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#1 Mirabelle Bonnet [Complete] on Wed May 02, 2018 12:25 am

The Vizard Application
Seireitei's Songbird

Name: Mirabelle Bonnet
Alias: Mira, Seireitei's Songbird
Real Age: 220
Phys. Age: Early Thirties
Gender: Female


Height: 6'7"
Weight: 200 lbs
Physical Traits: Mira's form is slim, though not so much so that she seems ill. Her muscles have developed in such a way that they maintain the strength she needs without being obviously present. This allows her the a small element of surprise as an opponent underestimates her flexibility and she's able to twist in almost painful ways to fire off a return attack. Though she might not be overly 'well built' in the way a man might otherwise be, her presence is still overwhelming. Her height alone is more than enough to draw in most gazes but the way she carries herself ensures that everyone's eyes are on her.

She was blessed in her second life with well developed breasts as well as a prominent rear though if anyone, man or woman, is caught staring they'll be treated to more than minor burns of some kind or another from an on the fly kido. Her fiery red hair is, most often, tied back in a loose, low hanging ponytail so that its considerable length is cut off just above her waist. While her resting face is soft and warm, it's almost always held in a scowl of some kind or another as she yells at an underling for doing something the wrong way, or held in a furrow of concentration as she works out a new spell or six.


Type: ESTJ - The Executive Personality
Executives are representatives of tradition and order, utilizing their understanding of what is right, wrong and socially acceptable to bring families and communities together. People with the Executive personality type are valued for their clear advice and guidance, and they happily lead the way on difficult paths. Taking pride in bringing people together, Executives often take on roles as community organizers, working hard to bring everyone together in celebration of cherished local events, or in defense of the traditional values that hold families and communities together

Mirabelle is the kind of person who knows what she wants and how to get it. She's more than willing to delegate tasks to those she deems worthy, though those individuals are few and far between, but most often opts to take the brunt of the workload on herself. Some might say its because she doesn't feel others should have to bear the burden, or because she feels that they aren't capable. On the contrary, she knows full well what others are capable and will utilize their talents as she sees fit but she'd rather do things her own way so that she can maintain a reason for her pride. This extends even into combat scenarios wherein she is more than willing to take on a more challenging foe, not so that her subordinates don't have to but so that she can be the one to say she defeated them.

She drives those under her command hard. As far as she's concerned, they knew what they signed up for when they enlisted and if they weren't ready to be ridden so hard, they shouldn't have signed on. As a part of the Kido Corps, she believes any and all members should display better than adequate knowledge of the arts. If there are some she doesn't see doing so but she feels that they have potential, she's more than willing to take them under her own wing.

To those she doesn't know well, she can come off as very dismissive. This is because, in truth, she is. If it doesn't pertain to an interest of hers or something she feels needs tending to, she doesn't see the worth in spending time doting on it. Trivial things are meaningless to her. People who repeatedly dog her with things she expresses little interest in are dealt a harsh reality when she, inevitably, lays it out that she doesn't care. Though she has better control over herself than to speak in such a manner to another captain, if they persist as much as some others do they're likely to receive the same treatment.

Combat Information

General Fighting Style:  Mira's fighting style revolves entirely around her abilities as a Kido practitioner. She's constantly slinging spells and coming up with new ways to weave them together for varied results. This being said, her preferred method of fighting is from medium to long range.
Strengths: Kido, Reiryoku, Reiatsu, Sensing
Weaknesses: Strength, Hakuda, Durability

Ability Name: Creative Casting
Ability Description: Mirabelle is so in tune with the spells she casts that she's able to customize the properties of the spells she uses to keep her enemies guessing. [Roleplay Oriented]

Ability Name: Song of the Birds
Ability Description: When casting Mirabelle often forgoes incantations, though when she does she uses a skill she invented early on in her career as a shinigami to confuse opponents. By using Song of the Birds she's able to effectively 'sing' the incantation in a manner unrecognizable to anyone else. [Roleplay Oriented]

Ability Name: Kido Grandmaster
Ability Description: Casting seems to be in Mira's very blood and as such, she's able to forsake incantations on anything up to forbidden class (Spells 89 and below).

The Zanpakuto File

Sealed Appearance: An opaque blade seemingly made of glass that houses a vile looking liquid. When swung the liquid can be seen sloshing around inside the blade's body and trying its best to cling to the sides of the small cavity. There is little but a raised edge to provide any sort of cover for the user of the blade, not that the weapon sees much use in combat. Most often the sword sits inside of its sheath beside the weapon's master. The sheath itself is as unique as the blade it houses, comprised of what seems to be a milky quartz-like material.

Zanpakutou Name: La Belle Dame sans Merci (The Beautiful Lady without Mercy)

Zanpakutou Spirit Appearance: Beldame appears as a woman some ten or so years younger than Mirabelle herself looks. Her hair spills from the crown of her head down her back in thick, black waves. The spirit prides herself on her inate ability to deceive most anyone. Much of her deception is due to her looks but where that fails she relies on flowery language to spin a web of lies. The dress the spirit sports is quite revealing and draws the eyes to her very pronounced feminine assets. Fur lines the raised collar and trails down to a low cut corset style midsection that, finally, leads to flowing trails of black fabric.


