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#11 Re: Zero to Death with Accel and Pals. on Fri Apr 13, 2018 11:33 pm

The rubble of the car she saw coming, as well as the bullets. She expected him to attack in some form without moving much. So, she did what would be best to handle metal with.

Overwhelming heat.

Seralin fills her Zanpakutou with Spirit Evergy, before holding the blade up and waiting. She waits for the metal and bullets to get close before activating her ability. "Ruby Burst!" From her blade spews exceedingly hot flames, melting any bullets and metal that got within 4 yards in any direction of her. The melted metal gathers down in front and around her, losing what momentum it had in it's new liquid state before hitting the ground and becoming solid once more, stuck to the pavement. She namelessly fires off Byakurai through the smoke, while it may not have been an overly strong Kidou it was fast. She Flash Steps to a new location on the street. "Good, but not good enough." He may be stronger, but Seralin trumped him in the countless years of experience she had. Tactics were her specialty, and in this case she would just have to wear him out. In the now berserk state he was in now that shouldn't be too hard, but the problem was making sure she lived through it.

She quickly fires off Byakurai another two times, both times relocating with Flash Step. Let's see how some small Kidou would stir him up.

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#12 Re: Zero to Death with Accel and Pals. on Mon Apr 16, 2018 5:42 am

Accelerator sighed as she melted the shit down with her ruby blast, as if that would actually bother him. He wouldn't even bother reforming the metals like he could. That was a waste of time, rather he converged a car on her position from the left before using Blur to get through the smoke. Then when the Shinigami went to cast Hadou 4, he placed his hand over her finger which was launching the Kidou. He smirked as he felt the energy shoot right back through her arm, presumably much to the chagrin of the Shinigami in question.He would then grab her arm and use the momentum from Vector manipulation and Blur to launch her through a nearby building, chasing after her with a car. He would see how she handled this, but his prediction was she couldn't handle it well.

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#13 Re: Zero to Death with Accel and Pals. on Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:55 am

Misaka would listen as she thought she heard Accel walking away, but she would quickly flop onto her knees watching as the other lady started attacking him. Her hands would instantly rise to her face as she gasped very softly. How could she do that? Accelerator didn't do anything wrong! Why would she attack him? Misaka's eyes would grow wide with fear as she watched every bit of this go down in front of her. Of course, Accel would fight back! He would protect himself using a car making Misaka smile. She wanted to stand and cheer him on. Except, there were hot car pieces everywhere and her box kept her safe. She probably wouldn't make it very far out there, so she would stay hidden watching Accel from the sidelines.

The lady was still good! How did she do that?! How did Accel do that?! Oh yeah.. Accel was magic; he said so the one day he got her all those toys. So, maybe this lady was magic too, but Misaka wasn't magic. Unless... The small girl would hold her fingers up in a gun shape again pretending to shoot off magic of her own, as blasts of fire and bursts of byakurai sounded in the background. She would concentrate hard trying to stick out her tongue and everything, however nothing worked. So, she would place her pretend gun on the ground and turn back to look at the fight.

Wait, was Accel hurting that girl? She couldn't tell, but she really hoped not. Accel wasn't bad, and Misaka didn't think he was either. He wouldn't really hurt the girl right? Maybe, Misaka could still help her if she needed it. Did she? Would she? Misaka was starting to get scared again watching Accel. He must have just been scared too. He must have just got scared trying to protect himself was all. Maybe the girl would be ok.

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#14 Re: Zero to Death with Accel and Pals. on Mon Apr 16, 2018 7:56 pm

Seralin wasn't really all that okay. The man somehow timed perfectly when her Byakurai would have fired off, and forcefully curved her finger to make it fire off into her arm. The attack pierces right through, spraying blood behind her as it passed through her flesh. Her jaw tightens, keeping herself from screaming out. It muffled the scream, bit it seemed Accel had more in mind for her. Her Zanpakutou still just in her one hand, Seralin was flung into a building with a car not far behind. "Danku!" The protective barrier sprung to life between herself and the car, protecting her from taking further damage. She forces herself to her feet and steps out of the building she had been unceremoniously tossed at.

