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Fire. Fire was everywhere, consuming everything. The stench of blood filled the air, and the screams of dying soldiers battered at his ears, only being drowned out by his heartbeat. The man coughed out blood as a sword was pulled from his stomach, the figure that had stabbed him dropping it as he slumped towards the ground with the man's spear lodged in his chest. It punched through his armor on both sides from where he had dragged himself up it to deal a blow to the man still standing, barely still standing. The beating of his heart grew louder in his ears as he knelt down next to his opponent, pulling off his helm only for his own handsome face to be marred in horror. Blonde hair, limp and caked with blood met his eyes before he looked downward, towards a face so much like his own. The same eyes, the same nose, the same upturned, innocent smile. The man in his arms reached out a single hand, armored in a gauntlet, to touch the face of the one who killed him gently before slumping over. Tears began to run down the blood-covered face of the surviving warrior. The empty shell of a man looked towards the sky, as red as the blood still being spilled in the battle, flickering like the flames of Perdition, as he screamed his pain to the world. Raising his arm towards a light appearing in his clouded vision, the man strove to reach it. Maybe if he could, today would never happen. Just a little further...

With a horrified scream Arthur woke up, losing a wrestling match with his blankets once more before he realized where he was. Calming down, he listened to the worried chirp of the raven that constantly followed him wherever he went before untangling himself from his bedroll. He was in the warehouse that the Gotei 13 had taken over, and he had just fallen off his cot in an embarrassing attempt to escape his nightmares. Shaking his head, the Captain of the 13th Division would stand up and stretch, his muscled chest on display as he had only been sleeping in his hakama. The former King of the British Isles would look around, hoping that no one had seen his latest episode and groaning. No such luck...
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It was a mostly peaceful morning as Tatsuya hadn't been disturbed by her Captain or his strange spawn, although the fairy woman did love her beautiful music. Tatsuya had taken this chance to sleep in surrounded by nothing but paper thin walls for she was lucky enough to have an enclosed space to rest. Everything had been going well enough, but she couldn't shake this feeling that something was off. Tatsuya had been feeling detached from the land she once called home. The moon began to seem so much dimmer and she heard less of her people's prayers to her. Something was wrong and it was leaving terrible images in her head about previous discrepancies on her home world. She imagined the faces of war, the faces of deceased, the faces of hope, the faces of pain, and the faces of her own killing. Although these images left a heavy weight on her heart, Tatsuya did not wake in panic, but instead she awoke slowly leaving heavy burdened feelings on her chest. Her peaceful morning slowly drifted away from her, so she nonchalantly sat up on her mattress, which was just small enough to fit herself and laid upon the hard cement floor. Her attire consisted of an off the shoulder, bright blue tee, a pair of black shorts that descended half way down her thigh, and a messy mop of hair. Tatsuya had only just gotten her hair to smooth into a flat mass of frizz when she heard a commotion coming from not too far down the hall from where she was. Off course, the woman would take up her zanpakuto whilst swiftly making her way there. Tatsuya would turn a corner only to see a man wrapped in bedding as a bird cawed loud and annoying around him. A relieved sigh would escape the woman's lips as she tied the weapon under her right arm and on her left shoulder, which was the only one covered by her sleepwear, leaving it hanging down her back.

The woman would compose herself letting her heartbeat slow before she would look at the man who had also done the same. Tatsuya would blush bright red seeing his exposed chest. Whatever confidence she had in speaking to this man had drifted out of her the moment she laid eyes on his bare chest. What was up with her lately? She was a Queen here to do the work of her people, yet these men were so easily distracting. It wasn't supposed to go this way and they certainly didn't ever teach her about these feelings she was having considering she had been alive for quite some time. Tatsuya would look away as she had been staring at his muscles for longer than expected before she would clear her throat. "Ah. Forgive me. I heard a scream or something and came to... investigate," blue orbs would peak at the man again as her voice stuttered slightly over her words. "Are you alright? Uhm. Well,
I don't suppose we've met before,"
as she continued speaking, Tatsuya became more distracted in her thoughts rather than who was in front of her leaving her more confident in the interaction.

