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#1 Traveling Monk of Flame, Ferris on Thu Apr 19, 2018 10:49 pm

Name: Ferris Sterron Goldsworn
Apparent Age: 31 Years Old
True Age: 29 Years Old
Sex: Male
Personality: Ferris is a calm and rational person. Having spent years away from most civil societies he is also not a very social being.

Those he consider to be friends will find him warm and overly generous of what little he has. To him no physical items holds too much value to not be shared. He is quick to lend a helping hand, but only if asked first. He will not intervene if not asked for it. He believes a person should have to work hard to achieve their goals, and will scold anyone choosing to be lazy. Granted, it is not overly aggressive, more like passive disappointment. He can wield guilt as well as any physical weapon.

Though hard to earn, those who gain his ire will find him an unforgiving opponent. It was not his place to forgive and forget, but God's. Granted he would only get mad over something extreme, like murder.

If a person does not hold his friendship or hatred, basically on neutral ground, he will seem like a typical stoic monk with only the focus of enlightenment.

Height: 6 Feet, 4 Inches Tall
Weight: 201 Pounds
Physical Traits: Under his thick red cotton robes is a body that is toned both physically and spiritually. A life devoted to training for enlightenment gave him a durable and muscular frame. He has bright blue eyes the color of ice, and strawberry blonde hair that is just as bright when not kept under a hood. He wears leather sandals, no matter the weather. He keeps a small sack filled with simple supplies as well as a hand carved oak staff on his back when travelling. His facial hair is short, matching the hair on his head.

General Fighting Style: While not an aggressive man, he is unforgiving in combat. Any openings will be exploited and he will press the attack if things are in his favor. His fighting style is best used to gain the advantage for a good strike before taking back to defending himself, waiting for the right moment to lash out like the flame on a candle.
Strengths: Speed, Durability, Stamina, Spiritual Energy
Weaknesses: Spiritual Pressure, Spiritual Sensitivity/Sensing, Endurance


Minor Fire Control: Ferris is able to control fire to a small degree. He can use it to create constructs no larger than his fist, and it cannot be used in a hostile manner.

Ability Name: Ember of Purity
Description: Ferris developed this technique to purge his body of hostile toxins, poisons, venoms and energy. The level of strength required is dependent upon the strength of the energy being purged, and has a cooldown equal to the energy needed to purge his body. This ability works through controlled heating of the foreign entity, burning it up to be harmless and be released as ashes through his pores. Weaker poisons that only affect motor functions make this only able to be used once per post. Moderate poisons, which begin eating away at his flesh and damaging his nerves gives this a 2 post Cooldown. Foreign Spirit Energy and poisons that are especially lethal give this a 3 post Cooldown.
Ability Name: Flickering Platform
Description: This technique Ferris created to properly remain in the air, using his control over fire to rapidly heat the air under his feet and basically have him hover.
Ability Name: Heated Blood
Description: This is a passive ability Ferris developed to keep his body warm in colder climates, allowing him to remain dressed in his usual attire even in freezing areas.
Ability Name: Heaven’s Gift, Blazing Combustion Fist
Description: This ability is more hostile than the previous three. Ferris focuses a great deal of flames around one of his fists which he uses to strike out, enhancing his punch with the destructive power of a level 40 Hadou. Upon hitting a target the flames explode outward at the target, burning anything it touches and possibly giving first degree burns. This has a 1 post Cooldown.
Boosts: 2x Boosts to Speed, Strength, Durability & Stamina

