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#1 [Private] Weathering the Storm on Wed Apr 11, 2018 2:51 pm

Wiping the sleep from his eyes, the blond man sat up and quickly tapped the Off button on the Alarm Clock at his side, yawning as he looked over to his still sleeping wife. Smiling lightly, he got out of bed as quietly as he could and wandered into the kitchen where he prepared a cup of coffee and got their daughter to quiet down, starting her feed and sitting down for only a moment before she walked in. They talked briefly, the male essentially requesting some time to himself to visit someone, and his wife nodded.

Ketsu Altana, renewed with his now living wife taking care of their daughter as he got ready, strapping all of his weapons to himself and cracking his neck briefly before heading to work. The Committee's headquarters was only a five minute ride on Fenrir, so he strapped on his helmet and drove her out there, parking in his reserved spot before heading into the offices. He was greeted with the standard receptionist and began to walk past, as he had a specific goal in mind.

Finally truly arriving, Ketsu took a moment to gather himself before knocking on the door three times. "Seras? You there?" He'd hoped she was, as he wanted to see how she'd acclimated to life in New York, and more specifically, being surrounded by Humans who likely didn't particularly trust her.
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#2 Re: [Private] Weathering the Storm on Sun Apr 15, 2018 5:47 pm

For a short time there would be no answer for Ketsu, not a sound from the room beyond the door. Seras hadn't been used to many visitors these days, in fact she rarely left the room unless she had to. The arrancar would finally respond after an almost worrying length of silence. "Come in" When he opened the door, he would find the girl sitting in a chair, having turned it about to face away from the windows that she had been looking out of just moments ago. It was quite accurate to suggest she didn't have the trust of many of her new allies, but she liked to watch them from her window to pass the time.

It seemed she had very much cooled down from where they first met, the heat she usually gave off seemed to have been put under a finer degree of control. Though her wardrobe had changed a little, she had taken to wearing a high-collared cloak that covered a bit of the lower-half of her face, this was done in an effort to hide the hollow hole located on her throat. Anything else that could identify her as a non-human was cleverly hidden away, where most couldn't even tell the difference. "Hello Ketsu" she would raise an eyebrow, wondering what this was all about.

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#3 Re: [Private] Weathering the Storm on Mon Apr 16, 2018 2:52 am

As Seras finally answered, Ketsu sighed with relief and walked in. She was sitting in a chair facing him, and he sighed lightly once more, realizing that she likely didn't trust anyone here in New York. He watched her carefully, inspecting everything about her to see where she was mentally, before she finally said Hello to him and he nodded.

"Seras, you can't simply stay in here forever. You're safe in New York. Graven and the other Espada can't find you here. I'm not asking you to blindly trust everyone, but trust me. Come on, let's get you some fresh air eh?" He extended a hand towards her, offering her assistance out of the chair with that same natural smile he always showed with people he cared about. "Maybe you'll get to meet my wife, if she feels like wandering the town today." He wouldn't send her a text yet, but would wait to see how Seras felt about that idea before actually acting on it. He did worry about her; after all, Seras was only a member of the Committee and allowed in New York at all because he vouched for her, understanding where she was when he had first met her. If she hadn't left her room since then, which it definitely looked like, he needed to help her somehow.
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