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#1 [Private] Holo-Haddaway (Maki + Alyss) on Fri Apr 06, 2018 1:33 am

One of the benefits of having holo-room technology was the fact that we could generate any form of room in nearly any level of detail or size. It was quite nice, seeing as even formal parties could be held in them. Such a night was this, as we'd celebrated the most recent batch of academy graduates, as well some of the top of our Troop sections getting promoted as per their reward for the most recent operation.
While it would be understandable if things got a little loose, I carried myself as I always have, with patience, dignity, and grace. Okay, so combat is an exception to that. Whatever. The point is, I now have my adoptive daughter in tow, and the party was beginning to settle as people were merry and went their separate ways. If anything she wanted to say popped into her head, it would be a welcome thought

I myself, constantly surveyed both my own appearance and the surrounding areas and entrances. Seeing as there was always a chance of a riot or craziness, and my appearance needed to be in tip-top shape to retain the air I so desired. Thankfully, my kimono remained pristine, creaseless, and unblemished. My hair stayed in a crisp, white wave garnished with a purple bloom that made it very clear that while I may be a monster on the battlefield, I'm classy. (bitch.) Still, in the quiet, I couldn't help but feel unsettled.

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#2 Re: [Private] Holo-Haddaway (Maki + Alyss) on Fri Apr 06, 2018 1:51 am

Standing next to her mother, Alyss Kesshou adjusted her red dress as she bit her lip softly. This wasn't her usual attire, and while she enjoyed feeling pretty while wearing it, it made her feel uncomfortable that someone might notice her secret, something which she'd been working on the process of, with her mother's help, taking those little blue pills every day.

Even Red Phantom, her staff, had been locked in her Mother's office to prevent Alyss from getting uppity. While she may have been Sixteen now, she was still a child and had her own plethora of issues. Her Mother had been kind to her, and had bought her this dress to wear to the Graduation Party. Alyss herself had been excused from the class due to her childhood, but had been learning under Kiyomi Altana. She hoped to see her Teacher here at the event, but knew it was unlikely with her being a Mother and a Wife to Ketsu Altana.

As Alyss scanned the room, she noticed the Graduates all beaming with pride at their accomplishments, and smiled at some of them. A few of them were fairly cute in their own ways, both the boys and girls, but none of them particularly caught Alyss' eye. Alyss felt a light tug on her hair as her Mother tightened it so it looked neater and smiled at her, speaking in a whisper.

"Is it just me or does something feel... off about this?" She asked, glancing around once more.
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#3 Re: [Private] Holo-Haddaway (Maki + Alyss) on Fri Apr 06, 2018 2:13 am

Alyss seemed both unnerved and pleased to be in the position she was in, at my side and all prettied up. I was still young myself, but I found the act of mothering her to be second-nature, and as such had a secondary sense for her needs. Her hair was a little tangled, so with a few trails of my finger, it was easy to locate the knot and put it to rest. She did seem to relax a little at that, but that wasn't all. "Alyss, is there something the matter?" To which she'd suggest that something may be amiss, be it a product of her own anxiety, or just an unspoken tension in the air. I'd felt it too, so I didn't think less of her for being unsettled. "It's not just you. I can't quite place it, but something's going to happen. Until then, try to put it off. I won't let anything harm you."

I'd continue to scan around the room, all the entrances, and still nothing. I couldn't shake it, and Alyss' confirmation alluded that something indeed would happen. As to what..... I did not know, and it was the absence of knowledge that pained me the most.

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#4 Re: [Private] Holo-Haddaway (Maki + Alyss) on Fri Apr 06, 2018 3:53 am

She nodded at her Mother's words. Maki had gone to great lengths to keep her safe after hearing how her biological parents had treated her, and was definitely better about being a mom than anyone else she'd ever met. Alyss did indeed try to brush off her feelings, mingling with the graduates and stealing a glass of champagne, though she knew her mother's watchful eye had likely caught it and was probably smirking letting her be a teenager, as Alyss stopped cold in her tracks.