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Akane was somewhat secluded from the others, she had been keeping to herself most of the time since she had recovered from the attack. It was part hoping that if another attack was attempted they would simply aim to take her out and chase the others off, but the other half was that she couldn't stand looking at her comrades, feeling as though she had failed them. Today she had come out of hiding however, walking through their encampment like a ghost. She found it hard to sleep these days, and it was beginning to show. She had put in half an effort to neaten herself up, though her long hair seemed somewhat frayed while her vibrant blue eyes almost looked a shade darker.

Giving her half-hearted greetings to those who were awake around their encampment, Akane was suddenly broken from her malaise by the scream of one of her captains. It was almost as if something had snapped in her mind as she rushed forward, sword drawn to come across the man in question being greeted by another shinigami... Nightmares? She furrowed her brow as the suffocating spiritual pressure began to subside to a normal level, though she seemed to be holding the empty handle of her zanpakutou. It was almost comforting having Arashi in her grip, there were few who could withstand it's power after all. Her gaze shifted from an unfamiliar face to Arthur. Silent for now, she looked to the captain as she waited for an explanation of the outburst.

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Still breathing heavier than he would have liked after his...incident, Arthur noticed that he was no longer alone, as two other Shinigami had come to investigate. One he did not recognize, yet looked slightly familiar, while the other was the Captain-Commander herself. Taking a moment to compose himself and don the Mask of the Ruler, as some had taken to calling his normal emotional state, Arthur would then notice his particular state of undress, and the lingering eyes of the blue-haired woman who, again, he swears he's seen someone similar. Before his normal mask can replace itself, his face turns red as he turns around, walking stiffly over towards where he left the sleeveless top to his Shihakusho. Coughing politely so as to excuse his own slip in decorum, Arhur would speak in his soft tenor, his British accent only slightly thicker than normal due to his embarrassment. His companion, the raven, would make a coughing, chirping noise that sounded suspiciously like laughter, and he would shoot a glare at it briefly before launching into an explanation. "I-I apologize for the distress, miladies. It was simply a nightmare. I've been trying to keep them as...quiet as possible, but it seems that I've been unable to do so."

Sighing once more as his obi was finally tied properly and he grabbed his haori from the chair he had folded it over, he placed the sleeveless coat over top of his ensemble and finished his explanation. "I...happen to have a perfectly clear memory of my life in the World of the Living. The nightmares come from my failures, the memories of friends and loved ones that I couldn't save. The worst is always the Battle of Camlann..."

At this, the blonde walked over and gently picked up Excalibur. It wasn't a Zanpakuto, not in the traditional sense, as it was forged by fairies long ago, but upon his death it sealed itself in a manner similar to the blades of the Shinigami. Slinging the massive broadsword over his back and affixing it there, the raven flew over and landed on his opposite shoulder, nibbling his ear affectionately. It was clear the two had history, and that the bird was trying to calm him down with mixed success. Turning back around, the Mask of the Ruler was fully in place as the knight crossed his right arm over his chest, forming a fist over his heart and bowing elegantly to the two women in his room. "I apologize once more, this time for not introducing myself properly. I am Sir Arthur Pendragon, King of Britain and Captain of the Thirteenth Division. I do not believe that I have formally met either of you, and it is certainly a pleasure to do so!"
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Light blue, frizzy hair hung long past her own waist in its natural beauty with none of it worn up as it normally was. Her eyes would drift to the Captain Commander, who had just entered with sword in hand as Tatsuya had before her. The woman would wave at the Captain Commander in a sort of way that would signal her to say that everything was under control. The blue haired female would look back to the male who was turned away towards his daily attire and belongings. She would blush again as he spoke for she hadn't ever heard of a being with such an accemt before. She still had much to learn about this world and what exactly that form of speaking was. However, it was very calming and it was also very attractive, except she wasn't quite sure why. Perhaps, later on she would know him well enough to be able to learn of his accent and culture. Until then, Tatsuya would simply try to shake this odd feeling that she was experiencing.

