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She was thinking of the biggest prank of all time where everyone will feel pain yet something caught her attention. Something called the Super Bowl was coming up a time of football where the humans go to see their favorite football teams duke it out in a game of sport. The perfect time to pull a prank on the humans of Karakura town, Anastasia did research upon a certain chip called the one chip challenge. She thought this could get her into a lot of trouble but someone was going to have some heartburn here the perfect opportunity. Hearing the Carolina reaper was the deadliest pepper known to all humans the perfect choice for her prank replacing some tortilla chips with some reaper chips. This needed to be timed just right after she managed to get a working gigai for herself, Anastasia knew the reaper chips needed to be handle with great care. Waiting for the security guards to leave finally then placing her plan into motion going inside, Anastasia started replacing some Doritos bags. Placing about seventeen reaper chips into each Doritos bag shaking the bags hoping people won't even notice now the plan was set.

Her biggest concern is getting caught the security cameras weren't looking at her which was good. She needed to finish up and leave the place. About 28 bags had the Carolina reaper chips within them and were resealed completely the prank was set. But someone was coming this wasn't good....Annie needed to come up with a lie and quick.

"Waitaminute who are you and what are you doing here?"

"Um...Uh..I'm....My name is Dr. Helena West M.D...I was hoping to get ready for Superbowl Sunday. Finding the chip bag to buy so many choices to choose from. My husband and his buddies are going to have a good time and all...

"Yep..The superbowl will do that my husband cheated on me and he's taking the bitch to the game"

"Oh really..."

"He planned to take her and not me his wife...I would love to get back at the both of them. But I need to get back to work, Store closing in about an hour make your purchases as soon a you can. Thank you for listening though..."

Anastasia thought that was too close. This was going to be the biggest prank ever and the Superbowl was tomorrow, Anastasia was going to enjoy the show.

Superbowl Sunday
Everyone was getting prepared for the big game buying food and drink the biggest buy was Doritos. A lot of those chip bags that we're bought containing the Carolina reaper chips this was going to hurt someone. Anastasia was thinking who was going to suffer first because from the reports of the Carolina reaper; People we're going need a lot of milk to ease their pain.

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