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#1 [Private] The Winter Soldier (Mei) on Tue Apr 24, 2018 8:36 pm

It was snowing in Tokyo. Cold winds blew in from the east and the sun had just fallen past the horizon. Although Thor heard from the man on the radio that it was Gion Matsuri season there yet there was no festive cheer to be seen. No red lights on houses or humans in the street singing songs or any of the bizarre rituals he felt like there should be. Even though Thor didn't like any kind of festival, he knew that it looked weird without people celebrating it like they usually did.

Just ahead of him was a grand building with four stories made of stone and oak. It looked older than the dirt that surrounded it, and was surrounded by large fields with thick stone walls to separate it from the rest of the town. He swept his fingertips over the gate, brushing off a thick tuft of moss to reveal the brass plate with its name: verneporten. It seemed the garganta had spat him out in front of a long since abandoned boarding school. How utterly discouraging.

Thor began to push the gate open when he heard a loud pop in the distance. What is it? A gun? A fire cracker? Now that was interesting! He turned towards the sound of the noise and let his mind’s eye guide him towards the souls. He did know what he was going to face, however, hopefully it would be something enthralling.

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#2 Re: [Private] The Winter Soldier (Mei) on Sun Apr 29, 2018 9:41 am

Oh it was snowing, and that was no good. Selica hated the snow for it was a hindrance on her babies and it made her feel a bit under the weather. Her poor plants couldn't survuve this desolate weather, which also seemed to affect her mood. She didn't wish to bother with anyone or anything for that matter. She attempted to keep herself surpressed from the world as she walked around the city looking at the decorative shop windows along with the clothing. A sigh would release from her mouth as she would continue on her way. She needed time alone and away from the other creeps.

Her walk would take her down an alleyway where she would eventually realized she was being followed just a little too late. POP she would hear the noise, but she wouldn't feel anything. Her head would turn in the most blank of expressions to see a man holding a gun and a hole directly through the middle of her breasts. Well shit, no wonder she didn't feel anything. You can't feel the pain of something that doesn't exist, at this point she was glad that hollows had holes to begin with. A smile would cross her cheeks not long before she would hear another POP this time relatively painful. She would look down at her shoulder to see a red, blood filled hole. Her immediate response would be to release vines from her hands capturing the man and holding him up relatively hugh for her height, but low enough that she could still touch him. "Listen.. you didn't even give me a chance to react or talk or anything... and I don't take kindly to people ruining my white clothing as they always do," she would shake her head in disappointment as she looked at her shoulder once more.

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#3 Re: [Private] The Winter Soldier (Mei) on Fri May 11, 2018 12:21 pm

Thor arrived at his destination as his eyes widened with bewilderment at what he saw in front of him. It was a woman holding up a man up, relatively high for her height, with what it seems to be with vines. "Interesting. Very interesting." He said to himself as he walked towards the woman slowly, inspecting every bit of her as he walked. Obviously, as he had figured - this was no ordinary woman. She was in fact, a hollow. Judging by her spiritual pressure she might be an Espada, however, Thor was not sure considering when it came to sensing spiritual pressure and the sort he lacked the ability to do so immensely. Regardless, he knew the woman in front of him was an interesting one and curiosity wanted him to know more about her.

"So..." Thor started to speak as his eyes moved from the woman  to the man that was in her grasp. "Before you kill this man at least ask him why he did what he did. It would be utterly frustrating to end his life without knowing his true motivation." He said as he looked back at the woman. Thor was frankly not a fan of ending someones life just for the sake of it. If he wanted to kill someone he needed specific reason to do so due to the fact that he viewed senseless killing as vacuous. But in this scenario it was different. How? Because it did not concern him personally but another person. So at least this person could do was statify Thor's curiosity as to why the assailant decided to attack her.

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#4 Re: [Private] The Winter Soldier (Mei) on Mon Jun 04, 2018 1:58 am

She was ready for him to die. Hell, her outfit was already stained, why not continue with his own blood? Well that's shat she thought, until some jerk of a man interrupted her and began waltzing his way down her alley. Blue eyes would roll as she turned away to look at the new arrival, who was all in all a surprise to her. He was still quite taller than her, even in her wedged heels and his hair was a similar color to her. Hm? Hadn't she seen this man somewhere before? Eh, probably not. Well, maybe. She was sure she would find out soon enough.

