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#1 Lapis Lazuli (Finished) on Wed Mar 28, 2018 3:32 am

Name: Lapis Lazuli
Alias: N/A
Real Age: 114
Phys. Age: 22
Gender: Female
Personality: Lapis is pretty average in terms of how she acts. Like with most people she is polite to strangers, respectful of authority and hostile towards enemies. Pretty common and expected of a Shinigami. Just like any Shinigami she was trained to be a warrior. She follows the orders of her superiors and is a strong authority figure to those under her command. Outside of her job as a Shinigami, Lapis isn’t very sociable. She will go out and drink with a small group of friends however will in most cases ignore anyone new.

Friends she has in her squad will have some leniency with orders, examples being if she needs a specific batch of paperwork by a specified time she will be accepting if they are a little late. Everyone in her squad will be held to a specific standard however, selective to their ranking. She is fair, and only assigns tasks she knows a ranked/unranked squad member can handle.

Enemies will find her to be as respectable as she is unwavering. Nothing will shake her resolve in what she decides to do, be it for good or ill. She will lay traps with Kidou, but she refuses to attack from the shadows, or sneak about. Hiding in shadows and attacking an unsuspecting foe is for the Stealth Force.

Claustrophobia, the fear of small places. A minor fear she had ever since she was young, Lapis does not feel comfortable in tight places, examples being small rooms or caves. While minor it can cause her to hesitate when making an important choice or performing an important action/reaction.
Aquaphobia, the fear of water. Despite the powers her Zanpakutou grants her Lapis has a fear of water. Just as with her other fear it is not a crippling fear, but it keeps her from making decisions/actions as quick as someone equal in power would. She is not affected by water created by her Zanpakutou or water she has previously manipulated but any large or small bodies of water she is near by will instil a feeling of nervousness in her that cannot be avoided. Examples being lakes, filled bathtubs, oceans and pools. Even large puddles will have an affect, however not to the same degree. She will use the powers of her Zanpakutou when bathing to avoid using a proper shower or bath.

Height: Lapis stands at 5 feet and 4 inches tall.
Weight: She weighs 156 pounds.
Physical Traits:
Lapis is a woman with short blue hair, the shade of which inspired her name. She wears the typical Shinigami garb, minus footwear. She prefers to keep her feet bare and open, a personal preference. She keeps her Zanpakutou positioned at her left hip, just like most Shinigami tend to do.
In her Gigai, Lapis wears a blue sleeveless shirt and a dark blue skirt to match. Just like in her Shinigami state she doesn’t wear anything on her feet.

General Fighting Style: Lapis is neither a stealth fighter or a brawler. Instead she will use a mixture of ranged assault, binding Kidou, and delivering quick strikes before backing up out of her opponent’s range.
Strengths: Spirit Energy, Speed, Kidou, Endurance
Weaknesses: Spirit Pressure, Physical Strength, Durability
Ability Name: Water Creation
Ability Description: This is a base ability that Lapis inherited from her family. She is able to create up to 5 gallons of water per post that she can use for whatever it is she needs. It takes a miniscule amount of spiritual pressure in a neutral environment. As such an environment that is humid it will cost nothing, but in dry environments it takes a significantly larger amount of spiritual energy to create water. Examples being a swamp requiring none of her personal energy but a desert will take a noticeable amount.
Family Trait:
Ability Name: Uncontrolled Bloodlust
Ability Description: The Lazuli bloodline carries with it respect and fear. Before they were mostly killed off, they were known to be ruthless in a battle and unwilling to ever show remorse or mercy. This comes from a trait which, when fighting, releases hormones that trigger an uncontainable rage. For the most part she is able to keep herself calm. However if ever angered to the point of no longer caring or if hurt, her control will slip and she will enter an uncontrollable Bloodlust. In this state, accessible in every released state, Lapis will have her Strengths and Weaknesses change. Her combat style will become more physical, meaning her Strengths will become Physical Strength, Speed and Stamina. While having average Durability for a Shinigami, her Weaknesses become Endurance, Spiritual Energy and Spiritual Pressure. There is no control or focus in this state, only to kill whatever it is that set her off. Her boosts in each state changes as well, listed below. Upon leaving this state her original Strengths, Weaknesses and Boosts will change back.
Boosts: Shikai- 2x Boosts to Strenght, Speed and Stamina.
Bankai- 3x Boosts to Strenght, Speed and Stamina.
Toukai- 4x Boosts to Strenght, Speed and Stamina.
The Bloodlust itself will add +2x to Strength and Speed, not exceeding the limit of +6x to stats.
Custom Kidou:
Name: Suijin no Kusari (Chains of the Water God)
Type: Bakudou
Number: 85
Incantation: “Jail of the sea, this one is claimed for down below. Trap them in chains fit for a god and drag them under the captivating waves. Down below, to a sea of towns, forever at the mercy of society.”
Description: This kidou sends out chains made of water that will wrap around a target’s arms and hands. Upon doing so they also wrap around the user’s hands. The two remain bound, so long as the user retains physical control. Should the user lose focus or the opponent display greater spiritual strength, they can break free of the kidou. While this kidou is active neither the opponent or the user can move. This is a Kidou best used in group fights where an ally can take advantage.
Who can use it: Anyone, must be taught by Lapis Lazuli.
Character: Lapis Lazuli

