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#1 [Private] God's Graced [Gwynevere | Avida] on Fri Apr 13, 2018 3:45 am

Even in the 'land of the free' she towered over most of the men without her heels. Movies and television, what little of it she watched, made the people in America seem larger than life. In reality they were mediocre in size much like the rest of the world. As it was she stood well over a head above most of the foot traffic on the street. For the city being one of the hubs of the nation she couldn't say that there was anything all that appealing about it. It was true, she had no ties here, but there was little to draw her attention in aside from the city's prestige.

The city itself stank from the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people in it's limits. The traffic was absolutely insane, public or otherwise. What foods Avida could find could have been alright if most of them weren't sold from one room shops or food trucks. As it was she'd yet to eat from any of those places. They seemed as filthy as the ground she walked on. Then there was the people. They were loud, pressed together like sardines in a can, and disgusting. With so many of them so close together she could almost taste their compounded sins in the very air. What, in anyone's mind, was salvageable about this place?

She repressed the urge to curl her lip in disgust as she pushed the door open to a nondescript coffee shop. Despite the place having been open for less than an hour there was already a considerable buildup of fingerprints on the glass. Again, she found herself reminded of how filthy the city was and considered leaving but the welcoming smile of the barista stopped her. Begrudgingly she made her way to the small counter, thankful that she didn't have to mingle with any other patrons.

It couldn't be said that she liked coffee. Not in the slightest. It left a bitter taste in her mouth, no matter how much cream or sugar she added. With a delicately filed nail she guided her eyes along the shop's menu posted to the counter. Eventually she found the place's teas. The selection was small and it was likely they had nothing more than prepackaged teas that would steep in little mesh baggies or that would be made with a mix, but it was something.

Avida selected a simple earl grey before paying and patiently moving aside to wait for her beverage. Once she'd received it, she tanked the woman who'd handed it to her and spun around to leave. She completely bypassed the few open tables and chairs on her way out, hardly able to keep the shiver of disgust contained until she heard the door close behind her. As she began walking down the uneven pavement again she was thankful that at least now she had a warm drink in her hand.

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#2 Re: [Private] God's Graced [Gwynevere | Avida] on Fri Apr 13, 2018 4:20 am

The halls of Silbern were shining, as always. The smooth walls seemed to carry down them a gentle musical tune that always echoed without end. Of course, this was just how the Quincy realm was made by the very first of their kind. Her father, Lord Gwyn. Everything from the smallest seat cushion to the artificial sun up above. However, it lacked people. That is why the Quincy Princess currently was walking towards the castle's exit, heading for the portal set for the human world.

Specifically, New York.

The Big Apple was by far the safest place for it. With so many small spiritual signatures around each and every day it kept the location for this portal from being discovered by the Shinigami. The swirling purple energy opens, and out stands the current Quincy leader. She still wore clothing that looked to be from some nerd's dream renaissance princess, with breasts that shown a bit too much cleavage than was normal to show in this modern age, the motherly woman took to a nearby roof. It had been a habit of hers that when bored, she would cast out her senses and look for anyone exciting she could talk to. Today though it was not some gifted human that would be graced by her presence but, if she felt this properly, one of her own kind. "My, it is about time that I found one of you. My child raised away from Silbern's light." Hirenkyaku would be used to begin closing the distance, taking her to the roof of a coffee shop. She watches the woman leave, cup of tea in hand as the woman continued up the road. "I should announce myself, lest I startle her." It would be rude just to show up without announcing herself.

So she jumps and lowers herself gently to the ground, her clothing clinging to her form as it settles. The smooth silk held not a single wrinkle as it slid back into place. With her feet now on the ground she releases a small pulse of her Spirit Energy. Just enough to alert the woman that Gwynevere was behind her, and wanted her attention. She remains completely still, waiting for the woman's reaction. Her hands are clasped together in front, and the smile she had on her lips was genuine happiness. Despite the regal way she held her posture she didn't seemed bothered at all by her current environment. Some young hormonal teens openly gawked at her, but it mattered little to her. She knew even middled aged men would be feeling a little hot under the collar with how she had a good bit of her flesh on display. She refused to wear modern clothing though, and always wore her Quincy attire.

