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#1 Avida [Complete] on Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:34 pm

Knox Lewis



Name: Avida
Alias: Black Widow
Real Age: 36
Phys. Age: 36
Gender: Female


Height: 6'2"
Weight: 164 lbs
Physical Traits:

Avida is all around very thin. Not sickly, mind you, she's a healthy weight. She's just... not overly well endowed in the 'womanhood' department(s). That said, she's not unpleasant to the eyes. Her face holds a youthful quality despite her age, and her body doesn't seemed to have aged much passed her early twenties though in large part that's thanks to her extensive training.

Not that there are many who've known her for years but those who have can't say that they've seen her with any male companions or suitors. She herself isn't all that interested in a romantic companion but she guesses that her affinity for heels throws most prospective romantic partners off.

Her hair is as black as the night sky while her eyes are a deep shade of red. When hunting at night as a part of a group, the few times she's done so anyway, it's not been unknown for her to be mistaken for the prey they were searching for.



Positive Traits Loyal, Charitable, Creative

Negative Traits Haughty, Dismissive, Close Minded

Avida is what you'd expect from a mercenary or huntress. Her loyalty is to whoever has the most money but so long as she's on their payroll it is unwavering. She's likely to throw away what she no longer needs into the waiting hands of those 'less fortunate' or, in her eyes, those who are too lazy to go out and get what they want.

Those who she's deemed as prey are her only focus until they're disposed of and her reward is collected. Beyond that, she's simply out for herself.


General Fighting Style:  Unlike most Quincy, Ava prefers to get up close an personal with her opponents. She's a hakuda/selee specialist who thoroughly enjoys maiming or otherwise dismembering her prey before turning them in for cash.

Strengths: Hakuda, Zanjistu/Weaponized Combat, Reflexes
Weaknesses: Sensing, Reiatsu Control, Durability
Boosts: 2x Strength, Reflexes

Ability Name: Predatory Gaze
Ability Description: Avida marks a target when she enters combat. This target is the only individual who receives full damage from any of Avida's attacks. Other individuals caught in the crossfire take 50% damage. Likewise, this is the only target from which Avida may receive full damage and she takes 50% damage from sources that are not her target.

Ability Name: Pin Missiles
Ability Description: Avida's arrows have been personally augmented to suit her hunting and combat styles. Her arrows deal 50% of the damage that another quincy's arrows might've done, however her's pierce the flesh of anything they come into contact with. Individuals afflicted with her Pin Missiles are effectively under the effects of a level 50 Bakudo for the post following the hit and may only be under the effect of a single Pin Missile at a time.

Ability Name: Apex Predator
Ability Description: The hunter can not fall to it's prey. Avida is able to undo damage she sustains with a cool down equivalent to the damage she undoes. She may only reverse the effects of a single wound she's already sustained per post and must wait until the appropriate cool down has been fulfilled before using Apex Predator again.

Ability Name: Hunting Grounds
Ability Description:  Anyone who steps foot within a 100 ft radius of Avida while she is in active combat suffers a -1 to their Reiatsu Perception and Reflexes.


Quincy Bow: It's a small thing, unremarkable in most aspects aside from it's color. It's a pair of simple black crossbows that rest on the tops of either of her wrists.
Quincy Powers: Hirenkyaku, Licht Regen, Ratsotengai
Quincy Items: Quincy Bangle, Sanrei Glove, Selee Schneider


New Quincy Powers: [Former Powers Retained] Charged Spirit Arrow, Immense Spiritual Power, Hirenkyaku Augmentation
Boosts: 3x Strength, Defense, Reflexes


New Quincy Powers: [All Former Powers Retained] Enhanced Spiritual Awareness
Boosts: 4x Strength, Defense, Reflexes



Avida has little memory of her childhood. Much of it was spent living on the streets as an orphan, fending for herself by whatever means necessary. As far as she is concerned, she came into being at age 18 when she was picked up by a group of local thugs who also lived on the streets. They taught her how to brawl in their downtime between petty robberies, her first encounter with violence for sport.

She ran with them for a time, eventually rising to lead them, before she broke away due to being hired by a small time cime lord. From there she continued climbing. The small crime lord turned into a mafia boss, turned into a small corporation, turned into billionaires hiring the woman they'd dubbed Black Widow.

Side Notes: Avida is a hired gun and as such has no last name.

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#2 Re: Avida [Complete] on Thu Apr 12, 2018 8:40 am


Gfx Queen
Gfx Queen
Approved at 1-4.
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#3 Re: Avida [Complete] on Fri Jul 06, 2018 8:02 am

Ika Mazi



Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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