Alyss wasn't the best at sensing, but after training with Kiyomi, it definitely wasn't her weakest ability. She glanced towards her mother to see if Maki had caught it as well, peering around the room to locate it. It seemed to be coming from everywhere, and Alyss could only hope that Maki could pinpoint it better. Regardless, Alyss began to walk back towards her mother, not giving anything away about what may come to happen in the next few minutes.
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#5 Re: [Private] Holo-Haddaway (Maki + Alyss) on Fri Apr 06, 2018 4:31 am

Though she managed to brush off her anxiety with flair, I could not do the same. I watched her, nervously. Though she was very child-like, I saw the teenage tendencies she was starting to develop, including her sneaking some champagne, which made me smirk a little bit. All still seemed well. Then it began. An announcement was given throughout the hall, asking all of the recipients of awards to return to the stage for one final hurrah. I knew something was off as it was not part of the program. Even worse, there were so few people left, I felt that group was being targeted for something. Why though? Out of curiosity, I checked my watch, which contained access to the Committee's data systems as well, and in the log for this particular room, there was a command set to shrink the room down to the size of a tennis ball. I couldn't override it with my credentials, which confused me. I helped build and code this system. What the hell?

I called Alyss over, panicking a little. Knowing she'd come, I gave her the following command. "Leave this room now. Wait outside. If I call for you, come back, but until then, stay put." To which she would hopefully oblige. I would spend the next several minutes manually working the code, finding walls, redirected command paths, and worst of all, rewritten admin codes. The room had already begun to shrink. They'd intended to crush everyone in the room with the system I'd built. It would have to be done quickly. I had no room for error. In my rush, I sent a quick message to Alyss. [Alyss, someone has hard-coded a command into the room we were just in. I need you to find the person responsible and apprehend them. You do not have to take them alive. I'll try to meet up with you once I disable the commands.]

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#6 Re: [Private] Holo-Haddaway (Maki + Alyss) on Fri Apr 06, 2018 8:24 pm

Maki told her to leave, to which Alyss had learned was not something she should argue right then. Excusing herself, she stepped out and pulled out her phone while she headed over to their room to retrieve her staff, reading the message. She felt nauseous immediately, that someone would try something like this, but had physically no idea where to start looking. The ability to rewrite the room's appearance was offered inside the room, so how could someone control that from the outside?

Figuring that it would be something the Tech department could handle, Alyss carefully made her way there, watching for anyone who showed signs of stress that could lead to this course of action. Upon reaching the Tech department, Alyss realized that it was completely empty except for one individual, someone who she'd never seen before inside this building, and that the door was locked. The person inside looked at her and seemed to recognize her, or at least that she wasn't in the room anymore, and bolted through the other entrance.

Kicking down the door, which was not easy in high heels, Alyss used Blur to catch up to the individual, wrapping her chain spear around his neck and dragging him to the ground. With the room no longer being forced to shrink, Alyss sent a text message back to her mother,

[Situation Resolved. Meet in Office.] Attached was a pic of the perprtrator being dragged by his neck with the chain spear locked around it, as Alyss made her way back towards hers and Maki's room.
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#7 Re: [Private] Holo-Haddaway (Maki + Alyss) on Sat Apr 07, 2018 8:39 pm

Finally, the coding fell into place, and the room ceased to shrink. I set up backline code to prevent a second attempt, then locked down the system. Putting the interface down and away, I motioned to the group on stage, shouting at them. "Your lives were at risk a moment ago, though not anymore. Leave this place. Get to your respective posts, and I will see to it that whoever was responsible for this is condemned." And of course with that, they took not a moment's hesitation and left. My gut told me it was far from over though. Seeing as it no longer mattered, I began to loosen my kimono and rolled the bottom up so I could move freely. "Show yourself, traitor. I know you're here." I waited. Slowly, a shady character emerged. He was scrawny, had wireframe glasses, and looked like he had major anxiety issues. "I-I had it all planned out... Why? Why give those assholes the glory? Why put them on a pedestal while people like me toil endlessly for their sake, getting no recognition whatsoever. THEY DESERVED TO DIE. WHY WOULD YOU SAVE THEM?"

