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#1 Zuran [Complete] on Thu Apr 26, 2018 11:12 pm


Name: Zuran
Alias: Never Miss 'Hit' (Hit)

Apparent Age: Young Adult
True Age: 1000

Sex: Male

Personality: In short, Zuran is a very calm and tactical person. He is not always the first one headstrong into battles, and is usually always level headed. He is very intelligent, albeit his intelligence is one sided, He's an incredibly fast learner and is quite proficient in combat knowledge. Zuran is Anti-social, but not necessarily by choice, because of his appearance it can be very hard to get close to others. Because of this, Zuran doesn't have much of a sense of humor and is usually always in a serious mood. Regardless, Zuran is a trustworthy person and although he may not be quick to trust others, he is very dependable.  

Calm - Zuran constantly exerts a calm aura, even when faced with frustrating challenges and against odds that do not favor him. His ability to stay calm no matter gives him a very strong outward feeling to others, and in the eyes of some can make him appear very manly. Zuran is a very logical person, meaning that he does not have irrational fears of things that do not exist. Zuran is a stoic and composed person, he is not easily phased and does not reveal much about his emotions, regardless of the fact that he does have them.    

Tactical - Zuran usually always tries to think of the best way to do things, the most efficient way to proceed with options. Zuran even does this in his day-to-day life, planning meals, deciding whether and if small luxuries are necessary. Zuran is not hotheaded and although is very confident in his abilities, knows that survival is always the best option in a fight. Zuran believes that efficiency is the key to fighting, exerting more energy than is necessary can be very costly and as such he is usually against it, unless other matters warrant it.  

Intelligent - Zuran has well above the average intelligence of a person, and a lot of common sense, but this isn't what defines him as intelligent. Zuran is a very adaptable and fast learning individual, and as stated, he is very proficient in close-quarter-combat. He may not know a lot about the world around him per say, but he definitely understands biology. He knows the precise methods to kill someone painfully and he knows the methods to kill them before they even know it. He understands pressure points and the correct nerves to strike as to incapacitate targets. Something that should also be known is that Zuran has a true photographic memory, he can recall upon all visual and vocal things that he's ever seen and heard.    

Serious - Zuran has a very no-nonsense attitude, he is straight to the point and usually speaks no more than necessary. Zuran is not really the joking type and rarely ever laughs. that's not to say that he's never smiled in his life, its rather that his smile is only received by those he has a sweet spot for.  

Anti-social - Zuran is not the talkative type, but he is willing to listen. Zuran is not Anti-Social by nature, but rather his odd alien figure scares and deters others away from him. Because of his alien like figure, Zuran is slightly saddened by those who are not willing to give him a chance. Mind you, this doesn't include all people. This refers more to the young generation more than anything. When given respect and courtesy, Zuran will always show his back.  

Trustworthy - Zuran is not quick to trust people, and pretty much always has his guard up. However Zuran is a reliable and trustworthy person when you get to know him. His respect to those close to him is genuine.  

Although Zuran is usually very enclosed to those around him, The one thing he does not approve of is the idea of people being demeaned and treated as pawns.  


Height: 6'

Weight: 70kg

Physical Traits:


Zuran is a tall, muscular humanoid with purple skin, flattened ears, a bald head, and red eyes. He wears a long, turtleneck, dark purple, blue, and grey coat. He wears a dark cyan undershirt, dark purple elbow and knee pads, and dark purple wrist guards. He has a dark cyan belt with a yellow buckle. His pants are dark cyan and he wears a pair of dark purple boots with black toe-and-heel armor.

Zuran is usually seen wearing a futuristic matte grey combat helmet, which operates as a super computer and communications device. It also covers up his head and face, as to prevent unwanted attention that would be directed at his irregular appearance.  


General Fighting Style: Precise, Efficient, Deadly. Zuran is a master when it comes to Close-quarter-Combat. He has a variety of fighting styles based upon his opponent/target, which aim to either Kill or Incapacitate.

Strengths: Hand-to-Hand, Reflexes, Speed, Agility.

Weaknesses: Zanjutsu, Reiryoku, Reiatsu.

Ability Name: [RP] Instant Transmission
Description: Zuran can instantly teleport anywhere in the world and beyond, as long as he can visualize the place clearly (Can also teleport directly to people on the same premise). He is also able to bring people along with him, as long as they are directly touching him or vice versa.


Ability Name: [Passive] Potential Power
Description: Like Arrancar, passively all stats are x2 base and are still affected by Strengths and Weaknesses.

Ability Name: [Passive] Xeno Biology
Description: Zuran's body is unlike that of a conventional humanoid. Zuran can survive in zero Atmosphere conditions. Can survive having more than three quarters of his blood lost. Is Immune to/can adapt to any natural Toxin(s) (Anything that isn't imbued with Reiryoku). Zuran is also immortal, as his cells cannot die as long as the brain is in-tact. His body is able to perfectly replicate cells, and Zuran can choose to allow foreign mutations from his surroundings from other creatures. Zuran's body has a variety of procedures to protect itself when taking damage (It can on the cellular level reconstruct itself in a way to try and prevent death), such as closing/covering wounds, fixing and patching bones and ligaments, re-wiring nerves, Patching/stitching muscle and tendons, ETC (This is not a permanent fix). Zuran's body is able to perfectly heal itself given time, Regrowing and healing organs and everything (This is not High-Speed Regeneration and can take a few days IC).    

Ability Name: Primal Instinct
Description: Once per 2 post cooldown, Zuran is able to perfectly predict any one attack/move performed by his opponent/target. This means he can dodge/avoid attacks and counter against counter-attacks. This can and will be limited by physical and environmental capabilities.


