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#1 [Private] My city, my rules (Kazuma/Maiden) on Fri Apr 06, 2018 1:45 am

I'll be honest, most people, when reborn, want to change things about their lives. I was one of those people. Some would get richer. Some would be heroes. Some would even go about making themselves make changes that should have been made the first time. Me? I wanted to rule New York City with the ploys of my mind. I know, big ambitions. To say I'm crazy is probably accurate, but the power I was given when I was restored? It makes up for that craziness. I could manipulate everyone's pockets until they're spilling into mine, and well before they can do anything about it. There was once a tale of a man from France who did just that, but I intend to make good on it this time.

I began small, making sizable bets over the trickiest games of luck. The place where I shined the most. And of course, I won. I got thrown out from several of these back alley scams just because I made them lose all their winnings. Shameful really. Cheating bastards. Of course when I had a chance, I spent the money on things I would need. I thought I had a good thing going... that was until she showed up.

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She had a new target, a male, younger, and apparently he had made plenty of people angry. Scammers they called them. They scammed people out of money, animals, supplies, and anything they could take of value from poor unsuspecting bystanders. What did that matter though? They were willing to pay her to get this little filth off their backs. Even if they planned on not paying her, she would just kill them and take their fortune, which was a win-win on her part. Anyway, dressed in her signature maid outfit, she wandered down the blackness of New York's finest alleyway.

She had managed to seduce her way into this specific establishment that she had been tipped off about. It seemed to be one of the few places that he wasn't banned from. She would waltz in with the top few buttons undone whirling her way around men, until she reached the area she was looking for. She would take a seat just next to the one she was looking for.

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As was my normal gambit, I was making money off of those poor saps who have nothing better to do than take money from people who can't see through their tricks. I was doing even better than usual, though I was mildly confused and dazed, due to the fact that I hadn't been kicked out this time. Oh well, no harm in this much fun, especially if the money is still flowing into my pockets. And to make matters more interesting, and hopefully more fun, a new face appeared, a set of red hair, and... gorgeous assets. Oh my, she was beautiful. So much so, that I'd lost focus for a few moments. "Well hello, beautiful, what brings you to this dingy place? Surely you have better things to do than to cosplay as a maid in this dump. The name's Kazuma." and damn, she played the maid role well.

With that, the con artist hesitated. He seemed to know something, but hurried along and started his game up again. Poker. What I knew that the others didn't was he'd hidden face cards up his sleeve, and played them out so it didn't look suspicious. However, with a watchful eye, you could tell when he'd slipped a card out. Take my knowledge of that, and the fact that my luck is crazy powerful, and I won nearly every single hand. I only threw my cards out when I knew he was going to pull some shady shit. And it appeared that due to the girl now in on my left, I was going to get even luckier tonight.

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As she sat down beside the boy, she seemed to notice him lost in thought staring at her out of the corner of her eye. She would act as though she didn't care who he was or why she had chosen a place at his side. When he spoke, she would turn her head to him slightly with a slight grin looking him up and down with her hazel eyes. She would cross one leg over another showing off her barely covered thighs due to the short length in her uniform. "Oh. I'm not here to just roleplay. I'm here to clean up," Mei would nod to the card dealer as he began to do his thing.

She would watch the people around the table, especially this boy making flirty gestures and faces the more the game seemed to progress. Her hazel eyes had a look of warmth, but precision needed for such a game. If she was to win him over, she had to at least look the part and talk him up a little bit. Although, she wasn't sure how long the clients would wait around for her to do so. "Other than my intelligent remarks. I'm actually here on business for a well known hotel chain. I'm actually coming from work now, hence the outfit. I've sort of taken a liking to it. Gets me a lot of... attention," Mei would wink at the boy as she seemed to move closer to him.

