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Aaron walked out of his office less than amused with the state of the Committee. It was directionless, it was stagnant, and while these were indeed peaceful times he simply couldn't take sitting on his hands doing fuck all any longer! Aaron alerted his secretary and quickly proceeded to form a meeting area in the main lobby with a seat and sufficient room for each individual member of his organization. It would be interesting to see who would show up, and who had already opted to run off for something a bit more on the exciting side of things. Eh, whatever happened happened right. He just hoped they'd all hurry and sit the hell down..

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Though she had been in Silbern, she had been waiting to be called. Gwynevere had taken this time to train as Aaron told her to do, and was eager to show it. The motherly Princess of the Quincy made her way out of her castle before being consumed by shadows, the energy taking her from the Quincy realm to just outside of the Committee headquarters. The woman was still dressed in the same attire she always had been, she basically looked the same. Her power though, that she had increased in spades. She felt like she could handle herself quite well on her own now, unlike before.

Her eyes gaze over the massive building. "Aaron must have figured out where he wishes to guide this organization. I was wondering how long it would take." She walks in and heads right for the location the messenger had told her, the lobby where they were to meet. As she enters she takes a seat three chairs down to Aaron's left. "Good afternoon, Aaron. It has been a while since the last meeting." She says politely, the practiced greeting coming out smoothly. "I trust you will explain the purpose of this meeting soon, so I will not bother asking for details early. I will ask however how you've been all this time."

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Upon receiving notice of a meeting, Toshinori immediately acted. Making his way to HQ and entering the main lobby, he noticed a few extra chairs and what not. So it was definitely going to be a big meeting, granted that everyone actually showed up. Toshinori was in HERO FORM, so standing at standing at 7'4" made the lobby feel rather small. He took a seat, relaxed, and sat patiently, awaiting the arrival of the other members (If any) to arrive. All the while smiling.


Receiving a knock on her door, Kiahni was told to prepare for a meeting that was going to be happening in the main lobby. Mr. Bubbles got her properly dressed and prepared, in her blue dress and bow. Skipping down a few stretched halls and going down an elevator, Kiahni skipped into the main lobby and took a seat on the ground. The monster Mr.bubbles wasn't too far behind her, slowly making his way to her, and standing next to her. Kiahni would begin to hug his leg as the two patiently awaited for the meeting to start.

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Seeing as I'd gotten comfortable in my new scrapyard home, I refused to leave unless it was to kick some serious ass. This was not one of those times, and as such, I'd shipped a remote holo-drone to the Committee building, where I'd be attending the meeting by proxy. Did I care? No. Was I going to see what shenanigans would take place? Of course.

Finally this asshole does something, seeing as I and my sub-troops have actually been going on routine missions. I wasn't all too pleased with his leadership at the moment, mostly because it was non-existent. In my hands, more missions would have been carried out, and they would have come back with zero complaints. There's probably a chance that assassination attempts would have been down without him at the helm as well, but that's not my call to make.

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Kiyomi had been reporting to Rinoa when they were called to a meeting held by Aaron so they arrived at the same time. Kiyomi still looked like she was recovering a bit and Rinoa looked very cheerful, "Hi hi everyone!" Came Rinoa's voice as she entered and looked around to see who was already present. Kiyomi merely nodded and waved before finding a seat. Rinoa shortly followed and sat next to her pulling out a pill bottle which she handed Kiyomi to end their particular business they had been in before the meeting call had reached them.

"So what is it Aaron? Did something happen?" Kiyomi asked after taking said pill bottle and putting it in her pockets, rinoa spoke up and questioned him as well, "This isn't about the Vatican is it? I thought they always handled their own problems though I'm still not sure "how". I'd love to investigate that at some point.."

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Ketsu followed Kiyomi into the room like a lost puppy, unable to make eye contact with anyone else at the fact that Kiyomi was alive. He held Sakura tightly in his arms, asleep as babies were, and smiled at her as he took a seat next to Kiyomi.

Alyss, meanwhile, was parading around in her normal outfit, glad her dress was up in her room and not being worn, as she took a seat next to her mother and looked around, noticing the baby in the blond man's arms and trying like hell not to ask to hold her.

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The six foot tall bounto that was Alexander Kerensky was unusually late. As was Jun. But they also had to use a data link since they were in Europe at the moment. Poland to be more precise. Both the green headed man and blonde appeared relaxed and unlike the others, didn't ask what was going on. He'll get to it when everyone was there. And so the both of them were patient. The fashionably late one was a five foot nine newcomer. Technically, he wasn't a part of the Committee. No, he was a mercenary, hired to assist in filling some gaps. He was the one that had a question however. "Technically, I'm not a part of the Committee, just a mercenary. Do you really need or want me here? If not, I had just received a mission to the outback...." If Aaron wanted him, he'd stay and sit down, if not, he'll leave. All the while munching, almost obnoxiously loud, on rice crackers. Which he held out to everyone physically in attendance in a friendly gesture if they wanted any.

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