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#1 Zero to Death with Accel and Pals. on Fri Apr 06, 2018 5:52 pm

Accelerator gets bored a lot, much like some other guy I know who's writing this post. Anyway, so as Accelerator was wandering the streets of this shit-city with it's weird people and god awful porn dispensers, Accelerator slowly began to realize that Misaka was asleep and safe in the hotel room, and that he could for the first time in a while wander the streets at night without a bit of concern, which ironically meant that everyone else in the area SHOULD be concerned, very concerned. Anyway, back to the point. Accelerator was out minding his own business per the usual, and as one might imagine, a Reitsu signature was heading his way or no good reason....

Well.. wasn't always bad to stir up some trouble..

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#2 Re: Zero to Death with Accel and Pals. on Sat Apr 07, 2018 6:30 am

Normally, she had slept well, even without Accel anywhere near her, however this time she had dropped one of her stuffed toys making her just a tad bit more uncomfortable. So the moment the stuffed object hit the floor, Misaka was sitting up hearing a light click, which reminded her of the door she had been opening and closing all day, just because she liked the noise. Then, Accel told her she couldn't do it anymore because it didn't make him happy. She didn't take it personal. Anyway, she would rush to the window wearing that small, blue, princess looking nightgown that Accel had brought her one day. Misaka loved to wear it, but sometimes it went missing for a littlw while so she would have to wear a different one. Then, she'd find it back nice and clean, which was weird because she knew she dropped noodles on it before. Anyway, her big, brown eyes would see him wandering away, even though it was dark she could tell it was him. Wiggling the doorknob, Misaka would run out after him. She lost him for a littlw bit, but would soon find him again. Except, she wasn't supposed to be out of bed, so she would catch herself hidong behind a building as he walked further along. She would frown because something didn't seem right.

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#3 Re: Zero to Death with Accel and Pals. on Fri Apr 13, 2018 3:24 am

She had decided to go out on patrol since she was taking training seriously now. Ever since Graven wiped the forest floor with her, she had been training to make sure it wouldn't happen again. Seralin was out and about when she felt it, a spiritual signature that she had felt before and had never wanted to feel again. "If I felt him, then he must have already felt me." She knew turning around and running would be pointless. Someone as ruthless as Accel would get some sick kick out of hunting her down anyway.

So she walks right towards him, and then an abandoned part of the city. If there was going to be a fight then she would keep innocent out of the crossfire. If he was anything like from their first encounter, Accel did not know the meaning of the word subtlety. Once to somewhere the population wasn't so dense, she waits. She was probably the only person around with any high level of power that could be considered hostile, so she was sure he'd come to her. She waits, and at the time that he made it to her she would already be facing him. "Well, you're someone I haven't seen in quite a while. I have to say that I really didn't want to see you again. It took the help of two others just to get a draw against you."

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#4 Re: Zero to Death with Accel and Pals. on Fri Apr 13, 2018 7:28 am

Accelerator rolled his eyes as the girl tried to make it seem as if their last fight was worth remembering. "I don't remember you and I don't care to. Get out of my way or I'll move you on my own. I didn't come here to be chastised by a low level Shinigami with a death wish." Accelerator upon finishing his sentence would lift the sidewalk the Shinigami was on, and launch it away from himself. Hopefully they'd take the hint and leave well enough alone before Accelerator was forced to take matters into his own hands. Then again.. boy it had been a while since the last time Accelerator had been allowed to get violent..

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#5 Re: Zero to Death with Accel and Pals. on Fri Apr 13, 2018 8:09 am

Misaka had a very grand time following Accel pretending to be a secret agent, rolling across the ground, and hiding up against cars with her fingers placed to look like a gun. Of course, she didn't understand that guns killed people; she just figured thet put them to sleep. So, there was no harm in a little play. However, she knew well enough that she had better not get caught by Accel because surely he would yell at her for being out of bed. She had always tried to listen to him, but sometimes she would get caught at the orphanage and they would be mean to her. She couldn't quite get over that place. It made her sad. Anyway, she would follow Accel crouching behind a large metal box on the sidewalk peaking around the corner of it only to see another person come after him. She would listen to the two, but she wouldn't be able to hear everything the girl was saying. She figured out they had faught once and that Accel didn't want to fight her. Misaka would smile wanting to hug Accelerator for not wanting to hurt people because she lnew he was a good Accel. He was so nice to her and he did nice things with her. Misaka loved Accelerator, except she didn't really tell him much. Nonetheless, she would restrain herself watching from behind the box.

