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#1 Kazuma on Wed Mar 21, 2018 10:45 pm


Name: Kazuma (Just Kazuma.)
True Age: 15
Sex: Male

Pride- While he may not have a lot of redeeming qualities, he has a sense of pride that drives and motivates him to make his decisions, which usually revolve around bolstering his image or suiting his needs in some way. He could be considered selfish, but that doesn't mean he's a total glory hoarder.

Honor and Glory- On the other hand, chasing acts which give him attention, recognition, and aforementioned Honor and Glory do wonders to bolster his image, and he wasted no time in realizing this. He often does the right thing solely to look like a Hero, despite his lack of actual heroic qualities. For this reason, he has developed a minor fanbase centered around how cool he can look with his tricks deceiving even a trained eye.

Hero/Zero- While he normally does the hero gambit to preserve his own image, there are times where he regrettably swallows a pill to do what must be done. After all, there can be no adoring fans if they're all dead. When these events come around, he does feel as though he should do the right thing for other reasons, but his personality quickly transitions back to self-preservation when the threat subsides.

Charm- As part of developing a crazy mad fanbase, one has to have some level of charm. Though he isn't outwardly charming, he knows which buttons to press to get attention and recognition. Because of this, even a Zero like Kazuma has drawn intrigue from some of the stoniest hearts.

Vanity- He values himself more than he probably should considering that most of his heroic acts center around silly parlor tricks. That being said, he needs to understand that there is a bigger cause for him to support instead of himself.

Greed- If there's an opportunity for a profit to be made, be it in money, success, or fame, he'll gladly take it, sometimes putting other people beneath him to do so.

Self-Righteous- As has been well established, Kazuma raises himself to be the most honor-worthy hero of all time. The problem with this is that even when confronted with evidence to the contrary, he believes himself to be the world's greatest hero, always deserving of unending fame.

Clumsy- This is a less frequent occurence, but it does happen. During combat, there's a major chance that he'll fuck something up, and a minor chance that it'll be because he fell flat on his ass. Who knows with this kid, honestly? He's not got enough brains to figure out where he went wrong.

Trickster- His tricks are actually kind of intelligent seeing as he uses a small amount of power to deceive others. He'll often sneak his way into forcing events into his favor, something he's very good at.

Lucky- One thing that surprises Kazuma is how lucky he really is. He tends to win games of chance and probability extremely easily, as well as finds opportunities to take advantage of almost constantly. There is a minor downside to this in that when things do not go his way, they fail catastrophically. He's well aware of these facts and still chooses high-risk activities over safe bets.


Height: 5'3"
Weight: 123 lbs
Physical Traits:

Kazuma is a rather pitiful looking specimen, seeing as he's scrawny, almost to the point of looking frail. While he does have some level of charm, it may just be that he has a face that only his mother could ever love. That too is debatable. While not inherently ugly or in any way repulsive, he just fails to carry any sort of physically redeeming qualities.

That being said, he ages a decent amount when entering Second Stage, and has quite an improved physique. So much so that most people think him an entirely different being. It's said that his body matches his charm and wit in that form, so it's actually the one he prefers. (Especially considering he has zero self-esteem.)


General Fighting Style: His fighting style mostly revolves around manipulating situations to his advantages, a feat which he achieves by adding or altering elements that are under his control. This makes it a lot easier for him to look like he's in control and gives him viable combat tactics. He also has adept knowledge of sword arts, archery, and the like to build on his style.

Strengths: Reiryoku, Speed, Zanjutsu
Weaknesses: Strength, Hakuda, Reflexes



Ability Name: Steal
Description: This ability does what else? Steal something from the target. While the actual object can vary, if it belongs to a player character, then the object will only remain in Kazuma's possession for a single post. The original owner of said weapon still has full control over any powers it may or may not have, and Kazuma will be denied access to any powers contained within. If the ability is used for story purposes, it has no cooldown, but if used in combat, has a 3 post cooldown, and will not work on the same object twice. Under no circumstances can this ability steal the target's main weapon. Subweapons are okay. Zanpakuto/Quincy bows and the like are not.

Ability Name: Create Water.
Description: Do I need to explain what this does? *sigh*
It. Creates. Water. It's usually only done in small scale though, and the water can be generated as a mist or a torrent, so there is that.

