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#1 Graven the Redeemed (Done) on Fri Apr 13, 2018 7:29 am

Name: Graven Fel
Alias: Hildolfr, Eye of the All-Father
Real Age: 6,000
Phys. Age: 22
Gender: Male
Personality: Graven, after his purification at the hands of Ika, has gone through a massive change in personality. In reality, however, this is a return to his original outlook on life, the one he had when he was alive. This was, of course, thousands of years ago, but he doesn't necessarily mind going back to that.

Graven is a rather happy-go-lucky person, one who would seem perfectly at home sleeping under a tree somewhere. His insight into the hearts of those around him is nearly impeccable, and he almost always has a smile on his face. This doesn't mean he can't be serious, but he'd much rather joke around with the people around him than be a stick in the mud.

When it comes to battle, the former Arrancar is still seen smiling, although this time it has taken on an edge, along with a prayer being uttered beneath his breath. He isn't one to prolong a fight, but he'd be damned if he didn't enjoy it. He always has, and he always will.

While he doesn't necessarily remember too much about his time as a Hollow, he remembers faces and names of those who he was close to, along with a few moments attached to each. Whenever he has a flashback, or when one is close, he'll begin to have a killer headache, and it gets pretty annoying.

All in all, Graven is a rather flirtatious and infectiously-cheerful person with a twisted sense of humor, a far cry from the lazy old wolf he used to be.

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 173
Physical Traits:

General Fighting Style: Graven's fighting style mirrors that from his life, rather than his time as a Hollow. He is a spectacular swordsman, capable of incredible feats of skill with a blade, and manages to blend his unique abilities in with a harmony that belies his normally erratic nature.

Strengths: Speed, Strength, Zanjutsu
Weaknesses: Stamina, Spiritual Sensing

Ability Name: Transcendent Inheritance
Ability Description: Due to his past as the original Arrancar, Graven has retained much of his original strength after his death. This allows him to have a passive bonus to both Reiatsu and Reiryoku, depending on his his release state. x3 in Sealed, x4 in Shikai, x5 in Bankai, and x6 in Toukai. Unfortunately, this also forces him to be incapable of sensing anyone spiritually.-

Ability Name: Eyes of Odin
Ability Description: A gift from the All-Father in life, a man known to many as the Soul King, Graven has awakened his "vision" once more. When active, his blue eyes begin glowing and Graven gains the ability to see fate. In combat, he is capable of using this ability to manipulate occurrences in one of two ways. This ability has a four post cooldown, shared by all options possible.

1) Graven is able to maneuver his way through the weft and flow of fate to regenerate 5% of his reiryoku.
2) Graven is able to avoid a single attack completely by manipulating his own location.

General Techniques:
Name: Senmaioroshi
Description: A Zanjutsu technique that uses ultra-high speed to perform a series of strikes, seemingly all within the span of a few seconds. Its counterpart is the Hakuda skill of Ryoken, which uses the same theory, but adjusts for the use of fists. This technique is very taxing, and can only be used every five posts.

Name: Hitotsume: Nadegiri
Description: A precision cut of extreme force and speed which can casually slice through large, multi-story high opponents protected by steel skin. This slash is so precise and swift, its victims are typically not even aware of it until after it has taken place. This technique requires a three post cooldown.


Sealed Appearance:

Sealed Zanpakuto:

Zanpakutou Name: Gramr
Call Out Command: Rísa (Arise), Gramr.



Ability Name: Psychic Constructs/Manipulation
Ability Description: Graven is capable of using his mind to harden and manipulate his reiatsu in any way he sees fit. These constructs are created from what appears to be smooth black metal surrounded in mist of the same color. He is only able to have five objects freely under his control using this power alone. Others must come from his various abilities. These constructs are approximately as strong as high-quality steel, and can be broken with enough force. Graven is only capable of created constructs within fifty feet of himself.

Ability Name: Mind Reinforcement
Ability Description: Graven is capable of augmenting a single physical ability of his choice by x1 for three posts, with a cooldown of two posts.

