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Name: Raphael Laurent
Apparent Age: Twenty-one
True Age: Twenty-one
Sex: Male
Personality: Raphael is a rather magnanimous young man, often giving a great deal of his time and energy to others as well as showing as much kindness to them as possible. When dealing with those that are in higher positions of authority than himself, Raphael does his utmost to be respectful, recognizing that they are higher in position than he is. He handles himself well, making sure that what needs to get done gets done efficiently and is often described as responsible. Though he has few friends those that he does have he is fiercely loyal to, standing by their side through thick and thin. Raphael is rather  calm and is thus rather difficult to shake when things happen that cause most people to freak out.

Unfortunately, Raphael is a rather pragmatic individual and thus when dealing with stressful situations tends to be calculating, treating others as though they were tools in his head. He is also not always the best at talking with people, usually giving criticism in a rather blunt and tactless way, though for friends he tries to curtail this as best he can. Also, due to how much he tends to focus on problems, he tends to only think of one thing at a time making him rather single-minded. Raphael is also quite skeptical and will rarely take someone at their word, preferring to allow their actions to speak for them. The worst thing about Raphael is that he is rather clumsy and will occasionally drop things or trip over his own feet.

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 175 lbs
Physical Traits: Raphael Laurent is what many people often think of when one says “Average Joe”, standing at five foot ten, he doesn’t tend to stand out in the crowd. He has a lightly tanned complexion, no noticeable blemishes and is slightly more muscular than the average person. Raphael has black, shoulder length hair that is kept in a style that seems rather unkempt, as Raphael is less concerned with appearances and more on how things get done. His eyes are a steely grey, and he tends to be described as having resting bitch face.

When Raphael dresses up he has two slightly different outfits one when working and one when he’s just going out on the town. While working, Raphael often dresses in a suit when first arriving and then later will remove the jacket and wears a white shirt, and black pants. Out on the town, Raphael dresses in a white T-shirt, jeans, tennis shoes, a blue jacket and a hat with the saints logo on it.

General Fighting Style: Raphael is a rather unorthodox fighter, though this is more from his power than anything else. Due to his power allowing him to create weapons on the fly, he has adapted to several different fighting styles, ranging from close-quarters to ranged and everything in between.
Strengths: Reiryoku, Zanjutsu
Weaknesses: Speed, Hoho

Ability Name: Self-Ergokinesis
Description: Raphael can create constructs of varying shapes, sizes and consistencies. These constructs can take nearly any form, all have the same durability, which means they can take a Cero of damage before cracking and breaking. (save for a single Zan-durability weapon of Raphael's choice which needs to be dissolved before another weapon can be made Zan-durability)
-Weapons are limitless, but require constant energy drain to keep as an option.
-Weapons can take any form, so long as they do not mimic, or contain hidden abilities.
-The material Raphael uses to create constructs with is purely energy based, so the energy drain is determined purely by size.
-The material used for constructs can have its properties altered to mimic a substance (Glass, Rubber, adhesive, etc.)
Ability Name: Headshot
Description:Raphael aims and fires a concentration of his energy, making a more powerful shot than normal. This attack is as powerful as a cero, but targets a much smaller area. Can be used once per post.
Ability Name: Kaboom
Description: Only used when Raphael changes the properties of explosive constructs, he is capable of making sticky explosives or make them bounce to hit higher targets etc. All of these explosions hit at cero and can be used on each consecutive post.
Ability Name: Energy Release
Description: His final attack, and trump card, Raphael will only use this ability when he is certain that he cannot win otherwise. Pouring all of his energy into one attack he fires a large beam of energy. This attack leaves Raphael effectively drained of energy to fight for the remainder of the thread
Boosts: x2 Strength and Durability



Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]
Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]
Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]
Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]
Boosts: [In this release, you get a 3x boost; you can apply this to as many 'stats' as you want (strength, speed, durability, etc) but they're diminishing returns; the more you have, the less effective they actually are.]


Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]
Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]
Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]
Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]
Boosts: [In this release, you get a 4x boost; you can apply this to as many 'stats' as you want (strength, speed, durability, etc) but they're diminishing returns; the more you have, the less effective they actually are.]


History:  Raphael Laurent’s birth was an unimpressive event marked with no pomp and circumstance or even real celebration. His mother Jennifer Laurent, a scientist and already a mother of one, was dismayed at the fact that she now had not one but two mouths to feed and children to protect. Her first son, at five years old, had already begun manifesting the same powers as her first husband and was beginning to manipulate reishi. Now she had another child and who knew what would manifest from him? Though the thought that this child might not manifest any kind of ability did strike her. She didn’t even know who the father of this poor vulnerable child was, but now that he was in her life, she would have to keep him.

