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#11 Re: [Open] Return of the King (Graven's Back!) on Sat Feb 17, 2018 11:10 pm


9th Division
9th Division
Iggy Garcia, the true and chosen King of Hueco Mundo, stood in complete awe as the man before spilled what could possibly had been a speech and tutorial all in one. While Iggy would have no problem with what the man said except for the fact that he keeps getting accused of not knowing anything when Iggy already explained that he was shown the history of the land by the land itself when he was chosen to be the current King. It seemed that once Graven finished speaking, Iggy wouldn't get the chance to clarify that fact for he was powering an attack behind his words. Iggy does have a legit reason for specific words that he did use with Graven in this situation however that apparently, Graven felt were regressive to any nature that would be progressive for movement forward. Funny...coming from someone who takes the specific actions that he took on this day, much less at this moment but Iggy won't get a chance to point any of this out to Graven. He surely wasn't around to see what Iggy HAS already done with the Espada or know what Iggy has planned for the Espada's future. All Graven does is compare everyone to himself due to his actions and his age which has absolutely nothing to do with the Espada's survival at all...only his.

All these thoughts do nothing but fuel the emotions within Iggy within that moment as he watches Graven finish building power for his attack and release it. Iggy knows the difference between the two of them and knows what will happen thereafter if he doesn't play this smartly, regardless of how he feels at that particular moment. He then puts up his largest and thickest Ice Wall that he had ever constructed as he pours almost every drop of reiatsu he had into it in order to mitigate as much damage from the attack as possible. As the attack collided with the Ice Wall, he could hear the two powers colliding and fighting with of course, Graven's over-the-top Cero gaining the better hand as Iggy doesn't have the reiatsu to match but it would be just enough to keep him from dying from the attack should it actually reach him. The Ice Wall could surprise him and completely stave it off or redirect it, he isn't sure just yet but he isn't just going to sit idly by and let Graven just do what he wants without someone looking back him to prove to him that someone will be there watching and waiting to deal with him when the time comes.

As the battle of powers ended, the attack did make it's way through and did manage to hit Iggy but didn't kill him. It did however, leave a scar which will serve as a reminder to Iggy of how high on the priority list to place Graven now that he has returned to fighting form. As Graven was beginning to make an exit, he glanced back and what he would see would be Iggy standing strong, proud, and angry while the smell of the scar filled the throne room. If only eyes could speak, Iggy's eyes would be yelling a lot of angry words at Graven at this particular moment but that's not how things work and Iggy knows he will get his chance day. However, right now, he will need to let Graven leave so that he can focus on what he should be focusing on after he has repaired all of the damage that has been done on this day that is.
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#12 Re: [Open] Return of the King (Graven's Back!) on Mon Mar 05, 2018 2:48 am

Graven Fel


Graven snorted derisively as he saw that Iggy floated above the sinkhole that engulfed the area in which Las Noches once stood. He was covered in grievous injuries, and was glaring across miles of sand to where he could likely sense the elder of the two Hollows to be. Releasing his Unbound form, Graven moved through the Garganta and snapped it shut behind himself. The Espada were likely going to be crippled by his actions at the very least, and it would take some time for their "King" to heal himself. Not that it really mattered, of course. The fool was far too weak to be the one to end the first and only true King of Hueco Mundo...

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technique log [click to open]
Name: Transcendent
Effect: Graven's reiatsu and reserves has become so high that he cannot seal it away, even with Unbound, and most can sense him even if they have trouble sensing. Passive x5 boost to Reiatsu and Reiryoku. As a result of this, however, he has become completely unable to sense the reiatsu of others, having to rely on his own enhanced senses.

Name: Enhanced Senses
Effect: Due to his nature as a Wolf-Based Hollow, Graven's senses (excluding his spiritual ones) are far more sensitive than those of a human or Shinigami. Even other Hollows are incapable of matching this aspect of the Espada in action. Beyond-perfect eyesight, sonar hearing, hyper-sensitive skin and taste-buds, and a nose nearly 1,000 times more sensitive than normal all combine to make Graven the perfect predator.
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