I stepped closer to him, pulling my staff from the bow which tied my Kimono. It responded to my touch and expanded to its full size. "Because that's what we do. We save people. Your skills are helpful, surely, but those men and women risk their lives on a daily basis while YOU and people like you hide in the safety of this building. That's why I'm not going to discard you. Still, punishment must be given. Let's see how you handle being put in their place." It was then that I received Alyss' message, stating that she'd apprehended his accomplice. Good girl. I grabbed the nerd by the collar, set the room back to default, then dragged his ass to the room where Alyss was, tossing him against the wall next to his buddy. The force would have been enough to shake him up, but he needed to be conscious.

I looked over to Alyss. "You get to rough up the one on the left, I'll teach this one on the right. They need to understand why it is those men were celebrated, and why these two are simply a part of the system." I began with one of my favorite techniques, a simple boot to the face. Which must have hurt now, due to my iron leg. I'd clip his jaw with my staff, all the while, the nerd failing to defend himself. "Fight. Fight for once in your life, and you will understand." A third swipe of my staff would only be met with him catching it and pushing back. I was obviously holding back, elsewise he might have been cut clean in two by a blunt object, but still. That was impressive for one as tiny as this. I let up, setting my staff down and offering a hand instead. If he was wise, and it would appear he was, he's take it and let me help him up. "My suggestion is this. Don't let your weakness keep you hidden in this tiny office, where nothing can touch you. Use your weakness to understand others, and to help them in their time of need. Not everyone has the strength and force of will to fight every day of their life. I know this. That does not mean that combat is the only means of reward and praise. Going above and beyond your duties is what yields that."

By now, Alyss would be done on her part, and hopefully, she'd been lenient enough on the other one. Granted he would have heard my mini-speech too. I'd invite her into the hall after, and talk with her a bit more.

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#8 Re: [Private] Holo-Haddaway (Maki + Alyss) on Tue Apr 10, 2018 9:25 am

Maki threw both of them against the wall, telling Alyss to beat up the one she'd caught as their punishment. She looked down for a moment, then watched as Maki kicked him in the face and went to hit him with the staff, but he caught it and she let up. She shook her head and turned to the one she was supposed to be beating up and just shook her head again.

"Violence to end the violence..." She walked out of the room, leaving her spear behind as Maki gave her speech, leaning up against the wall and trying to cool off and get some air, despite just being in the hallway. As her mother walked out behind her, leaving the two men to stew in their juices, Alyss turned and looked at her. "Hollows, I get. We have to kill them, because there's no other option. Arrancar, sure, most of them are ruthless and that's fine. People who do bad things have to be met with their own brand of justice and I get it, Mom, I do, but... what good would beating those guys up do? You said yourself that they're valuable, that they're a part of this Organization, and I know you truly believe that. Whatever reasons they had for trying this were their own, and we should be trying to understand those reasons so we can better ourselves and become better at both what we do and who we are. If we beat those guys up, they'll just harbor the resentment and probably try it again when we're not there to save them."
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#9 Re: [Private] Holo-Haddaway (Maki + Alyss) on Tue Apr 10, 2018 9:18 pm

I expected my dear Alyss to follow the order I gave, as she did all the others. Instead, she backed off, muttering something, walked away, and waited. Upon meeting up with her again, she let on that she wouldn't do it. She had higher moral rigging than I did, and I understood, but she demanded I explain why I did the things I did. No, more than that. She demanded I reflect, and that I consider just how messed up what I did was. Acknowledge that it was wrong, unnecessary.... I said what I felt I needed to say.

"I wanted them to see what it was that they never saw. That those they tried to take the lives of must fight for their lives and the lives of their comrades every day. That despite their own physical weakness, they can fight too. It's not a lesson that can simply be lectured... I think. No... I think I understand now. I've gotten so used to being in power, to being a brute... that I've been resorting to fear as a guiding force. That's not something I ever wanted to become. I.. I need a while.. to my own devices. I need to think of a better way to handle this." To this, I was clearly in inner conflict. My chin rested in my hand, as my slightly reclused frame would begin to exit. I was almost on my way to the office... then I stopped. I turned back to Alyss. "I need you, my child. I want you to go back to those two. Apologize on my behalf, and work to understand them. Ask them what they really wanted out of that, what I can do to improve their position. After that, you can either send me a message, or return to my office. I'll be there for a while. I feel terrible now... but you're right on this one."

