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#1 Eun Yong (yes, again. not done yet.) on Wed Apr 18, 2018 11:58 pm

Noziel Aran

8th Division
8th Division


Name: Eun Shiba Yong (still no relation to the magicky Shibas)
Apparent Age: 18
True Age: 22
Sex: Male
Personality: Eun, who was once an emotional explosion waiting to happen, and another time, a stone cold killer, is now the person he feels that he should have been, all this time. His emotions tend to spill over into one another as they once did, but he is now capable of separating them, keeping logic balanced with them, and identifying what each one is meant for. He's become rather laid-back, fluid, and low-stress, just to keep a space of calmness around these unending emotions. That said, if someone is interested in trying to bait him, or to invade upon someone else's comfort, he can and will set them in their place.

A warm and welcoming individual, and in a balance of logic, intelligence, and emotion, he simply wishes to create an environment of peace. There will always be some fight in him, as going without it is simply a waste, but to keep that last inch of his... To fully retain his one wish, he will do whatever he is made to do. And he will do it with pride.

I'll be honest, it's really hard to accurately define his personality, I'll try and fix this later.


Height: 6'1
Weight: 190 lbs
Physical Traits:

Having grown his hair out to obscene lengths, he seems a bit too attached to really cut or trim it much. He does however take good care of it, so however scraggly, it maintains a healthy dark shine, and is relatively in line. If you manage to see his eyes, they'll be a slightly glassy green. His frame suggests that he is capable, although some people might get the sense that they can get a leg up on him.


General Fighting Style: He normally won't fight much at all, but he doesn't mind the idea of standing in one spot and blasting people with sound-based attacks. I mean, it's not like he's the only one that does that.

Strengths: Reiryoku, Durability, Reiatsu
Weaknesses: Speed, Sensing, Zanjutsu


Fullbring Item: As always, it has to be something Silver. It changed again.
Fullbring Appearance:

Ability Name: Silver Finesse
Description: As usual, Eun has the ability to refine Silver to .999 purity. This can done so long as he's touching it. Normally, this doesn't have much use, but his abilities have adjusted to make use of this.

Ability Name: Silverskin
Description: His affinity for silver has caused silver to end up in his bloodstream, skin, and organs. Most people would die from the metal toxicity, but in his case, it acts as an extension of his immune system, capable of flushing out any unwanted particles. This applies regardless of whether Fullbring is released or sealed.

Ability Name: Audiophile
Description: Eun has the capability to play sound at any time in a fashion that it fills a room. This is mostly used to establish a social and relaxed atmosphere, as he's a walking music player.

Ability Name: Soundsepher
Description: This ability allows him to contain his own sound as a personal choice. Any sound of movement or life is quickly muffled out. This can obviously be disengaged at will.

Boosts: x3 Reiatsu


Fullbring Appearance:

Basically that overtop of his basic appearance.

Ability Name: Playlist
Description: Eun has a list of 4 songs that play while he's in combat. Depending on which one is playing, other abilities will have different effects. The four songs are Chaos, Life, Rain, and Vortex. He can change tracks once per post. This also has a "Stop." function, and will not augment any abilities if this is the case.

Ability Name: Soundfont
Description: Eun can summon a forced thrust of sound, pressurizing the air and forcing it out in a single direction. This ability can be sourced from anywhere, and can force outward in any single direction. Damage is equivalent to about a Hadou 40 if directly hit.
Chaos - This song changes Soundfont into a sphere-like burst instead of a pressurized stream, and affects anything within a 3 meter radius of its center.
Life - If a physical attack were prevented during Soundfont, this song takes the force of that attack that was halted by Soundfont and converts it into healing.
Rain - This song takes Soundfont and focuses it directly onto something, channeling it into several, smaller impacts that penetrate into the opponent.
Vortex - This song reverses the effect of Soundfont and creates a vacuum that sucks the target to the origin of the blast.

Ability Name: Soundcloud
Description: This ability allows Eun to walk on air, fly, and control his descent through various uses of sound manipulation.

Ability Name: Sonar
Description: This ability has Eun send a pulse of sound energy into the earth, and wait. When the sound wave comes back, he'll have an idea of his surroundings using the same concept as Sonar, hence the ability name.

