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#1 [Private] New York Horror on Thu Apr 26, 2018 7:40 am

He was returning sitting quietly upon the top of a bullet train as it was arriving at New York city. This was his stop and the sinner came back to the land that gave him trouble. The sinner was gone for months because he needed to disappear from her bringing back horrible memories. He left to Jackson, Mississippi but it that was no picnic either.

It's been a while really things have changed the sinner will have to watch out for his new enemies the Committee. Trevor was waiting for something after returning back her in New York City. After a run in with the Ku Klux Klan in Jackson, Mississippi violence was on his mind those bitches in bed damn sheets gave him an attitude. He needed to get away from New York City and the Commitee not 100% ready to deal with them and creating havoc in their town. Those bed sheet fuckers we're causing trouble as always, Trevor's attention was alerted when they started badmouthing demons saying all bull crap about white power. The sinner made a damn white holocaust over there....people called Trevor "the great terror".

Thinking they as humans rule the world as fear that was his job no human was gone to do that. Then again once they descend into Hell, Satan will have his way with them for the people they killed then we'll see who laughing now.

"What do to here??? That blackmailing fat white bastard got what was coming to him. I'm glad the police got his ass now that family can live with some peace. None of that matters.....I'm back....I need blood and chaos right now" Trevor was waiting for someone to give him a fight. Oh this will do a purse snatcher at work snatching a woman purse and running first meal coming home. Trevor waited and then the thug stops and violently the sinner slams his head into wall as blood was spilling everywhere. The purse snatcher was yelling for help "OH SHUT UP YOUR BLOOD ASS KICKING IS MY BREAKFAST AND WELCOME HOME PRESENT"

He threw the purse back at to the old lady.....

"and now our regular chainsaw program"

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#2 Re: [Private] New York Horror on Fri Apr 27, 2018 10:23 am

Then again killing him might be a problem however the sinner will need to be better in his actions. Killing him wouldn't be the right answer the purse snatcher was safe from his wrath for now but new objectives will need to be met. "You've caught me on a good night this time...This is your second chance you better not blow it" He slowly disappears from the scene and reappears somewhere else thinking it wasn't the right course of action this time. Trevor will spare his victim this time next time scratch that the purse snatcher won't have a next time but the sinner needs to plan better. Killing wasn't the right course something better needs to happen...He'll back off this time but next time....things will change.

The purse snatcher was begging for help wondering what the hell just happen....
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