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#11 Re: Vizards and Friends {Shana} on Sat May 12, 2018 12:58 pm

He never thought this would happen a vizard enjoying meal with another still having a moral compass treating someone. Thinking about something else being more then friends, Kade couldn't really push this enough to move and ask her. She was a strong vizard maybe even stronger then him wanting to become something more than a protector. Those years in exile alone in darkness for years saving human lives was the most important but what about him being a everyday struggle to be safe. In those times, He had a difficult road abandoning everything just making innocent people we're safe from hollows and arrancars. "I do consider her more than just a friend. Just can't get the words out" Thinking this was difficult for him

Not knowing what Shana truly wanted maybe one day having the strength and confidence then perhaps his true feelings will be express to her. Being friends is good enough then Jenny came placing something on the table, Kade looked at it. This was waiter was busy doing her job as the vizard was wondering what this thing was. "Oh I get it...The bill payment, I have this"

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#12 Re: Vizards and Friends {Shana} on Sat May 12, 2018 11:23 pm

Shana had finished her meal, savoring each bite. It was not as good as the Melon bread she loved, but it was delicious, and she put it on her mental list of food that she would eat again. They had ate in silence until Jenny brought the bill, Shana had contemplated grabbing the bill to see how much they would have to pay, but decided that she would finish her lemonade first. It's tart sweetness flowing through her, washing downt he stickiness from the bread. Before Shana finished her drink, Kade claimed that he would take care of the bill, which was all fine with the little red head, cause looking between the two of them, having the one looked like a twelve year old foot the bill might turn more than a couple of heads.

"Thanks for the meal, after you pay, we should get back home." Shana would say, she had accomplished her mission, Kade was returning to CHAOS, meaning he was no longer a risk out in the world of the living. "Unless there was something else you wanted to do first"

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#13 Re: Vizards and Friends {Shana} on Sat May 12, 2018 11:54 pm

People we're looking at them most of them giving some funny looks to them, Kade thought nothing of it. Just a honest meal between friends then the vizard started looking at the bill thinking these prices seemed high but it was worth it. Shana convinced him to return home wasn't going to disappoint the woman getting his cash placing it on the table. Remembering what his inner hollow said about giving her a tip something of advice or money the second thing should suffice. Jenny had done a wonderful job a good amount of cash shouldn't hurt giving out a large tip "Wow...Thank you sir please come again" Kade was escorting Shana out of the restaurant like a gentlemen "Hey Kade....To your left that diamond gift get it for her but don't let her know just yet" Edak talking in his mind once again but it helpful.

He was signaling to Jenny to pay something for the gift and Jenny took the money giving him the gift. Walking with Shana outside it was while before returning back home. "The night is still young though what else would you want to do Shana?"

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#14 Re: Vizards and Friends {Shana} on Sun May 13, 2018 1:12 pm

Shana did not fail to notice the large tip that Kade had left the waitress, who did deserve a good tip, but Shana probably would have been less heavy handed with the bills. Though the miniature red head could tell that Kade was not one who was used to this kind of thing and as such probably was not used to paying a tab, nevermind tipping properly. Oh well, it was his money, if they ever had to go out on assignment together she would teach him then, otherwise let him use it how he saw fit. As Shana readied herself to leave the restaurant she noticed an exchange of a package as well. Which she didn't think anything of, for all she knew Kade was bringing a snack with, which didn't seem like a bad idea.

As they left, Kade had mentioned something about the night being young, and asked what she would like to do to which she honestly answered. "Eh, get somewhere a bit less populate, you do remember my warning from earlier right, how staying in one place too long can be bad for others. In fact making our way back to Bogota would probably be for the best"

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#15 Re: Vizards and Friends {Shana} on Sun May 13, 2018 1:52 pm

"Your right walk back home sounds like a good idea" Kade decide with Shana going back home still the thought of what else could he say to her really she is the only reason of coming back there. However, Bogota was his home and Chaos was his family the guy would be devastated if anything happen to Shana still what does she truly want. Even thought the vizard decided to remain loyal and stay with Chaos what we're their intentions for vizards anyway. If Kazuku was the leader then something must be going down if Ika decided to give leadership to his son something really bad. He looked at Shana for a bit have a quiet an innocent look on her face still it was something that he wanted to protect. Protecting and now finally also protecting his fellow comrades and friends, Kade felt a little better about his situation.

