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#1 [Private] Do White and Blue Mix? on Tue Feb 13, 2018 10:21 am

After our heartfelt night alone, Tatsu and I became very close. While being in the same division often meant we were in close quarters anyways, we spent more time together, usually for the sake of being together. While scheduling us together on mission was commonplace, we proved to be a pretty good team in action aside from just being fond of each other. Today was our free day to relax and do with as we pleased. Being that Cami had wanted a day to play outside with her father, I'd have been more than keen to oblige her that. Of course now, I also wanted to bring Tatsu along, and that was a tiny bit more troublesome than I thought, though it didn't seem so at first.

We simply started out playing catch, and it turned out little Camellia had quite the arm on her. With my little windy party tricks, of course I could catch anything she threw at me with ease. The poor girl seemed to get frustrated with me just because she couldn't best her daddy. I should have been a bit more careful about my playfulness though, as her next toss looked intense in my eyes. That ball had been supercharged with enough reiatsu for the ball to barely hold together, crashing through my wind catch. What I hadn't thought of was after it passed that. Tatsu was well behind me, the ball now hurtling towards her at incredibly high speeds. I wondered if she'd be able to react in time though.

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#2 Re: [Private] Do White and Blue Mix? on Tue Feb 13, 2018 10:56 am

Camellia was so happy. It was a sunny day. It was a warm day. It was a great day to go outside and her daddy had the day off. Apparently, his little sidekick did too because he invited her.. again.. like always. Camellia hadn't found any reason to like her yet. She was weird, and blue everywhere, and too close to her daddy. Camellia didn't like that she was so close to her daddy, so of course she would try everything to keep the attention away from her. Camellia would grab her daddy's hand and lead him outside where she wanted to play catch.. a two person game.. just her and daddy. Camellia would watch the blue haired girl stay a little bit behind her daddy and would begin to throw the ball. It was light at first, but then she got a bit carried away. It grew stronger and stronger, until she had accidentally forced a large sum of reitsu into the ball sending it crashing through her daddy's catch straight for the blue haired lady. Camellia stared with wide eyes as the ball grew closer to the woman.

Tatsuya had been invited outside by Noziel, however his daughter didn't seem to want to pay her attention. She didn't look in Tatsuya's direction, she didn't say Tatsuya's name, and she certainly didn't pick a game Tatsuy could play too. Nonetheless, the moon fairy would shrug it off assuming the child was just too caught up with her father to remember Tatsuya was there. So, the blue haired woman would stand facing Camellia while Noz's back was to her. She watched every throw and every catch in leisure as they became more agressive and attentive. She would turn her head to the sky for just a moment before looking back to the duo and noticing the ball break through the catch. Tatsuya squeal as she tripped over her own feet and fell to the ground. The ball would whiz by above only to lodge itself into the wooden wall and stick there. The woman would blush as she moved from her stomach to her knees before rubbing the back of her head, "Man, I'm such a clutz." She would giggle nervously after this statement before turning to the wall the ball was now stuck into, "W-Woah. That's one amazing arm you have there."

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#3 Re: [Private] Do White and Blue Mix? on Wed Feb 14, 2018 9:39 pm

Noticing Cami's little gambit, I was actually impressed. I could tell it wasn't intentional, and I also didn't want her to feel too badly over it. I mean sure, she almost hit Tatsu with it, but there was a very minimal chance it would have actually hurt her... I think. I looked over to Tatsu, checking her a little just to make sure she was okay. Not a scratch on her. Good. I gave her a subtle nod, hoping she would understand what I was about to do. I ran over to Camellia and picked her up, swinging her around in my arms "Well there, Cami. You seem to have quite the energy hiding in you. Don't worry, some day you'll learn to control it, and then you'll be the cutest and most powerful of us all!" I said most of that while smiling, a small chuckle forming as I said the last bit, making it sound like it really was nothing for her. I walked her over to Tatsuya next, carrying my little blondie in tow, and the two made eye contact.

"That aside, Cami, is there anything you'd like to say to Miss Tatsuya? She's okay, and she won't be mad at you." I held her up, cradling her, hoping that the apology that I expected from her wasn't too difficult. I was also holding her little hand, feeling every little bit of her nerves. I held her in that way to make her feel closer to her father, seeing as I knew full well how much she loved me. This little girl was my world, and there was another person I wanted to bring into that world. The question would be, how would Cami take to me pulling in Tatsuya? She wasn't her mother, not Mei... Though I didn't know if she'd ever understand.

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#4 Re: [Private] Do White and Blue Mix? on Sat Mar 10, 2018 10:40 am

Camellia would cup her face in her hands as to hide her look of embarrassment, nervousness, and giddiness all in one. Her tiny body was tense as she peered through her fingers hoping that her daddy wouldn't be too mad at what she had just done. However, she seemed to loosen up as Noz came swiftly towards her swinging her around in a cheerful fashion bragging about her immense power for such a small child. Camellia would giggle and squeal as her daddy showed such pride in her. She would feel very energetic as he held her, even as he stated walking towards Tatsuya. Soon, that would all fade away as he had asked her to do something that she absolutely took as offensive in all forms of her childish head. "Yeah. Actually," Camellia would say sweetly as she wiggled out of her daddy's arms and stared into the woman's face. Her cute smile would turn to a grin before turning into a mean grin. "I don't like you. I don't like you with my daddy. You're not my mommy and you never will be. I don't want you as a mommy ever, so leave us alone. I'll never like you.
You're a stupid lady. When my mommy comes back... y-you won't. You'll go away! Daddy will never love you! Daddy only loves mommy!"
Camellia's voice would turn to screams and her small bit of whatever reitsu she had would begin to seep out of her. It seemed sshe hadn't quite grasped the idea of death just yet.