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#3 Re: [Private] God's Graced [Gwynevere | Avida] on Sat Apr 14, 2018 4:17 am

"Can I help you?" the Quincy shot an icy glare over her shoulder at the source of the disturbance she felt in her soul. She'd never been very keen in finding the limits of what her soul sense were but she knew enough about how it worked to tell when someone used it to get her attention. With a disapproving look she eyed the woman.

She was still some feet away but Ava struggled to see how the other woman wasn't shivering. The air in the country had yet to warm up to the usual spring temperatures and as such so much exposed skin was bound to drop her body's temperature eventually. Truth be told, though she was grateful for it, Avida was surprised that she couldn't see the other woman's breasts through the fabric of her dress.

In a flash she let one of her wings manifest behind her back. The plush feathers blocked her line of sight for but a moment before they faded back into nothingness. The threat was unspoken but there nonetheless. There was nothing she wanted from the woman and she very seriously doubted that the injuries she was willing to hand out were something the woman wanted from her. It was best she was left alone to continue on her walk.

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#4 Re: [Private] God's Graced [Gwynevere | Avida] on Sat Apr 14, 2018 4:32 am

"Greetings, child. You are a Quincy, are you not?" Her voice was gentle and calm. When the woman flashed her wings, Gwynevere just gives an amused giggle. "Come now, there is no need for violence young one. I am just here to talk, from one Quincy to another." Truthfully, Gwynevere used her Spirit Energy to keep her body warm. It never took much and meant she didn't have to wear restrictive clothing. She brings her hand up and briefly materializes her large bow, dubbed the Dragonslayer Greatbow by her closest kin, before dispersing the large blue weapon. "I am just here because I wanted to see how you were doing. For so long you have been away from your true home within Silbern." She walks the rest of the way towards the woman. Her voice was soft and motherly, genuine care in her tone.

"I am not going to tell you to come with me, you've no doubt made a life for yourself among the humans. However as the daughter of your ancestor, the very first Quincy, I want you to know that you will always be welcome with us. If you are ever in need, just contact The Committee." She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a small pendent on a silver chain, just large enough to fit around a wrist comfortably. "Or, simply head to the building behind the abandoned apartment three blocks down from here." She holds out the pendent for the woman to take. "It will respond to your Spirit Energy, just a small bit of energy and the way will be shown to you. Now." She looks down the sidewalk. "If it is alright, why don't you tell me about yourself. We can part ways when you reach your destination."

The cloudy skies began to clear if only for a bit, letting a bit of sun through before more clouds blocked most of the bright light from getting through. People gave Gwynevere weird glances as they passed but went on their way. Most just thought her some weird cosplayer, dressed up even though there was no convention going on.

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#5 Re: [Private] God's Graced [Gwynevere | Avida] on Fri Apr 20, 2018 12:42 am

A brow quirked and the woman turned to fully face the newcomer at the mention of her race. She faced the rest of what the other woman said with as pleasant a face as she could muster. As the pendant was held out for her to take, she extended her fingers and wound the chain around them before quickly storing it in her jacket pocket without so much as a second glance. It was inconsequential in the end and, truth be told, it'd probably be disposed of as soon as the other quincy left her company.

"If it wasn't obvious," her voice was icy and jagged. Just because she'd held her tongue for this long didn't mean she'd forgotten. "I am not a child. The next time you refer to me as one will be your last, I can assure you."

Avida spun on her heel, the ends of her hair swaying from the motion in time with the natural sashay of her hips. The midnight black heels clicked as she made the rest of the way down the sidewalk. As she reached the corner, in a mirror image of the last time she'd looked back at the woman, she craned her head sideways. "My name is Avida. I suppose telling you that much can't hurt. After all, you already know what I am."

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#6 Re: [Private] God's Graced [Gwynevere | Avida] on Fri Apr 20, 2018 12:55 am

The woman chuckles a bit, not threatened by the woman's passive threat. "Forgive me, it's just that you are so much younger than I am." As they walk she continues to speak. "It is lovely to meet you, Avida. I am Gwynevere, second child to the previous Quincy King." She watches the woman pocket the amulet, slightly content. "How has your life been? What has it been like to grow up among humans? I can't imagine their customs have changed too much over the last couple hundred years." She patiently awaits the woman's response, allowing her gaze to take in the sights. While Avida had been looking on in disgust, Gwynevere had no such look on her facial features.