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#6 Re: Zero to Death with Accel and Pals. on Fri Apr 13, 2018 10:25 am

"Low level?" Now that just itched her the wrong way. She uses Flash Step to move off of the sidewalk, her body briefly disappearing with a buzz of static before reappearing on the street. "I was a Captain before leaving the Gotei. Granted, one that had been newly appointed." She rests a hand on her Zanpakutou. "The fact that you don't have a leash on you yet though is troubling. I would think The Committee would have reigned you in. Then again, it has been a while since you last tried destroying a city. That alone is a miracle." She slides her blade out of her sheath, pointing it at the opponent before her. "You've been bottled up too long. Better I have you snap out here than where innocents could get hurt."

'At least from here I can run away if it gets out of hand.' She states. Seralin runs her hand across her Zanpakutou. "Feast on the mountain's heart, Taberu Hōseki." While the shape of her blade remained the same the color and material were not. It took to the 5 various colored gems that represented her inner spirits: Diamond, Amethyst, Ruby, Sapphire and Garnet. It was a good thing her gems could repair themselves given time. She was dreading whether the damage Graven dealt would have been permanent. "You should thank me, I'll be helping you let off a little steam. And in turn maybe I'll remember how to put up a proper fight."

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#7 Re: Zero to Death with Accel and Pals. on Fri Apr 13, 2018 7:33 pm

Accelerator ignored the Shinigami's babbling. He had no interest in continuing this fight and if she was really going to push the issue she was going to pay for it. "The second you make an attempt on my life yours will pay the forfeit. I hope we have a clear understanding on that." Accelerator kept walking, ignoring the fact that the woman had just entered Shikai. She still wasn't a threat, and if he was being honest he wasn't sure she could be a threat in any form. He would slowly crack his neck as he continued to walk, waiting for the inevitable stupid decision this Shinigami was bound to make.

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#8 Re: Zero to Death with Accel and Pals. on Fri Apr 13, 2018 7:56 pm

Although Accel didn't seem to want to cause any problems, the other girl just kept trying to fight him and that made Misaka sad. Why would she try to hurt Accel? He wasn't a bad guy, but she kept saying that he was. Why did she say that? Misaka would stare intently waiting for what would happen next, but Accel didn't look interested. He started to walk away, but Misaka would become more nervoud. She couldn't follow him if this lady was here. The lady might try to fight her too! She could be mean to Misaka! The little girl thought about jumping out from behind the box and yelling to Accel. She thought about maybe just running really fast past the lady. No, she couldn't. Misaka would turn around, back to the box, and curl up into a little ball. She'd just have to wait for him to come back.

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#9 Re: Zero to Death with Accel and Pals. on Fri Apr 13, 2018 9:03 pm

"... You're different." He was really going to make her move first? Maybe he did change from The Committee. He still seemed too on edge though, as if he had an itch that he was waiting to scratch. "You're still a danger though as you are now." If he was going to let her make the first move, it would be something small but enough to get his attention. Let him know that she meant business. She raises her hand, aiming her palm at his back as he continued to move. "Hadou number thirty three, Sokatsui." From her palm is released a blue fireball, the named Kidou she had spoken just a moment before.

Whatever it would go to hit would be bathed in blue light as it explodes, burning a bit of a nearby building and causing a small crater to form in the ground.

Seralin uses Flash Step to put some distance between the two, sword in hand as she waits.

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#10 Re: Zero to Death with Accel and Pals. on Fri Apr 13, 2018 10:32 pm

Accelerator rolled his eyes, throwing a small car in the way of the blast to intercept it, and the resulting rubble was flung back at the Shinigami in the hopes that she'd be shredded and potentially burned by the jagged hot metal raining down at her with Bala level speed. Accelerator sighed, he didn't want this but if this was what was going to be brought his way... Accelerator's look of disappointment quickly turned upside down into a look of sadistic glee. A look of violent rage that he had kept pent up for far, far too long. "I tried to warn you.. but fine, maybe I'll have some fun with you.. kehehe!" Bullets would fly towards the Shinigami's direction, 30 of them total at Bala speeds. They were spread out to disperse for later use, presuming the Shinigami didn't do something smart which..

Yeah Accel was probably fine.

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