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on Tue Apr 24, 2018 8:36 pm

It was snowing in Tokyo. Cold winds blew in from the east and the sun had just fallen past the horizon. Although Thor heard from the man on the radio that it was Gion Matsuri season there yet there was no festive cheer to be seen. No red lights on houses or humans in the street singing songs or any of the bizarre rituals he felt like there should be. Even though Thor didn't like any kind of festival, he knew that it looked weird without people celebrating it like they usually did.

Just ahead of him was a grand building with four stories made of stone and oak. It looked older than the dirt that surrounded it, and was surrounded by large fields with thick stone walls to separate it from the rest of the town. He swept his fingertips over the gate, brushing off a thick tuft of moss to reveal the brass plate with its name: verneporten. It seemed the garganta had spat him out in front of a long since abandoned boarding school. How utterly discouraging.

Thor began to push the gate open when he heard a loud pop in the distance. What is it? A gun? A fire cracker? Now that was interesting! He turned towards the sound of the noise and let his mind’s eye guide him towards the souls. He did know what he was going to face, however, hopefully it would be something enthralling.

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on Sun Apr 29, 2018 9:41 am


Mei's 4th Squad
Mei's 4th Squad
Oh it was snowing, and that was no good. Selica hated the snow for it was a hindrance on her babies and it made her feel a bit under the weather. Her poor plants couldn't survuve this desolate weather, which also seemed to affect her mood. She didn't wish to bother with anyone or anything for that matter. She attempted to keep herself surpressed from the world as she walked around the city looking at the decorative shop windows along with the clothing. A sigh would release from her mouth as she would continue on her way. She needed time alone and away from the other creeps.

Her walk would take her down an alleyway where she would eventually realized she was being followed just a little too late. POP she would hear the noise, but she wouldn't feel anything. Her head would turn in the most blank of expressions to see a man holding a gun and a hole directly through the middle of her breasts. Well shit, no wonder she didn't feel anything. You can't feel the pain of something that doesn't exist, at this point she was glad that hollows had holes to begin with. A smile would cross her cheeks not long before she would hear another POP this time relatively painful. She would look down at her shoulder to see a red, blood filled hole. Her immediate response would be to release vines from her hands capturing the man and holding him up relatively hugh for her height, but low enough that she could still touch him. "Listen.. you didn't even give me a chance to react or talk or anything... and I don't take kindly to people ruining my white clothing as they always do," she would shake her head in disappointment as she looked at her shoulder once more.

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on Fri May 11, 2018 12:21 pm

Thor arrived at his destination as his eyes widened with bewilderment at what he saw in front of him. It was a woman holding up a man up, relatively high for her height, with what it seems to be with vines. "Interesting. Very interesting." He said to himself as he walked towards the woman slowly, inspecting every bit of her as he walked. Obviously, as he had figured - this was no ordinary woman. She was in fact, a hollow. Judging by her spiritual pressure she might be an Espada, however, Thor was not sure considering when it came to sensing spiritual pressure and the sort he lacked the ability to do so immensely. Regardless, he knew the woman in front of him was an interesting one and curiosity wanted him to know more about her.

"So..." Thor started to speak as his eyes moved from the woman  to the man that was in her grasp. "Before you kill this man at least ask him why he did what he did. It would be utterly frustrating to end his life without knowing his true motivation." He said as he looked back at the woman. Thor was frankly not a fan of ending someones life just for the sake of it. If he wanted to kill someone he needed specific reason to do so due to the fact that he viewed senseless killing as vacuous. But in this scenario it was different. How? Because it did not concern him personally but another person. So at least this person could do was statify Thor's curiosity as to why the assailant decided to attack her.

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