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#11 Re: [Open] A New Punching Bag! on Sat Mar 10, 2018 3:40 am


Alright, stabbing didn't pan out so well. She had a bleeding gut wound as proof of that. So long as she left the moment this was over she would live. However, since she had missed her flames hit nothing. She uses the heat still lingering on her Zanpakutou to cauterize the wound and stop from bleeding out. She really didn't like doing that, but it was better than dying. Just as she finished, some sort of rope sprung from the ground. "Shit..!" Quickly she tries hopping up, forcing herself back into the air. However the rope caught hold of her foot and wouldn't let go. Next came... boar spears? It had been some time since she had seen one of- 'Concentrate. Survive now, ogle weapon later.' It had the power and speed of a Cero as it was thrown, but lacked the same diameter. These spears were much easier to dodge. However, during the last few her moving re-opens her gut wound, causing her to flinch and end up with one of the spears painfully lodging itself into her shin, just below the knee. She grits her teeth, clamping her mouth shut to muffle her cry of pain. It was on the leg trapped with the net anyway, so it wasn't like she could have gone anywhere.

'Alright, fighting isn't an option anymore. Now that his attack is done I need to-' "... I hate when I say things." She uses Shunpo to try and get most of her body out of the attack's radius. She couldn't do anything for her trapped leg, but the rest of her was still out of it. As the attack dies down Seralin is laying on the ground. Her attire was partly burned, her leg broken in three places and sporting second degree burns. Slowly she pushes herself up, and looks to her leg. '... well the spear is gone at least.' She tries to stand but that wouldn't be happening. Instead, she pushes herself up so she was just on her knees. "Bakudou Number Ninty-Nine!" She slams the index and middle fingers of both her hands into the ground, kicking up a small cloud of dust. "First Incantation, Bandage!" White Spirit Energy would materialize around them, forming into bandages that would wrap around the male. "Second Incantation, A thousand Dead Bolts!" She had remained in the same position this entire time, as was required of the Kidou. Upon the second incantation being spoken a thousand steel bolts would pierce through the bandages and flesh of the hopefully bound opponent, limiting movement further. "Final Incantation, Fatal-" Before she can finish, the steel bolts and white bandages would break apart and fade away. She was dangerously low on Spirit Energy and could not complete the Kidou. As she had brought her hands up, she falls forward from exhaustion before she could even clap her hands together, sweaty and panting from over-exerting herself. She was completely vulnerable now, at the mercy of her arrancar opponent.
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#12 Re: [Open] A New Punching Bag! on Sat Mar 10, 2018 7:22 am

Graven Fel


Graven whistled through his canines as his attacks came to fruition, a low sound that seemed almost eerie, although it didn't last long. Once Seralin had gotten back up, she began an incantation that he knew all too well. Bakudo #99 wasn't one even he could escape easily, and the bandages wrapped around his body before he could react, due to Seralin's obvious skill at Kido. Moving around and trying to use his brute strength to break the bandages, he managed to tear them slightly before one thousand thin steel rods started boring into the bandages, grinding against his Hierro before punching through and making his struggles even more difficult and painful. Just as he had begun gathering his reiatsu to burst through into the final stage of his Unbound state, black reiatsu tinged with red flowing from between the wrapping, he would hear the Shinigami he was fighting cut off her incantation, his restraints fading around him. Looking over to her, he would immediately see the issue.

Allowing his power to fade, and all but around a gallon of the blood under his control to vanish, the wolf would stalk over to his helpless prey, and kneel down before her as she bled out on the ground, slowly but surely. Oh, she would live so long as she got medical attention, but with how drained she was it was doubtful that she would be able to make it out of the woods without passing out. Floating the single gallon of blood he still held under his sway in front of her face, the Arrancar would take in the look of defiance that she still held. Good. She'd need that fire. Speaking up once more, the oldest living Hollow would likely shock her. "Grit your teeth. This is going to hurt a whole hell of a lot, and I don't want you making my job harder by biting your tongue."