Then almost as if he was surperior to her, he suggested she asked the man, who just SHOT her what he reason for doing so was. Selica would groan not wanting to start conflict with him, if he didn't so much as mean to do so with her. She would grit her teeth before turning back to the half murderer, "What purpose was possibly flowing through that tiny skull of yours when you.. DECIDED TO SHOOT ME?!" Her voice had started off soft, but grew louder as she felt the anger of ignorance flow through her. So, he decided to shoot her, she reciprocated, and now HE was the victim. Why was she even trying to talk to this man?

"W-Well, you see.. I-I wasn't trying to kill you.. I just.. you looked so wealthy.. and I have starving kids.. and I'm all they have.. and I just.. wanted to hurt you enough so I could steal your money and valuables. Please, don't kill me? I-I j-" at this point a vine would slither its way up to his mouth and wrap it closed. "See?"She would say turning to the other before her, "He's a criminal! He was going to rob me because.. what? I look like a delicate, wealthy woman? I don't care how many kids you may have and I frankly don't care what happens to them. With a father like you? They might as well be taken away or dead. And you were planning to shoot me? And leave me here? Alone? CAN I KILL HIM NOW?" She would speak between the two before staring directly at Thor with eyes full of hatred, rage, and solidness. She hoped he didn't try to stand in her way because either way, this man was dying tonight.

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#5 Re: [Private] The Winter Soldier (Mei) on Mon Jun 04, 2018 8:23 pm

Thor would eagerly listen to the mans explanation as in why he did what he did. Honestly, he understood where the man came. The upper class and the middle class continue to thrive and live happily while not giving the damn about the common man. But when it came towards their dirty work both the upper and middle class would want the common man to wage slave as hard as he could without giving a damn about his wellbeing. This, of course, is the result of the self-centered, materialistic capitalist foundation society is build on. But be that as it may, Thor was not going to let this woman kill this man for such a trivial reason such as this. Every life was worth it, regardless how insignificant it may appear to be in the grand scale of things.

"No." Thor said in a bold voice in response for the arrancar asking if she could kill her assailant. Reaching for the mans collar Thor would yank him towards him only to push the man away from both himself, and the infuriated woman. "Piss off now. I've given you the chance to live; don't waste it." He said as he turned his attention towards the female. "What's the matter with you? Trying to kill a low-life human who could not even hurt you even if he wanted to. You really need to stop over reacting, Selica." He said, looking directly into her eyes with a perturbed look on his face as he waited for her response.

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#6 Re: [Private] The Winter Soldier (Mei) on Tue Jun 05, 2018 8:21 am

"You've gotta be kidding me," Selica would scoff as Thor would tell her now, however she wouldn't release the man. Instead, the man would be ripped down from her grasp and pushed away from her. Selica's jaw would seem to drop for a moment, as her blue eyes turn icy cold. Then, her jaw would clench watching the man run away as fast as she had ever seen a human run before. Of course, by this time her injury had begun to heal itself and was very well just about there, so that certainly wasn't her problem. As if it hadn't been embarrassing enough for the woman, Thor would turn to her only to begin chastising her for her actions.

The white haired female's expression would change from one of anger, to astonishment, and finally to confusion. Her head would turn away from his gaze before she would speak, "Maybe.. just maybe, I'm tired of everyone pushing me around." Her voice was soft and her face grew softer. Just because she was an arrancar didn't mean she was heartless. "You know what.. yeah. That's my problem. I'm tired of being taken advantage of, being played like a pawn, and being abandoned. I'm definitely not gonna let myself get pushed around by a damn 'low-life human'!" At this point she would turn away, she was angry again and she didn't feel like being lectured by the likes of a man who knew nothing about her. "What does he care anyway?" She would ask herself in a soft growl.

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#7 Re: [Private] The Winter Soldier (Mei) on Thu Jun 07, 2018 11:29 am

Thor sighed after listening to what the woman had to say. The Arrancar clearly was perturbed and he knew that he had to console her, even though he was not very good at it. So going up-to her he placed his hand on her right shoulder, stopping her right in her tracks, as he began to speak, "Why do I care? Well, I care because you're an Arrancar as myself; and who also happens to be in the Espada." Thor said in a low voice. "And I'm sure you're wondering..." his voice trailed off as he shook his head, "never mind. The fact of the matter is, you may think that I don't know about you, but I actually do, Selica Aciles." he paused for a second only to start speaking again, "In fact, I may know more about you than you know about yourself."

