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#1 Nora Alsgain w.i.p on Wed May 02, 2018 10:14 am


Name: Nora Alsgain
Apparent Age: 23
True Age: 23
Sex: Female
Personality: The INFP personality type is creative, idealistic, empathetic, and individualistic. INFPs are among the most open and curious of the 16 types, bringing an explorative attitude to their life and work.

Unlike more conventional personality types, INFPs insist on paving their own unique path in life. They strive to ensure that their work and relationships are in alignment with their deeply-held values and reflect who they are as individuals. Seeking a life that moves and inspires them, many are drawn to artistic, religious, or humanitarian endeavors.

Like other intuitive introverts, INFPs feel they must “find themselves” before fully committing to a career or relationship. Unfortunately, the process of clarifying their identity and vocation rarely proceeds as quickly as they would like. Indeed, it can take years, sometimes decades, for them to figure out who they are and what they want out of life. For this reason, many INFPs are well-described as “seekers” or “wanderers,” avidly searching for self-insight and self-direction.


Height: 5'7''
Weight: 142lbs
Physical Traits:


General Fighting Style: Tactical yet savage this warrior fights with a mixture of drunken style and military tactics in mind. Able to apply pressure style attacks in a heartbeat drunk or not yet maintain enough of an Inebriated state to it that it still retains harder to predict methodology to it. Making it hard hitting and difficult to fight against it fits well with her abilities with the chain staff.

Strengths: Speed, Stamina, Reiryoku
Weaknesses: Reiatsu, Durability


Ability Name: Chain Linked Staff
Description: This chain linked staff is of Zan Steel quality and can be manipulated by Nora's mind at will. This staff is ten feet long and extends to up to double that by becoming like a four piece nunchaku of sorts. She can throw this weapon up to 50 feet away and recall it regardless of it's range away from her, though it may take some time to do so because it does not teleport.

Ability Name: Golden Ashes of Kuwi'leh
Description: She is able to generate golden ash at will that she can manipulate around her mentally, also at will, to defend herself and attack with. This is essentially very similar to sand manipulation except the generated golden ash always emanates from her immediate area of ten feet and cannot be manipulated more than thirty feet away from her. The ashes move at bala speed hit with the impact force of a bala and can block physical attacks as if made fully of metal rather than ash.

Ability Name: Energy Aura
Description: She has an energy aura that she can activate at will, this aura emits light, sparks of energy, and can be used to detect attacks coming into it's 5 foot range around her body. The light isn't enough to blind anyone but the sparks can hurt like a static shock.

Ability Name: Power Beyond
Description: She is able to power up much like one would normally by using second stage and hyper mode, except there is no change beyond the wild showcasing of her massive spiritual energy. This has two stages that Nora can access. The first is easy to use but generates more "Energy" and her spiritual aura now generates random traces of lightning, rather than sparks, throughout itself this release is just like using second stage and powers her accordingly. The second is more straining, takes some time, but not too much only a second or two if she is in a rush, to unleash and is akin to her activating hyper mode in terms of boosting her towards her maximum limits. Her aura becomes much more "Dense" and the sparks of electricity become more frequent. She is able to hold either of these indefinitely and swap between them at will.

Ability Name: Aura Flare
Description: Once every other post Nora is capable of releasing a large flare of light from her energy aura which extends out for fifty feet and causes burns to those caught in the blast as well as a cero worth of damage. This "Flare up" is so intense it can also cause up to 75% reduction to eyesight.

Ability Name: Wild Sense
Description: Once per three posts she is capable of activating her wild sense, allowing her to avoid an attack, within reason, at unimaginable speeds. This ability does not need her energy aura up to be active. This can be used four times per thread.

Ability Name: Gourd of Plenty
Description: She has a miniature gourd that she carries with her that has the ability to produce any alcoholic beverage she desires with the added magical benefit of never giving her a hangover or making her sick. All the bonuses of being drunk with none of the drawbacks.


Base: Speedx3, Strengthx2, Staminax2, Reiryokux2, Reflexesx2
Power Beyond Stage One: Speedx4, Strengthx3, Staminax3, Reiryokux4,Relfexesx4
Power Beyond Stage Two: Speedx6, Strengthx5, Staminax5, Reiryokux5, Reflexesx5



History: [History goes here.]
Side Notes: [Anything you didn't say up above that's relevant to your character goes here.]
Roleplay Sample: [This helps us determine your character's tier. Roleplay in this character, please.]

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