Name: Hyaku no Mizu no Hari no Ame (One Hundred Water Needle Rain)
Type: Hadou
Number: 40
Incantation: “Ten drops fly. Rays of sunlight scatter. Divide the rain and let it fall from the heights of heaven.”
Description: This kidou fires off a barrage of 100 needle-like projectiles made from water from the user’s hand, aimed at the target.
Who can use it: Anyone, must be taught by Lapis Lazuli.
Character: Lapis Lazuli

Name: Kawa no Ishi no Bōei (River Stone Defense)
Type: Bakudou
Number: 60
Incantation: “Smooth from the currents, cast out from the growing flood. Rise and fold over, rest and become my shield.”
Description: This kidou encircles the user with thick stones covered in water. While offering moderate protection from most attacks it works best against fire-type attacks and is weak to lightning-type attacks.
Who can use it: Anyone, must be taught by Lapis Lazuli.
Character: Lapis Lazuli

Name: Dageki Atsuryoku (Breaking Preasure)
Type: Hadou
Number: 20
Incantation: “The shout of divinity. Build, and be released when need be.”
Description: Much like Hadou #1 Sho, this kidou releases a transparent force to push the enemy. However this is on a much more dangerous scale, requiring more spirit energy for a larger outcome. This Kidou, when released, can be seen from the ripples it makes in the air it passes through. It can cover an area as wide as 2 feet or be focused to the size of the user’s fist. Precise strikes are capable if dislocating joints between fighters of equal power.
Who can use it: Anyone, must be taught by Lapis Lazuli.
Character: Lapis Lazuli

Sealed Appearance:
Zanpakutou Name: Umi no Ishi (Stone of the Sea)
Call Out Command: “Flood them with an unyielding tide, Umi no Ishi!”


In all stages of her sword release Lapis can manipulate water. Her control is greatly limited in Shikai, only allowing for specific techniques. In Bankai it is expanded, allowing for constructs to be made from water that whether or not it is offensive or defensive, can be used separate from her specific Zanpakutou techniques following proper cooldown rules based on the power used. In Toukai her control is outstanding, allowing for her to freely manipulate her water outside of her specific abilities two times, once offensively and once defensively, following cooldown rules for each use dependent on Lapis’ power output. She can turn both ice and steam into water, so long as it isn’t currently being controlled by someone else.

Ability Name: Umi no Kiba (Fang of the Sea)
Ability Description: Lapis forms water over the blade of her Naginata’s blade/open hand shaped like an animal’s fang, aims, and fires it off like a projectile. This is as strong and as fast as a Bala, and can be fired off just as rapidly.
Ability Name: Kōsoku Kōzui (Fast Flood)
Ability Description: Lapis releases a short pulse of water all around her, up to 5 feet, damaging everything within that five foot radius except for Lapis. This attack is as damaging as a level 20 Hadou, however what it lacks in destructive capability it makes for in force, pushing an opponent back equal to a level 55 Bakudou. This has a 1 post cooldown.
Ability Name: Nami ni Kakusa Reta Hari (Needle Hidden in the Waves)
Ability Description: Lapis runs her hand over a nearby floor, wall or ceiling and leaves behind a coating of water. The water will remain smooth and unassuming until Lapis dispels the ability or it activates upon contact with her opponent. Upon activating the water with form spikes that rise up to skewer the opponent that makes contact with it, as powerful as a level 50 Hadou. Lapis can keep the ability from activating from an ally touching it, preventing friendly fire. This has a 1 post cooldown from the point of activation, however there is no cooldown if Lapis disarms the trap. She can only maintain one trap at a time.  
Boosts: 2x Boosts to Spirit Energy, Speed and Endurance

