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#1 North Scar - Visored on Mon Apr 30, 2018 12:06 am



Name: Zaros Victor
Alias: North Scar
Real Age: 218
Phys. Age: 34
Gender: Male
North Scar is the type that is driven by the responses he obtains from others. In other words, he likes to play with people and their emotions. The best responses to him are the ones that garner him a physical fight between him and that victim. Sometimes…stirring up trouble for him is as easy as just walking into a place and not saying a word as his mere presence will startle people enough. One of the big negatives to his choice of lifestyle is that there are cooldown periods that he must take on. You can’t become a legend and household name if you don’t give people time to actually talk about you and spread your name in gossip. So, he gets into those cooldown periods and get pretty bored. In regard to his actual approach to people, he is pretty ignorant of who they are or what they are capable of. Due to this, he is very disrespectful to pretty much everyone except for the ones he ‘trusts’. Nine times out of ten, North Scar will work alone but that’s not to say he would turn away the chance to cause trouble with anyone else. It’s just in his mind, styles tend to clash and he does have a reputation he is trying to build then maintain.


Height: 6’9”
Weight: 163 lbs
Physical Traits: North Scar is a very unique individual. Very unique individuals most often have a very unique look about them. The same holds true for North Scar, starting from the way he dresses to his body itself and finally his facial expressions and physical behaviors. You all need a better explanation, right? Let’s get right to that then.
First off, North Scar’s birthday suit…his body. The man is six foot, nine inches tall. That puts him close to being a seven footer which pretty darn tall. Outside of his height, you the next thing that catches your, if it isn’t the first..and that’s North Scar’s dark green hair. How many people do you know off the top of your head have green hair..and we ain’t talking highlights or dyeing either. North Scar has naturally green hair that runs in his family. Next is his almond colored skin tone which make his hair stand out even more as his hair meets his face.
As for North Scar’s clothing, he likes to be comfortable but stylish as well. When you go around stirring up trouble, why not look good while doing it right? When looking at North Scar from top to bottom, the first thing you notice, is that he’s wearing a mask. I guess you have would instantly gain a few questions regarding this light green mask but those answers will remain a secret to North Scar and those he can truly “trust”. Next would be his white coat with three star patterns on each side of the collar and one star pattern on each side of the opening of the coat that meet a larger star design in the center of his chest that is uniquely finished by his black shirt. At the shoulders of his coat are three blades on both sides, metallic rings around the wrists, and metallic rings that hug the bottom of the coat with two blades that finish off those blades. The detail of the coat is that there is a unique cutout where it houses North Scar’s Zanpaktou. Next is his white belt to compliment his coat and next item but also has three blades attached to it. Following the belt would be North Scar’s white pants which lead to his white shoes.

General Fighting Style:  
Does North Scar even HAVE a fighting style? Let’s put it this way…the guy likes walk up to his victim, do his damage, then shower and wash clothes after he’s done having fun. I mean, hey, the smell of your last victim’s blood as it covers you all over for hours isn’t the greatest. Now, you could have a debate over whether North Scar is ability dependent or not as he does use his abilities but he uses them in martial arts fashion. If you want to also debate if North Scar could be considered an ‘uncommon weapon’, you could because he himself IS the weapon. North Scar heavily prefers to be up close and personal as possible as he is purely physical. As far as how he would act in different situations, with an opponent of higher tier…he would spit in their face and do as much damage as possible to get them to realize that it is them who is not on his tier. In equal tier situations, he would laugh and force them to realize that they were below his tier to begin with. Now lower tier opponents, he would consider them fodder to sharpen his claws and bones. In a sparring situation, he would treat that opponent as if it was an actual battle, until it was the death strike…which he would hold back. In North Scar’s mind, it can’t be considered training if it doesn’t bring out the mental and emotional side of a person that an actual battle would.
Strengths: Hakuda, Endurance
Weaknesses: Kidou, Speed
Ability Name: Skeletal Augmentation
Ability Description: North Scar has the ability to slightly manipulate his skeleton. He can extend his bones to penetrate through his skin sharply to use as claws in his fingers, spikes in his shoulders, etc. At most, the bones can extend 6in past his skin.
Ability Name: High Speed Regeneration
Ability Description: A side effect of constantly altering his bones, North Scar has passive High Speed Regen at all times. He can regenerate from minor wounds in one post, major wounds in three posts, and restore limbs after five posts. This drains the energy of his Zanpakutou, however, and not from North Scar himself. The only way to stop the Regeneration is to decapitate North Scar.

