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#1 Altifus on Fri Apr 27, 2018 9:20 pm


Name: Altifus
Apparent Age: Somewhere in the 30s, maybe, it's hard to tell.
True Age: 2132
Sex: Male
Personality: Alt, as some may remember him from eons ago talks in a very serious manner. He refuses to adjust to what is new, and instead relies on what it old. This is adhered to by his reliance on the natural world, completely separate from technology, politics, or any sort of new invention of humanity. His cold view of the world is only conflicted by his heated passion for battle and honor, for humanity, he believes is long past. He doesn't speak often, but when his commanding voice powers through, he expects a listening audience. He's quite the old soul and simply demands respect.


Height: 6'6"
Weight: 290 lbs
Physical Traits:


General Fighting Style: Alt prefers not to move, so you would think that dashing your way around the old bastard would be the way to go. Nope. His speed and senses are incredibly attuned from years of countless battles gone by. In addition to this, his ability to physically combat despite the collapse of his zanpakuto. His skills with Hakuda more than make up for his speed, and his reiatsu is top of the line. His fighting style is centered around forcing his opponent to come to him, while defending against any ranged attacks. When he's in close, his focus is set on burning, beating up, and breaking his opponents, all while making them suffer before finally eradicating them.

Strengths: Perquisa, Speed, Strength, Durability, Reiryoku Control
Weaknesses: Reiatsu, Stamina, Zanjutsu

Boosts: x2 boost to all


Sealed Appearance: N/A, Only change is when released.
Zanpakuto Name: Arofir
Zanpakuto Call Out: It began with you. It will end with you.
Cero: Bala, Cero, Gran Rey, Oscuras.

Ability Name: Pinpoint Detect
Ability Description: In a 100 meter radius, Perquisa is constantly active, generates a precise altitude, measuring distance both horizontally and directly, as well as any potential obstacles in between any detected souls and Alt. This also means that an effective line is drawn between each soul detected and Alt.

Ability Name: Immediate Focus
Ability Description: In a 10 meter radius, Alt's Perquisa is able to detect even the slightest movements, and couple that sensation into his reflexes. This also allows him to get a better read on any affinities those near him may have (limited to elements or power polarities.)

Ability Name: Molten Touch
Ability Description: Alt can imbue massive amounts of heat energy into any object that he touches. He can choose to let the object fall to the forces of the universe and melt/evaporate, or he can choose to allow it to retain a specific state of matter and let the energy stored within loose by throwing or impacting said object. This can include everyday objects like a baseball or a lamp post, but can be used on the earth or solid metals as well. After the object has been given heat, it is under his full control, meaning he can wield it, throw it, manipulate its position and the like.



Ability Name: Magma Body
Ability Description: Alt can and will cover himself with the magma he creates. He can encase himself in it without restricting his mobility in the slightest, and it acts as a reinforcement to his Hierro. Because of this, he has the equivalent to a 2x hierro, and any direct contact for more than a few seconds will cause second degree burns. In addition, any wounds he receives can be immediately cauterized shut, limiting the amount of damage he takes over time.

Ability Name: Firepower
Ability Description: All heat energy in a single object can be set to violently explode over an area of 10 meters. Altifus takes no damage from this, the damage is capped at an Oscuras across the entire area, and has a four post cooldown.

Ability Name: Heatcrash
Ability Description: Any wall that Altifus creates solidify into rock and can withstand up to a Cero before cracking. Any more than that breaks clean through. This is limited to one per post.

Ability Name: Critical Mile
Ability Description: Alt can generate loose, fluid constructs of molten material to assist him in dealing with faraway targets. If used to pull someone in, it latches onto the target, spreading to varying portions of their body with the equivalent force of a Bakudo 60 for one post, then loses the ability to solidify and grab onto things for a full 2 posts. Anything that they touch or latch onto walks away with 1st degree burns.

Boosts: x3 all



Ability Name: Magma Core
Ability Description: Altifus's appearance reverts to his base form, all physical needs except for his senses, brain, and heart are removed, and his body is composed of magma entirely. When wounded, the magma will regather itself at the same rate regeneration would. He still retains the benefits from Ress.

Ability Name: Precipice Blades
Ability Description: Altifus unleashes a pulse of magmatic force, summoning countless blades of molten material from underneath a targeted area. These do a Cero's worth of damage, meaning they can be summoned once per post. The amount of blades is locked to 3 at most per post, but the total damage is locked at a Cero.

Ability Name: Primordial Flame
Ability Description: In Segunda, Altifus has access to an ancient form of fire manipulation, raw and arcane in its roots. Freedom of control and power are all at the behest of the molten mountain himself. Max Range is 100 meters, and what can be done with this firepower is limited only by Altifus's own power.

Ability Name: Ragnarok
Ability Description: This is Altifus' last stand. When he is at critical weakness, his skin will begin to glow and crack. In mere seconds, he'll be swallowed by an explosion that extends out 100 meters. The damage spread is two forbidden kidou, and after this, Altifus will be locked in a Fatigue state.

