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on Wed Mar 07, 2018 1:04 am


Cero Espada
Cero Espada
As a sinner Yami had some semblance of knowledge of the world of the dead, he knew about hollow and their ilk of course, he also knew that he was not much different than them since he was from hell. Interesting then that he'd find the opportunity to spar with one of them and find out exactly what the differences could and should be between the two. He knew his sinner body was made of naturally tougher stuff since escaping hell was different than travelling out of Hueco Mundo, but he wasn't sure how much tougher. His last fight was against what he later learned was a Mod Soul from the Shinigami Realm and that had peaked his interest.

He stood waiting as he had eventually found an Arrancar of note and decided to satisfy his curiousity by challenging it to a spar. It took time for the thing to get around though so here he was, sipping tea and waiting on a boulder outside of the city of Bogota. Would the match be interesting? Would it get his blood pumping? Would it be dull? He didn't know and it hoped it would be all these things and more.

The dark haired scruffy looking male simply waited with his assortment of weapons and was patient.

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