When she came home with the newborn Raphael Laurent it was immediately apparent that his brother didn’t like the young man. She could not understand why Brian Laurent disliked his young brother so much, but attributed it to the fact that this was a new being intruding on what he considered to be his territory. It was a very animalistic response, she decided, but was one that both children would one day have to get over and past if they were ever going to make it in the world.

Raphael was a very curious child and tested anything and everything that he could get his hands on in his new home. This tended to get him into arguments and then fights with his older brother who continued to view the toddler as an invader, and disliked it immensely when Raphael got a hold of his toys. The two of them clashed repeatedly during Raphael’s toddler years, though this stopped becoming as much of an issue when Brian started going to school.

When Raphael was three and Brian was eight, the older boy was going to school everyday and his mother was going to work, meaning that Raphael was left in the care of a daycare. It was run by an old friend of Jennifer’s who still owed her a few favors and so was more than willing to take care of Raphael for Jennifer.

Family life was difficult as he went from being a toddler to starting school himself, as his brother wasn’t the most supportive. Whether they were at school or home, Brian was always picking a fight with Raphael: stealing his toys, tearing up his homework, doing anything to piss off Raphael. Of course, Raphael didn’t help his case, stealing Brian’s books and toys and hiding them all over the house. The two got into so many fights that often their mother would have to get involved which got her angry at them both and caused her to yell terrifying both children.

When Brian was in high school and Raphael was in middle school, the two had a slightly better relationship. Since the two weren’t at the same school, Brian didn’t feel the need to push Raphael down, and with this lacking, Raphael didn’t feel the need to screw with him either. This didn’t stop the fighting, of course, but now it had changed from outright hostility to brotherly rivalry. Raphael would steal Brian’s phone and text his then girlfriend, while Brian would rewrite Raphael’s homework to screw with him. Now, of course, the two got into many fights even with this, but they weren’t nearly as hostile or intense.

High school was a place that Raphael detested, as Brian had already been through once before all of the teachers were practically looking at him and expecting things of Raphael. Where his brother had been the maestro of music and poetry, however, Raphael was the master of computers and mathematics. He performed alright in his other subjects but when it came to math, Raphael outshone many of his peers, and when he started to mess with computers it wasn’t long before he was taking them apart. By the time he was done with his freshman year of high school, he had taken apart and put back together the family computer at least four times. He continued learning about computers, going to the professor for additional lessons on computers and purchasing books on programming.

During his junior year, Raphael was reading one of his books when he passed by a new computer store that was opening in the town. Walking inside he suddenly felt like a kid in a candy store and he couldn’t help but looking around with eyes wide. The owner called him over and asked if he needed help, though Raphael replied that he didn’t but that he’d seen the sign for the computer shop and wanted to come in and check it out.

The man asked him if he liked computers, to which Raphael replied a wholehearted yes. The man asked if he had ever tried putting his own together, but he could only reply that he hadn’t, which prompted the owner to say that he was planning on teaching a class on putting together computers. Raphael nodded and exclaimed that he would indeed love to learn how to put together computers and so every two days Raphael and several other people would gather at the computer shop to learn how to put together computers.

Raphael excelled at this almost immediately and before long was taking apart and putting together his own computer. The store’s owner, seeing how much he enjoyed doing so, asked if he wanted a job in his shop; he could fix the machines freeing up the owner’s time to take care of stocking issues. Having reached the age of sixteen Raph realized that he could easily have a part time job without it being a an issue. And so, with a smile on his face, he told the shop owner he could come by every few days to work on some of the computers, to which the man smiled and shook his hand. Thus Raphael began his new job with gusto.

Three months and five days following him getting the job, he was heading home one day when he felt a strange presence. There were two, one fading fast and the other fairly strong. The strong one frightened him somewhat, but he ran towards them either way, maybe there was something that he could do. But when he finally found where the two sensations were, he looked down to see his brother leaning against a wall and a weird masked thing standing over him growling.

This thing didn’t seem to have very much intelligence, didn’t even try to converse with him. He’d heard about these terrible monsters that ate people before, but from what he had been led to believe they could talk. This one had sensed him, had turned to him, but it didn’t seem to be talking to him like he’d expected. But it was threatening his brother; sure he and Brian had never really been on the best terms, but they were still family. You don’t fuck with someone else’s family.