Tatsuya would smile lightly while Noziel brought Camellia towards her. The small child never much liked to be around the blue haired woman and she wasn't sure exactly why. Maybe she was just weird to the child? Noziel would speak to the girl insisting she needed to say something to Tatsuya, except it made her highly uncomfortable for she had no hard feelings about the ball incident. However, Camellia seemed to take up the idea and she even had her father put her down at the height of the kneeling Tatsuya. Although, Camellia would begin to speak expressing her true feelings about Tatsuya causing the woman's smile to fade. The blue haired woman would look with a startled expression at the girl as she spoke of her resentment of Tatsuya and the return of her mother. What really made her heart twinge was when Camellia spoke of Noziel never loving her. If that was the case, the woman would definitely accept it, but she wouldn't be gunned down so quickly just by what a little girl said. Nonetheless, a light smile returned to her face as she fought back against tears that she wasn't sure why were trying to surface. Tatsuya had so much to say, yet she remained speechless while her eyes began to tear up.

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#5 Re: [Private] Do White and Blue Mix? on Sat Mar 10, 2018 11:46 am

The words that escaped the mouth of my daughter caught me off my guard. I wasn't expecting her to completely reject Tatsuya in such a way, but nonetheless, I didn't think of the reasons ahead of time. She did, after all lose her mother. Not only that, but as young as she was, she may not understand the nature of her mother's disappearance.... Even so. I couldn't let Tatsuya blame herself, she deserved better than that. I could punish my daughter... out of love of course. Such a thing, whether yelling or not... well. That may not do so well for her. After carefully thinking it over, feeling Tatsuya's tides of sorrow being held back, albeit barely, I decided on something. Turning to Cami, I spoke. "Camellia Aran. It will make sense in due time. Please, for now. Please go and lie down for a nap. Rest. I ask this of you because I love you, okay?" The tone I used was mildly stern, but also softened. I couldn't be mad at my daughter.

In time, she would leave, seemingly accepting what I had given her to muddle over. I figured she would be fine after a decent rest. To Tatsuya I turned, attempting to soothe the wound aching in her now. I'd hold her by the arms with the lightest of touches and look at her. "She doesn't quite understand yet. Nor can she speak for me, not yet at least. You are still welcome to talk to me. I will not shut you out. You are still my fairy blue, after all." With that, I would smile lightly, hoping to give her a space where she could let her worries fade to the wind. My wind, mayhaps.

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#6 Re: [Private] Do White and Blue Mix? on Sat Mar 10, 2018 9:55 pm

Camellia had turned to her daddy in a sort of smug 'there I did' way with only the most confident of looks on her face. She would continue to look this way before Noziel would speak in a tone she hadn't quite heard before. Was he mad at her? He wanted her to say something to the blue lady, yet she was in trouble for saying the right things. What had she done wrong? What had she said that her daddy didn't approve of? Why was she in trouble for speaking the truth? Camellia would frown as her father spoke to her and told her to go nap. She wasn't tired, she wasn't cranky, and she wasn't going to just go and nap. The tiny, blonde girl would grit her teeth before she would run off into the building leaving her violin behind. Except, she wouldn't simply find her way to her room. No, Camellia would walk straight through the other side of the building and out of the compound into the open city of Tokyo. She would continue to walk, and walk, and walk, all the while her anger would build allowing for reitsu to seep out of her more and more. Of course, being so small she wouldn't notice the weird presences beginning to drift towards her.

Tatsuya would stare at the girl as Noziel calmly told her to go to her room and nap for a while. Her emotional pain had begun to subside, as she watched the child enter the building making her sigh. What did Tatsuya care for anyway? It wasn't as if she actually needed a family or anything of the sort. She didn't understand love. She was here to accomplish her mission as Queen of the Moon and nothing else. These people couldn't fully accept her, especially if she were to reveal herself. She couldn't get wrapped up in them. Having these thoughts, Noziel would hold Tatsuya's arms leaving her very tense and uncomfortable. She would look at him as he spoke, but feel very uneasy about it. However, she had also started to feel very uneasy about something else. For a while, Tatsuya stood in the space they had started with a good day staring at the sky feeling the atmosphere. In her state of calm, she would feel a shift from somewhere. Something wasn't right. "D-Do you feel that?" Tatsuya would ask Noziel as it seemed Camellia had stirred up a few unfriendly entities.