Ability Name: Soundquake
Description: This ability is an amplfied version of Sonar, but instead of location, its purpose is raw destruction. This ability does Cero Damage to anything in a controlled radius, from 5 meters to a maximum of 100, depending on Eun's choice of action.
Chaos - Automatically forces the radius to 100 meters, and cranks the damage up to Gran Rey level. Cooldown becomes 3 posts
Rain - Blasts a controlled area of 2 meters for a Gran Rey's worth of damage, then hits a 5 meter radius for an additional Cero. 4 post cooldown.
Life - Reverses the effect of Soundquake and instead repairs damage to structures, puts things back into place, and does a two-post equivalent of Regen to anyone in the radius
Vortex Fires a Sound Pulse from the ground below the target. If the target is airborne, they take a full Oscuras worth of damage, and the ability cools down for 4 posts. Otherwise they are knocked into the air and take only a Cero's worth.

Ability Name: Bass Cannon
Description: Eun focuses his control of sound from anywhere to the size of a pinhead, or expands it to the size of his whole body. Either way, the resounding force is enough to shatter limbs, rip flesh off of bone, and catapult the remains into the next country. This ability has the damage of two forbidden kidou, and will put Eun in a fatigue state for the rest of the thread.
Alternatively the damage of this can be split across up to four uses, but the end result is the same.

Boosts: x4 Reiatsu


History: In the womb, there was a hollow attack of a rather large scale. Several small fries and a few Gillian class showed up to terrorize the area and find more souls to devour. During the attack, the hollows were drawn to the Yong family, and his father stood up to protect them, giving his life essence to protect them. Though the man fell, Hollows still drove by. One of them attempted to reach inside Eun's mother, and instead, was vaporized by an unseen force. Born to a semi-poor family in Seoul, North Korea, Eun was named for the aspirations of his family. His mother wished him to gain fame, riches and power by any means. Though his dad was now gone, his family was still taking after him. After a time, his mother allowed him minor treats here and there. One of these was the necklace he never stopped wearing.

Though he didn't ever seem to remember much, Eun was a very studious boy and kept trying his best to please his mother. After all, she was all he had left. The few times she did give him a gift, it was something valuable, like his necklace, or fancy clothing, or something else that needed to be taken care of. Unfortunately, if anything ever happened to the gifts he was given, Eun was chastised heavily for wasting money. As time grew on, his grades slipped, and more and more often he found himself at the mercy of his mother, yelled at, disciplined, and disgraced all the more for things that were becoming less and less his fault. One day, his mother came home drunk, and spouted something about him stealing from her. He was scared and didn't understand what she meant, not at first. But it became clear she was referring to the silver-emerald necklace he wore. He explained to her that it was a gift that she gave him, but she refused to listen. She said it was never earned and that the necklace was worth more to her than Eun was. All of a sudden, his mind went black. He woke up to find the whole house was flattened, and his mother... Oh dear god, his mother, crushed and twisted under the wreckage. What poor Eun didn't understand was that his necklace seemed to hear him, and grew into a massive snake of silver and emerald, blocking out his memories and causing him to embrace the emotional turmoil caused by abuse. It was he who in one blast, leveled his house and killed his mother. He wouldn't know for a very long time.

A few years passed and he was bequeathed enough money from his dead mother to make a trip to Canada, specifically Victoria of British Columbia.  He managed to get a job at a small grocery store and held the job for only a couple weeks before a customer started to berate him. Again, he went black and has no memory of that day. The store was destroyed, and everyone in it, dead. He retreated into his apartment, to hide from whatever it was. See, he didn't understand what this was, or why it happened to him. He also tried to live a normal life, but it was difficult. To this day, Eun only sparingly goes to school in Victoria, BC, Canada, and works odd jobs as a result of paranoia.

The truth of the matter is that life is finite. At least that is what Eun first thought. Emptier than the blackness of the void, his dream was long and quiet, until the first rune appeared. Then a voice sounded. "Your power will soon awaken." This was the rebirth of Eun. He would forget all but his prior name, instead referring to himself as Eun Shiba. Awakened now to a new truth and a new power, one centered around control, Eun now exists with one purpose in mind. Order. He's already lost plenty, most of which by his own hands. He has taken the runes he's been given, along with the new form his fullbring takes, a gun. It is no ordinary gun though....

Side Notes: Planning on having him open a diner-bar in Tokyo. woots.
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#2 Re: Eun Yong (yes, again. not done yet.) on Thu Apr 19, 2018 2:18 am


Gfx Queen
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#3 Re: Eun Yong (yes, again. not done yet.) on Wed Jun 27, 2018 8:06 am

Mei TOnline

Mei's 4th Squad
Mei's 4th Squad
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