As soon as he finished speaking, he would move his blood into her body through the wounds in her torso and shin. It was imbued with his own reiatsu even then, and so while her body would likely feel like a Cero was passing through her bloodstream, he was using his own control over it to first force all of her own blood out of her body, then stitch her external wounds shut with flexible strands of blood, sealing the replacement blood inside of her afterwards with thin, flexible scabs. Then, he went to work. He would set all three of the breaks within her leg properly, using his blood for major internal surgery. Moving on, he would ensure that all of her internal organs were working properly, making more stitches out of his blood to close any holes caused by stress or his own claws. Changing the property of the blood that he was coursing through her body, he would ensure that there was no risk of rejection or Hollowfication once he was done. The final touch was to use his own reiatsu that was left in the transfusion to jumpstart a touch of his own regenerative abilities within her body, finishing all of the repairs so that she was no longer at risk of death, and all she truly needed was a good meal and a nap. Pulling his reiatsu out of her, thus ending the pain, he would simply walk away, blurring into a Sonido once he was about ten feet from her prone form.

Soon, the traces of his reiatsu faded from the area, and the only sign that he was ever there was the devastation left in his wake.

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technique log [click to open]
Name: Unbound
Effect: Graven is able to power up much like an Arrancar would normally by using Resurreccion and Segunda Etapa, except there is no change beyond the wild showcasing of his massive spiritual energy. Unbound has two stages that Graven can access. Level 1 grants him power equivalent to his Resurreccion, an explosion of crimson reiatsu coming forth to reveal that his eyes and estigma have begun glowing, and he glows lightly himself. Level 2 heralds a far different change, red-trimmed black reiatsu surging outward before dissipating, showing that the red glow that previously surrounded his body had restrained itself to his blood stream - much like a Quincy's Blut in appearance - and his schlera have turned black in addition to his irises and tear-mark estigma burning red. He is able to hold any of these indefinitely and swap between them at will.

Name: Emperador Pesadumbre (Sorrow-Sworn Emperor)
Description: While using Unbound Graven draws reishi in from the surrounding area to form Ceros, imbuing and mingling them with his blood to pump the destructive power through his entire body. He can then release the Ceros at will through his body or the blood under his control. The control Graven has over blood is increased, allowing him to manipulate double the original 30 gallons at once. Ghostly claws of red reishi extend about an inch and a half from his fingertips, and a three-foot tail spreads made of the same, each of which is insanely strong - on the level of a Bankai of equal tier - complimenting his natural abilities and replacing a Zanpakuto when necessary.

Name: Enhanced Senses
Effect: Due to his nature as a Wolf-Based Hollow, Graven's senses (excluding his spiritual ones) are far more sensitive than those of a human or Shinigami. Even other Hollows are incapable of matching this aspect of the Espada in action. Beyond-perfect eyesight, sonar hearing, hyper-sensitive skin and taste-buds, and a nose nearly 1,000 times more sensitive than normal all combine to make Graven the perfect predator.

Name: Transcendent
Effect: Graven's reiatsu and reserves has become so high that he cannot seal it away, even with Unbound, and most can sense him even if they have trouble sensing. Passive x5 boost to Reiatsu and Reiryoku. As a result of this, however, he has become completely unable to sense the reiatsu of others, having to rely on his own enhanced senses.

Name: Sanguine Reiatsu
Effect: Arguably, this ability places Graven among the most powerful Arrancar, perhaps even dominating in combat effectiveness. His reiatsu is…unique, in that it has the form and consistency of blood. When released, Graven is able to manipulate his own blood, along with the “blood” created by this effect. Solidifying, moulding, and shaping this blood is child’s play, along with enhancing attack or defensive power as he sees fit. Using this technique, Graven can reshape and control both his own reiatsu and any blood upon the battlefield to use against his opponent. He can control about 30 gallons at most, half of which is produced upon release of his reiatsu, gaining 5 gallons every post afterward until he hits maximum capacity. Being hit by the blood itself causes damage similar to an average Cero, allowing him to use this technique as both an effective weapon and a powerful defense.

Name: Enhanced High-Speed Regeneration
Effect: Graven has discovered how to hasten his natural regeneration and the regeneration he previously gained in Segunda Etapa with his blood manipulation, shaving a significant period of time off of the healing process. This works one post faster than normal, meaning most injuries will be healed in less than a post, medium injuries will be healed in a post, and the most severe of injuries, such as limb loss, take two posts.
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