"To think they've evolved to such a state so quickly. Then again, their lives are short. It makes sense that they would push as much advancement in their lives as possible."

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#7 Re: [Private] God's Graced [Gwynevere | Avida] on Thu Apr 26, 2018 9:37 pm

"Gwynevere." the name felt uncertain on her tongue. Slippery and foreign. As she looked forward, Avida frowned. She very much decided she didn't like it but, thankfully, it wasn't hers. She cast her voice over her shoulder without turning her head too much as she proceeded to walk across the street. "Does that make you some kind of 'royalty'?"

She doubted it. Even if the woman was, the Church didn't recognize any royals. Therefore neither did she, even if the woman was somehow related to her via some convoluted Quincy 'lineage'.

"I grew up under the Church's watchful eye, a childhood better than any I could have dreamed of. I learned much under the tutelage of the priests that I'm sure I would have otherwise missed out on." the crowd on the other side of the street naturally cleared, as it so often did around Ava, leaving her free to speak at a comfortable level with the other woman. "As a species though, the humans have regressed horribly. There was a time when the Church reigned supreme and all strived to be in their good graces. Now? There's far too much wrong with the world. Hopefully sometime soon I can find what I need to fix it."

"What of you? Where did you grow up if not here, among the humans?"

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#8 Re: [Private] God's Graced [Gwynevere | Avida] on Fri Apr 27, 2018 4:15 am

It pleased her to learn of Ava's life. This Church she mentioned, it had reached her ears but she heard so little of it. It was some organized religion from what little she understood, but no matter what it was it raised one of the proud Quincy. "Ah, in Quincy society I am. However, that isn't applicable towards the Human World." It was a reasonable answer to an equally reasonable question. After all, princesses were the daughters of royalty.

Her next question though she thought much more interesting. "I was raised in Silbern, a realm made by my father to be the home of anyone with Quincy blood. The castle has rooms aplenty, and additions were always made for the growing population." A soft sigh leaves her chest, one slightly hinted with sadness. "The Halls of Silbern ring quite silent these days though. My father... he lead an attack on the Shinigami, doomed to fail from the start. His oldest son had fallen to the Head-Captain of the time and my younger brother... he was killed shielding Father from an opponent's attack. I killed my father and had everyone return. After that, most left for the Human World to live their lives away from violence." She smiles a bit, looking back over at the woman. "Events happen for a reason, as such I will not question you having been raised outside of our Homeland. This is your path. However." She looks out at the people who parted before them as they walked. "Do not assume those who do not follow the same path you do to be in the wrong. We do not need some religion to tell us not to misbehave, no? It's all about having the proper lessons growing up."

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#9 Re: [Private] God's Graced [Gwynevere | Avida] on Wed May 09, 2018 3:02 am

"I do not assume. I know." she suppressed a small smile as the woman mentioned doing away with her own father. It'd seem that despite her appearance, she was worth something. "You have as interesting a history as I do. At some point, I may just have to take you up on that offering and see that place you call home."

There would come a time when her plans would be set into motion. When that time came, she may very well need a place to run to. Silbern seemed the best she could find since, from what the woman had said, only quincy could enter. She'd be safe from anyone possibly sent after her. Probably, anyway. If she wasn't there was likely some kind of reinforcements there to help protect her.

"I have to catch a cab to the airport, my work in this land is done. Would you care to ride with me?" she paused on one of the curbs of the busier street they'd come to, her form turned back toward Gwynevere in hopes of, for the moment, deterring any cab driver from pulling up in that moment.

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#10 Re: [Private] God's Graced [Gwynevere | Avida] on Wed May 09, 2018 5:46 am

It was wonderful to walk and chat with this woman while she had the chance, and catch up with a fellow Quincy. However, she had to refuse. "I would love to accompany you but I have business to attend to here. I guess this is where we part ways for now." She politely offers her hand to the woman. "I am glad to have met you, Avida. I do hope we meet again soon. And please, if you ever wish to stop by you only need to use that amulet I have given you. While anyone can use it, I trust that you will be responsible with it." She waits for a handshake, or not, before turning away since their conversation was done and farewells said. She begins peacefully walking back down the street, and after a short distance disappears with a use of Hirenkyaku. Truly the Quincy princess wish nothing but the best for her fellow Quincy, whether she accepted her heritage or not.

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