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#1 [Private] Open Your Eyes (Lexie) on Wed Apr 25, 2018 7:32 pm

Norway Lambert Garden appeared to be empty today. Thor wasn’t sure if it had to do with the fact that it was around three am or it being a Wednesday. Perhaps both. At least the lack of people gave him the space to sit down in the grass next to the water and relax. In the distance to his right there were a couple of skyscrapers making their presence known with dozens of lit up windows. From here the walls melted with the inky black sky and made the lights look like a swarm of fireflies. A soft breeze moved the long blades of grass he sat on. Having had a long day Thor didn’t feel like actively training today. Instead, he opted to pick a calm spot to train his perception of anything supernatural. Hopefully it would help him to detect his enemies quicker.

Listening to the wind and the vague city noises coming from the distance he closed his eyes and reached out toward his surroundings. It still felt odd to be trying to sense something he couldn’t really place. At times the sensation came in the form of a pressure, then there were the cold, empty spots of anger or despair, and aside from those Thor had a couple of occasions where he got to acquaintance himself with a certain smell. It seemed that the presence of a being could take on many ‘forms’, and some of those let it blend into the world without a trace.  This time he wondered what it would be...
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#2 Re: [Private] Open Your Eyes (Lexie) on Sun Apr 29, 2018 3:06 am


Gfx Queen
Gfx Queen

No level of sensing, no perfect positioning, would let someone sense a person with no spiritual signature. That, perhaps, was Artemis de Grey's greatest talent: a complete lack of a spiritual signature, making it impossible to spiritually track her movements.

As she walked through Norway, admiring the world from the perspective of a Shinigami rather than a Sinner, she caught the scent of a Hollow in her midst. Figuring she was the best equipped to deal with it, she used Shunpo to track it down, slicing it in half in one strike with her Zanpakutou, purifying its soul and sending it to Soul Society.

"That is pretty neat..." Her voice was soft, feminine, and surprisingly knowledgeable. It was well known that Shinigami were a fairly long-lived race, but Artemis herself was fairly knew at the job, despite being older than their current Captain Commander... and their most recent one, combined. Making a slicing motion with her wrist, the katana flew downward, the blood riding along the edge and scattering in a neat line along the path she swung, cleaning the blade as she sheathed it at her hip, smiling softly.

Sitting in the grass at her feet, Artemis did something she hadn't done in two thousand years: relaxed. She leaned backwards, holding herself up with her right hand and crossing her left over her waist, looking up into the stars. For the first time in forever, she was calm.

When spiritually sensing, you release a marginal portion of yourself out into the atmosphere to get a read on everything else. Artemis' greatest weakness was, perhaps, her complete inability to do that, either. She couldn't be sensed, due to her lack of a reiatsu, but she couldn't sense anyone else because of it.

At least, not spiritually.

Something felt off, though. It was... too quiet. Standing back up, she lept into the air to get a read on everything from above. She knew she couldn't sense, and had to do things the physical way. Things looked calm... except for one other individual also laying in the grass only 20m from her current position. Had he sensed the Hollow as well? Was he not scared of them? Questions for... now, actually.

Using Shunpo, she arrived there within moments. The pink-haired girl with a Zanpakutou at her side remained calm, and though she didn't look like a Shinigami, she carried herself like one. She kneeled down over the man, stepping onto the grass from her airwalked position, and spoke calmly and kindly, hoping to not frighten him.

"Are you alright?"
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#3 Re: [Private] Open Your Eyes (Lexie) on Sat May 19, 2018 5:33 pm

Thor felt a presence coming towards him - it was one of those feelings people get when they feel like they're being watched or whatnot. So turning his head slightly towards the left, he directed his eyes towards the woman that was kneeling beside him. The stranger would then go onto ask if Thor was okay. Without giving an answer, he would simply gaze at the woman for a few seconds as he would observe her. By analysing ones facial features, dress choices, tone of the voice, mannerisms, body language and etc, Thor would able to determine what kind of person he was dealing it. Everything about the stranger would instantly map around in his mind. It was really that simple if you were to think about it.

A small smile would form across his face, as he directed his eyes up towards the sky, only to speak, "yes, I'm doing fine. Just thought of relaxing and observing the wonders of nature." He said in a soft voice. Looking at the woman from the corner of the eye, he spoke again, "so, I assume you're not from around here." He paused, only to continue, "and from what I figure, I doubt you're just a normal human being considering the fact that you carry a sword with you." Thor paused again as he looked at the woman directly into her eyes, "who are you?"
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