Her feelings seemed to have subsided as more clothing was placed upon his frame. She was now able to listen more to his explanation, although she had been listening just a tad before. His words were something of a horror based story that Tatsuya wouldn't wish upon anyone for she knew what it was like to have the nightmares of her own. Eventually, they seemed to become less and less, but every now and then they became all too real. However, this man hadn't seemed to reach that state in his endeavors. Perhaps, he never would.

As the blue eyed beauty watched the man gather his belongings, she would notice something all too strange. An item he held, yet it was onstructed from her view for a short while. When he raised the item up over his back, Tatsuya would let out a small squeal with the complete feeling of disbelief flooding her fairy body. It took everything she had to stop herself midstep and force her being back into place. The Vice Captain would stare at the weapon in awe as she crossed her legs and curled her toes as to keep her feet from forming a mind of their own. That was a weapon of legend. A weapon that she was all too familiar with being of the fairy kind. How did he have such a piece?

Tatsuya would finally have the sight ripped away, as the Captain turned towards the duo. Her face would blush pink and her eyes would avert themselves as she stood in the same awkward position. He would speak to them introducing himself leaving Tatsuya simply exasperated. She was so astounded that she wasn't sure whether to speak or not. However, she ended up with a simple introduction of her own. Her left hand would find itself behind her back as her right waved itself next to her, "Tatsuya Tsukihime. Vice Captain of Squad Eight. It's quite a pleasure to meet you as well."

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Seeing that there was no danger here, Akane would sheathe her blade, the residual spiritual pressure waning as she calmed back down. It seemed the young commander was on edge even when surrounded by allies, something that she needed to work on to regain a hint of normalcy. Though she would have found the term 'miladies' funny at one stage, it wasn't the case anymore. She listened to his explanation, it seemed this was going to be a common occurrence. "Perhaps you will need to find somewhere more isolated to rest... I'm sure we can arrange for a private room" She was under the impression that all of her captains had found themselves somewhere quiet to set up their own camp, but she hadn't exactly been keeping track on them, having been too busy with her own problems.

He went on to continue getting ready for the day, Akane would question why she was still here at this stage but it wasn't as though she had anything better to do. The description of his nightmares did seem familiar to the girl however. After all, she had only died a few years before. Though the nightmares had somewhat subsided as time had gone on, with new ones taking their place. But there was a little sympathy to be had there.

Luckily, the conversation would shift to something a little less dire. Introductions were easy, though it seemed a little redundant to have to tell these people who she was. "Akane Makishima... Captain Commander" She clasps her hands in her lap, and offers a polite bow. "A shame we had to meet here, rather than our home"

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Smiling politely at his guests, Arthur suddenly realized that he really didn't know where to go from here. Seriously, how does one interact with the Captain-Commander and another Division's Lieutenant first thing in the morning, when there's really nothing to do in the middle of a warehouse? Awkwardly wandering over to a small stove that he had requisitioned, he began making a bit of tea just to have something to do. "Again, I apologize for the noise. I don't know that there's much to do about it, however. The acoustics in a warehouse don't offer much privacy, honestly. In fact, I've been tempted to go and have a word with some of the seated officers of the Eleventh. Their...conquests are beginning to keep me up at night."

Arthur wasn't naive at all, and he recognized the look of innocence on the face of the young girl whose identity was dancing in the recesses of his mind. He'd keep the subtlety about this between himself and the Captain-Commander if it meant protecting that for even a little longer. Protect...AHA! Turning to the bluenette with a twinkle in his silvery-blue eyes, Arthur would ask the most important question he'd asked anyone since his awakening in the Soul Society. "Tatsuya, are you by chance related to Nimue, the Chief Fairy and the Lady of the Lake?"
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