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#1 Eric Rhazesar (Completed) on Sat Apr 21, 2018 5:13 am



Name: Eric Rhazesar
Full Name: Eric John Rhazesar
Apparent Age: Later 20s
True Age: 26 Years Old
Sex: Male
Personality: His personality is war going inside of him as good and evil sometimes fighting for control of his well being. An eternal struggle to do the right thing for the most part and those times when the situation calls for it being bad. On one point, Eric is mostly a down to earth kind of guy having a concern/caring heart towards people acting like mostly of a hero. Being calm around others until a situation shows up unlocking more a ruthless fighter until the person has had enough. A split between into good and evil, Having a neutral heart personality acting more like a brute then a gentlemen.

Despite his feelings, He does have a major form of discipline knowing when to stop. Around the law, Something is triggered telling him to stop planning when police arrive and find a means of escape. A certain fear enters within him whenever acting with rage or heart of kindness not wanting to deal with the police. Worried they might ask him some questions about the past actions of his life.

Still holds humans in little esteem and, like many others, has little or more respect for supernatural beings and others. However, Eric has keen 100% complete respect for those who can match him on the battlefield with pure recognition. He is somewhat calm and collective around people but having an serious attitude something to do with human nature combined with him. Through time, Eric started becoming more confident in his abilities enjoying the thrill of fighting and destruction against opponents. Seeking blood, pain and respect with each encounter, he constantly journeys in order to improve himself.

Capable of great patience in attaining his goals....

Height: 5'12"
Weight: 198lbs(pounds)
Physical Traits: He known to be an combination for Asian/Caucasian mixed into though born in Japan yet raised in the United States. Eric may look young like an teenager but the dude has white hair due to his Asian heritage. He had it cut down having a tomboyish figure to him. Having a well muscular but slim body almost looking like an heavyweight champion from an wrestling organization. With his young looks, Eric is still an average but an mature looking adult with an neutral attitude. The unique crazy thing about him is his eyes they're of an unique orange color. They represent how much spiritual energy is within him orange means it's normal, they turn red when at full power and turn hazel when is energy is gone. Having a complete tribal skull tattoo covering the upper part of his left arm and some of his chest too.

His clothing is of American tradition: Like some Americans, Eric wears underwear consisting of white shirt, underpants and white socks. Wearing baggy short jeans for a bleached black color having a tan T-shirt and wearing black customized boots. Having on a black diamond cross necklace imprinted with his name upon the back.

General Fighting Style: He was trained by the finest teachers to become a strong combatant. Through reading, Eric started to condition to become a good hand to hand combatant through his battles even when hollow hunting. Becoming deadly and lethal using punches and kicks being highly unpredictable in a fight using combos and finding openings to his advantage. With self training, He started becoming proficient with swords at times the warrior attack skills we're very lousy but with long hours of practice. Eric started becoming a whole lot better into using sword even larger swords like Zweihanders being focus and having a firm grip on the handle. As his fighting skills became intact it doesn't mean he's invincible. He can handle his own against stronger opponents for short or maybe long amounts of time depending on the situations.

With a steady hand, Eric uses his sword for timed slashes but the timing must be right when using this otherwise it can fail. When using this skill, He actually calms his mind completely drowning such even many distractions from his mind but only his target. Eric's eye pupils are turned into focused-like eyes. His only focus it target...
Strengths: Reiryoku, Reiatsu Control, Strength
Weaknesses: Reflexes, Durability

Ability Name: Blur
Description: This is the human equivalent of Shinigami's shunpo. They mastered this technique to keep up with the spiritual beings.

Ability Name: Airwalk
Description: The technique on walking on air. By compressing his spiritual pressure in his feet and legs creating a form of gravity. Focusing the spiritual molecules in the legs allowing to levitate slower at first then real fast. Granting the ability to walking or air even flying