"Shana let me ask you a question, You are a strong vizard but what are intentions ma'am? Can Chaos & Bogota bring whatever goals you have to fruition? Yes this is something to think about but what is that you want from them"

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#16 Re: Vizards and Friends {Shana} on Tue May 15, 2018 8:26 am

Shana was not surprised that he had agreed with her, in fact she had been noticing that was about all he had been doing, granted most of her comments had been backed with near irrefutable logic. So the little red-head hadn't paid it much mind. In fact she had been barely paying Kade much mind most of their encounter, at least until he had asked her about her intentions, and whether or not CHAOS would lead to them. That very question had stopped her dead in her tracks, she hadn't put much thought into that before. "Truth be told, I hadn't really thought about it much. My only goals were survival, and getting a handle on the changes I was undergoing. Both of which I have already done. Now my only remaining goal is to maintain a safe place for others like us, and unfortunately CHAOS is the only place like that I have seen."

Shana looked up at the sky, while she had come to terms with her sister's hollow self residing inside of her, she had knew others were not so lucky, and had something more akin to a monster inside of them. It was also Ika's reputation that had kept Bogota as a relative safehaven for the outcasts of the world, a trying time was upon them as they shifted to Kazuku being in charge, and the Mazi brat was probably going to need all of the backup he could get.

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#17 Re: Vizards and Friends {Shana} on Tue May 15, 2018 9:22 am

Other things we're going on within his mind still hearing Shana's words hit a silent nerve within him. He truly believed Shana won't have a problem being so dedicated to cause anyway a home for vizards. No one would accept them not even the Seireitei to depend on one another and act as a group still having doubts about their intentions. Keeping vizards safe was an important goals thinking about his past experience before coming to the group being all alone. Those times it wasn't easy for him but looking at Shana and with this new organization giving him some form of hope. Could Kazuku lead them into the right direction only time will tell.

He wanted to do something nice for Shana something more as a way of saying thanks for everything. "I have something for you" Placing the diamond necklace around her neck so gently. "You're a vizard why I respect greatly probably no one else except maybe other captains but you're are special. I do believe you're greatly dedicated to this and something special which could lead better things. Out of all the members of Chaos, Shana you are important to me. That this necklace will be more a trust a bond between friends....I won't let you and Chaos down ever giving you something more a higher form of trust. To make our friendship grow."

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#18 Re: Vizards and Friends {Shana} on Fri May 18, 2018 7:30 am

Shana was taken aback by Kade's gift, it was a gorgeous stone, and far more than the miniature red head felt that she deserved. Stepping back as Kade went to put it around her neck. While it was pretty she was worried what kind of implications accepting it would have. "While I appreciate the thought, I do not wish to accept it, at least not now. If in a few years you still wish to give it to me, then I might accept it. But we do not know each other well enough for a gift like this"

Smiling softly she would reach out and gently touch Kade's shoulder, fondness etched into her face. "I truly appreciate the gesture though, give it time though."

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#19 Re: Vizards and Friends {Shana} on Fri May 18, 2018 8:42 am

Edak was shocked this actually worked his suggestion perhaps maybe they can get along. His partner listen to him. Time was something the vizard knew pretty well but this was something this was going to take some time though. To think about this guy kinda rushing it maybe it was some bad advice but she said their was a chance, Kade was shocked but he didn't show it. Perhaps they can be something more but it wasn't right time and maybe then she'll accept her gift. He understood taking the gift back this needed some time "This seems rushed but really you have someone important her a good friend. Yes, I know we don't know each other fully but we can trust one another"

She actually touched his shoulder not something he was expecting but it was pretty nice. "But know this, Anytime you need me whenever it help, mission time or something. I will try to help you giving you my 100% word. If you need time for this....I'll wait". They started reaching Bogota walking home.

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#20 Re: Vizards and Friends {Shana} on Sat May 19, 2018 8:22 am

"Thank you" Shana said with a smile, before leading Kade into an alley to open up the portal that would bring them from Japan all the way to their base in Bogota, Definitely a lot quicker and easier than walking the whole way, which was a possibility for spiritual beings as themselves. Once they arrived, Shana would take her leave, returning back to her room.

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