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#1 Marshal Corvus [Complete] on Mon Apr 02, 2018 1:45 am

Are you insane like me?

Name: Marshal Corvus
Apparent Age: 21
True Age: 21
Sex: Male

Been in pain like me?

Height: 6'
Weight: 190 lbs
Physical Traits: Marshal's hair is an ashy blonde, not nearly as brilliantly whitewashed as it was in his youth. He watches the world through eyes the color of charcoal, a trait he and his sister both inherited from their mother. His face has slimmed out as he's come into adulthood, losing much of it's youthful oily glow. His voice is very soft and can be mistaken for female if he puts just the right inflection into it. The tones it carries lilt with the very distinct accent of the Midwestern United States though he most often covers this by using motes of reshi over his tongue to ensure anyone he speaks to can understand him.

As with his personality, Marshal seeks to be forgotten with his wardrobe. Where in his youth he would sport graphic tee's most every day he now opts for solid colored shirts and drab looking blue jeans. The most exotic thing most anyone can find the young man wearing is a hoodie over his normal shirt. If he's spotted in one it's likely recently purchased from a local shop in an effort to better blend in.  

There are few habits to note that the fullbringer has, though the few he does have are very distinct. He's been unable to shake the habit of nail biting that he picked up from some time in his early childhood. He most often finds himself biting in times of stress or when deep in thought. When standing, he never appears to feel comfortable and can be seen shifting his entire weight from one foot to the other. If not standing upright, he's often observed leaning and/or slouching over or onto a surface such as a wall or table.

High enough without the Mary Jane like me?

Positive Traits: Cautious, Determined, Loyal
Negative Traits: Fearful, Relentless, Naive, Self Destructive

Marshal is someone who is very easily forgotten. He seldom speaks and when he does, it's with a voice that's scarcely louder than a whisper. Who in their right mind would go out of their way to remember someone like him? That's more or less what he relies on.  He blames himself for his sister's death and everything that happened between his mother and himself in the wake of it. Like her, he believes that most people are better off with forgetting his existence. He feels like there would be that much less pain in the world without him in it.

In spite of this, he's unable to let go of a vision. Marshal has seen the darkest parts of the world. He'd seen, and done, things that would make most sane people's blood run cold. He knows all of this and yet can't shake a belief in a future where there is light. He's reluctantly hopeful despite knowing the reality of the world around him. It's only because of this unshakable feeling that he hasn't killed himself.

The causes he devotes himself to, be it a person or an ideal, are things he holds most dear. There is no single force on the planet that can take those from him and to any who'd try, he's vowed to destroy. For the few people who have earned the title of his friends and those who he's otherwise deemed as innocent, usually the spiritually unaware, he'd jump head first into a fight for if it meant saving them. He's completely willing to see his own life end so long as it means someone else's is prolonged or otherwise saved.

Do you tear yourself apart to entertain like me?

General Fighting Style: He prefers to avoid combat if at all possible. When it comes down to it though, he relies heavily on his proficiency with Universal Fullbring to bring the fighting to an end by whatever means necessary.

Strengths: Endurance, Spiritual Power, Reflexes, Sensing
Weaknesses:  Zanjitsu, Hakuda, Durability, Speed

You are not a Human Being

Fullbring Item: A coat of shiny black polish that adorns both of his thumb nails.

Fullbring Appearance: As stated above, it's a fairly standard coat of polish on either of Marshal's thumbnails. It's as unassuming as he is and offers little indication to it's true nature without being released. It's worth mentioning that this is a memento from the last thing he did with his sister before she died, hence his immense tie to something so mundane.