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I took in her appearance in full. Long slender legs, voluptuous body, attire that accented the best parts of her. Her glittering hazel eyes sat on her smooth and soft face, and the red hair set it over the edge. All this wrapped up in a scanty maid outfit, one that loved her almost as much as I did. She mentioned something about not being here for roleplay, but to clean up, to which I said "Yeah? This place needs it. But you sure you wanna play a game first when it'll take so long to clean up?" She didn't answer, and the game was beginning. Looking at my hand, I had a King and 10 both in Spades. I smirked as my luck kicked in almost immediately. I took a quick glance over to her, who hadn't touched her cards yet.

Looking into her eyes again... I caught both warmth and seriousness. It was almost alluring, seeing how intensely she could pull at me, just by looking at me. She mentioned working for a hotel chain and how she loved the outfit in particular. She cited the reason, though she didn't have to. It spoke to me louder than she possibly could herself. She then winked at me, inching closer to me, seemingly no interest in the game of Poker taking place near us. I couldn't help but lean closer to her. Though I'd never admit it, my body was jumping at the chance to be closer to her, my vital signs going mad. I couldn't take it anymore as I was prepared to pull her in close. "Come home with me tonight. I won't let you forget a night like this."

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Mei would watch as this boy seemed to be squirming internally at the sight, thought, and even his fantasies of her. She could see it in his eyes. He was attracted. He was distracted. He was definitely blind to her whole charade. It was sort of adorable the way he seemed to want to get closer to her, which was one thing she loved the most about her job. Mei would sigh something that sounded like someone in love as she would place her hand on the boy's arm listening to him as he pleaded for her to return to his home with her. Mei would giggle when he was finished noting the eagerness. He must have been very young to feel this strongly about taking a woman home. He definitely wasn't calm, cool, or in any way collected. She would slowly slide off her seat, hand still on his arm, and an alluring expression just begging for him to follow her. "Hm. I may just take you up on that offer, but you may have to buy me a drink first," she would speak with a whisper near his ear and then she would tug on his arm lightly signaling for him to follow her.

If he really were to follow after her, Mei would walk towards the door only stopping to wave at the man closest to it, "See you all tomorrow." She aimed to walk out the door, into the empty alleyway, and end it all right there. She wouldn't have to hide, she wouldn't have to go to his home, and she certainly wouldn't have to keep up this game any longer. However, she sort of felt sorry for him. His life seemed to barely be getting started, but this was her living. She needed money and he just so happened to have it dangling above his head. What a shame. He could have been cuter had they met in a different place and a different time.

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I loved this woman. She knew exactly what to say, when to say it, and seemed to be having so much fun pleasing me. That's my kind of woman. Her touch was gentle and smooth and her skin was like butter. I had so much trouble keeping my cool, and that's probably what she was after. The sad truth? I didn't care. I was head over heels in love. It was then that she ascended, tugging on me. She was flirting with me in doing so, and I couldn't help but to follow. I went with her down several hallways, wondering where we'd end up. All sorts of scenes went through my head. Then we were in an alleyway. She gave me the most intense look I'd ever received...

And then I had a knife in my gut. All of that passion and intensity drained out of me. I was shocked and dazed... and yet looking at her only rose to confuse me more, as I was still hopelessly in love. I had but one trick up my sleeve, only one that might save me. I reached down into myself, for the power that I'd been given. I grabbed it and brought it to the surface. My body aged, my hair became more orderly, somehow, my clothes changed from that of a street rat to that of a gentleman. I never understood that part. I didn't care, it was cool. "Miss.... do you think you could remove the knife? It's beginning to burn a bit. I'm not quite ready to die yet. That... and I'd miss your sweet face too much." I had this all planned out, it was now, or I'd die slowly and painfully. I was hoping it wasn't the latter option. Come on, sweet luck. Don't fail me now.