Boosts: x4 all


Back in the days of old, where humans were struggling to survive in the ways that they knew how to, there were still Hollows even then. These hollows came forth out of elements of the human mind that they themselves didn't understand. Some tribes of humanity worshipped them, out of fear. Some tried to fight, only to fall and die horrible deaths. Altifus, one of the oldest Hollows to exist, had just this kind of existence. In the Eastern half of the world, where humans grew and developed, not thinking much of other nations, still believing the world to be flat, there was a small tribe of stagnant beings, who worshipped those who became Hollow. They did this believing that those who turned had Ascended. They called these beings the 'Altu' or the 'Altered'. In time, Altifus, who was then known as Godorum, would begin to notice these strange emotions and feelings. He didn't understand, especially not at the young age of 16, what they meant, or what they would become. He slowly lost faith in his cohorts, his friends. He became detached from the tribe, yet still praised the Altu, for he felt that much was real. One night, in the abyss of his heart, he saw a shadow. Its presence was both terrifying and enlightening. This darkness, he realized, was what they worshiped. Soon, he would be admired, loved.

This would not be so. He took the hand of the shadow, and let it take over his heart. His heart collapsed, a scream was heard, and then there was no boy, but in it's place, a Hollow. He then took the name 'Altifus' to mock the rituals that once he believed were salvation. Tiny as it was now, it would feed off of the lives of the people in the area until none remained, then in eternal hunger, seek out more and more. It became strong enough to open a portal, though it was small, to the sands of Hueco Mundo. It was there that the new Hollow saw its food, fledglings that weren't yet ready to exist. Tearing them apart easily and feeding on them, Altifus became stronger, little by little. The more he ate, the more hungry he became, devouring soul after soul, Hollow after Hollow. He eventually found the Forest of Menos, where he'd become powerful by sheer trial. He'd become a Menos, either that or die. Death seemed to evade this man as though he was fated for something greater, and the more he devoured, the more he himself seemed to realize this. Eventually, the Champion Hollow of the Forest would appear, to claim the souls he'd worked so hard to obtain. Even though there was a clear age gap, a greater power dwelled within Altifus. He would simply wait to see the thoughts and movements of his opponent, making movements based on those, and within mere minutes, he'd subdued the Gillian. "Do you understand now? I am your master now. I do not tolerate the weak." were the only words that Altifus said. And with that, he snuffed out the giant's life, taking with it all the souls the champion had accrued. Altifus himself became an Adjuchas after that, becoming very beastlike in nature. He was much like a wolf or a bear, but could clearly cause more devastation. That and on top of that, he developed powers, elements bearing affinity to earth and fire. Though it took him ages to master, he didn't really need them for much of his life.

There was one day that did arrive however where that would change. An Arrancar would arrive to Altifus' surprise. He was confused, not knowing what such a thing was. "Who do you believe yourself to be? You trespass on the sands of Las Noches, realm of the one who rules over all of Hueco Mundo. For that, you must die." Altifus would tilt his head, very confused by that mere thing's existence. "You are... Hollow, yet you possess an arm of a Shinigami. What kind of sick joke have you become, brother? Your existence is a scourge." He would employ his normal stance, and wait for his opponent to make the first move. Instead, the Arrancar would laugh. "Fool. You do not understand the power that I carry. I am more than a mere Hollow, but an Arrancar, ascended past the need to devour souls, and now with the power beyond that which any Hollow could ever hope to possess. You will bow as the others have." Altifus did not like his tone, nor did he like having to wait. He'd launch a simple fireball, knowing full well it was a challenge, not a kill shot. The Arrancar haplessly dodged it and laughed again, lunging forward. His mistake. With subtle movements, Altifus would dodge the strike, grasp the fool's arm and pummel him into the dirt. All he would see after that was a Gran Rey Cero being charged, and out of panic, he called to both Earth and Fire, creating Magma in the process. This magma quickly covered his body, and he began to pummel the fool further into the dirt, knocking the charging Gran Rey Cero back into his throat. He would then sharpen the magma on his arm into a blade, and run the poor sap through. "You are mine now, and with your life essence, mayhaps I can come to understand your foolishness." and in that moment, the Arrancar was devoured whole. Altifus ascended to a state he'd thought unknowable. Vasto Lorde was he now, and unable to retain his non-humanoid appearance any longer, he took a form similar to what he had in the present.

He then rose to the Espada's lair on Las Noches, curious as to what they even were. Surely enough, there was a king, and damn was he a lazy bastard. He simply sat on his throne all day and did nothing. The other Espada seemed mildly annoyed by Altifus' sudden appearance, and that he had the scent of death all over him. The Cero Espada eyed him, and spoke "A Vasto Lorde. So my eyes do not betray me. I see you left our Sixth for dead. Join us. Be among the most powerful of all Hueco Mundo." Altifus nodded slowly, and took the spot that was previously held by his opponent, Sexto Espada. In time, he got bored. Devouring fledglings, which to him was everyone, held no merit any longer, he felt empty again. On top of this, the Cero had no initiative, no love for battle, and waited too long to care. Altifus challenged the Cero Espada, blind to the immense challenge that awaited. Altifus waited as he normally did, only to be harshly outsped, unable to even register the monster's speed. He clattered to his knees, in one blow, clearly augmented. (more later.)

Side Notes: Formerly wiped away by the Soul King.

Roleplay Sample: If you don't know who I am by now... well, you're about to.

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