Ability Name: For all Intents and Purposes
Description: This ability lets Marshal understand the reasons why someone is doing what they're doing. He is able to peer into their heart and see what situations in their life lead a person to do one action over another. Using this Marshal may be able to predict the next action a given individual might take due to their past. [This ability costs no energy from Marshal to use and is largely passive in nature]

Ability Name: The unwilling Empath
Description: Marshal is able to understand the emotions of others telepathically. This goes beyond his natural affinity with his perception of reiatsu and he's able to isolate the feelings of others, as well as trace them back to their origin. While this allows him to be incredibly empathetic to another person's situation, he views it as a breach of privacy and seldom uses the ability unless he sees a dire need for it. [Marshal has to expend little energy to use this power on anyone below his level. People of his level it takes more effort, and, until he masters it, a moderate amount of energy is required for him to use it on someone above his level.]

Ability Name: Universal Fullbring
Description: This is less of a personal power and more of a result of his existence. Being a Fullbringer, Marshal has the ability to sense the latent souls in the objects around him. Marshal has taken to using the souls he senses as a means to subdue opponents in combat. Effects range from turning solid concrete into something akin to quicksand, to creating makeshift barriers and structures for himself or others. [Depending on what is being created or altered, the energy needed to use this varies. Obviously the larger or more drastic the change, the more energy is needed.]

Boosts: 3x Spiritual Power, Sensing

Low on Self Esteem, you run on Gasoline

Fullbring Appearance: Marshal keeps his powers wound tight inside his soul because he doesn't like that they essentially force people to feel or act in certain ways, or because he gains what he believes to be an unfair insight into their hearts. Upon release Marshal lets the tension of his soul free, letting it spill out over the area around him. In the presence of his power things are reduced to washes of greys, blacks, and white but the most drastic change comes to Marshal himself. His skin seems to be inverted from it's usual pale color to a charcoal grey.

Ability Name: Love thy Neighbor
Description: Marshal is able to remove the hostile intents of two parties in his line of sight. The more premeditated the intent behind a person's action, meaning the angrier they are, the harder it is for him to neutralize the feelings they harbor. [Requires the player's consent OOC]

Ability Name: Sanctuary
Description: Marshal is able to dedicate a specific space on a battlefield wherein anyone who enters is unable to harm another party who is also inside the field. Entrance and exiting sanctuary is voluntary and parties and be moved in or out with force. [Usable once per thread with a 6 post limit in length, maximum radius is 20 feet since that's all his reiatsu naturally takes up]

Ability Name: Heart of Hearts
Description: Marshal has the ability to see the various emotions a person feels as threads stemming from their body and is able to pull them like strings on a puppet. Pulling these strings results in a rise or fall in the emotion, depending on Marshal's intent when he pulls the thread, regardless of the person's desire to feel the emotion. [Requires the player's consent OOC]

Ability Name: Divine Fullbring
Description: Pulling on all of his talents as a Fullbringer, Marshal realizes the full potential of his standard Universal Fullbring. In addition to the standard feats Universal Fullbring grants him this stage of the fullbring allows Marshal to construct golems to fight in his stead, though they're more used as a means of overwhelming and further subduing targets. He's also able to sense the proper way in which a soul is supposed to occupy its vessel and return it to that state. This means he's able to return an injured soul to it's whole state, undoing spiritual and non life threatening physical wounds. [Healing of any kind stops Marshal from using Divine Fullbring on any other object due to the amount of concentration needed for it and has a 3 post cool down.]

Boosts: 4x Spiritual Power, Sensing, Endurance

I think there's a flaw in my code, these voices wont leave me alone

History: Marshal was not a planned child. He was the result of a one night stand his mother had in college with her crush at the time. Shortly after realizing she was pregnant his mother dropped out and moved to a small town twenty minutes outside of her own hometown. It was far from perfect but she couldn't bear to bring the shame she felt into her parent's home. It's in this small town where she birthed and raised Marshal and his younger sister Isis. This small town is also where his mother attracted the attention of a parasitic hollow. It fed on her day after day shortly after she arrived. It took enough energy for itself to survive but never enough to kill his mother. This is where his power comes from.