It was true; Thor knew more about the people he met than they knew about themselves. How, you may ask? Well, simply by gazing at the person in front of him for a few seconds Thor would objectively observe them. And by doing so, he would analyze their facial features, dress choices, the tone of the voice, mannerisms, body language and etc, in which he would able to determine what kind of person he was dealing it. Everything about the stranger would instantly map around in his mind. It was really that simple if you were to think about it.

"So...are you busy tonight?" He asked, only to continue by saying, "If not, I would like to invite you to dine with me, in which we could not only get to know each other better but also talk about business." Would the woman accept his offer? or would she just pass it on? This was something Thor did not know the answer to...

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#8 Re: [Private] The Winter Soldier (Mei) on Mon Jun 11, 2018 9:30 pm

As she attempted her leave, his hand would find itself on her shoulder freezing her in place. A face of disgust would make itself known as she looked at his hand. Who did he think he was touching her like that? Did he think they were friends? Did he think that just because he potentially had more power than her, that he could just go around doing as he pleased? She hated being touched, unless it was someone who had been given the permission to do so. Then, he would speak his concerns. He cared because she was an espada? So, he only cared because she was important to his group? He only cared because, what, she was higher up on the chain than he? She hadn't felt any better in this moment and she hadn't become any less angry. However, he would then say something interesting.

He knew about her? He knew more than she did about herself? What did that mean? What was he saying to her? How did he know these things and what exactly was it that he knew? Was he sent by someone? Ika? Another espada? She would place her finger and thumb right on the bridge of her nose and pinch. A sigh would escape her lips as he asked if she would like to have a meal with him. As much as she didn't like it, she wanted to know what he knew. She would slide her fingers down her nose before dropping her hand from her face entirely. "I suppose a meal couldn't hurt," she would say as she slowly turned to look at him.

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#9 Re: [Private] The Winter Soldier (Mei) on Fri Jun 15, 2018 5:16 pm

Hearing the woman accepting his offer only would bring a smile on his face, to which in turn he would reply by saying, "great!" Motioning his hand, Thor would signal the Arrancar to follow him. Stepping out of the alleyway they would enter the street, "I know a good restaurant just a few blocks away from here. They honestly offer the absolute best food. So its kind of worth the walk." Thor had made his own personal mission to travel, and due to such, he was fortunate enough to visit more than seventy odd countries; Japan being the most frequent country he would travel from time-to-time. And by doing so, Thor knew every corner of Japan more than the people who lived their entire life's in the country. While hard to believe for some; it was true.

Few minutes had gone by, and they had passed the bigger streets in the center of the city and were walking towards smaller alleys. Arriving in front of an eclectic building Thor would look around. Some chairs and tables were outside, grazed by the night sky, all in different shapes and colors. The restaurant name was painted on the front in sloppy faded letters: “Nihonbashi”, which seemed like a well chosen name for the restaurant itself. Coaxing Selicia into a table near the door, Thor would wave at the waiter, who would in turn answer with a nod. The man was used to seeing Thor around here every now and then. “So… order whatever you like." Thor would say in a soft tone as he handed down the menu to the woman.

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#10 Re: [Private] The Winter Soldier (Mei) on Wed Jun 20, 2018 8:48 am

She had followed him to the restaurant not particularly caring about the walk because that's what she had been doing before she was attacked so cruely. Either way, she attempted to stay close to him as she didn't want her travels to be interrupted by any other creeps wandering the city on this night. It was obvious women were easier to target than men and they didn't put up much of a fight physically, unless they were Selica. Anyway, the duo would finally come upon the shop that looked to be a run down hole in the wall. She wasn't quite sure how safe their food was, but she didn't eat human cuisine very often. So, she would take the chance to eat it if she could, even if it was a simple meal. The duo would sit near the door and a waiter would be waved over with a menu. Thor would encourage her to order whatever it was she wanted, which wouldn't be hard to choose. "I suppose just a water.. and uhm.. curry," she would say not exactly sure if she was ordering correctly, however she would eat whatever it was she ordered.

As she ordered, she would return the menu to the waiter and await Thor to settle himself as well. When the waiter was gone, she would lean towards him a bit before speaking, "This place is a bit... odd." Her voice was soft, but her eyes seemed to be relatively nervous considering she wasn't used to the human side of things. She would shake her head a moment before continuing, "Nevermind that. Uhm.. So, what about me exactly were you wondering about? Or perhaps, you'd rather just speak to me about this business?" Her voice would become a normal tone and volume as she leaned back and stared at her fellow espada.

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