Zanpakutou Personality: Beldame is everything Mirabelle rejects about herself, everything she wishes she wasn't. Every repressed urge is wound up into the being that is her zanpakuto spirit. Every unspoken insecurity, unshed tear, unspoken curse is housed in the very angry woman. It is not uncommon for her to lash out at Mirabelle's actions, claiming that she mistepped or misspoke but the anger is never long lasting. In reality she wants the best for her master but fails to find the proper words to articulate her wishes.

Inner World: Mirabelle's inner world is ever changing. Where she leaves the waking world is replicated in her inner world, though it seems to have aged by thousands of years. Most brick and stone has eroded away to dust and rubble. Worn tombstones dot the landscape and in between them lay countless skeletal trees clawing at the night sky.


Call Out Command: Condemn them, Beldame! (Most often the simple word "Release" is used)
Appearance: Upon release, the blade makes a loud popping sound and the liquid within it falls from the pommel to her feet. The blade, now crystal clear from tip to pommel, seems to be made of a clearer crystal than it's sheath. Through the course of a battle, the blade will begin to fill with a sickly and vile looking substance that sloshes about inside of the blade, leaving a filmy residue as it recedes or as the blade is swung. Aside from the cosmetic shifts, nothing else about the blade itself changes.

Abilities: Once per post Mirabelle is able to unleash an arc of the tar built up in her blade. Should the tar make contact with, say, an opponent's arm, their arm is made to feel as though it is immobile due to it's weight being increased. The tar can be removed by taking the equivalent of a 60's level hado, or it will disperse on its own after one post.

Abilities: Should Mirabelle go more than 3 posts without unleashing some of the tar in her blade, the entire blade becomes unstable. If this should happen, she's to discard the blade someplace near the opponent. If the opponent is hit with the blade's explosion they take a cero worth of damage and are covered in the tar.

Boosts: Reiryoku, Reiatsu

Call Out Command: Bring about the Hell they deserve, La Belle Dame sans Merci!
New Name: La Belle Dame sans Merci
Appearance: A small slit appears on the flat edge of the blade. This does not take away from the durability of the blade but aside from this nothing at all changes about the blade itself, or Mirabelle.

Abilities: Mirabelle can now unleash two arcs of tar per post. While their function remains the same, the tar must take the equivalent of a 80's level hado to be removed. The tar also now lasts for two posts.

Abilities: Mirabelle is no longer required to disperse the tar. Instead, her blade drips the tar as the pressure inside the blade forces it out of the new slit. This means that anything her blade touches is afflicted with the tar and its weight properties. Subsequent hits of the same target do stack the tar but each stack runs on its own timer.  

Boosts: 3x Reiryoku, Reiatsu

The Hollow File

Inner Hollow Name: Hibiki (Echo)
Inner Hollow Appearance: An old man who's skin is cracked and weathered by time. His voice is softspoken and lilts with an accent lost to time, though it emanates from the air around him rather than from his mouth. The features he sports are as soft in comparison to the harsh cracks in his skin, completing the image of the mentor he's meant to be to the shinigami. His aged frame sports a set of homely looking almost monk like robes, while on his hip the mask Mirabelle wears is threaded with a coarse looking rope.


Inner Hollow Personality: Despite his name Hibiki looks to the future. He is Mira's constant council, her voice of reason when her personality tips too far into Beldame's territory. His one and only aim is to see her succeed in becoming her own person and accomplishing her own goals.

Appearance: A fairly plain plague doctor's mask. Just as any other would be, the mask is made up of rough bone like material though hers sports thin spider webbing cracks over its surface and stains of blood due to how she brings the mask out.

Abilities: Mirabelle's budding relationship with Hibiki allows her to overlay an opponent's memories over the original battlefield. This creates uneven terrain for the opponent to fight on and, with enough practice, Mirabelle will be able to put her spells 'behind' the overlay so opponents won't know what's coming for them. [Checks against Sensing]

Hollow Powers: High Speed Regeneration, Cero (for clarity, she's able to cast any of its variants)
Boosts: 33% Sensing, and Reiatsu

Full Hollow Form
Appearance: The mask grows to cover the entirety of Mirabelle's head while her eyes seem to sink into nothingness inside of the new skull. A shawl seems to descend from the base of the neck to cover the rest of her body. Once clad in the shawl the rest of her body dematerializes and Mirabelle is left looking something like a wraith.
For better reference, something like this minus the chains and added skulls.

Ability Name: Spectre
Abilities: Mirabelle's body is used as a conduit for the other powers granted to her in this form. As such, much of the time her body is not present and so can not be harmed. This is taxing on her and she can not maintain complete intangibility for longer than two posts at a time without manifesting at least a part of her body for a period of at least one post.

Ability Name: Seperation
Abilities: Mirabelle is able to draw herself and a single opponent into a dimension she creates.

Ability Name: Recollection
Abilities: Mirabelle is able to recall memories of her opponent inside of her dimension and make them reality. The memories created can only come from canon threads that have been written out to completion, and the opponent receives half damage from any attacks due to having experienced them before.

Boosts: 4x Reiryoku, Reiatsu

Back Drop
History: [To be filled in Later]

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