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#11 Re: [Private] Job Opportunity [Frey] on Wed May 09, 2018 8:36 am

He followed close behind, not much of a peep said between the two of them, when he suddenly began to hear the unmistakable sound of humming, rather low too. Looking up, he was about to ask Frey if she heard someone humming, but realized that it was her, and it was a rather melodious, wonderful tune. Slowly he saw a blue glow spread out across her body, and he watched almost reverently, mind completely blank to anything except for what she was doing.

She said something in a different language, he didn’t exactly hear what, and as he looked down he noticed blue energy had spiraled up his legs. It had formed some kind of sticky substance where the coffee had landed, and as she spoke her command, it all suddenly bubbled away, leaving the pants as fresh as when he’d first put them on. Eyes now a bit more wide and awestruck, than a few seconds ago, he watched her as she said that no one would look at his crotch anymore, before breaking off into a jog.

His furious blushing did nothing to help the fact that he was here to work for her as both an IT and bodyguard. It blew his mind in several ways, and still he was also working for Avon. Life had taken several strange turns that he had not expected in the least. Realizing that she was getting ahead of him, he broke out into a jog himself, trying to make sure that he stayed caught up with the woman ahead of him.

At the entrance to her shop, Raphael was greeted with what had to have been the most adorable sign to a bakery he’d ever seen. There was a cartoonish puffin, one hand up and out to welcome shop-goers and the other on its hip, wearing a small sailor hat. Despite the childish appearance it was quite apropos for a shop called the Sugar Puffin Bakery. Interestingly the shop was two stories, one for the shop itself and the second for, what Raphael assumed, was the living area.

As they entered, she left the sign on the door that said out to lunch and started up some stairs with a statue of Odin, on the left of the shop. He turned right at the top of the stairs, looking as it opened into a wide living area. Then she deftly opened the blinds that kept the room dark, apparently preferring natural light to the light from an electric bulb, though Raph couldn’t deny the appeal.

He looked around as she gestured and had to admit that she was right; the room that they were in looked very cozy, a nice place to relax and unwind. Gesturing down the hall, she explained that the guestroom was down there along with her and the bathrooms. He had no idea how her mentor had afforded the place either, as amazing as it was. Then she asked for him to have a seat, and he couldn’t help but sit down on an adjacent sofa. He didn’t want to be rude or, heaven forbid forward, and sit beside her.

“This is a really nice place you got here! Hell, my computer shop back home wasn’t nearly this nice. I know a lot of people back home that would kill to have a place as nice as this!” He looked around a few times before relaxing into the chair. “Ever wonder what you’re going to do with all this space?” Now that was a half-joke, but he truly was curious. “For someone like me, it’d be easy to fill, just a computer there, my game system there…” He trailed off gesturing at several different places. “Then again, I do like how you’ve got it set up.” For a second he stole another glance at her, taking in her face, framed by her hair and then cast his gaze to the television. “Oh! What was that you did a little bit ago? When you cleaned my pants? Sorry, I’ve just got a lot of questions.” He chuckled awkwardly though was raging at himself inside. He just hoped that she didn’t mind the myriad of questions being thrown her way.

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#12 Re: [Private] Job Opportunity [Frey] on Mon May 14, 2018 4:46 am

Freyleif let out a giggle as Raph began to speak more questions. She looked over at him, taking in his facial appearance and then redness glowed on her cheeks again before she quickly looked towards the TV. It was indeed a really nice deal out for this kind of place, expensive as hell too; and somehow, she was lucky to get this place because of her mentor and unknowingly support from her kin.

She took around the mostly empty room. Honestly, she was unsure to do with all this space, she did have video games in one pack but they we mostly old Gameboy stuff.  She nodded along with his suggestions then wondered how she could explain the little trick she used on him. First, she would answer him that.

“It was a cleaning spell,” she said brushing back some of her fringes. She knew that answer would be simple enough and he’d pry more. “I learned it from my mentor when my mother, unfortunately, passed away. Say, have you ever heard of the Quincy?” emeralds rested on him once more. Obviously, he probably had no clue of the people who formed clans or tribes who hunted monsters. She didn't look so down about the mention of her mother passing away and just put on a smile.

“Anyway, the short version: the Quincy use silver tubes and other tools to hunt down the Hollow,” she explained and brought up her legs to wrap her arms around and rest her chin on her knees. “I don’t know why we call ourselves “Quincy” but we’re a people who like to keep the bloodline ‘pure’ and our origins, so they say, come from Germany. Some of us form clans or tribes and hunt in secret or share knowledge. Regardless, I am one of those but don’t use tools unlike my brethren and these Ginto or silver tubes are etched into my body.” she lifted up her sleeve to show him the scarification of her runes along her forearms.