New Name: Umi no Kagayaku Ishi (Glimmering Stone of the Sea)
Ability Name: Nami no Buki (Weapon of Waves)
Ability Description: This ability allows Lapis to create weapons out of water, whether it is hers or from a source nearby. The weapon’s shape is her decision, fitting whatever it is she sees in her mind. She can only have one materialized weapon at a time, and it is limited to melee weapons. The weapon’s durability is low, being made from water, however the pressure of the water along the weapon’s ‘edge’ allows for easy cutting. There is no cooldown considering how easy it can be destroyed, and only requires a small bit of her Spirit Energy to maintain itself.
Ability Name: Mizu Hitsugi (Water Coffin)
Ability Description: This ability has water gather and swirl around the target before forming a large sphere around them, the pressure restricting movement. This ability is as strong as a level 60 Bakudou, and has a 2 post cooldown.
Ability Name: Uminomichi: Uzumaki Taki (Way of the Sea: Swirling Waterfall)
Ability Description: Lapis forms a massive sphere of water over the target. From the sphere is released a large column of water, pouring down at the target. It has a 5 foot radius, and can reach up to a total of ten feet so long as there is nothing obstructing it’s path. With the pressure of the water it is as destructive as a level 75 Hadou, having a 3 post cooldown.
Boosts: 3x Boosts to Speed, Endurance and Spirit Energy

New Name: Megami no Umi no Ishi (Goddess’ Stone of the Sea)
Ability Name: Uminomichi: Natsu no Futtō (Way of the Sea: Summer Boiling)
Ability Description: Lapis covers a large area with water followed by increasing the temperature to the point of a heavy boil. It releases a heavy cloud of steam so hot it damages anything caught within the 100 foot radius. Anything within the steam receives 1st degree burns, and takes damage equal a level 20 Hadou once for the next three posts.
Ability Name: Mizu no Ketsugō (Water Binding)
Ability Description:
Ability Name: Mizu no Kagami (Ocean’s Mirror)
Ability Description: This ability focuses water like a mirror in front of Lapis, coated in her own spirit energy, to repel a single energy-based attack before dispersing, and has a cooldown equal to the level of attack repelled.
Ability Name: Mizu no kami no hashira (The God Pillar of Water)
Ability Description: This attack is similar to her Bankai ability, Uminomichi: Uzumaki Taki. However this is on a much larger scale, having a 10 yard radius, and reaches a total of 20 yards. The water also comes from a new location. The water gathers around the target, filling the ten yard radius with water up to a solid foot. It then all shoots up at once, damaging anything inside with a destructive force equal to a level 90 Hadou. It has a 5 post cooldown.
Boosts: 4x Boosts to Speed, Spirit Energy, Endurance and Strength

The Beginning
There was nowhere else really one could start. Lapis was born to the last two members of her clan, Connie and Steven Lazuli. Once a proud clan of the Four Royal Families, Steven’s father had been charged with planning to overthrow the Seireitei and was executed, his family cast down where the ‘de Grey’ family took their place. One by one, members of the Lazuli family left until Connie and Steven were all that were left willing to carry the name. From the first moment her brain was capable of retaining memories her parents told her of how she would go on to become great, and redeem the Lazuli name. Her father had been a peaceful member of Squad 4, her mother a seated officer of Squad 11. Instead of growing up resenting the other families, she focused on her pride in being a Lazuli.

Her mother began to teach her how to handle a sword as soon as she was five, and her father taught her Kidou as soon as she began to produce her own spirit energy. Until that point, Steven had taught her the history of Seireitei and had her study his old books from the academy on how to properly control one’s Spirit Energy.

By the time she was twenty years old she was able to use both Hadou and Bakudou up to level 15 as well as basic Kaido. Her swordsmanship was sub-par, clearly not her strongest area. After a couple more years of training she was sent off to the Shinigami Academy. She was young, but she wasn’t the only one to be young and attend. She heard a couple of the ‘de Grey’ family were accepted at her age. Granted, she also heard they never passed the first year before going home for more private training.

Unlike them though, that option would be taken from her. While attending she is told that her father and mother have died in service to the Seireitei, fending off a swarm of Hollows out in South Rukon, District 40.

There was nothing to fall back on. That was her motivation to improve herself, and to remain diligent with her classes. She end up staying a full six years before joining the Kidou Corps as an unseated member.

For many years she remained dedicated to her work, putting out maximum effort for what little recognition she could get. After time, she began to work her reputation up to the point that she was promoted to the rank of 10th Seat. Some of the other Seated Officers trick her into a sort of ‘orientation’, in which they trap her in a well and tell her to escape only using Kidou. It took her hours to get out, and is shunned by a lot of her fellow members. It was an attempt to keep her from progressing and claiming their positions, and while it did affect her she lost none of her determination. She doubled her efforts even, rising up through the ranks as the years pass.

After years of service she rises to the position of Vice Commander, having replaced the corrupt members and allowing others to take their place.
Side Notes: Special Equipment: 1 Spirit Potion
Roleplay Sample:

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