Growing up in such a small town anything unusual about one's person can get them labeled as a freak, or weird, or undesirable. This is especially true for school children. Around the time his mother conceived his sister, he was in first grade, he began to see his powers manifest. It was just the beginning stages, you know, catching glimpses of people wearing pajamas on the street in the middle of the day. Or he'd see monsters in the forest outside of town. And, like any child would, he began to voice his questions about what he saw. Once the school got wind of his 'delusions' they began to medicate him. The medications changed with the seasons as none of them made the 'bad things' go away.

As his mother and the psychiatrists searched for a medication that they hoped would work, Marshal tended to his little sister. Their mother, being single, had to work several jobs at a time just to support the small family. This often left Marshal in charge and he did his best to raise his sister. He told her stories of what he'd see from his errands or while he was in school and she seemed to be absolutely enthralled with the tales but he made her swear never to speak of what he told her. Eventually he'd learned that only the grown ups didn't like what he had to say. His being able to see spirits became their shared secret. The two grew close but, in the end, they did both grow up.

The sad thing being that Marshal reached an age of independence where he no longer wanted the close bond with his sister. Their relationship crumbled as he progressed through high school. Every now and again they would do things together like when they were little but it was never the same and Isis knew it. She never told her brother that she'd begun to see what he'd been seeing for so long. Eventually, her life came to an end as she was struck by a drunk driver.

Following his sister's accident Marshal's life fell apart. His mother began to drink, something she swore she'd never do, and she kicked him out. Left on his own with what little he'd been able to save throughout his adolescence Marshal decided to leave the town where he'd grown up in hopes of finding a better life.

Side Notes: To keep the history short and to the point, after he left his hometown Marshal wandered the United States as a sort of vagabond. He did what he had to do to survive. In his travels he began to learn more about the world he was really a part of and found his identity as a fullbringer. Following that he sought out spiritual hotspots in hopes of teaching others. His ultimate goal is to redeem himself in his own eyes for leaving his relationship with his sister in such a state of disrepair at her time of death.

Roleplay Sample:

Smoking wasn't ever something Marshal had ever envisioned himself doing but as he lit the cigarette he held between his lips and took a drag, he couldn't deny that there was some use for it. While kids he'd known growing up had picked the habit up to look 'cool', and others he'd known in his adult life had used it as a sort of stress reliever, he found a different use for it. As he let the smallest puff of smoke out from the cage of his lungs, he felt the release.

The ashy fog was a clever disguise for his power. The tiniest amounts of it could slip out every now and again when he needed them without the grandeur of releasing them all at once. Seeing a world as brightly colored as his was bathed in something as mundane as the grey scale of his power was slightly depressing.  The little bit of it that hid itself in the smoke was as easily waved away and forgotten as the smoke itself.

Pushing himself off of the wall of the drugstore where he'd purchased the pack of too expensive cigarettes, the fullbringer moved along with the crowd of pedestrians. He'd felt more-so than heard the commotion ahead, hence his spur of the moment purchase. The steps were slow but with all that he could feel going on around him he knew that they were just the right pace.

He'd just made it across the street when another man ran straight into him. Looking at him, you'd think he'd just seen a ghost with how wide his eyes were and how pale his complexion was. With a more astute observation one would notice that a man such as himself had little reason to carry a purse as elegant as the one he held between his shaking hands. The blonde cocked his head the slightest bit to the side at the would-be thief.

"Excuse me." the words were simple and slow spoken, just breathy enough to let some of the cigarette smoke wash over the other man and enough for him to snag the thread of worry he saw trailing behind the man as he passed without a word. The thread was a slippery thing that he'd surely have dropped in the first few times he'd used his fullbring. It's color was a pale blue that he recognized as a pair of officers barreled passed. The thief was worried about being caught. As Marshal pulled the thread taut and the man came to a stop, no doubt because the fear of being caught was now paralyzing, he saw to it that his fear would be brought into reality.

Turning away from the scene of the man being arrested, the fullbringer continued on his way. This was but one good deed of many that, he hoped, would one day outweigh the lifetime of guild he was trying so desperately to leave behind.

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#2 Re: Marshal Corvus [Complete] on Thu Apr 05, 2018 9:32 am

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