Screaming he charged at it and swung the computer in his hands, though as it impacted and did no damage, Raphael immediately regretted that action. It leapt at him, trying to bite him, though he moved out of the way. He’d dodged, but his life was in danger and as he began to panic he held out his hand as though to punch it, squeezing his eyes shut. There was an odd sound almost like electricity, and then an inhuman scream of pain. When he opened his eyes he saw that the creature had reeled back and was pulling a bit away. There was a small beam over his hand, energy that had come out in the shape of a sword, that seemed to have stabbed the beast.

He blinked once in surprise as he looked down at his hand, but got to his feet and readied the weapon again. Though this thing had been surprised it wasn’t planning on back down, and charged at him again. Yelling, he ran forward and slashed at it ducking to avoid a counterattack, slicing through its leg. It howled another unearthly howl before growling once, and slashing the air in front of it opening a portal and vanished. For the moment their sibling rivalry was gone and Raphael drove Brian back to the house to get patched up. Jennifer was furious, but Brian gave Raph a big smile which Raph returned, before explaining what had happened.

She asked again, for clarification, if Raphael, her second son, had developed an ability. Raphael reiterated that he indeed had awakened to a power all his own, though he couldn’t get it recall it. He and Brian would train over the next several months, whenever Raphael wasn’t at school or his new job and before long he could bring out the sword, as he’d done months before. But as he went into his senior year, and Brian began to start working, the two could spend less and less time together, leaving Raphael to have to train on his own.

Senior year came and went, with very little happening on Raphael’s end to make it worthwhile; as always he avoided prom and instead went out to eat with some friends. His job at the computer shop had gone rather well and he said that though he could no longer work at the shop during college he would come to visit whenever he could. The man nodded with a smile and said that he understood and hoped that Raphael took his wisdom and did great things with it.

College saw Raphael resume his training of his abilities. Though still training on his own he made considerable progress and got to the point where he could make other things from what he decided must’ve been his own energy. He could change weapons from a sword to a bow, a gun even to a spear! But it wasn’t enough. He had to keep pushing himself, and as the years in college wore on he began hunting the hollows on his own. They were only small ones as he knew that he couldn’t handle anything of any true power, but still he went on his hunts.

As his college years began to draw to a close, Raphael, who had been studying computer science, started to consider places to open his own shop. Finally he decided to simply get an apartment in downtown Chicago and open a computer repair shop, though he also said that he would do coding projects freelance and for different companies.

He managed to finish college a year early and quickly began to set into his new business, though he constantly kept a free line on his home phone line open. This line was for any…spiritual exterminations needed, something that only a few people knew about for him. Both he and his brother were trying to keep under the radar of the Committee. Thus Raph finally began to assert himself in world. It would be a long, hard and probably strange, road but he could do it. He had the skills. He had the power. It was time to make a difference.

Roleplay Sample: It was the middle of the day, and Raphael was bored as hell. There hadn’t been any new calls that had come in for his business, not that he exactly needed any more work than he already had. He was on his own and he was trying to do the work of four different people; thankfully this kind of work wasn’t hard, there was just a lot of it. The phone rang, it was Mr. Silverstein wondering where in the hell his laptop was. Raphael answered and assured him that it was only going to be another day before the computer was fixed. It had been some pretty extensive damage, after all. The man yelled about how Raphael wasn’t much faster than the normal company, but Raph countered that he might be as fast as them, but he wasn’t charging extra for all the pornography that was on the machine that had been causing the issues.

Raph smiled as the man immediately went into an embarrassed stammer and finished with “he’d better have it done soon.” Playing the customer service rep, Raphael immediately and rather smoothly replied that it would be done today and that he could come by and pick it up tomorrow, then hung up the phone. He grimaced the moment that he did. He hated Mr. Silverstein, the dumbass that only knew how to jack-off. How in the hell someone like that had become such a higher up in a company like Giganto Corps really confused Raphael. He didn’t know how to do anything and was constantly calling Raph’s business whenever something went wrong with the computer and he couldn’t fix it. Basically whenever anything went wrong that turning it off and on, couldn’t fix. He still had half a mind to call Silverstein’s boss and tell him that his underling was using a company computer to beat his meat to, but didn’t have the heart for it.

His phone suddenly rang again, and though he groaned in annoyance, he looked over at it. Raphael had two separate lines, the first one was for all normal business calls, when Silverstein couldn’t figure out his PowerPoint again for one thing. This, however, was line two and line two was reserved for his side business. Well, it was less of business and more of just getting rid of things that people didn’t want, specifically of a spiritual nature.

