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#1 [Open] Asking Akane on Fri Apr 06, 2018 7:11 am

I'd been stir-crazy for months. I loved Tatsuya, Camillia, my new life, but I HATED being away from my true home. The Seireitei was my entire life and I couldn't stand being away from it. So I said to hell with it. No appointment, no notice, I'm done. I went to the temporary office of Akane, Captain-Commander of The Gotei 13. I was visibly upset. Behind me, the wind would gust and gale. "Lady Akane. We need to have a serious discussion about The Soul Society. Firstly, why the hell are we not there? Have we sent scouts, made any attempt to reclaim our home? Secondly, What would you do to change that? I will make the trip ALONE if I must, but I implore you to step up and be the leader our kind needs you to be. Am I clear?"

I stared the small child draped in a commander's garb, hoping that some of my intent broke through to her. I was going home, with or without the lot of them.

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