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#1 Rei Tsunemori on Sun Apr 08, 2018 2:52 am

Name: Rei Tsunemori
Age: 19
Sex: Female

Rei is a quiet young woman, reserved and sometimes a little cold, generally speaking only when she feels it necessary. Very solitary, tends to find it easier to work alone most of the time.

However, when she is working in her hotel, the Continental, she is the perfect host. Polite and professional to her guests, seen as a kindhearted young woman by most of the patrons. Mostly, this is to make sure she keeps up a good reputation with her clients.

Despite her profession, Rei is in other all senses a peaceful individual, generally using violence as a last resort if she can’t talk down an aggressor. Using whatever wiles she has at her disposal to just escape before anything escalates. Though she does not tolerate attacks on those close to her, and will react rather coldly to any who chose to go down this path.

Height: 5’7’’
Weight: 130lbs
Physical Traits:

General Fighting Style: Using her innate speed, Rei weaves in and out of close combat, fighting with her knives or simply her fists to debilitate her opponents while moving to range to whittle them away with gunfire. Best described as high-intensity, leaving little time to recover from her assaults.

Strengths: Agility, Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Zanjutsu, Hakuda

Master Combatant: Having trained since she was you, Rei has come to master all forms of combat. Be it with her guns, knives, fists or anything that could reliably be used as a weapon, it would be hard to come across someone more naturally skilled. (Zanjutsu/Hakuda Mastery)

Weaknesses: Durability, Reiatsu x2, Control, Reiryokyu, Sensing


All of Rei’s weapons are hidden in special holsters created from some stolen tech. By breaking down matter and storing it inside the generally nondescript holsters she is able to lug around the arsenal without sacrificing mobility.

Rei herself has created and modified the weapons and their ammunition to be powered by a miniscule amount of her spiritual power to be able to damage spiritual beings. All of her equipment (Bullets, guns, knives) are made from non-ferrous and sturdy materials to prevent shenanigans.

Baretta Px4 Storm .45:
- Damage Equivalent: Bala
- Projectile Speed: Bala
- Shots per Post: 4
- Clip Size: 14
- Reload: Instant
- Thread Limit: Unlimited

H&K G28 DMR:
- Damage Equivalent: Cero
- Projectile Speed: Bala
- Shots per Post: 2
- Reload: 1 Post (Acts as a cooldown, does not disrupt combat)
- Clip Size: 10
- Clip Limit per Thread: 2

Balanced Combat Knives:
- Carries 20 of these reasonably lightweight but strong knives
- Strong enough to withstand the cutting power of a shinigami's zanpakuto for a few strikes at least
- Can be thrown, considered bala level damage at bala speed.
- Can be recalled with a thought.


Ability Name: Blink
Description: A step above the normal human high-speed movement ability, this movement ability is short-ranged but instantaneous as she teleports to her target destination. She can choose to retain momentum or not, making it a particularly useful little trick.
- Maximum 10m Range
- Starts a thread with 3 charges, each charge is one blink
- 4 post CD before gaining another charge is generated

Ability Name: Trick-Shot
Description: With an uncanny knack for hitting her opponents, Rei’s luck seems to shine through at times, a miracle ricochet or some random fall of fortune a missed shot will try to strike her opponent once more.
- Can be utilized with any gun-based abilities
- Can be utilized to shoot around corners or make otherwise impossible shots
- Cooldown equal to the ability she uses it on.
- This ability can be used passively on basic attacks. (Ignores cooldown, maximum 5 per post)

Ability Name: Honed Instinct Passive
Description: Rei seems to have a second sense for danger, what might blindside anyone else can and will be noticed by Rei.
- Sneak attacks of any kind will sensed early, allowing retaliation or avoidance.
- Vision impairing effects are nullified when it comes to defence (She’ll still be shooting blind, mostly)

Ability Name: Gun-Kata Passive
Description: At the peak of physical fitness and strict mental conditioning, Rei has shown herself to be a deadly combatant, using a mixture of hand-to-hand and weapon based combat. This style of fighting is high intensity, with the ability to keep just a little range while being perfectly capable at close range combat.
- Passively increases agility by x1 in all power stages.
Boosts: x3* Agility, x2 Endurance, x2 Stamina, x2 Strength
* - Included Gun-Kata Passive

Rei retains all abilities from previous stage

Ability Name: HE Round
Description: By infusing her chosen with energy, Rei is able to create an explosion on impact, spreading the damage over a wider area to make it easier to hit a target.
- 10m Radius
- Cero Damage
- 2 Post Cooldown

Ability Name: AP Round
Description: Focusing the energy into the tip of whatever round she is firing allows for a single shot with increased armour piercing ability.
- Barriers, shields and other defensive abilities are negated for one attack
- 2 Post Cooldown