“Hello?” Raphael answered rather curtly.

The voice on the other side was a bit quieter, raspy and almost sounded scared. “There’s something that’s been stalking my house for days now. I don’t know what it is, but it’s almost like an animal. It walks around on all fours, it’s been staring at me for the last three hours, while it stalks around the house, following my movements whenever it sees me.”

Raphael sat up slightly in his chair. This thing was at least partially intelligent then, it wasn’t smashing through the house to get to this person. He sighed. Having to fight a smart one was never fun, but he was fairly certain that he could handle the thing.

“Give me your address. I’ll be there as soon as I can.” The person on the other line gave the address, and he cocked his eyebrows. This was the place that a few violent murders had happened about three weeks ago. This coupled with the raspy voice made Raphael just a little suspicious of the information, but he said to give him about ten minutes and he would be there, though the person on the other side asked him to hurry.

He got into his car and drove down the road to the address that he’d been given. More alarm bells were going off in his head. The lights in the house were all dark and there was no visible damage that he could see. The house was perfectly fine, and it didn’t look like there was any stalking going on at all. A woman came running out to him, screaming about some kind of monster and began banging on his window asking him, pleading him to get out of the car.

He blinked at her once with seemingly aloof eyes and got out of his vehicle, before walking up to the gate. The woman seemed hysterical, and was raving about a four legged monster hiding in the bushes behind her house, and that he needed to come immediately.

“Why don’t you have any lights on?” he asked, not looking at her. She babbled something about that way it could follow her easier through the house, but that didn’t make any sense. He knew that it would be able to practically smell her, even through the mortar of the house. “You know it can smell you. Turning on the lights wouldn’t have mattered.” He gave a backwards glance. She was shaking with anger. He knew such a thing would upset her, but he wasn’t entirely convinced she wasn’t some kind of hollow posing as a human.

They walked slowly towards the house, when suddenly something leapt out of the bushes and nearly snatched the woman. Raphael grabbed her and tossed her out of the way at the last second, and it kept going, coming to a stop in the yard. It was a large dog-like hollow. Ugly as hell, this thing was. He held out his hand and focused and energy blazed into life along his hand, creating a blade to fight with.

It charged him, lashing with its claws and he swung at it as it came to attack him, but he swung back, slicing through its mask, barely carving through it. He swore under his breath as it came to a skittering stop. It glared at him and growled a bit before charging at him again. Raphael charged at it this time as well, and stabbed the creature with his blade. It winced once and fell on one leg, but appeared to want to keep fighting.

Raphael focused for a second time, his blade becoming a revolver and as the beast charged at him, he fired at one leg then the other and it fell to the ground. It growled at him as it tried to get up again, but he lowered the barrel of his weapon at the beast and fired three more times into its mask. It roared at him twice, but at the third shot it clawed at the ground in front of it. There was a sickening feeling as a portal opened up in front of them and suddenly it was gone.

He allowed his concentration to break, dismissing the weapon and then turned to the woman. “Are you ok?” he asked. She got to her feet nodding, and Raphael nodded with a smile. “I’m glad that you’re alright, but I’m not going to lie to you, you might want to find somewhere else to live. If that thing came after you, then it’s probably someone that knew you in real life before they died, a family member or good friend. If it’s been here for you once, then it’ll probably be back. I’d consider contacting the committee or spending time with a friend or family for a few days.” She stared at him mouth agape and he brushed himself off before walking back to his car. “You don’t owe me money, by the way. I didn’t kill it, just chased it off.”

Getting into his car he sat there for a moment and did his best to calm down his heart. He had been lucky that it had been so weak, otherwise he could’ve gotten horribly injured. Still, he had begun noticing that more and more powerful hollow and Shinigami had begun intruding into the world. Well, intruding wasn’t exactly the correct term as this was their “jurisdiction” so to speak. Still, as his car pulled off into the distance he couldn’t help but start to feel concerned. He’d get something to eat and then go back to his shop and take care of the last few computers that he needed to get done. Sighing, he ran his head through his hair.

“Man, I wish I was born rich sometimes…”

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Approving at 2-1 for trial usage. Once I see you post actively in threads and have a better understanding of how it all works and fits together, I may call for certain abilities to be reworked, and in that, I may increase your tier in doing so. Other than that, have fun Raph.

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Keep in mind, as a final-level attack, Energy Release has a maximum damage of 2 Forbidden Kidou.


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