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#1 [Open] Make Seireitei Great Again on Wed Apr 11, 2018 3:07 pm


Gfx Queen
Gfx Queen

Walking into her office, the Captain of Division Two sat down in her seat with a heavy sigh. The cleanup had been taking so long, and several enemy forces had stayed behind to try and assassinate unsuspecting Gotei members. Sakura had cleared out seven of them, ending their lives as miserably as they'd invariably lived, and was genuinely tired for the first time in a while. Running a hand through her hair, the black strands gave way to bright pink as she returned to her standard hair color, no longer undercover and in stealth ops.

She stayed for a few minutes before leaving again, heading out to see if anyone else needed help. Upon realizing that it would take a while for the Seireitei to finish rebuilding, Sakura Senba said fuck it and headed over to the bar, sitting down and ordering a shot of whiskey. She took the shot, then had the bartended make it a double and took that too. Glancing around, there were a few people in the Tavern already, likely taking breaks from rebuilding, but she didn't immediately recognize any of them.

Shrugging lightly, she changed to Sake and began to sip at that, genuinely hoping someone would come up and sit down next to her to kill her boredom. At least Yorui was out playing, or training... or being a cat. Come to think of it, Sakura realized she didn't actually know what Yorui was doing right now. If no one showed up soon, maybe she'd go check on her beloved kitten daughter.
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