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#1 Simulation Rules on Mon Apr 16, 2018 10:39 am

Noziel Aran

8th Division
8th Division
As discussed, each Organization Leader gets to create their own simulation module. It's up to them what they do with it, whether they leave it as it currently is, or whether they completely overhaul it. While it wouldn't break everything to have no limit on them, I'm doing so anyways for story reasons.

Each organization is given full access to character data of their members, and for no reason can that data be revoked. This includes members that are deceased or long departed. If they were in the org during the current history of this site, they're free game.

Character data that is altered does not necessarily mean that the system needs to reflect that. If abilities of certain characters change, then they can still exist in simulation, just be aware that they may not be listed outright. If a deceased character was once known to an extent by the leader in question, then this also can be added in.

Additional character data can be added, but only if the respective leader of that organization is privy to the information in question. This means that only abilities they have seen, or have been made aware of can be added. This also means you can't add anyone into the system without the same awareness. (Please use Organization info share threads if collecting data for your leader.)

Character data can be adjusted to any tier from 5-1 (which doesn't exist normally) to 0-1 (which can't be obtained normally). In freeform simulation, up to 5 slots are made for characters to be placed at any tier. It was mentioned that size alteration of most enemies is possible, but I'm going to limit this to non-player characters and primarily that of Hollows/Arrancar. Maybe in certain cases, humans, but yeah.

Difficulty ranks and missions can be made, but only at the sole discretion of the leader for that organization. Tier-ups can be given out as rewards, but only with staff permission on approved mission simulations. This will most likely end up meaning if your character is tackling a simulated mission that is above their current tier's skill level, it may be grounds for a tier-up.

Organization leaders and staff have the right to fail any or all participating members during a simulation at any time or pull them out of it with or without cause at any time, revoking any potential rewards. This will be moderated however. I doubt there will be abuse of such a mechanic, but if it is, action will be taken accordingly.

Any mission AI enemies will be played by a select handful of site members, whose names will not be disclosed. You will be free to guess, but the end result will be the same. You will only ever see the NPC account posting as your AI opposition.

For the moment, only CHAOS has a missions folder, as I intend to work on that very soon. If you want me to do the same for your organization, please PM me. Speaking of, the 4 main organizations are the only one with this feature, but again, if a smaller organization would like the opportunity, please PM me.
Lastly, if you wish to opt out of making your org's simulation, PM me, and I'll handle it.

Remember that as the creator of this system, and as an admin, I reserve the right to alter, change, add to, or remove any or all of these rules at any given time without notice. I will try to notify org leaders specifically if such changes are made though.


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