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on Thu Mar 08, 2018 3:48 am


Cero Espada
Cero Espada

Listening to Jecht quote a hilarious YouTube series was a treat, since it basically described EXACTLY what was going on here, but watching him grow to an utterly massive size was...not so much. They really only had so much apartment complex to work with, here, and at this rate Sin would probably be of better use as an AoE weapo-Oh Hell. Oh Ika Almighty...It really was. Fu-

Okami's mental rant cut off as he ducked and rolled out of the way of the strike, coming up and swinging his Zanpakuto upwards and across the former Kenpachi's back from left hip to right shoulder, not bothering to hold back on either speed or power. The result was his blade flickering in and out of existence as it moved at the speed of a Shunpo, and the backlash of the attack sliced through one corner of the roof with only the air pressure. Jumping back to land briefly on the other side of the building, Okami's smile would become utterly sadistic and Hollow-like as he fell further into the fight. Disappearing, his foot digging into the concrete and breaking chunks out of it as he launched off, the elder of the two Vizard would bring the Hollowfied Tsukiakari Tenshi down in a vicious overhead strike aimed directly for Jecht's massive shoulder...the one holding his Zanpakuto. Contrary to popular belief, Jecht was a fairly intelligent person, and if the previous attack wasn't enough for him to figure out what was going on, then this one likely would be. Okami was physically at the peak of what someone at their level could ever be, and yet the massively uncontrolled reiatsu that he was known for, the shit that in Bankai could devastate the entirety of the Seireitei if left unchecked...wasn't there. Either way, if the downward strike missed it would probably carve up the building even more, creating a fissure through several floors beneath them and only stopping because Okami pulled back to prepare for another attack.

If it hit...Well, it would feel like a mountain just focused all of it's weight behind a single line, and would probably start fracturing bone even if it was blocked. This wasn't the kind of fight that went on between two friends in high school, the joking fakes and punches that neither person truly knew how to throw. These strikes were between two of the greatest melee fighters to ever live, and it would be a damned insult for either of them to pull anything.
technique log [click to open]
Megumi Kara Ochiru (Fall from Grace) - The true form of Okami's final technique, what he would have attained had he still been a Shinigami and learned Toukai. This ability discards all of Okami's reiatsu and converts it to raw physical power. Unlike the imperfect variant, however, it isn't temporary, and doesn't have the same drawbacks. This ability takes effect immediately upon release, and shifts his boosts to x6 to Strength, Speed, and Durability, with x0 to Reiatsu and Reiryoku.

Reiatsu Resistance - While in this form, Okami is virtually immune to the reiatsu output of others, due to having cast his own aside. This also allows for him to brush off the damage from one energy-based attack or Kido per post, up to Hado #65. Up to Hado #80 can have their damage reduced by 75% every two posts, and he can cancel out 50% of the damage of one Forbidden Kido-level attack every three posts.

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