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#1 Tasai Susamajī Visored Application. on Fri Feb 23, 2018 12:34 am

Name: Tasai Susamajī
Alias: Kuuki Doragon
Real Age: 698
Phys. Age: 20
Gender: Male
Personality: He is mostly serious.

Height: 7.1
Weight: 141
Physical Traits: He has white hair, wears a red jacket and a black shirt with a white line in the middle, has white eyes, and wears gloves

General Fighting Style:  He knows martial arts
Strengths: He moves fast and usually knows his surroundings when he is fighting. He can easily dodge attacks, and hit his enemy in the process.
Weaknesses: If in a battle with a guy who can bend water its hard for him to defeat them.
Ability Name: Tenran
Ability Description: Tenran is a Kidō spell. Levitating their sheathed Zanpakutō in front of them, the practitioner lightly hits one of its ends, causing it to spin like a fan...

Sealed Appearance: The sword is gigantic and is held around the waist area.
Zanpakutou Name: Torunēdo
Call Out Command: Rage like the fury of the tornado, and bring destruction upon the. NOW STORM, Torunēdo!!!!

Appearance: The Zanpakuto Turns into a dual wielded gigantic sword. The blade color turns to red, the handle turns black, and the power of the blade becomes tremendous.
Abilities: Gains the ability of Usuinageha. Spell Incantation: Mask of flesh and blood, birds that soar the heavens, rain upon thy foe and deliver him a finishing blow! Has a 5 post cooldown. Gains the ability of Fushibi.  This kido doesn't require a noticeable gesture as it can be activated by only speaking the incantation and/or name of kido. A bright orange kido net forms around one side of the caster, which appears only when its spell is cast, catching anyone within the net will temporarily stop them in their tracks. Although the Fushibi net is highly unstable and when hit by kido, it explodes violently, causing some amounts of explosive damage to anyone caught within the net. This spell can also be used in conjunction with other kido and zanpakuto techniques for a variety of alternate effects. Has a 5 post cooldown
Boosts: Gains extra speed and agility

New Name: Harikēn Torunēdo
Appearance: The swords create a sharp tipped sword and has tornado markings. This increases the gigantic swords speed when thrown.
Abilities: Charging up this move alows him to throw a huge gust of wind in the form of a small tornado. Has a 4 post cool down. Gains The ability of Ōkasen. The caster holds their zanpakuto horizontally and in front of them before charging a small yellow orb within the center of the zanpakuto's blade before it fires out as a long range, wide yet thin yellow beam once fully charged up. The caster can also use a hand for a quicker charge but the beam will be a smaller circluar beam about the size of your palm instead of the wider range when using the zanpakuto to fire it. Has a 7 post cooldown
Boosts: Gains huge speed and agility. And gains alot more strength.

Appearance: The mask is white with black lines serrounding the eye area. There is a diamond shape on his forhead with lines around it. The eyes are the same except the yellow in the eyes are white.
Abilities: Gains the ability to breathe a huge gust of wind and the other person. Has a 2 Post cool down. Gains the ability of Sōkatsui. Spell Incantation: All things in the universe that fly, that which names all, in the name of truth and temperance, dig your claws into the wall of sinless dreams! the caster extends his whole palm with his fingers extended forwards but only slightly apart before blue flame-like spirit energy flows into the center of the extended palm before firing a large wave of blue flames towards a target, without the incantation, it appears more as a blue fireball that rockets towards a target instead of a wave. causes a explosion on impact plus burn damage depending on tier of the target. Has a 6 Post cooldown.
Hollow Powers: Can fly for a limited time. The time is 10 minutes. The Timer stops when he stops flying. Has to wait an entire 16 minutes for the ability to take effect again.
Boosts: Gains extra speed

Appearance: The skin is white with black lines surrounding his arms, chest, legs, and back. Gains an extra line pointing up near the eye and gains four horn like spikes on the face.
Abilities: Can make a gigantic Getsuga Tenshou type of wind slice from the sword. Has a 5 post cooldown. Gains the ability of Haien. The caster gathers purple energy into their hand before throwing it, once thrown, it forms into a boomerang shaped projectile that disintegrates a singular target part (a arm, leg, rock, etc) only, it cannot do this against a full body of spiritual energy as it's beyond the kido's ability to do so.
Boosts: Gains huge speed and a little extra strength.