Ability Name: Freeze
Description: .... It freezes shit.

Ability Name: Lighten Object
Description: This ability is a passive, but can be turned on or off. He uses this to carry around a massive sword, which also inherently means that the blade itself is less effective when used for melee. This effect only extends to objects that he is touching that exclusively belong to him. This also temporarily includes stolen objects. This is to say that if an object were thrown, it would recover it's normal weight after being thrown.

Ability Name: Force
Description: This ability imbues an object with excess potential energy, so that if thrown or if moved, moves at a greater speed and with more stopping power than it would otherwise. This can be used to make a plank of wood hit like a truck, or to make a rubber ball behave like a bullet. As with all things that have mass and velocity, objects affected by this ability still need to answer to the laws of physics. Heavier objects won't travel as far, and sink easier. Also worth noting that 'Lighten' does not have any interaction with this ability, seeing as a thrown item is immediately exempt from Lighten.

Ability Name: Snipe
Description: With his trusty bow, he lines up a shot and fires the equivalent to a charged Quincy Arrow, which is equivalent to a Gran Rey Cero
Cooldown: 3 posts.

Boosts: x2 Reiryoku, Speed


New Appearance:
New Age: 23

Ability Name: Drain Touch
Description: When damage is dealt to a target, about half of that is converted to healing. If no healing is needed, it is stored as a specialized type of Reiryoku. This means that to heal a deep wound, Kazuma would need to cause two wounds of equal size to the one he wishes to heal.
Multiple wounds can be healed at once, but a single heal cannot be used more than once per two posts.

Ability Name: Detect
Description: This ability allows Kazuma to locate human beings, spiritual beings, and most importantly, treasure. While this ability isn't very useful on its own, if a target has been engaged, identified, and contacted, it is easier to distinguish them from other beings.

Ability Name: Barrage
Description: Several Arrows are fired simultaneously, equivalent to a Quincy's Licht Regen. The area that they are fired in can be manipulated, whether spread out or focused on a single point. Each arrow does equal to a Hadou 10. This ability has a 2 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Powerup
Description: This ability raises another ability and all of its parts a boost, raising it to the next tier of ability (less than Bala to Bala, Bala to Cero, Cero to GRC, etc.) This ability has a cooldown of 1-4 depending on what the tier increase was. Abilities increased do not lose their cooldowns, nor do their cooldowns increase accordingly as that would fall to this ability.

Ability Name: Final Ability: Cataclysmic Destruction
Description: This ability takes Kazuma's Barrage, halves the arrows fired to 50, then increases each arrow's power to that of a Cero. The Arrows are all fired upward, then their trajectory is randomly decided as they all descend. Until the time that all their energy is released, Kazuma can continue combat as normal. The last of the arrows will impact after three posts, no more than that. At that moment, Kazuma will have to crawl away from the ruin, assuming he hasn't been killed in the storm.

Boosts: x3 Reiryoku, Speed


Not unlocked yet. Don't ask.

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Boosts: When enabled, x4 to Reiryoku, Speed


History: Kazuma was a sad excuse for a human being. He was frail, a shut-in, and worst of all, a NEET. He had no redeeming qualities, save for his exclusive luck in rock, paper, scissors. He was somehow able to convince himself to get out of the house weekly solely for the need of food and entertainment (which for you otakus just means that lovely H-word). His life in Japan ended abruptly when he tried to push the girl out of the way of a slow-moving tractor, thinking it was a speeding semi-trailer. It was most definitely not, and the girl was in no danger. Not even the tractor was responsible for his death, only the sheer shock of his poor, feeble mind.

When the tale of our sad sob, Kazuma seemed to be most laughable, he was given the chance to start again, his soul having taken a shortcut through the soul cycle, and being reborn as an Advent Human with odd powers. Most of them seemed to be powers he'd remembered as from games he'd played, others spoke to his personality and luck. But most importantly, he'd remained the same age, 15, as when he had died. So as there is little to speak of his previous life, he remains unnoticed in his new life, just as he was then.

So let this young dipshit's new journey begin, now that he has a reason to not stay inside all the damn time.

Weeaboo trash.

Side Notes: No relation to Megumin.

Roleplay Sample: I'm Noziel Meowterfaking Aran.

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