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Mei had sighed releasing her disappointment of ridding this world of such a young one, who simply messed with the wrong people. She would slowly form the dagger from her own reitsu only turning towards the boy when it was complete. The knife would slip into the boy's gut showing such a look that she had seen and even caused many times before. This one was oddly different though. He seemed confused, he seemed out of it, but it was almost as if the gleam in his eye hadn't left. Wait, was this one for real? Maybe it was because he had been so young. Mei would look away for a moment realizing she had just manipulated this one so young, she had just led him on, and she had just betrayed him without him so much as thinking that she would.

As Mei would turn her head up to him again, she would see he was changing. He was becoming someone totally different. He was growing, aging, and his personality had become more sophisticated in a sense. Who was this boy? What had he just done? He would speak to her in a sense of pleading, but she had played this game all too well one too many times. She would glare at him angrily with a slight "tsk" sound ready to finish what she had started. Then, she would remember who he just was, she would remember how she believed he felt, and she would think about the youth he had just transformed from. She would look at him with slightly saddened eyes, "Listen, uh.. boy. I don't want to do this. I wish that I didn't have to, but I.. I need this. This is how I make my living. She would slide her left hand over her face leaving her finger tips pressed to her temple. This was weird. This looked familiar. It sort of hurt her head a bit.

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As I changed, her expression shifted. It seemed as though she had some form of regret glossing her soft face. My dying effort was a success. I might indeed get better later, but for now, I needed to pull her the rest of the way in. Her face shifted to an angry shade, and her voice noted that she was indeed upset. The conflict was apparent as it didn't take long for her expression to soften, then slip into a sadder one, perhaps of sympathy?

"Listen, uh.. boy. I don't want to do this. I wish that I didn't have to, but I.. I need this. This is how I make my living."
Ohhhh I get it. If she doesn't kill me, she doesn't get paid. If she doesn't get paid... yeah. But she's not fully into doing it this time. Time to give her a way out. "Listen my lovely maiden, anything you would have made? I can double that easily. Why do you think so many people want me dead? I've been cleaning their pockets, just like they'd done for so many others. You don't have to kill me, miss. Hell, I could work for you, and make your next mission a super great one." I would wink and smile, albeit in a great deal of pain. One thing this form did not give me was the ability to stifle pain.

I'd give her a soft look, akin to that of a puppydog in likeness, hoping to myself that she'd take the bait. Though I did love her, there was some kind of thrill about manipulating such a gorgeous girl to my whim. I was also really hoping that my super luck could affect a situation like this and that I wasn't totally screwed.

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#10 Re: [Private] My city, my rules (Kazuma/Maiden) on Mon Apr 09, 2018 7:44 am

Mei would frown suddenly growing in anger as he spoke, even though one would be happy wuth his compromise. She would shake her head side to aide vigorously with her teeth gritted. Hazel eyes would pierce his own as she slid close and personal to him, "You're a dumbass." Her voice had come out in a harsh whisper of sorts before she would push away from him. At this point, she didn't want to be close to him, she was disgusted, but she wasn't heartless, even when she was full of anger. She would look away glaring down at her own vessel before laughing a bit maniacally.

"You really think.. I.. need YOUR help. As far as I'm concerned, you're just a CHILD! You're not even worth tainting my reitsu over. Your blood is better off going to your brain instead of outside of on the ground. God knows you'll need all you can get to fight the amount your dick soaks in," Mei would snarl sarcastically as to prove this boy was simply following her because his hormones had told him to. She would release the blade of the weapon allowing it to dissipate right where it had been forced into his stomach. A growled scream would emit from her throat as she punched the concrete wall next to the boy ripping her knuckles open to the point of drawing blood. What was she going to do now? She couldn't bring herself to kill him. She couldn't walk away unscathed. At this point, she would turn away and walk a fair amount of distance away leaving the two separated. Within a moment's notice, Mei would form another blade, much similar to the one she had just disolved, however, stabbing herself in the thigh with it this time. She would groan and wince as the blood trickled down her leg and the weapon would disappear yet again. "At least now, I won't be a coward."

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