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#7 Re: [Private] Do White and Blue Mix? on Sat Mar 10, 2018 11:43 pm

Though it pained me to send my daughter away, even while going for as mild a response as I did, I felt that I had said and done what I should have. She will understand someday, why I choose to do what I do, and why I'm drifting towards another. She wasn't coming back. I wish that she could.... But I know the truth of the matter. In that, love is reborn to new forms, as I'd seen with Tatsuya. Though I went to reassure her, my attention seemed to only hurt her, making her doubt herself... I would try to support her, but it seemed she was closing off now, for fear of something else. "Tatsuya.." I would mutter, only to be set off by a mildly malicious presence. It was then that Tatsuya would call to my attention that which confirmed my own unease.

"Camellia... I need to go check on something. Please stay close." I would venture into the camp to check on my little girl, only to find that she was not there. Not only was she missing, but her violin remained. The utter horror on my face would be plain. "She never leaves this behind... Tatsuya, I want to entrust this to you for the time being. You should be the one to return it to her." Placing the tiny violin in Tatsuya's arms, I decided not to say it for fear of my voice breaking. With a tear hidden in my eyes, I motioned to the fairy blue, telling her to follow me yet again. It wasn't far out, and easy enough to pinpoint, seeing how much of it seemed to be out... well, I hoped secretly that Cami wouldn't be out here. Unfortunately, I had no say in that twist of fate. A swarm of hollows surrounded my little girl, and that was it. "Camellia Aran. Lay down on the ground." My tone was very serious, and possibly scary, but if she knew enough, she would listen this time. I drew my blade and ascended directly to Bankai. My blade would shatter into hundreds of shards, and it was evident what I intended to do with them. Each hollow in the vicinity had several shards that would impact them, promptly carving holes into their tainted armor.

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#8 Re: [Private] Do White and Blue Mix? on Sun Mar 11, 2018 3:47 am

The small child hadn't noticed the danger she was in until it was beginning to enclose on her. Blue eyes would look around ever so panicked as she saw things emerging from behind nearby buildings and objects. The girl would turn around with the thought of returning to her daddy, who would protect her. However, turning around only seemed to make everything worse for they were all around. They were everywhere. They were big, scary, and getting closer to her. Blue eyes would widen as she stood completely still tears forming and limbs shaking. What were these things? What was happening? Why did they want her? "D-Daddy.." she would say in a hoarse whisper as the tears flooded over her eyelids and rolled down her fleshy cheeks. Then, a voice would be heard speaking to her, but she couldn't tell where or what it was saying. Soon, she would feel herself being knocked to the ground and all she could seem to do was scream.

Tatsuya would look to her panicked Captain and not skip a beat when he said to follow behind him. Of course, his sensing skills were far greater than hers on a numerous amount of levels causing the woman to feel even worse about the exchange they had just made not too long ago. She hadn't said what she wished to say to the child causing an unecessary exchange between her and her father. Tatsuya had been one of the reasons for the girl running away and now, she was in danger. When Noziel gave Tatsuya the violin of his daughter, she didn't want to take it. She wanted to give it back, tell him she didn't desverve to hold something so important, and express to him that she didn't want to force feelings of gratitude upon his child. However, there was none of that for they were racing off to find the child again. Tatsuya would look in terror as her Captain's only life was standing frightened and surrounded by horrible holliws threatening to steal her away, no matter how little her power was. However, something was wrong in the Vice Captain's eyes. The girl didn't move when she was told and she didn't seem to register her own father's voice. The blue haired being would jump into action quickly using shunpo to slip between the beasts and tackle the girl to the ground. Her right arm wrapped the girl's head and the left lined her waist to break the fall onto the solid ground with the violin wedged between them to protect it. As a measure of intimidation, Tatsuya would release a rather large amount of her own reitsu as a warning whilst Noziel's seemed to fluctuate to an extent that even Tatsuya was nervous to be in the middle of. The woman would craddle the child's head close to her chest as she screamed ungodly high pitched. However, Tatsuya would watch as every last being was stripped of any protection they had. This was an extent that she wished she would never have to witness from her Captain.

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#9 Re: [Private] Do White and Blue Mix? on Tue Mar 13, 2018 6:06 am

It always pained me to see my child cry and scream. I felt largely guilty for one thing, as it was my fault these hollows were even after her to begin with. Aside from that, I hesitated only slightly. I know, not something you're supposed to do when lives are on the line. I would have been fine with doing this the most brutal way possible, except an unexpected variable. Tatsuya, following what I would chalk up as motherly instincts and leaping into the fray to shield little Cami. Endearing and sweet, yes, but also reckless. I did have some awareness of what I was doing though, and adjusted each shard's projection mildly to make it work. Each Hollow was pierced multiple times, purified, and subsequently obliterated, though that last part seemed to come from the blue maiden, not I.

When all was said and done, piles of dust remained where threats once were, and I made my way to the two still huddled close. "Girls. Are you quite alright? There's no more danger." I surveyed for more threats, to which there were none, then huddled close to them both, still on guard. My expression had softened again, no longer traced with anger towards those who would hurt my little girl. The violin, still tucked close to Tatsuya seemed to shimmer, as though it wished to be played, my child, Camellia, was still tucked safely in the arms of the fairy, and remained fairly frozen in fear. I hoped the two would come out soon.

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