Ability Name: Hawks-Eye Passive
Description: Rei seems to be able to process visual information quite accurately, assisting with aim even when she’s moving at her highest speeds.
- Enhanced Vision/Reaction Time
- Immune to vision impairing effects

Ability Name: Augmented Weaponry
Description: By diverting a bit of her energy into one of her weapons (Be it gun or knife), Rei can enhance the damage behind it.
- Melee strikes are enhanced to cero damage
- Ranged attacks are enhanced by one step (Bala > Cero for example)
- May be used in conjunction with other abilities
- 2 post cooldown

Boosts: x4* Agility, x3 Endurance, x3 Stamina, x3 Strength
* - Included Gun-Kata Passive

Rei retains all previous abilities

Ability Name: Shredder Round
Description: By readying a number of condensed energy points at the tip of a round, Rei is able to cause them to spread from an initial wound, aiming to cause internal damage and severe bleeding.
- Damage inflicted by this ability takes twice as long to regenerate and is particularly difficult to heal.
- Deals Cero Level Damage
- 4 Post Cooldown

Ability Name: Enhanced Blink Passive
Description: In hyper mode, Rei can leave an after-image of herself that dissipates once struck or left for a few moments. She can also leave a rounds worth of attacks that will fire once the afterimage is disturbed.
- 2 post cooldown before afterimage may be used again.

Ability Name: Mozambique
Description: Using her sidearm, Rei performs three incredibly quick shots. Two aimed at the chest and one at the head.
- First two shots are cero damage, successful hits will cause a stunning effect for the rest of the post.
- Headshot is gran rey damage
- Projectile speed enhanced to shunpo equivalent
- 4 post cooldown

Ability Name: Marked for Death
Description: Rei’s targets generally do not last an encounter with her, and this single ability would be the reason why. Once per thread, a target may be marked for execution for the next six turns. Any damage dealt is effectively doubled for the duration. Any healing or regeneration abilities are also negated for the duration. While marked, the target will feel an impending sense of doom.  
- Lasts 6 turns
- Damage is doubles for marked target
- Any damaged caused by Rei is unable to be regenerated or healed for the duration
- Once this ability ends, Rei is left in an exhausted state.

Boosts: x5* Agility, x4 Endurance, x4 Stamina, x4 Strength
* - Included Gun-Kata Passive

History: Rei Tsunemori is the only surviving member of the Tsunemori family, known to run a rather successful chain of hotels with locations all over the globe. Known to be an exclusive place to stay, with exorbitant prices that most of the public couldn’t really hope to afford. It’s all a front however for the underworld. A vast syndicate of various crime lords, assassins, thieves and the like.

Having taken over the reigns, Rei has continued her family’s work without a hitch, having even brought on some new faces to the payroll. Having already made a name for herself in the underground, which could be more of an issue for an assassin really. Now alone in the world, Rei finds solace in her closest associates and holds out for the future, otherwise just hoping that a somewhat cold exterior might act as armour to those who would wish to usurp her position in the Continental.

Side Notes:

(Mostly fluff at this stage)

The Continental: A chain of hotels, placed around the world to act as a front for the criminal underworld. It is a rather old chain, with vast knowledge of not only the shady background of the world but the spirit world. Every locations is made of a specially treated variant of the Sekkiseki stone. It is particularly resistant to mortal means of damage, but more importantly it is impenetrable to spiritual based attacks. Anyone inside will find they have no access to any of their usual abilities. Inside, all are equal. (Inside one of the many chain hotels, everyone is regarded un-tiered)

Gold Coins: Hand-Crafted gold coins that are used for the various services. From a round of drinks at the bar to acquiring weapons or equipment. These coins are used in place of regular currency and can be used for all services related to the Continental. 1 Coin is generally enough to cover one service. Be it a night of drinks at the bar to a brand new car. It’s sometimes hard to keep track of.

Marker: A small but ornate golden medallion, with a hidden compartment inside. A marker is a blood oath, where two members of the Continental may trade a favour for a favour. Taken very seriously by the higher-ups, ignoring the call of a marker owed generally ends in death.
The Rules:
- No Violence on Continental Grounds: A simple enough command, any violence on Continental Grounds will be met with a swift end. Should the perpetrator manage to escape the grounds, a world-wide contract is sent out until they are brought to justice
- Honour the Marker: Another simple rule, should someone not fulfil their end of a marker deal their tenancy with the Continental will end, usually with a worldwide contract on their lives.
- Do not involve innocents: While sometimes it is unavoidable, it is not a good idea to bring any suspicion to the Continental, so civilian casualties are to be avoided. Should this rule be broken, an employee may be refused further work until they atone or in serious circumstances be banished and targeted.

Roleplay Sample: Pew pew, shoosting and stuff.

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#2 Re: Rei Tsunemori on Mon Apr 09, 2018 8:36 am

Approved at Tier 1-1. Thank you for your cooperation.

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