over the wound, to at least staunch the bleeding for a bit. Though the trail of gore, regrettably, he couldn’t do much about.

“Thank you for your help. Trying to kill that thing on my own would’ve been difficult. Now, let’s head back to the shop, get you patched up and back into that…whatever the hell that golem is that you were parading around in.” He sighed. Despite grudgingly helping this Shinigami, he couldn’t help but feel like there was actual compassion for the people she was trying to protect, though it could’ve been his imagination.

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