Ability Name: Psionic
Ability Description: Using the power of his psychic manipulation, Graven is able to cast a single Kidou at full strength without use of the incantation once every five posts. If the chosen Kidou spell is of Forbidden-Level, then Graven must at least speak the name in order to manipulate the energy properly.

Ability Name: Psywave
Ability Description: Charging his psychic energy into his weapon, Graven can fire it off in a focused wave following the arc of his swing for up to 20 meters dealing Cero-level damage to everything it hits. He can further charge this ability to instead deal Gran Rey Cero damage, but it gains a 3 post cooldown when used this way, otherwise it can be used once per post.

Ability Name: Psychic Shielding [Passive]
Ability Description: Graven subconsciously defends his body with a psychic aura. This functionally gives Graven the equivalent a Hierro in terms of defense that is twice as powerful when hit with Energy-based attacks. Effectively, this reduces incoming damage from physical attacks by 10%, and from energy attacks by 20%. This cannot be turned off, and drains energy from Graven equivalent to a Hado #4 every post.

Ability Name: Psyshock
Ability Description: Graven targets a specific point within 10 meters of him. Channeling reiatsu and psychic energies through his focal vision, he can detonate an area to deal Hado 60 damage to everything within 5 feet of that location in all directions. The energies being built up can be felt, and there is a slight spatial distortion at the impact site.  Graven can use this ability every other post.

Ability Name: Cosmic Power
Ability Description: Graven augments his Psychic Shielding ability to double its strength for up to 3 posts. This causes Psychic Shielding to drain energy equivalent to Hado 16 every post. This ability has a cooldown equal to Two posts plus its duration, with a minimum of 3 posts and a maximum of 5 posts.

Boosts: x2 to Strength and Speed.


New Name: Gungnir

Appearance: Graven's weapon looks exactly the same as it did in his Shikai, but he appears to have grown visually older by around five years, and grows his hair out.

Bankai Appearance:


Ability Name: Construct Enhancement
Ability Description: Graven's constructs are now the strength of titanium.

Ability Name: Calm Mind
Ability Description: Graven drastically increases his power through Psychic Augmentation. The next attack he makes of Cero-strength or below, whether it hits or misses, deals three times the damage. This has a 5 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Hyperspace Hole
Ability Description: Graven makes a single, regular, physical attack which is surrounded by vibrating psychic energies, displayed by black mist surrounding his sword. This allows him to deal 25% increased damage for exactly one regular, single physical attack. This has a 4 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Prismatic Laser
Ability Description: Graven charges psychic energies in his hand, then fires off a focused beam of energy. This 6cm beam inflicts damage on everything it touches for up to 50m equal to Hado #99. Graven cannot use his Psychic Constructs ability the post after this is used. This abiltiy has a 6 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Reflect
Ability Description: Graven counters any single energy-based attack up to Cero Oscuras (inclusive) and reflects it back at whoever used it on him. This has a cooldown equal to 2 posts plus the cooldown of the ability he reflected.

Boosts: x3 to Strength, Speed, and Reiatsu Control.


New Name: Gungnir Almatigr (Almighty Gungnir)

Appearance: Graven grows a single black wing from his right shoulder blade, and his reiatsu becomes much more dense, to the point where it becomes visible as a black mist around the area.

Toukai Appearance:


Ability Name: Psychic Mastery
Ability Description: Graven's constructs are now the strength of tungsten.

Ability Name: Stored Power [Passive]
Ability Description: Every post that Graven does NOT use his Psychic Powers, he gets a 20% boost, stacking up to 100%, in damage to his next Psychic Ability of Cero-level or below.

Ability Name: Skill Swap
Ability Description: Graven focuses his psychic energies on any single energy-based attack launched in his range of vision. Graven can replicate this attack exactly, using Psychic Energies as a medium. This ability can only replicate any particular attack once per thread, and has a cooldown equal to the ability replicated. This does not work on Finals

Ability Name: Rest
Ability Description: Graven rests his body for two posts, and is unable to use his Psychic Energies for these posts. In exchange, he gains High Speed Regeneration for both of them, able to heal all minor and half of any major wounds within those two posts, but cannot recover from lost limbs. This ability has a 5 post cooldown, and does not stack Graven's Stored Power Ability.