History: He trained young and worked hard young. As he continued his life he learned he had the power of tornado. I wanted to learn these powers. After years he has mastered it. This is the Tasai we know today.
Side Notes: He isn't the most friendly person making it quite aggressive towards some people. If you manage to make him your friend he might be nice.
Roleplay Sample: He was young wandering alone without anyone. He lived, without anyone. And so he lived, without anyone. A stranger asks him. "what are you doing out here wandering alone?" I replay with "I have nobody so i move alone.." The stranger asks if he could take me in. I replay with yes. Over the years of training i found out my race was vizard and i never knew it. I have overcome my master when i learned to master my own power. So then i went, Slaying hollows And manos grande everywhere. I helped people who couldn't help themself.
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#2 Re: Tasai Susamajī Visored Application. on Thu Apr 26, 2018 7:30 am


Gfx Queen
Gfx Queen
We can't exactly allow pure Ichigo clones, unfortunately. Try to come up with something more original, more unique to you, and we can do this again. Unfortunately, as it stands, even if this had a history, I wouldn't approve it simply on principle. I hope this doesn't drive you away from the site, and I do hope you try again.


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#3 Re: Tasai Susamajī Visored Application. on Thu Apr 26, 2018 12:08 pm

Wait so when the application is denied does it stay denied?
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#4 Re: Tasai Susamajī Visored Application. on Thu Apr 26, 2018 12:16 pm


Gfx Queen
Gfx Queen
You can edit it, and essentially start over, but this particular application is denied, yes.

If you edit it completely, and it can be looked at again, we can take it from there. Or, you can post a new topic. It's entirely up to you.
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#5 Re: Tasai Susamajī Visored Application. on Thu Apr 26, 2018 12:43 pm

Now that is just upsetting :forgiveme:
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#6 Re: Tasai Susamajī Visored Application. on Thu Apr 26, 2018 1:27 pm


Gfx Queen
Gfx Queen
Sorry. Roleplaying is about originality and uniqueness. We have people who have atomic manipulation of Water, people who can generate and manipulate crystals, people who can control their own intertia... I'm sorry to say that a blatant Ichigo rip won't fly here, unfortunately. I believe in you! You can do it! ^^
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#7 Re: Tasai Susamajī Visored Application. on Thu Apr 26, 2018 8:55 pm

Okay i finished editing everything. Can my application be looked at again now?
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#8 Re: Tasai Susamajī Visored Application. on Fri Apr 27, 2018 2:04 am


Gfx Queen
Gfx Queen
Alright, so I've looked over this again.

Just so you know, what releases you can use (Shikai, Bankai, Mask, Full Hollow) is dependent on your Tier. So for example, if your Tier is 0-5, you can use all of your release forms. If your tier is 2-1, you can use your Bankai. Please keep that in mind.

Going forward, your app looks surprisingly good. It's wonderful that you're so young and you're trying here, we'd be happy to help you so much, and we'd like to have a talk with you on Discord. i believe you're already a member there, we can talk as soon as you log on there. Okay?
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#9 Re: Tasai Susamajī Visored Application. on Fri Apr 27, 2018 2:10 am

Only problem is it somtimes dosent work ;-;
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#10 Re: Tasai Susamajī Visored Application. on Wed Jun 27, 2018 8:13 am

Mei TOnline

Mei's 4th Squad
Mei's 4th Squad
Application Announcement:

This application has been without an update for nearly 2 months. Due to such it is moved to Inactive Section.


Yuki was here!<3
Noz was here too Razz
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