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#11 Re: [Open] Trouble Making in the Works on Thu May 10, 2018 2:28 am

The chainsaw attack was getting weaker as one of the spears was attacked. "Damn it, He lucky but I need to better" Very well that was really unexpected just as the arrancar was going into massacre mode, He managed to get some shield up. What was worse? The shield had some elemental power of lightning something she hates the worse. Anastasia needed to plan this just right but she needed something sharp looking around for it but now attacking the shinigami was important. This has to be quick because she had a certain problem with lightning attacks really she hates them all forms of lightning. She started to notice something right behind the shinigami a metal flag pole with a sharp ornament at the top of the flag pole. Thinking with her dark telekinesis she could put it out and throws directly at the shinigami piercing the bastard but she needed time to put it into motion. La Serrar was weakened which means the arrancar needed another means of attacking the shinigami bastard. Grabbing only two of the spears created an unique weapon it was something of an special ability of hers as it created an spiritual bull whip.

In a way, Anastasia felt in power hoping to put the shinigami at her feet and watch him beg for his fucking life. She attacked with her energy bull whip slashing at the bastard's leg feeling almost like being hit with with chainsaw, cactus and porcupine all at once.

She attacked the shinigami again this time to with a Gran Rey Cero blast hitting the shinigami hard in the chest.

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#12 Re: [Open] Trouble Making in the Works on Fri May 18, 2018 3:29 am

It would appear that everything was going according to plan. The Shinigami had managed to keep Anatasia at bay. And futher more he was preparing his own attack too. The Kido spell was also ready to move into action. The soul reapers idea was to restrict the Arrancars movements. This was to be accomplished by a demon arts binding spell. Something that was common and known among soul reapers. The moment of truth was about to come now. Though Anastasia was proving herself to be a difficult foe. She seemed determined and hell bent on taking down her foe. A truth which the Jackal recognized. It made the man smile to himself. He was also gaining valuable information about Anastasia and soul reaper. The Hollows and Shinigami are natural enemies. The so called balancers task with keeping the peace was unbearable at times. Shinigami was such hypocrites, but one cant help but admire them. They remained consistent throughout the years. As for the Arrancar. They come across as weaker and is in constant disarray. No real or stable leadership. Their organization seemed feeble and the idea of the Espada was laughable these days. Things needed to change and fast. Nevertheless there was a battle taking place. Anastasia's attacks for the most part was kept at bay. Attacking the Shinigami's legs seemed futile. His defense was quite sturdy. But what the Shinigami did not account for was that Gran Rey Cero. It was deadly indeed. Anastasia released it at the Shinigami. The Cero clashed with the shield of lightning but was only kept at bay momentarily. It was enough to save the Shinigami's life, but not enough to prevent defeat. The Cero broke through and connected with the Shinigami. Sending the man flying backwards. He was bloodied and bruised but not dead. The lightning shield discharged, causing an area of effect attack. One that Anastasia may get caught up into.

Wolfgang raised his left eyebrow at Anastasia and smiled again. He wanted to applaud her, but knew all too well that now wasnt the time. Almost as if on queue, the Jackal turned and started leaving the area. The man stopped and gave Anastasia some friendly advise. "Well done and taking down your opponent. Personally I think he was too sure of himself. Thats probably why you were able to catch him off guard. In any case though, I strongly advise that we leave this area. More Shinigami will be sure to turn up. And Im not interested in another squabble". The man states while releasing cigarette smoke through his nostrils.

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#13 Re: [Open] Trouble Making in the Works on Fri May 18, 2018 7:11 am

She wanted to kill him the shinigami where the hell was this rage coming from the arrancar wanted this idiot dead. However, This seemed like a Thelma and Louise moment running away from the police before taking that one big plunge. Wolfgang seemed like someone she could trust this wasn't something that she expect would happen at all. "You seem all cool about the situation. Taking something out of Michael Jackson's smooth criminal one of his well known music videos. Let's take Smooth Criminal to a whole new level of in hollow nature" Anastasia thought being nice would get her somewhere yet being bad was much better to express her hollow emotions. Helping other arrancars in need and killing shinigami indeed. "I must share these feelings with mankind help kill shinigami making the world a better place and free....BUT FIRST"

Anastasia blasted the shinigami with a huge cero attack blowing off "Angela Bassett snapping her fingers in victory. So damn good alright pal let's get out of here"

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