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#1 Seikine Irimi [WIP] on Sat Apr 21, 2018 9:01 pm


2nd Division
2nd Division


Name: Seikine Irimi.
Alias: The Black Dog.
Real Age: Eighteen.
Phys. Age: Young Adult.
Gender: Female.
Personality: Irimi is what you might call a bitch. She's the kind of woman to get friendly with you because she wants something out of you and then when you're used up she'd happily toss you aside like last week's trash. If that didn't sum her up enough then a more appropriate way would be to call her a manipulative character that


Height: 5 feet 7 inches.
Weight: 60 kilograms.
Physical Traits: Irimi has jet black hair that reaches her waist when not tied back, however it is usually tied back into a ponytail and so it's only natural that her hair looks a little shorter. She keeps her hair well maintained and groomed as she hates when it's knotty and in a mess. She has asymetrical bangs that frame her elfin face. She boasts a pair of unusually golden eyes.

She is a woman that stands above the average woman. With a womanly frame to top it there is no surprise that her body is one to be desired by many and also make her the target of a woman's jealousy. She is more top heavy much to her back's chagrin. Her build is quite athletic, boasting more muscle than fat although it tends to remain unseen until put into practice.

Her stance is elegant and graceful. She walks with a dominating presence when she isn't trying to hide her spiritual nature. To the everyday person she is just that attractive woman that does her best to not stand out too much in the world. Irimi's reiatsu is a violet colour with flecks of gold occasionally appearing. At full strength and release it manifests with wisps falling around her like leaves although the effect is purely aesthetic.


General Fighting Style:  Irimi doesn't like to engage in direct combat. She will use whatever means she can to try and outplay an opponent rather than beat them down with raw power. If anything she'd rather avoid fighting altogether. When she draws her mask however it is a different story. She will happily engage in close combat and use any means that she has to destroy her opponent. When she enters her full hollow form Kuroi takes over the reigns completely and will silently use any means to destroy an opponent.


Ability Name: String Theory [Active]
Ability Description: The power gifted to Irimi through her energy is the ability to manipulate conceptual threads. These threads can be formed through a variety of means and in a variety of forms as well ranging from metallic wires, chains or actual threads. Irimi's power is coined as "String Theory", while also earning her the alias of Playwright from her strings. These strings make her incredible flexible since she can manipulate the properties and forms of the strings giving her the power of "Conceptual String Manipulation".

The sheer amount of uses with her power is limited only by her creativeness, imagination is the limit. She is an expert sensor due to her ability to lay intangible threads that have no influence in the universe other than to serve as a connection to her mind, allowing her to track people as they pass through and cause her intangible threads to go taunt and allow her to perceive it as a sense of feeling, with this she can easily track many people and lure them into a killzone or evade people and avoid them.

Another facet of her ability can be her ability to form her wires to be tangible and their material varying from metal wire to actual woven threads. She can use her strings as extra-appendages, being able to grab at things by controlling her strings in a telekinetic fashion, using these threads she is able to achieve many different feats such as using them to swing from buildings, wrap wire around her body for extra-defence should she need it and even form constructs. She can use her threads offensively being able to bind, impale, whip and harm people with the use of her threads. The fact she is able to choose which material the threads are made of make it incredibly versatile as well since she can use silk, fabric, steel and even organic-based threads such as using muscle sinew.  


Zanpakutou Name: Paracelsus
Call Out Command: Shape the World, Paracelsus.
Sealed Appearance:

Creator's Note: Irimi's zanpakuto is normally in the appearance of a ring on her finger or a dagger. The true form is rarely seen due to Irimi's incompetence with a sword.


Appearance: No changes occur when Irimi enters her Shikai.

Shikai Theme: Alchemy

Ability Name: Deconstruction C [Active]
Ability Description: The first facet of Irimi's shikai is the skill of deconstruction. What this ultimately means is that she can target something and weaken its structural integrity. This can be in the form of an incoming attack, such as if someone shot a cero at her she could cause resistance and make some of the energy be lost before it actually hit her to lessen the damage she might take. Deconstruction can also be applied to actual tangible objects such as buildings to make them easier to damage for her or even make them fall down because they simply cannot hold the weight after she's played with it. At Rank C she cannot use Deconstruction on her opponents themselves, meaning that by touching them and then trying to make them overall weaker is simply not possible.

Ability Name: Construction C [Active]
Ability Description: The anti-thesis to her previous ability. Construction C allows her to create objects through using the environment around her. For example by taking steel beam she could turn this into a bunch of swords by using the material to create something. When Construction is used the mass of what she uses must equal the mass of the object(s) created, although there may be some material left over. While her constructs can be further enhanced with another skill or some form of means when they are first created they are no more than physical objects which can be quite useless initially.

Ability Name: Transmutation B [Active]
Ability Description: The main aspect of what you'll see from Irimi's bag of tricks. Creation, Destruction and finally manipulation. Irimi's use of Transmutation B allows her to alter properties and materials. This essentially considers all things as just mass. There's no concern of whether this is that material and that is this material. On the chemical level Irimi's zanpakuto can let her turn rock to sand, glass to steel. It sounds very wonderful yes. Transmutation can also let her enhance and alter things on a whim. Those swords she might create previously can now be enhanced to be stronger that what they initially were by altering it. She can intimately alter the chemical make-ups of metals to make them the perfect balance of flexibility and hardness to avoid unnecessary breaking you'd find it lesser quality swords. This material transmutation and control operates within her defined Territory field.

