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on Wed May 02, 2018 2:29 pm


Gfx Queen
Gfx Queen
Starting this week, we will begin rewarding users for their activity. Those who place in the top 5 posts of the week will receive a bonus of coins to reward them directly for their activity. Repeat users, like myself expectedly, who are in the top 5 multiple weeks in a row will receive a diminished reward that's still higher than dropping off completely.

Members in the top 5 posters of the week, which will be locked on Sunday, will receive 40 bonus coins for their activity. Being in the top 5 two weeks in a row or more will result in 25 coins being granted instead. This amounts to a maximum of 115 coins every month for anyone who manages to stay in the top 5 all month.

We have closed the attendance topic, as people use it to buff their numbers and it doesn't add up properly. We want to be counting roleplay posts, not necessarily spam and off-topic stuff. That said, we do acknowledge that Staff will almost always have higher post counts due to needing to approve things and post in multiple non-rp threads, and to that extent any non-staff who are in the top 5 will also receive a bonus 10 coins every week, which amounts to a potential maximum of 155 coins, if anyone manages to outpost the staff all month.

We're looking into a potential monthly reward system, but this won't be exclusively for the top posters; rather, if activity keeps up, we'll simply give everyone coins as a reward.

This site is built on multiple members posting with each other. So get out there, post, and keep our numbers up. You get rewards too. Smile

♥️ ANGrey

20May - 26May

Top Posters of Last Week

Due to Technical Difficulties, all members have received 20 coins. The Rewards will resume next week.

Rewards Received this Month:
ANGrey - 2
Kade - 2
Ika Mazi - 1
Rena - 1
Makishima - 1
Noziel Aran - 1
Shana - 1
Mei T - 1


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