Ability Name: Time Splinter Strike
Description: Once per post, Zuran can do one strike (Kick, punch, etc) that is of "Blur/Shunpo" speed.

Ability Name: [Passive] Multi-Stance Strikes
Description: Depending on which side of Zuran's hands he uses to strike his opponent/target, will determine what type of damage is taken. The sides of his hands have the cutting power of a Zanpakuto. His knuckles and points of his fingers will puncture with the capability to go through steel with ease. All the other flat area's between the knuckles, palms and back hand, will cause spreading impact damage.

Ability Name: [Passive] Power Strikes
Description: Any and all punches, kicks, ETC, Made by Zuran will deal half a Cero worth of damage.

Ability Name: Spacial Punch
Description: Zuran can do 1 of 2 things. He can either offensively punch someone for Cero Damage, or he can punch any Cero level energy attack out of existence. 1 post cool-down.  

Ability Name: Primal Armour
Description: Zuran has a hardened thin skin sheet of Reiatsu around himself which can withstand a Cero's worth of damage, and will not break until that damage is met. Upon meeting the damage requirement to break through it, it will mitigate all damage that is required to break it, only allowing for the overused damage to go through. 1 post cool-down, when it breaks.

Ability Name: Future Strikes
Description: Zuran can create a physical ethereal-looking copy of himself by manipulating his own time. This other version of himself will do what he would've done if he were in it's place. Running and attacking the opponent, countering, ETC. This other self will last as long as Zuran decides, and since it is technically him but following a different time-line, Zuran is able to keep all of the collected visual, heard, ETC. Data that his copy witnessed/had. Zuran can only have 2 of these active at any given time. When 1 of the copies strikes the opponent or is hit with crippling damage it will fade away. If the copy(s) strikes the opponent it will deal Cero damage. When 2 hits are successfully made, Zuran cannot make anymore until next post. The max amount of damage this can equate to is 2 Cero's worth. When and if 2 strikes are made, then all Copies will fade. (Zuran's copies do not get the benefit of any of Zuran's actual abilities, they cannot use their own version of his abilities, They can only physically attack.) After every post, the amount copies resets whether or not Zuran was able to successfully land any hits or not. (Side Note: All of Zuran's Copies start from where he currently is. They can't just randomly come out of thin air.)

Boosts: Reflexes x3, Speed x3, Strength x3.


Ability Name: Evolved Primal Instinct
Description: Once per 4 post cooldown, Zuran is able to perfectly predict any one attack/move performed by his opponent/target. This means he can dodge/avoid attacks and counter against counter-attacks. This can and will be limited by physical and environmental capabilities. (Zuran Gains two seperate charges of this ability.)
(Replaces "Primal Instinct")  

Boosts: Reflexes x4, Speed x4, Strength x4.


History: Thousands of years into an alternate future lies a ruined earth. with little to no Humanity remaining and all but hollows and malicious monsters remained. The reason for this alternate time-line is quite simple. This is the time-line where Advent Humans never came into being. Which in the end led humanities downfall. The Shinigami had failed at keeping the Hollows in check and Humanity was un-able to defend itself from the Hollow onslaught. All that Humanity could do was prepare themselves for extinction. They bought themselves time, enough time to construct a machine. The Machine's purpose was to create the ultimate Human and send it back in time so that they could defend against the hollows before it was too late. The time it would take for this machine to create the ultimate Human, was time that they simply didn't have. They knew that they would die before seeing their creation, and so Humanity was wiped out before knowing whether or not the machine would work, But it did.  

A simple human template and a hostile testing environment, was all the machine needed. It was designed to operate for Hundreds of years, and so it did. It re-grew over and over again a simple Human and released it into the horrid environment. Every time the Human died it would gain information, it would use this information to make single modifications at a time and eventually make a strong enough template for the Human to survive. For Hundreds of years the machine made modifications, and slowly the Human that it was attempting to create became stronger and stronger. The Human was eventually able to endure the harsh environments of epoc earth, and then was able to begin fighting against the Hollows. The Human died many times from this, but the Machine made sure to keep all combat information. It used this information to implant fighting techniques and general knowledge.  

After a long amount of years, having made modifications to the Human template, the end result was finally finished. It would be able to adapt itself to threats, and would serve to be the weapon that Humanity would need in their time of need. The end result however was far from being Human, it looked alien in nature and the only real thing that defined it as Human was that it evolved from one. So as planned, the Ultimate Human was sent back in time as a child. To grow up among humanity and when the time came, serve its purpose.

The creation was sent back in time in a pod, and upon reaching the appropriate time-line was stranded in the middle of no where. Until The creation was found and adopted by the people of a small village, who had considered him to be some sort of deity sent by their Gods, the pod he was in was considered to be some holy chariot. The Creation was named Zuran, simply because that's what was written on the side of the pod. Zuran would be raised in the village as if he was one of their own, and although this would teach him general communication skills and to be appreciative about what you have, it would not override his Dominant programming. Zuran was designed to fight and defend Humanity when the time came.

This Programming however soon became useless and was deleted. It turns out that Advent Humans had come into being after all, because of this small change, all of Humanity was not going to meet the same fate as what he was made to defend against. This caused Zuran to completely re-write everything in his mind, and permanently deleted all forced protocols. Zuran was his own Human being now, and could do anything he wished. Well, Human enough.

Zuran, the Xeno living weapon was now free. Zuran could start his own family if he wished, well that's if the woman didn't care about the looks department. But hey, if she liked a fit muscular body and the strength to match.

Side Notes: Fun fact, No one really know's that Zuran exists. He has no birth certificate, no real ID, has never been seen in public, and his past is completely covered up. It's as if he's a Ghost in more ways than one.  

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