“If you have any questions feel free to ask,” she continued with a smile and let down her sleeves. “To your other question; I have no idea what I’m going to do with all this space so you can set up your stuff here or in your room. I didn’t get to play many video games growing up, the most I have are old Gameboy games.” she stood up and moved over to the boxes to the side and picked up one small one before moving back to sit down. The teen ran her finger along the tape along the top and slowly it glowed before a ripping sound could be heard. Opening up the box, Freyleif took out her old worn looking Gameboy and set it on the small table and the few Kirby games along with Mario Bros.

“Kirby is a fun game, love how he can suck up things and become it,” she couldn't’ help but giggle and look over the game fondly. “If you had Kirby like powers, do you think you could take in Hollow powers?” she asked grinning over to Raph.

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#13 Re: [Private] Job Opportunity [Frey] on Mon May 14, 2018 8:04 am

She let out a giggle as he asked his questions and even as she turned away from him to look at the TV, cheeks glowing a light red, he himself felt the same burning spread on his own cheeks. He followed her eyes around the room, and wondered if she was contemplating his question, which honestly made him a little more embarrassed. He hadn’t meant it to be a serious question, honestly, he’d just been trying to make conversation, especially since he wasn’t one hundred percent certain as to how to speak to his new employer.

He scratched his chin, slowly considering what she meant by a cleaning spell. Despite the fact that it was energy in and of itself, there was something about the word ‘spell’ that always rubbed him the wrong way. He frowned ever so slightly. No that wasn’t quite right, he thought. It wasn’t the word that he disliked, it was the connotations of the word that got on his nerves. Using a word in such a way made it seem like it was only magic, almost like there was no reason to keep pushing forward. He smiled, though.

“A cleaning spell? That’s pretty impressive! I’ve never heard of anything like that before!”

But when she asked if he knew anything about Quincy, he nodded, looking slightly away from her and groaning inwardly. His brother, after all, was a quincy and had had the ability to form a weapon of what he called reishi. Raph had never exactly understood exactly what reishi was, though his brother did tell him that Raphael himself utilized reiryoku, whatever the fuck that was. He knew it simply as energy that he emitted.

“To be honest,” he said smiling sheepishly, “my brother is a quincy himself, though because of the fact that he was never trained he probably doesn’t know about things like those tools.” Then he kicked back on the couch. “Or maybe he’s finally started training and knows all about them now, I dunno. Mostly I’ve been trying to focus on my old job, but from the sounds of this, I’m going to have to start focusing on my powers and getting better with ‘em.” Then he slapped his knees and laughed. “I never even had a freaking mentor for shit like that… I was pretty much doing everything on my own.”

Right before he began pondering questions, she suddenly said that she didn’t have many game systems at all and hadn’t played many games. In a way it surprised him that he was going to have to show her all the games. He smiled.

“Yeah, I remember Kirby,” he said grinning. “But to be honest, even if I could copy powers I don’t think I’d take in any hollow powers. I’m not that desperate for power that I’d take on the devil’s curse, plus I don’t even think you could survive it if you did.” Then he began getting into the dufflebag that he’d brought with him, and unpacked his playstation four and began to set it up before handing her the controller with a grin. “Ok, so you said you really haven’t played much other than the GBA right? Get ready to try out some PS4! AND I have the perfect game for it! Time to prepare some Uncharted Four!”

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#14 Re: [Private] Job Opportunity [Frey] on Sat May 19, 2018 1:02 am

Freyelif blinked when she heard that he had a brother that was Quincy. It made her wonder if Raph had any Quincy blood in him too, she didn’t see a cross on him like most Quincy carry around, plus he didn’t have a mentor to teach him the ‘ways’ and he seemed pretty fascinated by seeing her spell. It would be something she would have to help at a later date.

“Kirby is so cute and sometimes, when I was little, I would wish to be riding on my star and sucking up all the bad ghosts,” Freyleif smiled at that thought. When she watched him dig through his duffel bag, her curiosity unfolded tenfold and her eyes sparkled with wonder on the Playstation Four. She took the offered controller and looked over like it was the first time she saw something new in a console. “Oh wow! So this is what the PS4 looks like.” she marveled a moment while looking at the console then controller.

“Yeah, I’ve been living under a rock most of my childhood. My mentor kept me out in the fields than play all the time. Anyway,” she chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of her head with her free hand.”So what’s this Uncharted Four? Are we going to play some before hunting?” not that she didn’t mind the idea of playing games instead of a good hunt, plus it was still pretty light outside and plenty of time to wind down. It had been ages since she had tried to play anything new lately and all the 'Hunt Hollow' and no play did make her all tense.