"Fuck... you haven't weakened at all since last time." She holds her weapon up and releases more of her energy. "I guess it was foolish thinking I could just outlast you with just Shikai."

Flash Step had her moving to a new location, for the man was surely not interested in her talking. She was now up in the air above him. "Bankai." Her blade fell apart, turning into Spiritual Energy before forming the five separate gems that circled her while in his second release. "Hōseki no Ue." Her Captain's Coat was still there, but the rest of her Shinigami attire was replaced by blue silk robes containing a vine-like design made of silver thread.

She knows that if she was to even cause a scratch, she needed to overwhelm those shields of his. Her Ruby gemstone moves to the male's right side, ten feet away. In that same moment the Sapphire begins to glow above her shoulder. She points at Accel. "Blazing Vortex." The bright red gem releases a large expanding cone of flames at the male, while the Sapphire releases a large ball of energy up into the sky. Clouds gather, bringing with it a shower of sharp icicles fired directly at Accel's location, whether he moved from the earlier attack or not. She purposely didn't say the name of the second attack. She had said her attack's name in every fight so far, and done so against this man as well. It would keep the man from knowing which attack was coming. Not that it would help that much, but hopefully he wouldn't be expecting the ice since it wasn't given away by a verbal cue.

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#15 Re: Zero to Death with Accel and Pals. on Thu Apr 19, 2018 8:59 am

Accelerator smirked as the woman was clearly in fight or flight mode. Shew as trying to fight back, but she was flailing about like a carp at this point. Accelerator entered his Secondary Stage and matched her Bankai, retaining his already evident power advantage. Accelerator sighed as the woman pointed at him, attempting to launch some red flaming blast. Accelerator saw the red forming before she even launched the attack. He was no idiot, and he used Blur to converge on her position at once. The second the blast was launched Accelerator was on top of her. "You just don't learn do you?.." He redirected the attack back into her and as ice began to rain down soon after Accelerator couldn't be asked to care. A sadistic grin parted his lips and he would use Blur once more to propel himself forwards, punting her in the head and hopefully incapacitating her before he would go in for the kill.. "GET UP SHINIGAMI. KEHEHE."

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#16 Re: Zero to Death with Accel and Pals. on Thu Apr 19, 2018 9:26 am

The fire would have shot off at where he was moments before, not where he moved to. So thankfully she didn't have to deal with those flames, but the ice was an entirely different problem. Flash Step put some distance between the two, with her palm raised up. "Danku!" The redirected ice pelted the Kidou barrier and made it crack, but did not break through. She smirks a bit. "As if I would let myself get hit by my own attacks, some thing won't work twice."

And then he just had to go and change it up. He went to kick her head, but would find her arms up to take the blow instead. With the clear advantage he had she was sent clear through a nearby wall. "Fuck...! I'll come out when I'm ready!" She stumbles out, panting and with one of her arms uselessly hanging at her side. "It's rude... to talk to a lady like that." She uses her still working left hand to move her Diamond over to between the two, and has it form it's Diamond Barricadenlike a dome, almost patching the broken wall. "Limit of the thousands hands, respectful hands, unable to touch the darkness. Shooting hands unable to reflect the blue sky. The road that basks in light, the wind that ignited the embers, time that gathers when both are together, there is no need to be hesitant, obey my orders. Light bullets, eight bodies, nine items, book of heaven, diseased treasure, great wheel, grey fortress tower. Aim far away, scatter brightly and cleanly when fired." As she begins the chant, she relies on her barrier and the barricade wall. Should any of them give out she uses Flash Step to continue to a new location outside, uninterrupted. She might take some bruises from falling rubble but her dedication to Kidou was much better then that with swordplay. "Hadou number Ninety One, Senjū Kōten Taihō!" She has her plam facing towards Accel, making him the focus of the attack. She would revert back to Shikai after that, being too drained to maintain Bankai. "That... isn't enough. I'm too out of practice..." She falls to her knee, barely holding her fatigued body up.