Ability Name: Self-Modification C [Active]
Ability Description: Transmutation applied to herself. An example of Irimi using Self-Modification is altering her appearance to look completely different. Making her limbs able to extend and retract to unnatural levels. She can speed up her healing process to quickly seal up wounds but not outright heal lost limbs and the like. She can also enforce certain aspects such as Kido spells to make them stronger or alter them with Transmutation for different effects.

Ability Name: Territory Creation C [Active]
Ability Description: All these abilities are limited by Territory Creation. She can only influence these things within her area of effect. This field gives her an automatic ten metre radius around her as her territory. This can be further extended by not casting any of her other abilities for an entire post for an extra ten metres. The expansion doesn't have a cool-down. Alternatively she can use preparation to set up pillars of sorts to create a pre-determined field before she actives her release however this has the trade-off that she cannot activate her release until she completes the field however provides her the chance to prepare something. Furthermore within her boundary she can telekinetically control intimate objects and control them at will in this zone so long as she is aware and focused on them but as she possesses a form of sensing within this field it comes down to a matter of simply distracting her.

Boosts: x2 to all stats.


New Name: Paracelsus: Foundation of Creation.

Abilities: [What abilities does your character gain]

She maintains all her previous skills from Shikai.

Ability Name: Territory Creation B [Active]
Ability Description: Ranking up her previous Territory Creation.

Ability Name: Philosopher's Stone A [Active]
Ability Description: A specific

Ability Name: Item Construction A [Active]
Ability Description: A specific

Boosts: x3 to all Stats.




Mask Theme: Battle Advantage

Ability Name: Instinct A [Passive]
Ability Description: Unlike Irimi Kuroi works on instinct, there is less of plans when it comes to a fight. He operates on his gut feeling. Because of this when Kuroi takes over there is a noticeable increase in Irimi's instincts and combat intuition because of Kuroi's experience with many hundreds of years and battles. This ability passively gives her an intuition towards objects and being able to adapt to environments.

Ability Name: Battle Continuation B [Passive]
Ability Description: In his life Kuroi was a monster that was hard to kill. It was only when he let himself die that he finally departed from this world or so it was meant to be. Battle Continuation B allows Kuroi to endure massive amounts of damage and continue fighting. Suffering a mortal wound won't actually take Kuroi down initially. He can continue for up to three posts before the affects of wounds that should cripple him will cripple him. This does give him a chance to escape and recover if he so desires.

Ability Name: Pioneer of the Void [Active]
Ability Description: By using Kuroi's hollow traits it is possible for them to create a garganta. This however varies from normal usage. If they decide to once every seven posts Kuroi is able to create a garganta that he can use in combat to appear at another location. It can also be used as a means to redirect attacks up to the strength of Gran Rey Cero albeit unable to be used in this way for the rest of the thread.

Ability Name: Apex Predator A+
Ability Description: The skill that allows her access to the standard powers of a Hollow. Those are Sonido, Pequisa, High-Speed Regeneration, Heirro, Cero, Bala, Gran Rey Cero.

Hollow Powers:

Ability Name: The Black Dog [Active]
Ability Description: By tainting Irimi's own abilities with his hollow energy Kuroi is able to create and manipulate a black substance that is generated from his black body or in the case of possession of Irimi her black coat. Using this black ooze he can use it like a weapon without form, shifting it as he wishes. Because of this Kuroi can quickly create a number of constructs to whip, slash or even just defend in a situation. Being very versatile in how he can use it the ability is however sealed when they enter the the full hollow form as this is technically an off-shoot of Irimi's power and not his.

Boosts: Speed. Reflexes. Agility.


Appearance: [What does your Full Hollow Form look like?]

Abilities: [What new abilities does your character gain?]

Ability Name: Armour of the Black Knight EX [Passive]
Ability Description:

Ability Name: Uncrowned Arms Mastery EX [Passive]
Ability Description:

Boosts: x5 to all Physical stats.


Age 01 - Born to the Irimi family.
Age 02 - Mother was involved in a strange accident but survived a few months to give birth to Kaya before she died in labour.  
Age 03 - Father slowly fell into a deep depression. He finally committed suicide and blamed the infant Kaya before the act was done. Kaya and Seikine were adopted by foster parents.
Age 06 - Found herself to be spiritually aware and have a power associated to strings.
Age 07 - Grew very close to her younger sister. Hated her foster parents.
Age 10 -

Side Notes: [Anything you didn't say up above that's relevant to your character goes here.]
Roleplay Sample: Alright mate. I'll give ya a pack of durries, a six pack and a blowjob if you just ignore this thing here. Sounds like a good deal right ay?

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#2 Re: Seikine Irimi [WIP] on Wed Jun 27, 2018 8:09 am

Mei TOnline

Mei's 4th Squad
Mei's 4th Squad
Application Announcement:

This application has been without an update for nearly 2 months. Due to such it is moved to Inactive Section.


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