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#1 Haru Glory on Mon Apr 30, 2018 8:42 am

Name: Haru Glory
Apparent Age: 18
True Age: 18
Sex: Male
Haru is .... Well the best way to describe him would be as a lazy goofball. He rarely takes anything seriously, instead choosing to shrug it off and laugh it away. He is greatly of the opinion "Why stress about anything. It is either within my power to fix it and I don't need to worry, or it isn't and worrying about it just will make everything worse". In fact that is his life motto. His favorite things include mid day naps in the sun, Eating beef and bacon, Reading books, and doing everything in his power to avoid responsibilities.

While Haru is a slacker, will procrastinate on any task assigned to him for as long as humanly possible, and rarely if ever lifts a finger when he can avoid it. He is honest and stubborn to a fault, basically meaning if he says he will do something he is going to do it, or die trying. This stubborn streak has been known to lead him through a load of hurt.

On the rare times that Haru chooses to take anything seriously it is almost as if he is a completely different person. Focused, resolved, not cracking jokes or making smart ass comments. Hell he even gives up complaining about having to do anything, choosing instead to just quietly do what needs to be done.

Height: 5'7
Weight: 122lbs
Physical Traits: Haru is a young man with spiky silver hair, gray-blue/dark-purple eyes, and flawless tan skin. His frame is fit, yet lightweight, not a trace of fat found on him, nor bulge of muscle, in fact it would probably be best to describe him as wiry. For jewelry he wears his father's pendant that is the item his Fullbring powers are tied to as a necklace, a silver bracelet on his right wrist, as well as a silver ring on his right middle finger. His left ear also holds a pair of earrings. The rest of his outfit consists of a long sleeved black jacket with cross designs in each sides over a plain blue shirt, and long white pants over brown boots.

General Fighting Style: Haru prefers fighting aggressively at close range, either through the use of his hands/feet or the sword that his fullbring powers manifest through. He likes using his speed and strength to his advantage, keeping his opponents off balance, shifting between blades and shutting them down before they get much chance to do anything.
Strengths: Strength, Agility
Weaknesses: Durability, Sensing

Fullbring Item: Necklace... More specifically the gems and pendant on the necklace
Fullbring Appearance: Haru's Fulbring appearance when sealed is a simple string around his neck, the sword pendant and 10 gems (5 on each side of it) are the actual item's that his power are sealed in. The main item is reminiscent of a miniature sword. It is small enough to fit in the palm, and is blue in color. Embedded on the cross-guard is a round stone bearing a cross. On each side of the sword shaped pendant is 5 perfectly spherical light blue stones, with a symbol inside of them.

Main Pendant and 4 of the Gems:

Ability Name: Ravelution
Description: This is one of Haru's main abilities, by harnessing a fraction of his fullbrings power Haru can engulf his fist or foot in Reiryoku causing it to loose a cero level explosion on impact. This can also be used when striking the ground to create a shockwave to disrupt enemies. [1post cd]

Ability Name: Deca-fusion
Description: Haru can fuse the various forms of his Fulbring together allowing their abilities to meld together into something far more powerful. This dual power form can only be used for up to two posts, and forces his sword to revert back to the Eisenmeteor form for twice the duration that the fusion was held.
Below are the list of Fusions and their effects
Explosion + Silfarion: Known as the Silver Drive, Haru gains half of the speed boost from silfarion and the blades of compressed air he launches now will explode with the effect of a Hado 30.
Explosion + Blue Crimson: Basically allows Haru to dual wield explosion.

Boosts: Agility, Strength

Fullbring Appearance: Haru's released fullbring, or the 10 Commandments as he calls it actually has 10 different appearances, each one brigning with it it's own unique abilities. However Haru can only swap between each form once per post.

10 Commandments Appearances:

Ability Name: Eisenmeteor
Description: This is the base form of Haru's 10 Commandments, while in this form it looks and functions pretty much like a broad sword, and has an uncanny ability to slice through barriers like effects, allowing it to pierce up to a bakudo 60 barrier, though it will go on cooldown equal to the barrier's cooldown + 2 posts.

Ability Name: Explosion
Description: This thinner orange blade, looks like a short sword, and does not have a proper cutting edge however it creates a hado 40 level explosion upon impact with anything. Haru can also choose to charge his attack into a hado 80 level explosion, though doing so will revert the sword back to Eisenmeteor, and prevent him from swapping back to Explosion for 3 posts.


Ability Name: Silfarion
Description: Silfarion is a blue single edged sword. While in this form Haru's weight seemingly drops increasing his agility by x2 on top of his released boosts (bringing total agility boost to x6). In this form the 10 Commandments can also fire off blades of compressed air that will strike with the force of a hado 20, and cut like a zanpakuto edge. Can not be held for more than 5 consecutive posts, after that it goes on a 2 post cooldown reverting back to Eisenmeteor.