Sealed Appearance: Moissonneur de moelle has a purple hilt and silver guard. The blade is silver encased in a purple sheathe as the blade and sheathe cannot be seen due to coat that North Scar wears over them.
Zanpakutou Name: Moissonneur de moelle
Call Out Command: Laying Claim Over You In The Physical World

Appearance: Moissonneur de moelle doesn’t change appearance from it’s sealed state only its abilities due to its bond with its owner.
Ability Name: Transcendent Fusion
Ability Description: North Scar's sword melds with his body, covering his skeleton in its metal. This prevent North Scar's bones from being broken, but he can still be cut and wounded through blunt force. North Scar's limbs can still be cut off at the joints, or with enough force.
Ability Name: Banish
Ability Description: North Scar infuses reiatsu into his hand and backhands any one attack weaker than a Forbidden Kidou, negating the attack completely. This ability gains a cooldown equal to the ability North Scar negated plus one post. (So 1 post for Bala and Cero, 5 post for Cero Oscuras.)
Boosts: 2x Physicals

New Name: Moissonneur des âmes de moelle
Appearance: The Bankai retains the look of the sealed state due to the bond between it and its owner but he abilities change.
Ability Name: Physical Perfection (Passive)
Ability Description: North Scar internalizes his reiatsu output, disabling any form of reiatsu shenanigans, but gains a +1x modifier to his Physical Stats at all times.
Boosts: 3x Physicals (4x due to Physical Perfection)

Hollow Powers: Hierro
Boosts: 1x Strength and Agility

Ability Name: Inner Light
Ability Description: North Scar releases a massive pulse of energy, 50m in all directions from him traveling at Bala speeds,  that hits everything with the force of a forbidden kidou and fully heals him. This can be performed only one per thread, but does not place North Scar in a fatigue state.
Boosts: 5x Strength and Agility, 4x Physicals (6x STR/AGL, 5x Physicals due to Physical Perfection)

History: North Scar has always been unique. In every part of the soul cycle, he has always stood out from everyone else. I’m sure you at this point you are asking ‘what do you mean by that?’ Allow me to explain from the beginning. By the time, I reach the point we are at now in the present, you will have a much better understanding on why North Scar for who he is and why he does what he does.

In the very beginning, when North Scar was human and wasn’t known as North Scar…he from the far away view seemed like any other normal person. Zaros Victor was his name and he had two loving parents like most others. He even had a few friends..or at least those who spoke to him and called themselves friends. As time went on, he learned that he was ‘different’ from everyone else. His parents learned of it shortly after he did and didn’t know how to deal with it. They still loved him but they weren’t sure how it would affect his life and the life of those around him. It turned out that Zaros’ bones were abnormal and it wasn’t something that ran in the family. His parents had heard of such anomalies existing but never in their wildest dreams conceived any thought that their own son would end up as one. Zaros’ bones would reshape in response to his emotions since he didn’t have full control of the ability and his body would heal injuries at much faster speeds than any other human could fathom. As more and more people began to learn of his abilities, Zaros began to be treated as an outcast. With him losing more and more friends, he even began to doubt his parents over time. Did they still love him as they once did before his abilities began to show or were they still showing him affection due to fear they had of him? Then one day…it happened. Zaros finally felt as if he had no one he could trust. His mistrust then turned to anger and that anger turned into rage. Zaros released that rage onto those he once called ‘friends’ which horrified his parents. Now they were becoming afraid of him and what he might do to others, including them. They had very good reason to be as they became his next targets that he killed out of paranoia of what they were going to do to him because of that fear that had of him in place of their love they once had. A concerned neighbor called in a very famous exorcist who performed an overpowered exorcism spell that separated Zaros’ soul from his body and shattered his soul chain.