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#15 Re: [Private] Job Opportunity [Frey] on Sun May 20, 2018 9:43 pm

He smiled when she talked about wishing to be like Kirby, flying around on a star sucking up bad guys and getting rid of them in a way that would work so well. Raph couldn’t deny that as a kid he’d wondered how Kirby had done that, and was pretty sure that he’d seen something about it on a Youtube video once or twice. Never had clicked on it, since it seemed really clickbaity but now that she was nerding out about Kirby, it made him wanna watch that video again.

When he pulled out the PS4 she ogled it for a moment and was incredibly excited. He was pretty happy that she liked the game system, after all he was never sure how people would take his hobbies. Was definitely a fan of games in general, especially using his game system and his computer. He was almost disappointed that he hadn’t been able to setup his good computer, but he’d just arrived and they were planning on going out hunting later.

“A rock?” he replied when she said she’d been living under a rock and that she’d been constantly out in the field. “Nah, you’ve not been living under a rock. You’ve been focusing on different things. If I’d had a mentor or a family of any kind that focused on killing evil spirits then I’d probably not be as much of a technophile as I am. Plus,” and he held up his hand allowing a small flame to bloom into a flower in his hand. “Not many mentors that can teach about something like that. Screwing with energy is…weird sometimes.” He shoved the disk into the playstation. There was a beep and then he heard the low murmuring hum of the machine coming to life. With a broad smile he ran back over to the couch and plopped down beside her, pressing the small black button in the center of the controller.

“Yeah!” he said with a smile when she asked about gaming before the hunt. “It’s a little tradition of mine, helps me limber up before I go out to kill a mask or two. Anyways, Uncharted Four is a story about a guy who had been a treasure hunter for a while and then stopped to settle down then he’s pulled back into it suddenly. Don’t let me spoil the game though, go on!” And if she started to play they would go through the beginning of the adventure and even unto the main characters running through an old prison in South America. He sat there to watch and let her play as long as she wanted.

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#16 Re: [Private] Job Opportunity [Frey] on Thu May 24, 2018 4:38 am

He was right about not living a rock. Freyleif had been focused on hunting Hollow to protect herself and humanity, something her mentor thought was more important than video games. Her attention then was put on the little display of blue flame that formed into a flower causing her cheeks to redden at such beauty.

“That’s pretty,” she commented then looked to the PS4 when it beeped. Her emeralds watched how he used the controller for certain functions and then watched the screen as the PS4 logo came on. Once the controller was in her hands, she already became so focused on the game and the crips look on the 79" screen tv on the wall. She became so engrossed in the story, having a bit of time figuring out the controls and having Raph help her through the tension scenes.

They played a good few hours away until Freyleif noticed the time and the fact that the sun was starting to set. She enjoyed it so much and only took breaks to get snacks or go to the bathroom, she didn’t have this much fun in a long time; it was nice to kick back and relax than working all the time.

“So how fancy should we go in this ‘lil hunting?” Freyleif asked while stretching out. “Should we go in with our hunting gear decked out or go in causal?” she thought about wearing her old Quincy uniform but that didn’t warrant attraction unless Raph picked somewhere in the forest.

“I had fun by the way!” she added with a giggle. “Let’s play more on our off days, okay? Oh - and your work clothes will be laid out in your room tomorrow, I kinda got to get them washed up. Wait here a moment.” she rubbed the back of her head sheepishly. She then quickly moved out of the room and came back just a few minutes later holding her folded Quincy uniform before spreading it out on the table for him to see. The uniform was standard to most Quincy wear; a little modification of a fur trimmed mantle made out of real wolf skin, the boots furred and made for the snow, elbow long white gloves with blue lines, a white and blue jacket and Quincy-ish military undershirt and plain pants, lastly belts with chain links of three Gintō and one seele attached.

"What do you think? " she asked. "Should we go all out tonight~?"

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#17 Re: [Private] Job Opportunity [Frey] on Thu May 24, 2018 11:47 am

As she watched the fire to flower display, he reddened himself when she called it pretty and quickly did his best to switch her attention to the gaming system. He was having a blast gaming with her, and it was fun seeing her get so involved in the story, asking who some of the characters were and having him explain what was happening or about one of the other games. She didn’t struggle much with the controls, surprisingly. He was sure with how she said that she’d never had a game system beyond the GBA that she would’ve had problems figuring out one button or another. He did have to help her in some of the bigger fighting scenes, and he couldn’t blame her for that.

They whiled away a good few hours on the game, playing through the initial boat ride, the prison. Hell they even go all the way to stealing form an auction house, before Raph realized it was nearly dark out. Looking up at the clock he wished that they’d had more time. He’d been enjoying himself.

When she asked about hunting gear he couldn’t help but be a little bit confused. He was about to voice this confusion before smiling when she mentioned that she’d had fun and that they should definitely game some more on days off. He sat back down when she said to wait, and then came back with, what he assumed, was her old quincy uniform. Even his brother hadn’t had something like this, and the guy was a full blown quincy! Raph was stunned, to say the least, and speechless at best. It was almost military, in fact, with slight alterations here and there.