Ability Name: Breath of the Sun
Description: Ferris coats his hand in flaming spiritual energy before cupping said hand into the shape of a funnel. He brings that hand near his lips and releases a large breath. With the breath comes a deadly rush of bright yellow flames that reach out up to 5 feet. The fire is as destructive as a Cero, can give up to 2nd degree burns, and has a 1 post cooldown.
Ability Name: Eruption of the Split Earth
Description: Ferris focuses Spirit Energy into one hand which he would then slam against the ground. He sends that energy into the ground he hit, and uses it to super-heat the ground. Cracks form around him up to 60 meters, and out of the cracks spew a mix of lava, fire and hot bits of earth that didn’t melt, damaging everything within that 60 meter area and up to twenty feet into the air for damage equal to a level 60 Hadou. This has a 2 post Cooldown.
Ability Name: Outstanding Discipline (Passive)
Description: Being a monk, Ferris has spent his entire life to find enlightenment through training, and this includes his ability to use fire for his attacks. He has come to understand how to control fire that is not his own. Not to any large degree in which to use it with his own attacks but he can neutralize a hostile attack that uses fire. The Cooldown is equal to the level attack that is neutralized.
Ability Name: Spirit Fist (Passive)
Description: Until knocked out or no longer fighting Ferris uses just a small bit of his Spirit Energy to enhance the strength of his physical attacks. It can be seen around his body as a very dim red glow. His physical attacks are enhanced with +1x Boost to Strength for as long as this is active.
Boosts: 3x Boosts to Speed, Durability, Stamina & Strength

Ability Name: Erupting Lotus
Description: The greatest testament to his patience and discipline on honing his ability, Ferris focuses a great deal of fire into one of his hands. The flaming energy will crackle and pop, begging for release. He releases this all into a single punch, one that would explode outwards into the shape of a massive lotus flower that is 50 meters around and reaches out 20 meters. This ability is as strong as a Cero Oscuras, and has a 4 post cooldown.
Ability Name: Way of Sun’s Limbs
Description: This was a technique he developed when traveling through Japan, and was inspired by the quick strikes involved by most of their martial arts. For this technique Ferris uses his flaming energy to increase the striking speed of his arms and legs tremendously for a deadly barrage of punches and kicks, each punch/kick getting a +1x boost to Strength and +2x Boost to Speed for this attack only. After which he takes a -2x Penalty to Strength and -3x to Speed for 2 posts as his limbs recover.
Ability Name: Fanning the Flame
Description: From the point of activating Hyper Mode Ferris can store the energy of attacks made against him. He still takes proper damage, but the force from attacks made against him will continue to build up. Once built up to a point he deems acceptable he can make one physical attack enhanced with the stored energy, the attack holding a destructive force equal to what he had built up. It takes time to properly build up force, and concentration to keep the energy held together, and as such can only be used once every three posts. Ferris can only store up to one Cero Oscuras worth of energy before being unable to contain more.
Ability Name: Flaming Finger of God
Description: For this ability, Ferris does not need to put his patience and control into play. He uses a great deal of Spirit Energy to create a large swirling vortex of flame all around him, reaching out up to 80 meters from where he stands. The vortex lasts 3 posts, damaging everyone except Ferris with a Cero’s worth of damage each post they’re exposed. This ability has a 2 post Cooldown.
Boosts: 4x Boosts to Speed, Strength, Durability & Stamina

History: Abandoned on the doorsteps of a monastery since birth Ferris has never known his real biological family. He was taken in by monks, where he was taught a life of humility through hard work. He was taught many skills growing up, and learned from the elder of the monastery himself. As a child, he was even given Sterron as a surname, after the man that had created their dwelling, the first to call this monastery home.

However, once he was twelve his latent abilities started to show. He would wake up to burned sheets, and unknowingly burned his robes. Fearing he was not human they took away his surname, he was taken to a large church to be looked at by priests. After being sprinkled with Holy Water with no clear effect, they concluded that he was not demon-possessed. Instead he was taken to live with a different sect. of monks, where he was taught how to use and control his unique God-given gift. Years pass, and the boy grew into a man. At the age of twenty he was given some supplies and told that if he was to find his purpose, why he had been given his ability, he needed to go into the world and seek enlightenment his own way.

So here he was, heading across the world with what little he can carry and a goal that would last him his entire life: ‘What is my purpose?’
Side Notes: Equipment: 1 oak staff, 2 days emergency rations(Beef Jerky), 1 Health Potion (Gregor’s Store)
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#2 Re: Traveling Monk of Flame, Ferris on Fri Apr 20, 2018 12:06 pm

Approved, Tier 1-3.

Please remember Hyper Mode is restricted to 0-5 and higher.

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