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#1 Azariah Soul on Wed Apr 11, 2018 6:36 am

Name: Azariah Soul
Apparent Age: 17
True Age: 17
Sex: Male
Azariah is unfalteringly loyal. He never questions an order, and puts his orders above even his own safety. Nothing can convince him otherwise from this behavior. Aside from being the definition of loyal to a fault, Azariah is a kind hearted soul, going to great lengths to keep others safe, putting his own life in danger almost recklessly on nearly ever occasion. He trusts those whom he looks up to, and looks up to anyone who works with the Vatican.

Headstrong and proud, Azariah never backs down from a friendly challenge and tries as hard as if his life is on the line. He essentially has two modes of being, complete peace and complete war. Even in the dangers of war however, Azariah is extremely perceptive and takes constant note of his surroundings, utilizing them when necessary.

Height: 5'6 and a half
Weight: 135
Physical Traits:

General Fighting Style: Azariah has a fairly fluid fighting style, despite being behind a shield extremely often. He has an abundance of weapons at his disposal within the Armoire of Memory, but tends to fall back on Oblivion and Paradise as they're his most trusted weapons. He relies on his surroundings as well, distracting his opponents and outsmarting them more often than beating them down through sheer force.
Strengths: Weapon-styled combat, reflexes
Weaknesses: reiryoku, durability


Ability Name: Anti-Ranged Shielding
Description: small energy shields form anywhere around the user to protect from ranged attacks up to hadou 40. There is no limit to the number of times this ability can occur. Any attack over half a cero has it's damage cut by up to a hadou 40 before passing through. This ability does nothing against any melee attack of any kind and is only geared towards dealing with ranged attacks whether they be elemental, physical or energy based.

Ability Name: Armory of Memory
Description: Holy Relics gifted to him by the Vatican with the sword and shield said to be on par with even Zanpaktou forged by the Shinigami of Soul Society. He can summon these weapons back to him at will at bala speeds and as such disarming him is a rather moot point. His sword and shield which he has visible at all times are the icon of the bunch. But he also has a hook-shot, a boomerang, and a bow which he can summon forth and dismiss at will though these three weapons can break as they are just made of normal steel reinforcement. Each weapon can move very quickly and he seems to possess an inexhaustible number of arrows for the bow. Sword and Shield can be found HERE

Ability Name; Navi and Z-Target
Description: Azariah has a fairy named Navi that follows him around at all times. This fairy in not combat attackable and will phase through any and all attacks to make sure it remains unharmed she likewise can't effect any other person besides Azariah in any way including being a distraction. This fairy is small enough to fit in your hand and cannot do anything combat effective other than for laughs. However she can allow him to use Z-Target which prevents Azariah from ever losing track of their exact position regardless of hiding ability, this can only work at one person at a time. This drains no energy and can be used indefinitely within 50 meters but must originally be locked on with eyesight of Azariah.

Ability Name: Triforce of Courage
Description: Azariah can masterfully use anything in his hands as a weapon. This includes light posts stop signs and even a motorcycle if the need arises. This has no limits other than he has to get his hands on it. This symbol is on his left hand.

Ability Name: Great Whirlwind Spin
Description: Once per post Azariah Is capable of doing a spin attack that releases an energy wave equal to a cero in every direction around him for up to 10 feet. This ability does double against defensive abilities including heirro.

Boosts: x2 reflexes


Ability Name: Triforce of Power
Description: Azariah can release a wave of energy similar to a cero from any point on his body or following the arc of his swing. He can up this to GRC at the penalty of a three post cooldown. Otherwise it can be used freely. This is also on his left hand and lights up during this stage of release.

Ability Name: Din's Fire
Description: Release a ball of fire from his current position up to 15 meters from him in every direction for up to a gran rey cero on a four post CD.

Ability Name: Farore's Wind
Description: Azariah marks a location and can teleport to it at will. Marking a location costs nothing and has no Cooldown but he can only teleport to a location once every four posts.

Ability Name: Nayru's Love
Description: Protects from all damage up to a cero oscuras for two posts with a six post cooldown beginning after it ends. While this is active his body is covered in a light blue aura which can easily be seen even by non-sensing people.

Boosts: x3 reflexes


Ability Name: Triforce of Wisdom
Description: Azariah is given the power of high-speed regeneration thanks to this mark which completes the trifecta of symbols on the back of his left hand. Using this symbol he is also able to figure out any puzzle in record times. Including a rubix cube. That bastard.

Ability Name: Fire Arrows
Description: Azariah's arrows do a cero damage each and are completely on fire leaving burns and catching fire to anything they come into contact with.

Ability Name: Ice Arrows
Description: Azariah's arrows become twice as fast, now reaching bala speeds, and leave ice within a foot of the arrow in diameter.

Ability Name: Light Arrows
Description: Super charged these arrows deal a gran rey cero worth of damage and can only be fired every three posts.

Boosts: X4 reflexes

History: Although he does not know where he was born, the man now known as Azariah was raised by the Vatican for as long as he can remember. He was trained to fight threats at an extremely early age, learning how to wield a sword as early as five, and was proficient with it by six. Before he turned Ten, Azariah had already killed Hollows and was the best fighter the Vatican had. They taught him about Humanity, how to protect them and keep people safe, while at the same time never letting his guard down all the way.

Raised with an extremely religious upbringing, Azariah prayed on a daily basis for some greater purpose to his life, some special meaning that would give him everything he hoped for. Though this never directly came true, on his twelfth birthday, he was gifted a Sword and Shield crafted from a metal he had never seen before. Reportedly crafted long before the Vatican became what it is today, Oblivion and Paradise were the finest weapons Earth had to offer, completely indestructible and only able to be properly wielded by someone who'd been blessed.

At the age of Fourteen, Azariah was sent to towns within Italy, with supervision and protection, to hone his skills. He was raised as a fighter, and was damn good at it. With innumerable Hollows slain under his name and sword, Azariah requested the ability to travel the world. The Vatican denied this, forbidding him from leaving without protection, and raised as he was he followed these orders unquestioningly. Loyal to a fault, Azariah would stay and do exactly as the Vatican asked, continuing to hone his skills.

As the Vatican became a target, destroyed time and time again by the outside world, Azariah requested once more to be able to defend it on his own. This was again denied, as he was only Sixteen years old, and not yet a man. When the man who'd raised him this entire time died of a heart attack shortly after Azariah's seventeenth birthday, he requested one final time to be able to leave of his own free will.
The Vatican, begrudgingly, agreed, due to not having enough resources to constantly take care of him anymore, and he was close enough to a man.

Bright eyed, a bit naiive, and completely independent for the first time in his life, Azariah stepped out from under the Vatican's shadows without any supervision, and left to explore. He knew, though, that he still served the Vatican, as he would likely stay close, and would always answer their call.

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#2 Re: Azariah Soul on Wed Apr 11, 2018 9:25 am

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