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#11 Re: [Private] Where angels tread on Fri Apr 13, 2018 10:40 pm

"I apologize for calling you old," she said softly as she realized she had hit a nerve without meaning to. However when he started to talk about going out to eat and stuff on his treat she frowned and leaned closer to him. "We," Rinoa said moving a finger between her and him several times, "Are not a thing. I have a boyfriend and I don't eat with strangers,"

She sighed a bit as he started to fidget and asked to be uncuffed. Against her better judgment she figured he couldn't do any real harm while literally INSIDE the Committee's main stronghold and simply nodded as she took the handcuffs off him and put them on her hip.

"Now tell me.. what ARE those things and how come you say you can't make them go away. Do you not have control of your power or are they a side effect of it? Is it because you don't seem to be all there in the head or is it because you just are stubborn."

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#12 Re: [Private] Where angels tread on Fri Apr 13, 2018 10:51 pm

"I never said anything about dating you." He replies, leaning back casually. "I just wanted to go out to eat, and thought having someone interesting come along would make it better. You are the one that implied I wanted a relationship, missy." He chuckles a bit, and once the cuffs were off he rubs his wrists a bit and stretches, setting his hands behind his head and bringing his right leg up onto his left knee. "Ah, much better." His comfort didn't last long though as she began asking about his powers. He groans a bit and puts his leg down and his arms back up front. "Buckle in, because I don't want to explain everything more than once." He reaches back and slips his staff out.

"This is the Everscamp Staff, and is what I use for my powers. When they first developed it had been a small twig, and then boom! This thing formed." He then uses his free hand to point at the scamps. "As well as those two. No matter what, there is always two of them and they follow me without fail. Trust me, I've tried sealing them away. You know how hard it is to order fast food when someone's little one keeps crying in your ear?" He sets the staff down on the seat next to him. "It's just an affect of my power. They exist as long as I do. Kill one, it will come back a short bit later."

He smirks a bit and points to the staff. "When released though, there are FOUR of the little buggers! And I have two more staves, each with their own unique ability!"

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#13 Re: [Private] Where angels tread on Wed Apr 25, 2018 12:15 am

"Everscamp.. staff." She wrote that down on the clipboard she borrowed from one of the desks, "you have two more staves? How do you use three staves at once? Do you grow extra limbs or something? That sounds so.. odd.. So you say they can't be killed permanently as well...yet they do nothing if you yourself don't want them to?"

She still couldn't see the point of it. A constantly powered fullbringer who had..demons..? that did his bidding was unheard of, "As far as I'm currently concerned you don't seem to pose a threat to the community as a whole and for that I apologize for having to bring you in as I did. Understand though I was only doing my job. You had monsters following you after all and those things don't exactly look harmless to the uninformed."

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#14 Re: [Private] Where angels tread on Fri Apr 27, 2018 4:22 am

"Nah, think nothing of it." He waves off the concern, even if it was appreciated. "You are much more tolerable than the recruiter that was sent to my shop. The man tried to threaten me with taking my shop away!" He laughs a bit, placing his other hand over his staff. "That is, until Herminia came up front. The man's face went pale and he ran screaming like a little girl! Ah, but that Amazonian lass does have that effect on most." He calms down a bit at the mention of Herminia, the person he ran his shop with.

"Anyway, the staff. I can't actually hold all three at once you know. I have to switch between the ones I want to use. Whichever one I am not using I leave strapped to my back." He stands and slips his current one into it's harness. "Like so." Since he was already standing, why not make his leave? He gives the woman a polite bow. "Time passes missy, and I could really use lunch. If we're done here I think I should be goin'," He straightens up and turns to leave. Should he not be stopped, he would walk out and take back to the streets.

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