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#1 [Private] A New Beginning [Michael] on Wed Apr 04, 2018 5:24 am

It'd been some time since he'd heard much about Karakura. Supposedly it was a hot spot for spiritual activity. Numbers of the spiritually gifted were rumored to gather here for reasons as numerous as the powers they held. As Marshal stepped out of the cab he thanked the driver and paid the man before he was on his way. The first steps into the flow of pedestrian traffic were uneasy, and certainly not graceful, but they were necessary. Why it was necessary he didn't know, he just knew it was.

The sun washed out much of the color from the foreigner's hair, making him stand out even more than he already did. What few strands escaped the hood he sported caught the light and seemed to frame his head in a halo of light. He didn't venture long down the busy street before the fullbringer steered himself down a narrow alleyway that was as brightly decorated as the main street had been, just slightly less illuminated.

His eyes slid sideways as he walked. The posters were obnoxious colors and sported too many faces he couldn't care to put a name to. He could have understood the writing if he'd felt the need to but there was little merit in doing so. They were still just advertisements at the end of the day. If he'd been trying to order food or drinks, that would have been a different story.

He could breathe easier without seeing so many people on every side. He could still feel them, of course, but not being able to see the innumerable bodies packed so close together was a sort of relief. Sometimes it felt like a burden to constantly be, on some level, aware of every being within a radius around one's self. But it was a necessary burden he felt somewhat proud to bear.

The alleyway took the fullbringer down just over a block and a half before it let him out just across the street from a coffee shop. The name of the shop was unrecognizable in the language it was written, at least at a glance, but the logo was unmistakably familiar. Starbuck's. He supposed it was silly but it was also something familiar. It took him only a few steps to cross the street before he found himself in front of the entrance.

Marshal paused with his hand above the push plate to open the door, unsure of whether or not he even wanted to enter. In that pause, he caught a whiff of the aromatics inside the shop. Without another thought he pushed the glass divider open and walked into the shop, letting the aromas envelop him. In moments he found himself in the welcomingly familiar atmosphere of the morning crowd and stepped into line behind another patron. He hoped the rest of the morning wouldn't be as uneventful but he was grateful that at least his first few moments in the new country were peaceful.

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