As time passed, just before his hollowfication was complete, a shinigami that was on duty came across his situation and purified his soul thus sending Zaros to the Soul Society.  In his new surroundings, Zaros had a chance to start over but on the other side of the coin, it was also another chance that things could also repeat in his Zaros’ mind. However, the only way to know was to live day by day and try to interact with people as best as possible. Zaros did just that with the best of intentions in order to try to not only redeem himself but try to honor his lost parents who would want that for him. He once again gained ‘friends’ and poured a measure of trust into them. Days would go by that would turn into weeks that would turn into years. Zaros not only learned more about the Soul Society during this time span but of himself as well. It would seem that his abilities carried over into this life that he possessed during his time in the Living World. He now has a measure of control over his bone ability while the healing is passive. Seeing Shinigami pass through the Rukongai wasn’t unheard of but it was always treated as a special occasion, as if a member of one of the Royal Families, were coming through…but let’s face it, that would never happen. Anyways, on one of these Shinigami pass throughs, Zaros was spotted and picked out by the Shinigami to join the Shinigami Academy. More time passed and Zaros not only attended the Academy but graduated to become a member of the 13 Court Divisions. Zaros got assigned to the Division that fit him best, not just due to his abilities but his personality as well…Division 11. He fit in perfectly and everyone around him accepted him warmly. Probably the most welcoming soul was Zaros’ own Zanpaktou. The bond those two grew was closer than any other in Soul Society in recorded history. The proof of this you ask? Well, Zaros gained his Shikai in record time for starters. Not a standout thing to you? Try the fact that Zaros obtained his Bankai in not only record time but also hid it from everyone. Not too long after he gained his Bankai…his Zanpaktou began to go through changes in behavior. Zaros couldn’t tell if it was a result of him gaining the Bankai or if it was something else. Soon he would gain his answers as a large Hollow attack was sprung upon the World of the Living and he was called upon as one to repel the attack. Zaros used his Zanpaktou’s abilities for so long until his frustration and rage took over which gave way to him sheathing his Zanpaktou then relying on his natural abilities to put the Hollows in their place. His Zanpaktou grew jealous of Zaros’ natural abilities and decided that it needed to do something about it. Due to this, after Zaros returned from the strike…his Zanpaktou starting a bonding process with Zaros. One that didn’t end until the Zanpaktou felt that its powers were the primary in Zaros’ mind and instinct. After days past and other Shinigami hadn’t seen nor heard from Zaros as he had locked himself away in a private space to be left undisturbed until the bonding was over..he finally emerged looking the same at first glance but he truly wasn’t. The bond between himself and his Zanpaktou had become so complete that they had literally become one.

Zaros’ mindstate is now different, his soul and Zanpaktou spirit are now one, his body and Zanpaktou blade are physically one, and finally…his body is now a vessel for his Zanpaktou’s abilities as well as his natural powers. This isn’t quite the result his Zanpaktou had in mind but it is better than competing for attention and priority. There are prices to this new state however. Zaros will lose parts of his memory over time and he has crossed the blurred line of hollowfication but it isn’t as complete as most other Visoreds. Due to this new change…Zaros disregards everyone around him and leaves Soul Society as he now just follows what his instincts tell him. Years pass and Zaros has done nothing but train in order to master his new body and abilities. Anyone who has gotten in his way or he felt deserved it became his victims. These victims weren’t just left laying or allowed to leave as they came however, each one who crossed paths with him and ended up in a fight whether it was to the their deaths or not all wound up with scars on their faces shaped like the North Star. As more and more victims began to appear over time, people began to call him, “North Scar”. The name was fitting and he accepted it for a few different reasons, with one of them being that he had forgotten what his birth name was. Will anyone be truly ready for North Scar?
Side Notes: Due to how strong the bond is between North Scar and his Zanpaktou, he can’t draw his blade ever again.
Roleplay Sample: [This helps us determine your character's tier. Roleplay in this character, please.]

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