Ability Name: Psycho Shift
Ability Description: This attack is dependent entirely on how much damage Graven has suffered. If he's untouched, this ability has no special effects. If he's within an inch of his life, this ability strikes with the force of a Forbidden Kidou. Generally, the damage is somewhere between a Cero and a Cero Oscuras. Regardless, this ability has a 5 post cooldown before it can be used again, and can be combined with either any physical attack or any of Graven's other attacks except his Final.

Ability Name: Genesis Supernova
Ability Description: Graven focuses on his body, expelling all of his remaining psychic energy to an area surrounding five feet around him in every direction. During this event the psychic energies and spiritual power buildup can be seen and sensed by everyone. Graven's psychic energies literally rip the atoms around him in half, causing an explosion for up to 500 meters in all directions that deals two Forbidden Kidou worth of damage to everything hit by it except Graven himself within 100 meters. At 200 meters it deals a Forbidden Kidou's worth of damage, at 300 meters it deals damage equal to a Cero Oscuras, at 400 meters it deals Gran Rey damage, and at 500 meters it acts as a normal Cero. Graven loses all of his reiatsu and reiryoku after this technique is used, and enters a Fatigue State for the rest of the thread.

Boosts: x4 to Strength, Speed, and Reiatsu Control.


History: We all know the story of Graven Fel, the Lost King of Hueco Mundo. The strongest Hollow to have ever lived. A once great warrior who began to lose his mind after millennia of fighting against the madness inherent in all Hollows.

What many don't know is what he was meant to be, and who he used to be.

Graven was born in ancient Scandinavia, with eyes as blue as the sky. He was hailed as a child of Odin, the All-Father, and was taught to fight as soon as he could walk. Otherwise, he was taught how to read and write. He was taught the ways of his people, their customs and religions. He was told of his destiny.

One night, while he slept, a vision came to him. A vision of Odin gifting a newborn with his own sight, a vision of a white wolf stalking him, hungry and yearning for something he could never have. An omen of doom, one of near endless suffering caused by a blizzard.

Naturally, the boy forgot all about it the next morning.

Fast forward several years. There was a massive battle, one in which Graven fought tooth and nail. He had been given the title Hildolfr, Battle-Wolf, for a reason, and he would be damned if he lost that right. He was a whirlwind of steel and blue eyes, eyes that always searched the future. Eyes that saw a massive wall of snow coming within the hour.

When the faction he fought for stood victorious, the young man walked off to find a river to clean himself. On his way, he saw the tracks of a deer, and his own hunger rang out in defiance of his original purpose. Tracking the deer through the woods was easy enough, as was shooting it with the bow he kept slung across his back. Skinning it quickly, as the cold wind heralded a blizzard soon, the indomitable warrior was unable to tell that he had attracted company until it was too late.

A massive wolf tackled him, sinking it's teeth into his shoulder before he was capable of tossing it off. Drawing his longseax, Graven rushed the beast and killed it before it could do much more than another swift bite to the neck. Feeling his neck injury, he was relieved to find that it wasn't too deep. That is, of course, until it began spraying from a nicked artery.

Compressing the wound as he stumbled off into the oncoming blizzard, Graven remembered one of his first predictions, one that was all but forgotten in the wake of his induction as a warrior-shaman. An omen that foretold his end in a blizzard, a death that spawned from loneliness. A warning to never cast aside those around him.

As his eyes closed and his vision faded, Graven swore he heard the All-Father himself weeping at what should have been.

Side Notes: Graven has finally come full-circle, and made it to the Soul Society. Sort of.
Roleplay Sample: This be Graven.

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#2 Re: Graven the Redeemed (Done) on Sat Apr 14, 2018 9:46 pm

1) Graven is able to maneuver his way through the weft and flow of fate to regenerate 5% of his reiryoku.

Just remember that this caps off at 25% of total Reiryoku. Most threads, this shouldn't be a problem, but that's our rule, and I'm sure you're aware of that by now.

Approved at 0-4, cause Jeff's an idiot ;3

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