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#17 Re: Zero to Death with Accel and Pals. on Thu Apr 19, 2018 9:31 am

This is now..
Accelerator tanked everything she threw at him. He wasn't even phased. "That's all you have? Pathetic. Kehehe.. But now it's my turn.. I've ended three Captains this way.. and it's your turn to join them.." Accelerator used Blur and punted the Shinigami in the head. He then used Blur to get to her position at that point in time and he proceeded to pick her up by the throat, slamming her to the concrete ground before dragging a car over her legs, smashing them to the point she couldn't move. He stepped on her arms and smiled, with a ball of plasma in hand. He had aimed the punt to her head hoping to shatter her jaw, and if it worked he wouldn't need to kick it again. He would smirk, "Say ahhhh.. kehehe!"

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#18 Re: Zero to Death with Accel and Pals. on Thu Apr 19, 2018 9:54 am

She looked, and seen that it did next to nothing. "I didn't even take down those shields...?" She attempts to stand back up but the man had kicked her skull, nearly shattering it right then. She was then lifted by her throat and slammed into the ground. The greatest pain however came when he ran her legs over with a car. A pained yell left her lips at that moment, but didn't last for long as a strong kick easily snapped her jaw.

She tried to lift her arms. Maybe she could escape, head to the Soul Society and heal up. Maybe even go back and have Sol ready her research room. However, that was all dashed from her mind as the man pinned her arms down under his feet. Her eyes stared defiantly up at him. If she was to die here, to his hand, then she wouldn't give him the satisfaction of seeing her afraid. Despite the tears streaming down her face and blood dripping from her head, her eyes held no fear.

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#19 Re: Zero to Death with Accel and Pals. on Thu Apr 19, 2018 10:00 am

Misaka had watched long enough to know that something was wrong because Accel wasn't ever like this. He was starting to scare her. He was hurting that lady bad and she couldn't even fight him back. She wasn't fast like Accel was; her brown eyes could see thst fact. She wasn't strong like he was either, because he had hurt her a lot more. Misaka wasn't sure what Accel was doing, but she didn't like it. However, she couldn't find the strength to move her tiny legs. She was scared. She wanted him to stop. She didn't like it. Why wouldn't he stop?

Misaka would watch until she couldn't get off the ground and a she would be pinned. A car on her legs and Accel on her arms. Tears streamed Misaka's face as she finally jumped to her feet. She didn't care if Accel was mad at her, she didn't care if he hurt her, and she didn't care if she was wrong. Her small feet pattered on the ground as she ran towards Accel with a tear stained face. "Misaka doesn't want Asselerator to do it!" She would attempt to reach him and wrap her little arms around his legs as she trembled with fear. "Please, Asselerator.. don't do it. Please don't hurt her anymore," her small voice shook just like her body did. If she had managed to grasp him, she would clench her fists tight around his clothing.

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#20 Re: Zero to Death with Accel and Pals. on Thu Apr 19, 2018 10:09 am

This is now..
Accelerator tightened up as he heard the tiny voice from behind him. The words oh and fuck came to mind in that order, and he turned to face the crying little girl that was Misaka. He looked back at her conflicted as she told him not to do what he intended to do, and he would be lying to say he didn't have half a mind to ignore her. He gritted his teeth and lifted Seralin up by the collar, but he collapsed the ball of plasma within his hand and simply landed a straight right hand, knocking her unconscious on the ground. She'd live, but that was all she'd be doing for the next few days. He turned to face Misaka and groaned a bit before apologizing. "I'm sorry you had to see that Misaka I might've gotten a bit carried away but uh.. want some ice cream?.." Accelerator smiled a bit, completely ignoring the half dead Shinigami behind him. Hopefully this would straighten things out.

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