When she asked if they should go all out, he smiled sheepishly. “I’d say that we should but, I have a confession. I don’t have any kind of big hunting gear, to be honest.” He walked into his room and, a bit embarrassed, came back out in a denim jacket that was just a little too big for him, and a baseball cap with the Saints’ emblem on it. “Ta-da. This is what I always hunted in back home. I would suppress my energy, until only more than normal was seeping out and then strike.” He blushed and pulled his hat down, to hide it. “But yeah, I think we should go all out.”

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#18 Re: [Private] Job Opportunity [Frey] on Sun Jun 03, 2018 8:07 pm

When Raph came out with his denim jacket and Saints’ baseball cap, Freyleif couldn’t help chuckle at the apparel. He looked more like a baseball player than a hunter - which was fine, he looked nice in it regardless.

“My favorite kind of clothes!” Freyleif stepped close to him and took the hem of his jacket to feel and nodded. It was cute he tried to hide his blush and she backed away taking another look at him. “I’m not that good in suppressing my energy sadly. As my mentor would say: “You run in like a lindworm!” and I guess he’s kinda true on that, I strike fast and wildly.” she scratched at her right cheek with a finger.

Moving on in her embarrassment, Freyleif picked up her Quincy gear and headed off to her room to change. She grabbed a few more hollow bait before coming out and adjusted her belt before looking at Raph for his approval.

‘So, how do I look?” she spun around on her heels to do a full 360 and laughed. She waited on his comment before taking out one of her seeles and gave it a test, it ignited with blue energy from the blade and thrummed then turned it off. “Let’s be off. Why don’t ya be the leader and choose where to go? Granted maybe the forest would be a good start, what do you say?”

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#19 Re: [Private] Job Opportunity [Frey] on Mon Jun 04, 2018 7:10 am

He blushed more furiously when she took the hem of his jacket and played with it a bit. It wasn’t like it was the first time someone had played with the hem of his jacket, but it was the first time that someone… It was the first time that someone like Frey had played with the hem of his jacket. He was still blushing furiously as she commented on his clothes and, for the first time in his life, he wished that he could shrink down a bit. Yet he smiled a bit when she said that she couldn’t suppress her energy very well, making them rather opposite in such regards. Where she was run and gun, he was very careful.

She picked up her gear and vanished into her room, most likely to get ready, and left him to wonder just how quincy prepared for such a thing. Then he finally started to take a look around. How on Earth had she managed to afford such a place? How had she even come here in the first place, her name suggested Swedish, or Icelandic, one of the two. Was she a black sheep of the family? Had her family sent her here for training? It wasn’t that important, he hadn’t been hired to ask questions.

He looked over at her and smiled as she asked how she looked. Yet as she pivoted a good three hundred and sixty degrees, he felt his heart skip a beat.

“You look great,” he half-whispered looking at her in a bit of awe. “Now as for where to go…” He thought for a few moments, thinking of where the best place to go would be. “I’d say that you’re right on the forest and I think that if we play our cards just right, with me being bait, and you being the attacker. We’ll hit it with an ambush attack and beat the crap out of the damn thing. That sound good?” He flashed her a smile. “Then after that, maybe we can head out and grab some dinner, or at worst some coffee.”

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#20 Re: [Private] Job Opportunity [Frey] on Wed Jun 13, 2018 12:04 am

His face had turned a shade darker in red when she played with the hem of his jacket. How cute. She would have to tease him later on that note. Raph was truly her first friend, and she hoped that they would continue to be as they just met; she could feel a great bond in him and he didn’t try to cheat her out of anything.

His comment on her outfit made her smile a bit and nodded when he said their destination should be the forest. “You as the bait, huh?” she pondered over that idea. At first, she wanted to reject that idea, but she had to give him a bit of faith, besides he said he had gone hunting before and she needed to see his abilities in action; thus they needed to work as a team.

“Alright,” she finally decided. “We should first look around our surroundings and figure out a place to hide. We still have plenty of time,” she looked down at her hollow bait container that was a small, metal, container. “Hopefully I won’t have to use this tonight, and we won’t know how many show up if I use this bait.” she took it off its hook and let Raph examine it a moment.

“Let’s go!” she put the bait away and quickly reached out to take Raph’s hand. The excitement bursting of her as she could finally go hunting again, this time not alone. If he allowed, Freyleif would drag him down the stairs and out of the shop in a rush.

Once they entered the forest, the Quincy was already off to scout around the area. She needed to figure out where would be a good hiding place and time enough to keep her spiritual energy under the wraps.

“Okay! I’m going to hide somewhere, and I need your help to see if you can sense my energy. Ready?” she said before once vanishing in thin air to look for a place.

“Can you feel me from here?” she called from behind a dense line of pine trees.

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