Ability Name: Runesave
Description: This unique jagged green sword can not cut anything physical, however energy and elemental based attacks are fair game. Absorbing them as the blade cuts them and restoring up to 1/3 of the energy that was used to create the attacks. However once this effect is used the 10 commandments reverts back to Eisenmeteor and this form is put on cooldown equal to the duration of the attack it absorbed +1, This can only restore up to 25% of Haru's maximum Reiryoku in a thread.

Below locked until 2-1
Ability Name: Blue Crimson
Description: The 10 Commandments splits into two identical black swords with a white edge, with a silver rounded cross guard. While in this form the blade takes on the properties of Fire and Ice, the one Haru holds in his right hand has the power of fire, and is engulfed in a crimson flame, inflicting a second degree burn on anything it cuts. The blade in his left, holds the power of ice encasing an area of one foot around where he cuts with it in a reiryoku enhanced ice equal to a bakudo 30.

These blades can also fire off their respective elements at a short range inflicting damage up to a hado 30. While the ice blade will also encase what is struck in a bakudo 30 rank of ice.
Blue Crimson:

Ability Name: Mel Force
Description: This form of the 10 Commandments is also known as the blade of air, and can loose massive gusts, and spheres of condensed air acting almost like a Sho ranked up to Hado 40 in force. Haru can also utilize this blade to encase one target in a sphere of violently swirling wind that is equal to a Bakudo 80 though doing so will revert the blade back ot Eisenmeteor and place this form on cooldown for 4 posts.

Mel Force:

Ability Name: Gravity Core
Description: The heaviest of the 10 commandments, the gravity core reduces Haru's Agility by 25% while in this form, and makes it impossible to use use the fulbring equivalent of Shunpo while using it. The trade off for this however, is that it is a very destructive sword able to cut through extremely hard and dense materials with ease. The swings of this blade can be so destructive that it will resease a massive shockwave on impact equal to a hado 50.
Gravity Core:

Ability Name: Million Suns
Description: This sword literally glows with the power of the sun, radiating light and a gentle warmth. Once every two posts Haru can channel a surge of his reiryoku through the blade to release a blinding flash of light that dispels shadows and blinds his foes.
Million Suns:

Below locked until 0-5
Ability Name: Sacrifar
Description: This blade is the physical embodiment of the Hollow Contamination of Haru and will take control of him after a two posts. While this balde is equipped Haru's agility and strength are increased to a x6, though if he holds this blade for longer than two posts in a topic he will become incapacitated upon shifting out of it. (Max number of posts 5)


Ability Name: Ravelt
Description: The most powerful form of the 10 Commandments this blade is the ultimate form of Haru's power. Increasing his agility and strength by X5, and will release Bala Strength slashes of Reiryoku that fly at Bala speeds. And can release a pure white beam of Reiryoku that is basically a Cero.

Boosts: Agility, Strength

Shortly after his conception Haru's mother and father were in a car accident that killed his father on impact and severely injured his mother. So much so that the doctor's did not expect her to live. She spent the next few months comatose, though when she started to show signs of her being pregnant, forcing them to keep her on life support instead of pulling her off. When she was about 6 months pregnant she woke up, and within a few weeks was allowed to go home. A few days after that, she began to be afflicted with the worst string of luck, from freak accidents to strange injuries appearing from seemingly no where, though anyone with the spiritual sensitivity would be able to see the creature that was attacking her, A Hollow. That continued all the way up to Haru's birth.

Haru's mother died shortly after giving birth to him, living just long enough to give him his name, and his father's pendant. Those two things were the only connections he had to his birth parents as he bounced from orphanage to foster home and back, oblivious to the world of spirits and monsters going on around him. Those very things were what kept forcing the loving homes that had taken him in to reject him.

Shortly after his twelfth birthday that changed, while he was playing with a couple of other kids from the orphanage he was in at the time, there was an explosion that sent him flying into a wall, all but knocking him out in the process. As he tried to shake the cobwebs out of his head he saw what looked like a large hairy creature with a mask, in a way it reminded him of the No-Face from spirited away. The vibes that this creature was giving off had him instinctively reach for the pendant around his neck and pray for help.

There was a slight surge and suddenly Haru was holding a sword, that he seemed to know instinctively how to use, slipping off to one side of the creatures blow he raised the sword and took it's head. Haru passed out shortly afterwards. Within a week Haru was adopted again, this time by someone who knew what was going on and how to train Haru.

For the next Six years he trained with this person, learning about hollows, sinners, Quincies, Shinigami, and even Fullbringers. Being fully thrust into the world that up until that fateful moment he was oblivious to.

Now that he was 18 he was sent off to New York to join up with others like him, to help protect the world of the living from all things that go bump in the night.

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#2 Re: Haru Glory on Mon May 07, 2018 7:36 am

Approved, tier 1-3

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