Ability Name: True Reaper
Description: An empowerment mode; When holding the sword, A massive spike of spiritual energy is sent directly into the blade when this happens it the blade turns white. Eric runs his hand along the flat of his blade, engulfing it in his reiatsu and igniting the blade in fire. For four posts, anything the blade strikes is hit with the force of the fire and suffers first degree burns in addition to any other damage from the attack. This has a 3 post cooldown..
Ability Name: Chaos Storm
Description: An concentrated beam of flame energy. His crimson blade disappears and generates about six fireballs compressed of spirit energy spinning around his right arm. Eric makes a fist then one of then one of the fireballs floats around his knuckles. As the five remaining fireballs begin spinning around as the sixth one grows bigger. Then by opening his palm, The big fireball emits an massive flame beam from it with a blast radius of about 2-3 miles. The only drawback is if any of five fireballs are hit then the flame fireballs reverts back into a crimson red sword or weakening the beam by half. Having the strength of Cero Oscuras. {Cooldown: 4 Posts}
Ability Name: Chaos Shield
Description: Creating a Metal Shield made from an complete form of spiritual energy. Taking the form of an Crusader Shield with an ability to just only defend himself from attacks. Blocking a number of attacks because of the shield's strength. Having the strength of Hierro but having just an limited durability. {Cooldown: 3 Posts}
Boosts: Strength x2, Durability x2, Zanjutsu x1.5

Ability Name: Chaos Striker
Description: The air slash of destruction that what people have called it. A way of making of slash into a deadly weapon by mixing one's spiritual energy and the air element itself. Eric gets a firm grip of his sword and then removes it from it sheathe as the sword slash it formed. The spiritual energy bond it the air itself creating a blue but sharp energy wave fissure. When the attacks speeds up at the target almost like a blue condensed  energy line traveling with the very air itself. Feeling like to you just been hit a sword slash. But actually the blue wave slash attacked it foes it slowly disappears along the air. The energy slash having the same strength of Hado #65 but causes his fingertips to bleed a little. {Cooldown: 4 Posts}
Ability Name: Chaos SwordStalker
Description: With his energy, Eric can create an glowing blue energy sword which float in air. By manipulating the energy molecules in the energy sword breaking it then reforming it into a light blue chaos sword energy projectile. These sword projectiles can be used for offensive and defensive purposes when the transformed human wants to prove a point. Eric can make a number of the chaos sword projectile with every time has certain weaknesses to the energy chaos swords. The Chaos Swords act on Eric's commands as a form of telekinesis and spiritual energy to control the chaos swords. Moving at very Eric's very command. After losing to an arrancar in battle, He vowed to make a technique that would silence, wound or even hurt his enemies. Probably show his rivals that the former prince means business.
Chaos Swords's Strength/Weakness
Chaos Swords: {Strength of Hado 60} [C.Down: 1 Post]
Two Chaos Swords: {Strength of Hado 30.} [C.Down: 3 Posts]
Four Chaos Swords: {Strength of Hado 15.} [C.Down: 5 Posts]
Eight Chaos Swords: {Strength of Hado 8.} [C.Down: 7 Posts]
Sixteen Chaos Swords: {Strength of Hado 4, C.Swords Durability is a little weak but sharp} [C.Down: 10 Posts]
Twenty Chaos Swords: {Strength of Hado 2, C.Swords Durability is weak but blade is sharper} [C.Down: 12 Posts]
Forty Chaos Swords: {Strength of Hado 1, C Swords Durability weak like glass, deadly sharp} [C.Down: 14 Posts]
Ability Name: Chaos Punisher
Description: A way of turning an enemy into a porcupine by way of energy spike pillars. Holding the sword getting into a stance, Eric waits and then back away making a energy slash that actually opens a dimensional gateway. As the portal opens it creates as assortment of spiked spear energy pillars upon the the ground which can really hurt an enemy.
Chaos Energy Spear Pillar's Strength/Weakness
Ten Spiked Energy S.Pillars {Strength of Hado 20.} [C.Down: 5 Posts]
Twenty Spiked Energy S.Pillars {Strength of Hado 8.} [C.Down: 7 Posts]
Ability Name: Chaos Destroyer
Description: The equivalent of a massacre bloodbath; It how destructive the technique is which can cut through enemies like butter even turning just one into pure chop suey. Months of training went into making the technique work as the transformed human gets ready sword stance holding the blade. As his shadow forms something of a pentagram on the ground as a chaos carnage ritual is set motion getting the technique charged. Eric says "Chaos brings Order" unleashing the full power of the technique. He begins charging at fast speed as the demon breaks down into chaos energy clones about ten of them. Each energy clone then disappear attacking doing about nine large energy blade slashes from a energy sword for an estimated total of 90 large energy sword slashes. The unbelievable part is that the enemy or enemies won't feel a thing it will be like nothing happen. Unseen to the naked eye the sword slashes will be completely invisible because of art of magic and body manipulation keeping them at a complete stand still. Finally, Eric will return back to normal then his claws will return back into normal fingers as the energy slashes will begin to attack the enemy or enemies.. It will feel like the clawed apart of horde of zombies or worse. {Strength of Hado 85.} [C.Down: 7 Posts]
Boosts: Zanjutsu x3, Strength x3, Speed x3, Spiritual Energy x3