It was then that I finished leaving. I wasn't going to let her see like this any longer than she had to. It was only going to get worse again, as I slowly returned down to earth, renewed to humanity by a child.

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#10 Re: [Private] Holo-Haddaway (Maki + Alyss) on Wed Apr 11, 2018 2:26 am

Though she expected to be berated, yelled at, and told what to do like a typical mother... Alyss was pleasantly surprised that Maki seemed to actually, genuinely realize where she was coming from. She quietly stood where she was, listening to her Mother realize that she'd changed in her time as leader of the Committee, and told Alyss to do things her own way while she'd go and reflect on her actions. Nodding gently, Alyss walked Maki walk away, smiling at the fact that she'd convinced her mother to do things her way instead. Taking another moment to breathe, she walked back into the room.

The two men were exactly where Maki had left them, standing with their heads down. The one Maki had kicked in the face was bleeding, and was holding it while the other was shaking. Walking over to her bathroom and pulling out a towel, getting it wet and then walking over to the men. She gently held up the face of the one that had been hurt, blotting at the blood with a soft smile on her face.

"So, talk to me. Why'd you guys try to kill everyone?" They looked between each other for a few moments, Alyss carefully cleaning up the one who was hurt, as they seemed to gather their thoughts.

"You're not like her." One of them spoke, to which Alyss shrugged lightly.

"She's taught me a lot, but I'm my own person."

"Th-...thank you for not beating me up..."

"You're quite welcome. What are your names?"

"Charles. Charles Bradbury. You can call me Charlie."

"Jonathan Young."

"It's a pleasure to meet both of you. I'm Alyss Kesshou. The woman who was here before is-"

"Maki Kesshou. She's your mother?"

"Yes. Yes, she is. She's taught me a great many things, like how to fight better, how to rely on my own power instead of a false god, and how to deal with issues that require emotional knowledge more than physical knowledge. She's a great person, but I think she's just been stressed over the changes lately. Stepping down from the Head of the Committee was no easy feat, and there was a lot of red tape to go through. I apologize for what she did to you, Charlie. She does too, for what it's worth."

"It's... it's okay. I understand."

"I'm glad you do. So, again, talk to me. Why did you try to do what you did?" The two men looked to each other again, sighing collectively before Jonathan began to answer.

"We were born in Chicago. Our mothers were close friends, and our fathers hated each other. Naturally, we bonded and stayed together for a while."

"Unfortunately, three years ago today, there was a Hollow attack. Our parents died, and we were left with nothing."

"We did what we could to get by, not all of it 'on the books', but we had to survive. Eventually we learned of the Committee, and that it had been around for years, but simply hadn't done anything."

"We trained our minds, and our bodies, so we could enter the Committee. See what it was like on the inside, and... what we found..." Charles punched the wall behind him, cracking the drywall but nothing more. "You didn't even have a report on the Chicago attack."

For a long time, Alyss was silent. She continued to gently wipe up the blood, healing Charles where she could as she listened to their story. Ezra seemed to understand where they were coming from as well as Alyss did, having nothing to say on the matter. On one hand she wanted to text her Mother to get her here, to explain the Committee's side of that story, but she didn't know if her Mother would have anything worthy to add. Instead, Alyss took out her phone and began to type on it.

A few minutes later, Alyss sighed.

"Clearance. There are levels of clearance that everyone in the Committee has. New people are usually level 1. My mother is level 5. I'm level 4. The Chicago attack you're reporting, three years ago tonight, was restricted to level 3 or higher." Turning to face the two men, Alyss shook her head softly. "It wasn't a Hollow Attack. Three years ago, the Committee answered a threat in Chicago, but it wasn't Hollows. It was Arrancar. They're essentially an even stronger version of them, and infinitely more dangeous. According to the report, we'd sent six members to deal with the situation. All six of them died. The party we held tonight was in their honor, as seven of the graduating students were related to those six members. We hadn't done nothing, Charles. We did everything we could."
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