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#1 Weekly Rewards on Wed May 02, 2018 2:29 pm

Starting this week, we will begin rewarding users for their activity. Those who place in the top 3 posts of the week will receive a bonus of coins to reward them directly for their activity. Repeat users, like myself unexpectedly, who are in the top 3 multiple weeks in a row will receive a diminished reward that's still higher than dropping off completely.

Members in the top 3 posters of the week, which will be locked on Sunday, and will receive bonus coins for their activity.

We're looking into a potential monthly reward system, but this won't be exclusively for the top posters; rather, if activity keeps up, we'll simply give everyone coins as a reward.

This site is built on multiple members posting with each other. So get out there, post, and keep our numbers up. You get rewards too. Smile

♥️ ANGrey

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