Ability Name: Devil SwordStalker
Description: With his energy, Eric can create an glowing blue energy sword which float in air. By manipulating the energy molecules in the super energy sword breaking it then reforming it into a dark red devil sword energy projectile. These sword projectiles can be used for offensive and defensive purposes when the transformed human wants to prove a point. Eric can make a number of the chaos sword projectiles with every time has certain weaknesses to the energy devil swords. The Chaos Swords act on Eric's commands as a form of telekinesis and spiritual energy to control the devil swords. Moving at very Eric's very command. After losing to an arrancar in battle, He vowed to make a technique that would silence, wound or even hurt his enemies. Probably show his rivals that the former prince means business.
Devil Swords's Strength/Weakness
Devil Sword: {Strength of Hado 70} [C.Down: 2 Post]
Two Devil Swords: {Strength of Hado 35.} [C.Down: 4 Posts]
Four Devil Swords: {Strength of Hado 20.} [C.Down: 6 Posts]
Eight Devil Swords: {Strength of Hado 10.} [C.Down: 8 Posts]
Sixteen Devil Swords: {Strength of Hado 8, D.Swords Durability is a little weak but sharp} [C.Down: 11 Posts]
Twenty Devil Swords: {Strength of Hado 4, D.Swords Durability is weak but blade is sharper} [C.Down: 13 Posts]
Forty Devil Swords: {Strength of Hado 2, D Swords Durability weak like glass, deadly sharp} [C.Down: 15 Posts]
Ability Name: Devil Hellraiser
Description:  By charging the spiritual energy within the palm of his hand until it ready for an attack.  Burning it into a form of magma. Eric will force the magma condensing it into a energized magma ball sphere which the transformed human uses for attack an opponent. When it hits it will feel a hot fire bomb with a major blast radius of about a 10-15 feet. It has a flaw if the energized magma sphere is destroyed then the attack is no more. This inflict some damage upon his opponent having the strength of seven grenades combined.  {Strength of Hado 65} [Cooldown: 4 Posts]
Ability Name: Devil Eliminator
Description: An augmented form of Devil Hellraiser. A magma bomb of augmented proportions, Eric gets into an magma stance for a moment both feet on the ground. From the middle of the ground start eruption like a volcano as the lava will shoot straight up forming a yellow magma ball that stays up in the air. Raise up his hands forward channeling magma energy into the magma bomb. It starts creating a large red magma ball completely covering the yellow magma ball. He'll starts empowering with volcanic ash rocks which will seemed like very small rock shaped debris. Eric fires the bomb as it leaves a trail volcanic ash while it traveling at a fast speed heading off at the target the yellow magma ball with the bomb acts as a tracking beacon heading at the enemy. Once it hits the bomb can trigger a huge explosion having a blast radius of about 3-4 miles feeling like your inside the heart of an active volcano of 2,300*C. {Strength of Hado #90} [Cooldown: 10 Posts]
Ability Name: Dreadnought Knight
Description: An advanced higher form of his Chaos Shield almost completely the same to an arrancar's hierro. A spiritual armor that is formed when Eric gets into a guard stance as spiritual energy begins building up within him. Suddenly when enough energy is harness it begins to materialize forming and dark burning armor upon his transformed state. Almost like creating a full suit of knight armor upon him protecting the prince from damaging effects. Even though it a higher defensive mode it does have a time limit unlike an arrancar's hierro. Like a super armor, Eric can use this defensive power only twice if used a third time then it completely drain his spiritual energy leaving him open for attack. {Lasting for 4 Posts}
Boosts: Strength x4, Speed x4, Durability x4, Zanjutsu x 4 Spiritual Energy x4,

