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She was quite the character, capable of being callous, playful, fun, and deadly serious. My mom and dad would be freaking out if they'd seen me with someone like this, but to see her be sympathic was a mild shock, and to see her take interest for even a second in some weakling like me gave me a drive to fight, even if it was a tiny one for right now. Her eyes had widened when I'd shown her that we were the same, and then she offered me a proposal. The proposal warned me of danger, that I'd basically have to do as she asked and stay close, and that I'd basically be on my own otherwise. To that, I had no issue.

I thought on it for a little bit, about how crazy things would get. I wondered on how willing I was to sacrifice my life if it came down to that. I also thought on what would really change. Not much. For starters, I wouldn't be aimlessly wandering around the city. I'd have a place to stay, probably basic funds for food and amenities... Not bad. It was more than I had now. And to top it off, I might indeed learn plenty about myself and what this power was, if anything. "Alright. I've made up my mind. I know that I'll be a liability... but I'll take that risk, even if it costs me my own life. I have next to nothing as it is now. I'll gladly take what I can."

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Mei would wave over a server as the girl would seem to mull over her options or terms that Mei had just provided to her. She would converse with the server for a while, obviously suckering the poor woman into giving her the best discounts just because of her appearance and charm. Except, it wasn't as if Mei actually needed discounts being an assassin got her plenty of money to live a decent life. This woman hadn't even realized that another lady had just basically hooked, reeled her in, and sunk her like she could to any true man. They would talk about food items and beverages that the diner possessed before the red head would make a descision. "Hmmm. I suppose just a basket of fries and saaay.. whatever beverage is your favorite.. but keep in mind, Mei would point to the girl across from her and giggle, "this one is under age." As the server would walk off, Mei would wave a bit too seductively for it to just be a game anymore.

After the woman had turned the corner to the kitchen, Mei would turn around to look directly at the teen across from her. She would speak her piece and Mei would smile whilst rubbing the back of her head, "Well, then welcome to my family. I can fill you in on myself a little more later, but it's just You, Me, and the Continental now. I hope my maid outfit is appealing to you because I'd love to see you in one." Her voice would trail off as she looked the teen up and down. "Soon enough," she would sigh mostly just teasing the girl.... mostly.... yeah.

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As the maid waved the server in, I found myself hungrier than I'd expected to be. Then again, I didn't have much money to buy food with as of late, and I'd been sitting in a diner for what seemed like a good 30 minutes... Of course I'd be hungry by now. I was ready to order, but I wouldn't get the chance until Mei was done sweet talking the waitress into discounts galore. Seriously, the amount of honey she slathered her words in almost made me a bit sick to my stomach, and yet I couldn't be mad or upset at her, not with a face like she had...

Woah. Did I just? Yep, I'm just as vulnerable to her charm, even though I'm not the opposite gender. That's scary. She offered to get us some fries and a drink before reminding me I was too young for booze. I puffed my cheeks a little and glared, but then softened immediately because her face just had that effect on me.

God dammit. You know what, I figured I'd try my hand at it. Learn by watching, then doing, yeah? I batted my eyelashes and looked deeply into the waitresses eyes, timing my words just so. "Miss, would it be too much trouble for a double bacon cheeseburger? I'm only a little hungry, I promise. A cola too, if you'd be the best you possibly could. After all, you're the greatest server in this city, aren't you?" .... I felt like I overplayed the hell out of it, but she didn't even ask for any money. It seemed she was so used to people trash talking her, that a sea of compliments like that tore any resistance she had left to nothing. I was probably going to get chastised for being absolute garbage with my delivery. Regardless, the maiden would welcome me rather warmly, giving me a subtle hint that my new 'family' was actually super tiny. I didn't mind that, but it was apparent that I'd lucked out and been taken in where most people would be dead or 'missing'. Then she mentioned something about her uniform....

Wait....M-me? Uuuhhm. What.
"M-Me. M-Maid? P-Pretty? B-B-But.. I..." And with no more words that I could formulate into a meaningful sentence, my young mind was once again victim to a storm of flustered emotions, to which I was helpless. She was probably enjoying this....

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Mei would giggle as Annabelle had turned on a charm of her own through pure, innocent compliments, which was a charm that Mei struggled with. Her charm was simply a more racy, seductive bit, which was equally good, but any sort of innocence could easily trump her. Perhaps this young girl was bound to be by her side after all. Together they would be a force to be reckoned with. She was simple, sweet, kind, and the server generally adored her just as Mei was sure she would. Then, Annabelle would come to the realization that Mei didn't just wear her outfit for fun. The assassin would laugh a little loudly as the girl stumbled over her words and she would soon find herself bushing a bit just thinking about it. She would speak through an amused tone, "Well, yeah. You can't just stay with me for free. If you're going to work with me, you'll have to learn to be of the utmost service. That means maid outfit, short skirt, and that sweet face. Oh you'll just be too adorable. Don't worry, I won't let anything bad happen to you, ok? I'll even teach you. You'll be a proper maiden." Mei's eyes would shine brightly with a bit of a twinkle as she thought about Annabelle in that outfit. She was going to be Mei's cutest daughter! Daughter? How odd.

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As it was that the maiden before me was teasing me endlessly, almost cruelly with the thought of wearing a skimpy maid uniform as per my conditions for being taken in and trained. I was flustered to the point of obvious blushing and flailing, and instead of words, only wails and sqeaks escaped me. My saving grace did show up in that series of events though. The server who so kindly took to our charm and gave us our food in record time arrived. I got my bacon cheeseburger and cola and the lady got her fries with a surprise bottle of wine. How, I don't know, but didn't really care either. I tossed aside any manners or acknowledgement of any presence in the room but me and this freakin' cheeseburger. I tore into it heartily, grunting like an animal. I was hungry, damn it all, and I wasn't in the mood to wait like usual.

After I'd finished the burger, I'd realized just how weird I'd gotten, and sure enough, I was blushing again. My poor cheeks... "R-Right. about that. A-Ahhh... So when's my first lesson?" I couldn't even speak properly so I just started slurping down my cola. I couldn't manage much else after devouring that burger.... Damn that was good. I was starting to care less that I was sloppy about it knowing how much better I felt. My expression was probably somewhere between relaxed and blushing, not sure how that would look, but probably awkward as hell.

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