History: Eric Johnson Rhazesar was born within England being the son of King William and Queen Diana who was destined. Growing up wasn't easy it was all about studying and training throughout his childhood under the King's orders. King William wanted Eric to someday become a noble king to pass on the legacy from father to son but rule with an iron fist having a peaceful heart. Things started getting bad when people where getting murdered by an unknown force it was ignored by it sooner died down. On Eric's 26th birthday, Princess Anna was poisoned by an assassin's arrow which everyone in town feared that an evil witch was responsible for Anna's death. Eric wanted to hunt the witch but his father refused but the queen wanted to violence to end giving her blessing to end the monster who did this. Through reports, Morrigan was the name of the evil witch trying to control her lands once again. She wanted to destroy all humans and bring chaos and destruction to the whole world. Prince Eric and his soldiers went to the location of Morrigan's castle known as Castle Helmor.

Morrigan sent her orc army to defend the castle. After his troops dealt with the old hag's minions the prince confronted the evil one within her castle the two engaged in battle. Morrigan was a powerful witch using her evil sorcery at one point she managed to attack the prince with an assortment of attacks. Prince Eric was almost slaughtered by after she was preparing a sword attack one of the knight troops managed to shoot her with an arrow. She was distracted as Prince Eric charged at her stabbing her straight in her chest, Morrigan dying placed a time spell on Eric throwing him into a portal.

On April 2001, Prince Eric reappeared wondering what happened but after reading a newspaper finding out everything was gone. Morrigan sent him forward through time his chance to become king was gone. One of the most shocking things was went the prince looked into the mirror his hair was white the witch bastard changed his hair. It was a lot to digest the prince had nothing all of it was gone it felt like the witch got her revenge after she died at his hands. Something was wrong an unknown power was developing within him wondering if it was magic or sorcery but this was different. However, Eric heard someone screaming for help as the prince rushed to woman and then seeing this white creature what was this wasn't a dragon. No matter what it origins we're it had to be stopped, Eric with his sword but it didn't have any effect on the creature except making it angry. The hollow started attacking Eric slashing at him as the prince heard the woman crying just wanting to go home. He wanted to help her but nothing the prince could that was the talk of a fool chasing a dream. Eric's father believed him so did his mother to push him to move forward and achieve what he wanted to be achieve his dreams making them reality. This woman needed his help despite his wounds, Eric wasn't giving up yelling "MONSTER...YOU WON'T HARM THIS WOMAN I SWEAR IT". Just then his broken sword was engulfed with white energy as this spiritual energy felt somewhat pure. The hollow charged at him and Eric struck him hard splitting the monster in half but as the creature died what was this power. A lot of questions needed to be answered....

Eric rescued the woman taking her to the hospital but now he's was homeless. It was a bitch for a few months living with some homeless people but things started looking up. As these hollow attacks started again...Eric started noticing his power was growing this was very strange to him. This wasn't magic at all it was him a weird ghost energy helping him then the former prince was approached by someone wondering who he was. Eric started explaining his story to the woman which she thought was crazy but maybe some thugs hit him and now the poor man had amnesia. The woman named Alice thought about it and allow him to stay at her place wondering if his story was true but she thought....

After a few days, Eric started growing accustomed to this new lifestyle giving up old life and living normally. Alice took a blood sample to the hospital which led to whole lot of unbelievable shit the blood sample confirmed. This homeless person she allowed to live in her house was actually Prince Eric Johnson Rhazesar who disappeared decades ago and thought dead. Another one of the those white monsters appeared this time attacking children, Eric jumped out the window attacking the hollow head on. Attacking the hollow with full force but something else caught a warrior with black clothing appear attacking the hollow as well. Using a technique from his blade to kill the creature as the shinigami wondered how this human could see him. The shinigami started filling in the blanks to questions that Eric finally got answered these things were called hollows who must love human flesh. These people in black and weird clothing we're called soul reapers as the prince thought this was all new to him but their mission was noble to him to eliminate hollows. As the shinigami left, Eric had a goal to rid these evil hollows from harming people or anyone else that was his vow no longer a prince but a warrior with a mission.
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He's Finished at last....
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